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Slim figure - is the goal of almost every woman. And, despite the fact that in recent years the media in one voice say that the parameters of 90-60-90 are no longer the standard of beauty, women still tend to be similar to the slender beauties, paint on the covers of glossy magazines. You also belong to this category? Well, persuade and dissuade you from losing weight no sense, so let's look at the least painful for the body's way of getting rid of excess weight.

There is a lot of variety of diets. And often these diets are not so safe for the health of the woman. Unlike various other diets, British diet for 21 days allows for a long time to stay slim and not think about other methods towards harmony. British diet of its kind is absolutely unique. With this diet you can achieve weight loss in no time. And, importantly, the health at the same time does not suffer very much. Of course, if the woman did everything right. If you choose this option, as the British diet, lose weight fast!

For example, refined British woman, taking care of your health and figure, from time to time sit on easy unloading diet and daily try not to overeat. This approach to the power supply system has been entirely justified. Reviews of the diet eat neither positive, has gained popularity not only in Britain but throughout the world. Menu English diet is really worthy of close attention. But let us try to understand in more detail.

Terms slimming

Of course, every woman wants to get the results as soon as possible, almost from the first day of the diet. But, as you know, such is hardly possible. Therefore, please be patient - and it will always pay off. But impatience - not only existing problem. Often, seeing the results of the diet, the woman "is a rage," and seeks to get rid of many more kilograms, and often is not superfluous. They prolong and prolong the diet. And often this is pretty much harm to their health.

And this also applies to the English diet. If we talk about the terms that must be maintained during a diet, then 20 days - it is a minimum. In addition to this diet, there is another version of the famous - "British diet for 21 days." The maximum is 180 days. Typically, the number of days depends on the state of the organism, and on the amount of extra padding. The great advantage of this diet as compared to the existing methods of losing weight is the possibility of individualization. Simply put, you can "fine-tune" their diet to the needs and characteristics of it in your body. And this is a very important and valuable.

As mentioned earlier, the British diet reviews 20 days in most cases is positive, so do not fear for their health. However, remember a simple truth - "trust but verify." Therefore, pre-necessary to consult either a dietitian or, in his absence, with the therapist. As a rule, specific contraindications to this diet does not happen, but it's worth it safe. After all, surely you do not want to subsequently treat possible complications?

21 Day Diet has also established itself with the positive side. Women are very happy - they say that if armed with British diet, lose weight very quickly. And no wonder - the diet is simply stunning results that speak for themselves - weight loss in three weeks is from 8 to 12 kg. The diet consists of several stages. We bring you the steps of the British diet.

 British diet menus

The first stage of the English 21-day diet - protein

It lasts for two days, during which must adhere strictly to the next power.


  • cup of coffee with milk
  • two slices of black bread with a teaspoon of butter and a spoon of honey 1-2

Lunch at 12 o'clock:

  • one slice of bread
  • tea with sugar or honey (instead, you can drink a glass of milk or yogurt 2 cups)

Lunch at 15 o'clock:

  • 250 gr. broth
  • 200-300 grams of cooked lean meat or fish
  • 100-150 grams of salad from fresh vegetables: cabbage with carrots or 4 tbsp. tablespoons canned green peas
  • two slices of brown bread
  • Alternatively: herbal infusion, mineral water or tea

Dinner no later than 19 hours:

  • 200 grams of lean meat or fish
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • glass of milk or 2 cups of yogurt, if desired, you can replace a piece of cheese

As a rule, in the first block of diet you will lose weight. This fact is very important for those who want to achieve weight loss as quickly as possible.

The second phase of the British diet - vegetable

It also lasts two days.


  • 750 grams of fruit
  • juice


  • vegetables and juice


  • 250 grams of vegetable soup
  • vegetable stew, which can be replaced with boiled vegetables or any vegetable salad with two Art. tablespoons vegetable oil

For dessert:

  • mousse or fruit salad with a small amount of sugar


  • as well as for breakfast 750 grams of fruit and juice

 British diet for 21 days

Terms of British diet for 21 days

British diet reviews of that show its effectiveness, requires certain rules in order to achieve weight loss. Before proceeding to implement the planned weight loss "diet for 21 days," should prepare the body for the upcoming diet. To do this, you need two days to arrange fasting days, to the stomach reduced in size. In these days it is recommended to drink 1-2 liters of yogurt or milk and eat no more than 100 grams of black bread.

After the preparatory phase, should begin to alternate the two following stages: protein and vegetable diet of English, the duration of each of which lasts for two days. During the entire period of the diet for 21 days should be excluded from the diet, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, bakery products, a variety of sweets and chips, as well as try to eat less salt. Salt is also one of the main enemies of weight loss.

Dried fruits, melons and sweet grapes are also highly undesirable. Adhering to the rules of the English diet, it should be during the period of weight loss to take dietary supplements, which include chrome. Thanks to him, you can protect your skin from sagging in the case of significant weight loss, because it is chrome participates in strengthening the muscle wall. And your figure will be really beautiful!

 British diet - the secret of success!

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 We lay down on the massage table, and losing weight with pleasure

You agree that the treatment process at all associated with discomfort: pain, confusing tablets, bitter medicine and malodorous grindings. But let us remember about the procedure to which the listed attributes are irrelevant.

With that obesity - it's not just an unpleasant fact, and disease, no one will argue. During the treatment of obesity there is an urgent need to cleanse the body of toxins, and then comes to help massage. As buy a massage table or even a few tables tend to all beauty salons, medical establishments and in private massage therapists, selecting the specialist is not working.

An experienced massage therapist first diagnoses of problem areas, heats them, and "breaks" fat tissue, increasing circulation. With this, there are massages, which in addition to tasks to get rid of extra kilos, perform attendant - aesthetic: anti-cellulite massage eliminates the unpleasant "orange peel" Honey absorbs toxins and nourishes the skin. Species and variety of massage techniques.

Just want more time to focus on the fact that the massage itself does not solve the problem of weight loss, it accompanies the process of helping the body cope with the task. The most common indications for today massages - this extra weight and cellulite that are very concerned about the women.

The usual range of activities is as follows:

  • diagnosis and correction of hormonal;
  • Removing stress background and psycho-correction;
  • balancing the power system;
  • cleansing of the body;
  • fitness, exercise recommendation for gymnastics;
  • directly massage;
  • myostimulation (muscle training using electroimpulses);
  • limfodrenazh (special massage, which uses the current differences, pressure, ultrasonic).

Massage - it's part of the system, improving overall health and appearance - corrects figure provides a good skin condition.

The best time to start massages is the period charge, fitness, exercise. So not only will be able to regenerate after suffering diseases and unusual body considerable physical activities, but also to remove unwanted overload, adjust the figure, increase the elasticity of the muscles.

Studies show that the best effect in the fight against excess weight is a balanced use of various techniques and treatments and body shaping and slimming.

After a few sessions you will feel the quality of massage positive changes in appearance and general condition. And remember: the process of losing weight can be fun, if it wanted to.

 We lay down on the massage table, and losing weight with pleasure