mechanical cleaning of the face


  • Features mechanical cleaning
  • The recovery period
  • Time of cleaning
  • Contraindications

The skin care cleansing is the first and basic step. However, the daily cleaning of facial skin can not cope with clogged pores, sebaceous plugs, deposits of dirt, dust and dead skin cells. For this there is cleansing - deep cleansing treatment of the skin and then contaminated.

Facial cleansing may be performed in various ways: by means of hand tools or special equipment. The most common types are face cleaning manual (hand) and mechanical (instrumental) cleaning. It is also considered to be a fairly common chemical facial peels. The latest achievements in cosmetology are those kinds of cleansing, as cleaning with ultrasound, laser, vacuum, electric.

Manual cleaning of the face - this is the most profound and effective way to cleanse the skin, as well as one of the most popular to date. This is a classic technique procedure along with manual cleaning. However, this radical measure that will suit you if you have skin problems stuffy - grease tube, acne and blackheads.

 mechanical cleaning of the face

Features mechanical cleaning

To carry out mechanical cleaning of the face using a special tool - a metal-sided spoon, also called spoon Unna. At one end of the spoon is a funnel with an opening in the recess and on the other - several holes, like a sieve. Funnel with an opening unit removed dirt, grease tube, acne. A "sieve" clean off the upper horny layer of skin and fat.

Mechanical cleaning should be carried out a doctor or nurse or beautician with good experience and recommendations. The procedure for cleaning the face rather long and traumatic, so it is necessary to observe all precautions. All the tools, as well as the skin of the face and hands of the master should be thoroughly disinfected. Beautician needs to work with gloves. Place each unit remove contamination should immediately wipe with alcohol or disinfectant.

Mechanical cleaning is usually performed as a separate procedure. However, it can combine with various hardware cleansing, for example, ultrasonic or chemical. This will allow for a more deep cleansing facial. With the help of mechanical cleaning can be carried out not only cleansing the face, but also to the shoulders and back, neck and décolleté. Mechanical cleaning has a number of indications:

  • dilated pores and contaminated;
  • comedones and black dots;
  • acne and pimples, rashes;
  • talc and whitehead (Corn Bunting);
  • acne;
  • sagging skin and reduce its tone;
  • dull and uneven complexion.

Description of the procedure of mechanical cleaning of the face

Mechanical cleaning procedure in the salon beautician in a special cabinet. The client lies on a couch, and on its face directed light, well lit work surface. The master sits at the head of the couch, clean the top. Proper mechanical cleaning consists of several serial stages.

Preparation of the skin

First, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all make-up and wipe the surface with tonic or lotion.

Pore ​​opening

This stage is called "vaporization" - steaming skin. Typically, the disclosure has been held by the steam bath of hot water, the water can add a decoction of herbs. Disclose pores can also use special vaporizers or lamps that heat the skin. This can also be done using a variety of warm-up funds - masks and gels.

Directly mechanical cleaning

Thanks to the bright light, the master clearly see the skin all the shortcomings and black dots, which alone is almost impossible to see. Samu cleaning should be carried out until the pores yet disclosed, it will reduce the pain and trauma treatment.

  • Work strainer

First, the master works of the side of a metal instrument that resembles a sieve. This side of fat and removes plaque from the skin, exfoliates dead skin cells layer. Infected areas with inflamed acne strainer can not touch it. On the forehead movement directed from the eyebrows to the hair on the cheeks - inward to the nose. The nose is clean from the base of the back, chin - from the bottom up. The skin should hold your fingers so that it does not stretch. Strainer performed movements like strokes. As dirt strainer washed.

  • Work funnel

Now, the master goes to work funnel with a hole in the recess. She removes grease tube, blackheads and impurities. Hole spoon applied to the area of ​​contamination, easy to jam, directing traffic from all directions to the center of pollution. Thus, all the dirt and sebum are removed from the skin and go through the hole in the spoon. The area of ​​each unit of pollution should be immediately after cleansing wipe with alcohol.

