Gifts on March 8 with their own hands


  • Gifts from children to mothers and grandmothers
  • Adults homemade gifts to the older generation
  • Homemade gifts from men

It is symbolic that in March, women in many countries celebrate the holiday in his honor. Indeed, this month the weather is capricious and changeable: the sun will appreciate, once again sweep the snow, and then suddenly the rain will wash. It seems to us, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

A holiday - it's always nice. We love to receive flowers, greetings and gifts from close men, friends and colleagues. Incredibly pleased and homemade surprises from the beloved children. The most interesting thing is that the tradition of women's congratulations on the holiday in their honor existed in ancient Rome. On this day honored the goddess Vesta, which was a homemaker. And all married women received gifts from their husbands. Even a slave in this day allowed to take a break from work.

So those who do not like to associate with the March 8 Women's Day, proclaimed by Clara Zetkin, perhaps more like to see in this celebration echoes of Roman history. But the gifts and congratulations on such a day has become an indispensable tradition, without which, it seems, and the spring will not come. Anyway, in a woman's heart for sure. Therefore, we all look forward to March 8 and amazing surprises. But do not forget that this festival is an excellent occasion to congratulate himself and mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other relatives. And not just give flowers, and native women to please sincere expressions of love, care and attention. In such cases, just remember his childhood and early clumsy drawings, applications and cards, which we derive an uncertain hand naive words of congratulations.

But this is a good idea - to present a gift on March 8 with their hands, made with love. Especially in our time, there are all sorts of original ideas for a congratulations. So do not rush to go to the store, but better think in advance and prepare a close women Gifts for March 8 with their own hands. Perhaps many men want to supplement your homemade greeting surprise, therefore, and for them in the article there are some useful tips.

 gifts with their hands on March 8

Gifts from children to mothers and grandmothers

First of all I would like to not ignore kids who because of their age are not able to make their own gifts for moms and grandmothers. However, they should definitely help and talk about the meaning of the holiday understandable words. His eyes light up three-year child excited about the opportunity to do something nice for him the most expensive people.

Therefore, as a mom and dad should take the lead in their own hands, to offer ideas and help your child with their implementation. The simplest - is to draw a picture or make the application. For example, draw on a white sheet of heavy paper vase of flowers or just a big bunch and have a child with the help of plasticine to make a drawing color. You can show a certain imagination when creating applications. For originality is not usual to use colored paper and dried flowers, leaves from the herbarium or large beads. The child obviously like tinkering something unusual for a mother or grandmother and then give them their attention and convey the warmth of hands.

You can make and a beautiful card with bulk flowers. Remember that beautiful paper tulips you did as a child. They need to stick to a folded sheet of cardboard, which will become the postcard. Still it is possible to please mom and grandmother symbolic a ship with scarlet sails. An interesting option would be a bunch of children, and photos that you want to cut into the shape of a circle and put the paper in the center of daisies, glued onto paper or cardboard.

Girls schoolgirls can also submit ideas on how to congratulate the original mother, grandmother, sisters or aunts. Teenagers often addicted to sewing, knitting or embroidery. A beautiful set of kitchen apron and oven gloves, knit scarf or shawl, unusual picture, embroidered cross - all sure to please family and favorite relatives. You can make an original wall organizer for my mother's manicure sets or sew Case for granny glasses.

The sons and grandsons can please your dear women own baked cake. Of course, without this experience will be an arduous task, but at a certain diligence is even feasible. You can also turn an ordinary cutting board into a work of art. It is necessary to put a pencil drawing and then repeat it for the burning device. For its brightness can be painted in gouache and varnish. Such things like not only mothers, but also the rest of the women in the family.

You can also make an interesting box in the form of plastic bottles apple green or brown. Or, using acrylic paints to paint ordinary white cups, making them festive and memorable.

Original ideas do not stop there. Turn on the imagination and, perhaps, your greeting will exceed all expectations. After all, my mother, in fact, need very little and often cleaned apartment and ready to become a real holiday dinner.

 gifts with their own hands for March 8

Adults homemade gifts to the older generation

If in the case of gifts that can prepare the children, everything is quite simple, because the necessary materials are usually always in every home, the adult work without visiting a specialized store is often impossible. So try to think about what you want to do with your hands for the culprits of the holiday, and buy everything you need in advance.

Let's start with the photo-gifts. They are always original and exclusive, as are used to create them pictures. A good option would be making a collage for Mom. It can take the form of a photo-stories with her in the lead role. For example, describe the way an ordinary day of her mother's life. Do it with humor, use your artistic skills and photographs of all family members. Maybe this will be the day of your childhood, associated with the mother's attention and care.

