The most effective fasting days


  • What is fasting days?
  • The benefits of fasting days and their varieties
  • British diet - fasting days

Effective fasting days always produce visible and tangible results. In order to lose weight, we often "sit" on a variety of debilitating diets. But why make such sacrifices? Quite often we can reduce the weight and with the help of fasting days. You can arrange a variety of fasting days.

Effective fasting days are divided into groups:

  • Carbohydrate Group - a fasting day on rice and watermelon, cucumbers, apples and buckwheat.
  • Protein group - a fasting day on kefir, cottage cheese, kefir, meat, fish fasting days.
  • Fat group - sour cream, fasting days, fasting days in milk.

Fasting days you can hold two times a week and choose their food to taste. To start losing weight is best suited meat, cheese, sour cream or fasting days fasting day on rice, because they are better tolerated by the body. Very effective fasting days on buckwheat. Buckwheat is incredibly useful for stomach and intestines.

What is fasting days?

It is, first of all, compliance with all rules and remarkable strength of will. For those who normally carries the feeling of hunger, fasting days can be combined. For example, to connect Kefir discharge day with another, chosen to your taste. This significantly faster results.

Effective fasting day should be well thought out. If you choose a carbohydrate fasting days, you should reduce the intake of protein and fat. Foods that you eat should consist of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, minerals. It tomatoes and cucumbers, unsweetened berries, fruits and vegetables, watermelons. Such fasting days - very tasty. You have to divide 1500 grams of any product in the form of fresh cheese into five parts, and at regular intervals to eat them.

All of these products contain a large amount of liquid, so if you choose carbohydrate fasting days, it is not necessary to use additional water. By the way - Kefir discharge day refers specifically to the discharge days, during which the amount of liquid is better to limit.

If you want to use mixed fasting days, it is necessary to take similar in composition products. It may be kefir, cottage cheese, apple, kefir, rice, apple and other fasting days. On such days, it is necessary to combine fruits and vegetables, or vegetables and fruit, fish and meat, yogurt and cottage cheese, fruit and yogurt, rice and fruit, etc.

Kefir discharge day will be useful not only for the stomach, but for immunity as yogurt stimulates immunity. Kefir goes well with apples. Apple fasting day can be combined with kefir. Apples can be eaten raw, and, and stewed or baked.

Fasting days on the water have a distinct advantage. During unloading is particularly noticeable anti-aging effect on the skin: disappear not only acne and pimples, but also wrinkles and folds. The skin becomes elastic, fresh, improves the complexion. Even the eyes are brighter.

 effective fasting days

  The benefits of fasting days and their varieties

During fasting days are cleaned the whole organism. All the human excretory system during this period focused on the release of toxins. Only through the light output of more than 150 harmful substances. Hunger promotes intensive cleaning vessels, frees the body from uric acid, which is the main cause of arthritis. Suffice 8-10 days fasting recovery to fully recover from a mild arthritis.

Fasting days on the water help to improve memory and healing of many diseases, including cirrhosis, and tumor necrosis. In addition, the sanitary starvation has a preventive effect - after unloading days the human body becomes immune to phenols, nitrates, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Regular fasting days, held at least once a week, immediate impact on the work of the intestine, and the well-being of the whole body, in addition, help to quickly and easily lose weight.

  • Fasting days on tea

We offer a unique - milky tea recipe of the day discharge. Throughout the day you can drink unlimited amounts of green tea made with milk.

Fasting days on green tea has always enjoyed great popularity among the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. The ability of green tea to excrete the accumulated toxins and excess water for a long time attracted the attention of physicians. Because of these properties it is recommended to all those who want to lose weight quickly.

  • Fasting days on watermelon

Watermelon fasting days usually are prescribed for hypertension, atherosclerosis, kidney and liver, as well as circulatory disorders. Such fasting days is recommended that no more than 1-2 times a week, while the number of days of diet depends primarily on the nature of the disease and tolerability of patients.

Observing watermelon fasting days, you need a day for five receptions to eat 300 grams of ripe watermelon flesh.

  • Fasting days on fats

Discharge day for fats are not less effective than apple fasting day. When you use fat fasting days, weight loss will be faster due to increased activity of enzymes that break down fats. The process of converting carbohydrates into fat mass is also slowing.

If you choose sour fasting day, then you have to eat 500 grams of a 20% cream, sour cream or five times a day at regular intervals. Drink only twice a day, unsweetened coffee with milk or broth hips.

  • Protein fasting days

If you want to carry out an effective discharge day without much effort, use the protein group. It may be dairy fasting days that improve the metabolism and accelerates the process of lipolysis. We should eat four servings per day of cottage cheese (150 grams) with sour cream (15 grams) or drink 6 times a day with 250 ml of yogurt. Twice a day you can drink a cup of unsweetened coffee with milk.

