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  • Thinness - the ideal of beauty?
  • How do I find a normal weight women?

Remember when the last time you met girls who want to lose weight? Surely such a lot in your community, and quite possibly a long time since you yourself want to throw a couple of extra kilos. Now think about it: how many of your friends who passionately wants to get better? No, we are not talking about those who, because of health and nature or just suffers from the painful thinness. How often do you meet hudyshek, day and night, whining that he "tired of these bones!" The fact that they want to quickly add a kilogram commercials fifteen men to finally noticed and appreciated ...

What can we say, the desire to get better in our time, many find it nonsense. Most women are obsessed with the ideas of weight loss, regardless of the actual need for weight reduction. And it is clear when sitting on a diet of women suffering from overweight. Yes, but most of those who daily starving himself - scrawny shriveled ladies, do not reach a normal body weight. For the sake of the desired thinness they sit on perpetual diets, pace yourself physically demanding, taking questionable diet pills. Bringing yourself to anorexia, they continue to see themselves in the mirror plump and stop eating altogether. It seems that many people simply forgot about what is a normal weight women

Nevertheless, it is the normal body weight is largely dependent human health. And in order to understand whether or not you actually lose weight, you should have a pretty accurate idea of ​​how much weight is optimal for your body. Let's try together to figure out whether you need all these strict diets, or, on the contrary, it is time to start to feed heavily. Yes, do not be surprised: sometimes, "become slim" - does not mean to "become thin". So clean out a magazine with another pretty skinny on the cover and thought: it is good, these "skin and bones" or in the world, there are other standards of beauty?

 a normal weight women

Thinness - the ideal of beauty?

Modern canons of beauty long since shifted to the image of lean beauties from magazines and television. "To be thicker than they are - it means to be overweight," - the motto of the most fashionable women of our time. Looking at beautiful women with perfect slender body and taut tummy, we are confident that slender thinness - it is the weight that you want to strive for. It is difficult to imagine that only a few generations ago, ideals of female beauty were quite different. Is it all the time humanity erred, and only we - the people of the twentieth - the twenty first century know exactly how should look like a beautiful woman?

Just a few generations ago from the modern model appearance, our ancestors would be horrified. Just think: wasp waist, a flat tummy - everything is what is so eager female half of humanity today, once taken for weakness or serious illness. At that time, a slim girl, none of the men would pay serious attention: a wife to look for strong girls with wide hips. That they old enough to expectant mothers to offspring, in such pyshnotelye beauties and preferred to marry a man. After giving birth while not one or two, as they are now, and a dozen other children. In order to endure, to give birth and keep such progeny, wasp waist and stomach adhering to the spine well, I do not fit!

But back to our time. In vain you think that the "sacred" 90-60-90 own minds and hearts of all mankind: even in today's world, these options are not always considered attractive. Did you know that in Mauritania thinness is still considered a monstrosity? That is why there is the custom according to which girls aged five to nine years in institutions give to them as there should be fattening. On the day of fatties eat at least two kilograms of millet porridge and drink more than fifteen liters of camel milk. After all, without the immense waist and tummy luxury good marriage in this country is very difficult!

Similar views on life and the custom of "fatten" the bride remained in Mali, and Nigeria, and Cameroon. Generally, long been noted: the poorer the people, the wider the waist at the local beauties. That is, the standard of female beauty is largely dependent on the level of living of the population. And it concerns not only the poorest African countries, but also all the people in general. And how could it be otherwise? In the context of the daily struggle for survival of any complete woman is considered an indicator of prosperity in the house - who refuses heiress?

But as soon as our society has become richer - all the canons of female beauty, in the literal sense, narrowed. Modern girls and women can not afford not to work physically, and therefore there is no need in a sturdy body and nourishing diet. The threat of famine is no longer hangs over our families, and therefore there is no need to be proud of overweight - a full fridge in the house no surprise. And with the advent of contraception large families have become a rarity! What's really nothing to be surprised that in today's world the concept of "normal weight" and "thinness" has long turned into synonyms.

How do I find a normal weight women?

What is the ideal weight women, forty kilos, like a modern top models or eighty, like Rembrandt Artist's Model? The truth, as always, is somewhere in between. There are several simple ways of how to determine the weight, the best for your body. In order to do this, do not necessarily have a degree: a calculator and calculate whether or not you worried about the proportions of the figure.