Skin disinfection

After the end of the removal of all visible dirt, facial skin is cleaned with alcohol or an alcohol tincture. For this purpose, you can also take a tincture of calendula, salicylic or boric alcohol. Some beauticians skin treated with liquid nitrogen. All of these techniques are well disinfected the skin, prevent inflammation.

Comforting Skin

After disinfection and drying of the skin on the face is superimposed dried mask that soothes the skin and pores. It also reduces redness, prevents inflammatory processes, reduces puffiness and swelling of the skin. The mask should be kept on the skin for at least 15-20 minutes. During this time, the pores narrowed and finally closed, which prevents the emergence of new contaminants.

Moisturizing the skin

After washing off the mask on the skin massage is applied to a light moisturizer. Do not use too much fat means not to re-score the pores. If the skin is very dry, you can apply the mask after the garter further nourishing mask. But in any case the cream should be light and non-greasy texture.

Massage of the skin

Some beauticians carried out after cleaning procedures massage skin. Types of massage can be many: a classic and pinch modeling and lymphatic drainage. However, the most effective will be the pinch massage (Jacquet). It stimulates the blood circulation and the production of collagen and elastin proteins. These substances are the building blocks of the skin, so it will be much faster to recover from the microtrauma caused during the cleaning process. Jacquet massage stimulates and speeds up the metabolism, affects the deeper layers of skin.

 Useful mechanical cleaning of the face

The recovery period

The procedure for mechanical cleaning - the process is quite painful, but the most effective. After it comes the period of recovery of the skin. During the procedure, the skin applied microtrauma. Frequent exposure to a small area of ​​skin leads to redness, vospalennnosti, swelling and puffiness. Astringent and soothing mask can eliminate these manifestations, but not fully. Pain and redness may occur within a few days after cleaning procedures. It depends on the type of skin and its sensitivity.

  • Education crusts

The skin in some areas can be covered with a crust and peel off. The resulting crust in any case can not be touched in order to avoid the appearance of scars.

  • Washing

Do not wash for eight to ten hours after brushing, as masks and protective creams will continue.

  • Sunburn

It is not necessary for two to three days, after cleaning the skin to expose the open sunlight or visit a solarium. For normal and uniform melanin skin, it should recover fully. Otherwise, it may cause unwanted pigmentation.

  • Makeup

Do not use cosmetics for several days after the mechanical cleaning of the face.

  • Necessary funds

Use a light moisturizing and nourishing cream with a calming effect.

  • Alcohol

Avoid lotions and tonics containing alcohol not to overdry the skin. In particular problem areas better to use a healing agent.

Time of cleaning

Carrying out cleaning person, especially a mechanical, well planned in advance. Do not make cleaning just before the planned gala event or a holiday, because after cleaning there is a long recovery period. It is better to do cleaning at the weekend, and the next few days to spend at home. So you will be able to avoid further pollution far and skin.

Women need to plan the cleaning of the face according to the menstrual cycle. Do not make clean during menstruation, and in the last 10 days prior to their commencement. This period - the time the highest activity of the sebaceous glands, so the pores after cleansing very quickly clogged and polluted again. Cleaning will not have any effect. It is best to clean 2-3 days after the end of the month.

For oily and problematic skin to carry out mechanical cleaning should be once every two or three months. But for dry skin, which is usually not a problem as it is enough to carry out cleaning twice a year. As mentioned above, the mechanical cleaning - cardinal deep cleansing procedure. Therefore, if your skin requires more frequent cleaning, it is better to replace the hardware less aggressive mechanical or chemical.


Despite the traditional and universal mechanical face cleaning procedures, it has a number of contraindications:

  • extensive inflamed rash on the face;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis in acute form;
  • viral diseases of the body, especially herpes;
  • diseases of the scalp;
  • severe allergic reactions;
  • rosacea and vascular mesh on the face;
  • especially sensitive skin;
  • low pain threshold.

In any case, even if you do not have these diseases, before cleaning is necessary to consult a dermatologist or a qualified beautician.

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