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Imagine that sitting at a computer with a huge cup of cocoa cake and eating the last package, you still get the message from a virtual friend with a proposal to meet him in real life. Looking at the edge of his sight blurred figure in the mirror, you know, with a sigh, that it would have little more than willpower, the meeting could take place and. And while you did not remind a little-known Indian film star, who posted a photo on his avatar. Or maybe he does not care about appearance, on the extra weight, and he will be able to see such a fine and gentle soul? While looking at, alas, nothing more.

How much would you not assured that the person is not important in appearance and internal quality-rich, yet meet on clothes. And if your appearance does not cause interest among men, to the knowledge of the inner world of the case it can not reach. However, the desire to please a man - is not the only situation that causes a burning desire to become thinner and thinner. In every woman's life may come a time when she was horrified looks on the arrow weights and wants to lose weight now, immediately, is momentary. And, preferably, ten kilograms at once. And even more .... Unfortunately, the magic wand, instantly transforms our bodies, not yet invented, but effective tips on how to lose weight quickly, we will provide you with.


You'd be surprised, but the right attitude is able to create miracles with fat on your waist. Of course, the desire to please a virtual friend is able to get you to go on a diet and do sports. But more often the decision to lose weight quickly melts itself after watching a dozen pages of websites with tips on proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Unfortunately, the process of losing weight often stops at the stage of gathering information.

How often we hear from others that it is impossible to lose weight fast! And if someone has it turned out after some time lucky again gained weight. Indeed, this development is quite possible, especially if you fail to comply with all the rules of rapid weight loss. How can muster the willpower and fulfill at least some of the recommendations given to you smart nutritionists and other fighters against overweight?

First, let's remind ourselves that a slim figure is not so much to seduce the opposite sex, how to improve the quality of their lives. Build a list of what you can afford to lose a few extra kilos. This may be a new swimsuit, that lovely dress that you saw yesterday in the window, horseback riding, great feeling in the end. It is these thoughts will help you to not stop the desire to lose weight and then maintain the achieved results.

 how to lose weight quickly

Proper nutrition

There are many diets that can and should try. Here are just suitable to their choice should be very careful. Rapid weight loss - it is always stressful for the body, because you have to give up their traditional way of life began to starve and exercise. In order to minimize the risk of health problems, try to follow these principles of safe weight loss:

  1. Eat fractionally, ie gradually and several times per day. For example, 7-00, 11-00, 14-00, 16-00, 18-00. Do not torture yourself the question, how to make yourself not to eat. If your work or lifestyle does not allow you to eat often, you keep to yourself products authorized diet. Bites them in the allotted time, slowly chewing.
  2. If you feel hungry and ready to "eat an elephant" in one sitting, put his plate a small portion. After eating it, you will not satisfy your hunger, but leaving the table, honestly promise yourself to come back soon and eat up everything. At this time, the case of term loans themselves - wipe the floor in the bathroom, iron curtain, clean the chandelier. During this time, the food begins to be absorbed, and the feeling of hunger blunted. Returning to the table, you are quite satisfied with a cup of green tea.
  3. A hearty breakfast - the best friend of all the girls who want to lose weight quickly. Never miss a morning meal, because the body's metabolic processes are activated after the digestive system will work. The morning before you eat your healthy breakfast, the faster the flow process of burning calories in the body.
  4. Try not to eat for three to four hours before bedtime. At night our body sleeps with us, and all the food is eaten before bedtime, is deposited as fat on our sides and waist.

In addition, you will have to choose an appropriate diet for the next few days. The best way to quickly lose a few kilos - to sit on the mono-diet. Its essence lies in the fact that for some time to consume only a single product is allowed diet. To sustain mono-diet is not easy, but this week you will be able to get rid of six to ten kilograms of excess weight! Variants of such a diet a lot - you can choose kefir, apple, rice, buckwheat, vegetables and other diets. Try to choose the product that gives you the greatest pleasure and will allow you to hold out until the end of the diet.

The fact that at the time of mono-diet can have only one product, does not mean that you should give up drinking. On the contrary, on the day you should drink at least two liters of pure non-carbonated water. If you are a passionate tea parties, then it can afford a few cups of green tea. But coffee, sugary drinks, and the more alcohol on the diet have to give.

 how to lose weight fast tips

Exercise stress

It's no secret that sport helps to burn extra calories. If you decide to lose weight in record time, then some diets you can not do! Physical activities are essential in order to speed up the metabolism and tighten flabby muscles of the body. In addition, regular exercise give a good mood for the whole day!

Of course, not everyone has a wonderful opportunity to visit the fitness center or hire a private instructor for sports. And this is connected not only with the lack of time, but with the usual financial difficulties. While none of these factors can not be your real obstacle - sports can be practiced independently. To start stop the elevator and go up to your floor on foot. Get in the habit to overcome short distances on foot rather than driving a car or public transport. Buy hula hoop and jump rope, go in the house. Believe me, these old proven techniques work!

Surely you can see in the morning and not so young people, for a morning jog in any weather. Join! Believe me, once you try, you will be hard to refuse such a pleasure. After all, a sense of ease and satisfaction after running hard to compare to anything else.

Hold the weight

The results will appear immediately. Most often, the weight rests on the old mark for several days. And then he begins to slowly decline. And here begins the most difficult. Having achieved the desired result, some women just lose your head. In complete euphoria from their own harmony, they are swept out of the refrigerator all the products, justifying this by saying that "it is now possible."

Scoring exercise and proper nutrition methods, they start to "take revenge" for yourself all the time, which limits itself to the pleasures. The result was not long in coming. Lust harmony not just disappear, but the old weight is added a couple of extra kilos. As a result, all the dreams of new dresses, men and a beautiful slender body melting as unrealizable dream.

How to keep your weight, if there is no willpower? Again, start over, or "yah them, these diets do not help anyway?" Pity your work, because losing weight was given to you is not easy. First of all, do not stop. Of course, strict dieting can leave, but the principles of proper nutrition to be observed in the future. And if you all this time the body was subjected to physical stress, they have become a habit, and you should not give them up. In the end, there is no limit to perfection.

Be careful during holiday feasts and barbecue outdoors. Bright colors cooked dishes, mouth-watering smells of alcohol and may well lead you to overeat, and stretching of the stomach. Make it a rule to mentally divide your plate into four sections: vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates. So not only do you have balanced your meal, but without counting calories can be sure that will not recover.

So, how to lose weight fast and keep the desired weight for years to come? You will be true motivation, balanced diet, exercise and the willpower to keep in shape. The only advice - do not overdo it: to lose weight must be more than just not bring themselves to anorexic state, earning a bunch of diseases. Having overcome all difficulties and obstacles, you will become even more to love yourself and be proud of slim fit body. And then, get on the internet offer for a romantic rendezvous, your only problem will be the thought: Does your good friend in life as well as in the photo?

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