Calculation of ideal weight on the index of Quetelet

This is one of the most simple and reliable way to determine whether your weight is normal. The table shows the overall weight and growth factors that are considered optimal for women of different ages and characteristics of the skeletal system. Just divide the weight in grams of the growth in kilograms and see how close you are to the norm.

Age tonkokostnoe type Normokostny type boned type
15-18 315 325 355
19-25 years 325 345 370
26-39 years 335 360 380

Let's say you normokostny type, your weight is 60 kg with an increase of 164 cm. The calculation is as follows: 60000gr / 164 cm = 366. Well, if you're twenty-six years or more - you are practically stacked in the ideal weight parameters.

If you are 40 years and more, the payment will be even easier: simply subtract from growth in the number of 100 centimeters - that turn out ideal weight. On the basis of our settings, output: 164 cm-100 = 64 kg. That is, your normal weight - 64 kg. But do not forget that this figure - the average, it will depend on your feelings and health. But to focus on the result should still be.

Calculating ideal weight by the formula Kyutla

In this method, there is absolutely nothing complicated. All you need to do - to share a person's weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. Thus, we obtain the required body mass index (abbreviated - BMI)

BMI from 20 to 23 - normal weight;
BMI from 24 to 29 - overweight;
BMI over 30 - the threat of obesity.

That is, with an increase of 164 cm and a weight of 60kg calculation looks like this: 60 / (1, 64 * 1, 64) = 22 3. Conclusion - weight within normal limits.

If you are not afraid of frightening word "index" and "formula" and decided to check his weight, already have an idea how perfect your figure. And do not wring his hands, if your figures were far from ideal in either strontium: it is always possible to fix your weight, and along with health. After all, whatever one may say, but the two concepts are always inseparable.

It is not necessary to follow the tastes of modern fashion and lose weight, achieving the model parameters: the notorious 90-60-90 are not suitable for every woman. Even if the cost of enormous efforts you will achieve the long-awaited thinness, it does not guarantee you a cloudless happiness for life. Believe me, "not in the bones of happiness", and in good health and the ability to enjoy life.

 Normal weight women: is it time to stop losing weight?

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 Mischa Barton


  • For some reason, Mischa Barton stouter
  • As Mischa Barton lost weight
  • Versions slimming Mischa Barton

The young American actress Mischa Barton, who starred in films such as "You and I", "immured in glass", "The Sixth Sense" is now at the peak of popularity. Talk about it with television screens, it discusses the press and a huge part of the Internet community. Here are debating people is not about her roles in film and television - all much more interested in her incredible transformation: for some three months, a famous actress managed to lose weight by as much as three sizes!

And where were the recent dumpling, wore blouses and forty-eight the size? Before the astonished fans appeared Misha, flaunting thin legs and a wasp waist in a little black dress! "Forty-second, no more! "- Breathed envious. At the sight of her sunken cheeks and protruding collarbones model weep with envy, advocates proper nutrition furiously indignant. But the vast majority of fans (and not only) are willing to chew off his right hand for a wonderful recipe for weight loss.

For some reason, Mischa Barton stouter

Once the thin and slender actress Mischa Anne Marsden Barton to twenty-three years gained serious weight - plus twenty (evil tongues say - thirty!) Kilograms. Apparently, she just relaxed between filming and very strongly recovered. But the extra weight - it's not so bad: the network has photos of actress simply terrible cellulite. Poor Miss Barton emblazoned with pits and bumps on the skin not only "somewhere in the ass", but also on their feet almost to the knees.

Everyone is used to the fact that in the world of showbiz can catch many stars at different figure flaws, because everyone can get better. But it seems that our Misha outdid them all. This is all the more strange that the cellulitis in our time - the trouble is fixable, get rid of him - a matter of time and desire. And movie stars beauty industry offers such opportunities, which others dream and dream. Is Barton relaxed so much that has not found time to visit a beautician?

Of course, all the newspapers and magazines zapestrili photos with terrible cellulite legs actress in numerous Internet blogs were discussing her extra kilos. "Stouter Barton, Barton monster! "- Screamed the headlines of magazines and websites. The actress just did not give rest: harassing journalists pursued her, hoping to get a picture, where the actress will appear in an absolutely unfavorable light - the more folds, the better! But such cases appeared more and more: the extra weight does not diminish. With this it was necessary to do something ....

