how to get rid of excess weight

Many women are concerned about the problem of excess weight, but in recent years it has acquired a truly massive scale. Millions of people are studying a book about a balanced diet, get on the most exotic diet, buy pills for weight loss, attend special sessions of hypnosis, pace yourself in gyms ... They care about only one question - how to get rid of excess weight? And how can we do it at home?

But you never know what else is able to make a woman for the sake of beauty! But here's the paradox: in spite of the mass of the process, significant results are achieved only by those who are different simply inhuman tenacity. But what about the rest? Do not get rid of excess weight? You are mistaken if you think that after this introduction, we will give you the standard advice about what kind of diet is most effective and what to do if you sit on one of them, and you are treated to a donut with cream filling, well, it does not contribute to ridding from unwanted fat cells in the hips or waist.

This you can read in books on nutrition and women's magazines. Let's talk about what to do if you have the willpower failed, you have once again failed to achieve the desired result. After all, it's not a reason to blame yourself for lack of character and depressed. Like you, millions, and most thrive, enjoy life, love, wear eye-popping costumes and, mind you, causing a sincere admiration of others.

So, our recipe is simple - Take to the diet as a fun game. Firstly, it will significantly increase your chances of achieving the desired result, and secondly, will not lose the sense of humor failure. Try to look at diet as a kind of ritual, full of meaningful glances girlfriends vows itself and pride in their own willpower, which is replaced with what incomparable pleasure from eating the forbidden cake drunken cherries (very big and very chocolate!) Or fried potatoes ( late in the evening in the kitchen and straight from the frying pan!). Rules in these games can be very different, and I'm sure many of them will seem familiar.

 how to lose weight at home

Quickly and simply

  • Game number 1

Game time - two days

The game begins in the day when his own reflection in the mirror suddenly stops you like - on the hips "crust" around the waist - the folds. You come to a very sad conclusion that before the release of the closest, alas, have to buy a new swimsuit, instead of favorite indoor bikini belt in time to make a new hole, and after the next wash jeans somehow suspicious greatly reduced in size. And the model "on the hips" already do not look so impressive, as before ... After such observations you all day do not eat and complain life is an understanding friend and lover does not understand anything.

The next day, quite by accident looking in the refrigerator (what can you do - a habit!), You begin to slowly convince themselves that in the closed swimsuit woman looks mysterious and inaccessible than in a bikini and jeans at the hips you bored to death, and it is time to buy -nibud more elegant, but at the same time more free. Further, the scenario should be the appearance of a lover who is genuinely surprised, why would you do to lose weight. After such a convincing case you naturally rapidly and completely stop the fight with his own appetite.

Advantages of the game: 1-2 kefir unloading days - that's good. Well, if it will become a tradition, then you will have a real chance to lose weight. This game does not require much effort, but because it can play often enough.

 how to get rid of excess weight

Tempers will

  • Game number 2

Game time - a maximum of 10 days

The reason for the start of the game can be anything, such as a phrase thrown in the store Woman standing behind you in line: "I've been doing this now for plump girl." After much experience you declare all his friends and close family members that sit on a diet. Then, at a party at her best friend you grimly chewing vegetable salad, washed down with mineral water. The rest of the guests, eating a delicious turkey sauce and a cake "Napoleon", sincerely admire your iron will, and though the hostess and looks at you knowingly, but is trying to persuade to try at least very-very small piece.

You, of course, filled with determination and pride in their steadfastness in achieving this goal. "Torture" cabbage, apples, low-fat yogurt, juices, and other well-very useful and low-calorie foods can last from 5 to 10 days. Then will power is failing, and you begin to have a sneak. That is all around still admire your persistence, and in the meantime you every night when all the household asleep, running to the refrigerator and quickly and greedily stuffed in the mouth more or less edible.

Even if your night raids go unnoticed, do you already know perfectly well that the game is quickly coming to an end. For decency you have some time complaining about the hardships girlfriend dieting, and then under the pretext of high stress load in the open. In the course are cakes, chocolates, chips, sandwiches and other food is forbidden, and in even greater numbers than before.

Advantages of the game: this game is very tempers will. If at first your patience may be enough only for 5-6 days, then the next attempt to easily increase up to 2 weeks, or even months. And so, you see, in fact, lose weight! By the way, this game can be renewed as soon as bored during a previous diet vegetables and yogurt stop cause you aversion.

 how to get rid of excess weight on the hips

The purpose justifies the means

  • Game number 3

Game time - an average of 2-3 weeks

Start the game determines the cherished desire to achieve, but virtually unattainable goal for which you can perform any feats. For example, the dream of buying a slim red dress and appearance there at the birthday party of a high green-eyed brunette, who was already half a year you dream as her husband, but in real life is just a good friend.

According to preliminary calculations, the six weeks remaining before the day you need to lose at least 12 kg! The first practical step you do - buy two scales (one - for himself, and the second - for the products). Now it is necessary to conduct a survey of all the girlfriends and make a list of the most effective diets (Hollywood, Rice, Tomato, the English diet of 20 days and so on. N.).

If the experience of others you do not seem too convincing, it is desirable to acquire the appropriate books, which are worthy of special attention to the table calorie products. Then make a global procurement calorie foods, usually in amounts close to the food supplies needed for the expedition of 10 people. Now move on to the main - namely, to drawing up a calendar. If you do not quite understand what it is about, read on carefully as possible. So, suppose that you need to lose weight 12 kg and a half months, that is, each week will have to drop to 2 kg. So you need to calculate how much you should weigh in a week, two, and so on. The results of these calculations, you should note in calendars, pocket better (cause you'll learn below).

Now we should eat strictly in accordance with the recommendations of leading breeders (sorry, dietitians) and regularly get up on the scales. It is possible that during the first week you will be able to lose those same 2 kg but more hudeniya process usually slows down, and then all comes to naught (along with your enthusiasm). Now it is very important to hide away, but better - lose calendar with your calculations. And when at the birthday party of his dark hair you wrapped in dimensionless favorite sweater, will watch as a young man of your dreams dancing with a tiny girl in a red slinky dress, the main thing - it does not remember the ill-fated calendars, their iridescent plans and extra 12 kg.

After all, if a holiday and your mood will definitely spoiled! It is better to try to shift the focus of all the others (including the owner of the house) itself. To do this, fit an incendiary lambada with a teddy bear as a partner (danced with abandon, and preferably on the table), sincere performance of a romance Alyabiev "Nightingale" (remember the film "Courier") or one person you cocktail "Kiss pioneers", for which you can use all available in the presence of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Success, good humor and attention to your "Prince" are guaranteed!

Advantages of the game: on the one hand, this game is an excellent way to ensure the seriousness of your intentions. The result is more important for you, the more likely that you will succeed. For the sake of something worthwhile, you can not only lose 12 kg, but in general, if you need to change beyond recognition. If you have suffered a setback, try to look at it from the other side: your dream can be fulfilled perfectly and without hudeniya. Or maybe you are missing is not the ideal figure in a slinky dress, but something entirely different?

By the way, you are sure that you have a problem with being overweight? You may need it just seems. And the question - how to get rid of excess weight - for you to do is not relevant?

 How to get rid of excess weight? "Harmful" advice

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