Grandma can give a photo-history of your family through the female line. It will have to work hard, because we need not only the old pictures from the home archive, but it should also have a good idea who it is they captured and which are associated with a family history of your ancestors-women. Although such work is quite hard, but it can inspire you seriously, because life ancestors - it is always interesting.

Other original ideas for homemade gifts are on your bedside table or hang on the wall. It's about the frame. They are fairly standard, the eye gets used to it quickly, and the photos themselves, we look less and less. But they can decorate the most unusual way, using cloth, leather, beads, glass and much more.

Interesting ideas can become with holders for the photos. Here, for example, images associated with the rest of the sea, which is fully in any home archive. They are young parents and you, still a child. Find a large sea rocks and attach to them pieces of wire on which to place the selected pictures. It received such an original marine area. Similarly, you can do an installation titled "Mommy and Me" by using the corresponding pictures.

Original ideas are possible even in such a trivial greeting, like flowers. You can not choose a bouquet and a beautiful living plant, good, they can be found in abundance in any store on relevant topics. The whole point is in the pot, where this flower will live. It can be turned into a work of art with a piece of cloth or paper and beautiful lace. And if you want, make a pot of unusual and striking, decorating it with beads or beads. You know how to draw? Well, sign it by making exclusive.

Another idea would be for the man-made gift soap that you can prepare with simple ingredients and their hands. You'll need these components: soap base or baby soap, refined vegetable (basic) and essential (for flavor), oil, food coloring and additives (glycerol, honey and so on), milk.

The basis of the need to grate and melt in a water bath while gradually add the vegetable oil, milk and stir thoroughly. Then, the mass must be removed from the fire and put it the remaining components. The resulting soap is necessary to pour any formochkam (can be used for children's sand) and send in the refrigerator for two to three days to complete solidification.

If you want to try yourself as a master jewelry creation, use the recommendations on how to make the original bracelets and beads using beads of different sizes and shapes. It will take a thin rubber bands, ribbons and pins. By the way, the same beads can be a wonderful material for decorating annoying glass or ceramic vases (without relief ornament). They need to be covered with glue and entwine prepared manually or strung strands of beads.

All this - only the most simple ideas of what a gift for March 8 with their hands can do easily using simple tools available and a little imagination. You may be familiar with the technique of decoupage, dry felting wool or something masters from polymer clay. Use your creative skills to create original and unique items raduyte of their loved ones.

 gifts for March 8 with their own hands

Homemade gifts from men

Do not think that only women have artistic taste and know how to make homemade surprises. Men are also capable of using his skilled hands to create interesting gifts copyrights. However, it is still much easier to buy another perfume or jewelry. However, if you want to make your greetings on March 8 outstanding and memorable, the following are some original ideas, even though they are quite simple, but very interesting.

Those men who are a little familiar with the joinery, may please the women's favorite small table for morning coffee in bed. And if March 8 you also serviruete festive breakfast and feed his wife in such a touching way, it is very rejoice and surprise her.

It is no secret that many women love chocolates and flowers. With imagination and a master class on manufacturing "sweet" flowers you can combine both. You will need your spouse, or your favorite girl candy colored thin decorative paper or transparent cloth, toothpicks and tape. After watching the video tutorial, which is available to anyone, you are able to make a unique "sweet" song.

It is also a good idea for the festive greetings and can serve as a panel in the form of the heart of your common photos. They can decorate the bedroom wall, attach a photo on the wall. This is an easy option. A more time-consuming is to use a frame with reinforced her canvas, on which will be posted images. By the way, the frame can also be very nice and original decorate.

You can also make unusual photo pillows. But alone, and using only their hands to make it easy. Therefore it is better to address to the workshop, where they will print your photos are not on paper but on the fabric. It is because of her and will need to sew covers on pillows, if you, of course, familiar with the art of the tailor. Want to go for a simpler way? Then purchase any decorative pillowcases and decorate them with original buttons, for example, laying out of them a love letter.

In any case, even if the gift you plan to give, will be purchased, then it must issue an original and unique. This can be done with the help of beautiful packaging, or cards, made with your own hands. Why is this bar is so important? But all the women - wife, sister, mother or grandmother - did not appreciate the gift itself, but our attention.

It is therefore important to make their own hands for a genuine and sincere congratulations - so beloved and dear the fair sex will be able once again to make sure their holiday is not just a certain amount of money spent, but also personal time, effort and desire to make it memorable and beautiful .

 Gifts on March 8 with his hands: just mentally, fashionable and original

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