 Mischa Barton stouter

As Mischa Barton lost weight

Appearing at the Paris Fashion Week, Mischa Anne Marsden Barton made a splash. Everybody remembers her shots three months ago, where she "flaunted" his appetizing forms. From her new carved figures all came just in shock. How is it possible? In just three months? Most media personalities immediately accused the actress in promoting anorexia and bulimia, strict public sternly condemned thinner star.

Alcoholic, anoreksichka !!! - Branded the star at every step. The press immediately leaked information about the immodest behavior of Barton in nightclubs, her addiction to alcohol and drugs, even enthusiasm! By the way, the influence of the past and many explain the sudden thinness of the actress: "cocaine diet", has long been known in bohemian circles of Hollywood film star has repeatedly helped to lose weight in record-short time. And Barton has repeatedly been seen in a state of narcotic intoxication.

Despite all the noise, almost all women who want to lose weight, dream discloses a method of weight loss by Mischa Barton. After all, almost every one of them read or hear that such miracles happen, but to see the transformation of the dumplings in a chip in a short time had very few people. And now, for all Barton became a living example of the impossible - possible! As already here not to beg movie star magic recipe to share: very much want to lose weight!

Confused Misha indeed promised its enthusiastic admirers lay out the truth-womb in the Internet blog, and in the near future. But the days passed, weeks and months, as promised by the solution and have not appeared on the page of the movie star. What caused the star to change his mind and give readers a chance to radically change their appearance?

Of course, public opinion, the newly made hudyshku hard to denigrate in the eyes of the public. Poor Barton no longer was glad his sudden weight loss: "I was so stigmatized for weight and cellulite! Why now, when I lost, I was not left alone? "- Said the actress in an interview with the well-known magazine. A pesky paparazzi recently dreamed to shoot extra fat around the waist Barton, already hunting for photos with skinny arms and protruding collarbones diva.

So what is this wonderful diet Mischa Barton?

 Mischa Barton lost weight

Versions slimming Mischa Barton

Most likely, one hundred percent truth, we will never know, but reflect and compare the facts we are not forbidden. We represent your attention the most popular versions of how it is possible for the three months to climb from forty-eight to forty-second size.

The first version. Sad

Like it or not, but the most popular is the version for which the actress is seriously ill. It is sad, but the rumors about her addiction to alcohol and drugs have repeatedly confirmed unsightly photographs. And no matter how much screaming her producer that suffered poor girl photos photoshop, too many people believe that smoke without fire.

Moreover, recently the actress was discharged from the hospital, where he was treated "from everything at once." The elite clinic star gets rid of anorexia and addiction to alcohol and drugs. How much evil tongues are not here to talk about the actress and depravity that Mischa Barton thin unnatural way. However, this version is not the only one:

Version Two. Dietetic

There is a whole legend about the mysterious lemonade diet, thanks to which all the Hollywood stars keep themselves in great shape. Its essence is as follows: every day you need to drink six glasses of water without sugar, to which is added a small amount of maple syrup, a pinch of chili pepper and lemon juice. Enough two or three days to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and improve well-being (having decided to try the diet for yourself - consult your doctor).

However, Hollywood stars often prolong the diet until two or three weeks in order to achieve better results of weight loss. That Barton, according to many, has brought himself to a state of anorexia thanks to this diet. Although the actress denies the existence of any diets. What she says Misha?

Version Three. Utopian

The very movie star claims that she did not have to sit on any diet: "I'm quite a healthy lifestyle, a lot of work, I feel constant stress. No wonder I lost weight so much during this time. In addition, we entered into my life daily Pilates workout, so that you can see and tightened my form. "

It is possible that Burton really nothing accused of all mortal sins, because the thin-it just before shooting the film "Beautiful Life". It is known that the screen is visually adds to man a couple of kilos, and Misha at the time and so was not too thin. That had to actress urgently yourselves, that role did not get another ..

That may be true, but every nutritionist in sound mind and memory will tell you that to lose weight by twenty to thirty kilograms in three months can only causing tremendous harm to your body. And because we believe in the art, rather than Hollywood stars: they, unlike some, not bad advice!

So how do you solve the secret of Miss Barton and lose weight in no time? Although think: is it worth it? After all, the fullness can then go back and (it was rumored that Misha again gaining weight), but will return the lost health oh how is not easy! So let's leave the mystery of weight loss to her owner and wish Misha Barton new and interesting roles in films and on television. And we are better, and her good! True?

 Mischa Barton and the secret of weight loss in the three sizes