Fasting days on meat
Equally valid and fasting days, which consist only of meat. They are very effective. It is necessary to take lean meat and eat only boiled. Eat meat should be five receptions. Total 450 grams. You can drink 2 cups of broth hips and 3 cups of unsweetened coffee with milk.

If you arrange unloading two days in a row, the first to be meat fasting day, then sour cream or vegetable, and you will lose weight at 2 - 2, 5 kilos! In the fasting days should be increased physical and mental stress, not a company, and longer sleep.

 the most effective fasting days

  British diet - fasting days

There is also the English diet, which is precisely unloading days. Comments about the English diet very positive. It is thanks to her real English ladies always stay in shape. British diet implies the existence of some products, such as vegetables, nuts, fruits and some cereals. Comments about the English diet suggest that this diet is incredibly simple and easy to remember. For more information about the English diet, and we will tell you.

Perhaps the best fasting days - on rice. If you are not satisfied with the result of the use of unloading days, you can arrange a week unloading. The basis of the diet in the unloading week is a special soup, which reduces the weight. Brewed soup in a special way from a mixture of vegetables: green pepper, onion, tomato, celery, cabbage. Do it during the unloading of the week can be in unlimited quantities, because it does not add calories. The efficacy did not decrease.

Effective fasting days in addition to the soup even suggest some products. You can eat vegetables, some fruits, beef, rice, coffee, tea, herbs, water in a particular order in the sequence of days. You can not drink alcohol, carbonated beverages, bread, fatty and fried foods. If you follow all the rules, then the 7th day you can lose weight by 9 kg.

Nutritionists recommend that before starting of a fasting day to consult with a specialist. It will help you to choose the most effective fasting days, which will not bring harm.

 The most effective discharge day

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 kefir diet Larisa Valley


  • Diet kefir
  • Limitations
  • Pros and cons of such option Supply

Many of us would envy the famous singer Larisa Dolina just because it has a beautiful strong voice, good looks and stunning figure. At present, the famous lady looks good, and therefore shares with us his experience. It should be noted that kefir diet Larisa Dolina is recognized as one of the few truly effective. Recently, this diet has become very popular, and reviews about it for the most part positive.

We hope you have understood that the basis of power is on a diet yogurt. This is a very useful product that contains a variety of beneficial bacteria, microbes, yeasts and sticks. It improves and enhances the immune system and prevents gastrointestinal disorders. The yogurt contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids. In addition, it has a toning effect and well quenches thirst, improves kidney and intestine, calming effect on the circulatory and nervous systems.

 kefir diet Larisa Dolina

Diet kefir

Valley Intensive diet allows to lose 7 kilos in one week


    1. Five pieces of boiled potatoes in their skins, three cups of yogurt.
    2. Two hundred grams of sour cream, three cups of yogurt.
    3. Two hundred grams of cheese, three cups of yogurt.
    4. Five hundred grams of chicken, cooked without skin and without salt, half a liter of yogurt.
    5. There can be only fruits and vegetables. Among the permitted apples, but no more than one kilogram, five hundred grams of carrots or three hundred grams of prunes, and three cups of yogurt.
    6. Six cups of yogurt, and nothing more.
    7. A liter of mineral water.

    Products in this embodiment may be distributed randomly throughout the day. It is understood that this way of eating is quite harmful to the body, so premeditated, whether it is to elect him. Reviews of a variety of diet; Of course, it makes a noticeable and quick result, many women are satisfied with its effect, but still there are complaints about the state of health. Therefore, we offer options easier.

    Moderately intense kefir diet Larisa Dolina lasts two weeks

      In the first you drop three to five kilograms, and for the second two to four. In this case it is necessary to eat by the clock: eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, and eighteen. Food menu is distributed to all day.

      Such a diet is easier, it has collected the maximum number of positive reviews from those who have tried it on myself. Products for two weeks the same. And after the first week is a break for seven days, during which should eat as usual, but try as much as possible to eliminate flour, sweet, spicy and greasy. This diet usually has a good effect on the body and permanently secures the results.

      1. Four hundred grams of unsalted baked potato and half a liter of nonfat yogurt.
      2. Four hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese and a pint of one percent of yogurt.
      3. Four hundred grams of any fruit except bananas and grapes, a pint of one percent of yogurt.
      4. Four hundred grams of boiled chicken breast without salt, half a liter of one percent of yogurt.
      5. Four hundred grams of fruit and half a liter of yogurt.
      6. Half a liter of mineral water without gas.
      7. Four hundred grams of fruit and half a liter of one percent of yogurt.

      The last option - a moderate diet, and also by Larisa Dolina

        It is a fairly simple -Relatively the first two - and less harmful. As before, the food is to use no later than six in the evening, and the products to be distributed throughout the day. This diet is designed for eight days already, but if you continue to sit on it until the fourteenth day, you can lose as much as nine kilograms.

        1. Three hundred grams of dried fruit, three cups of yogurt, a liter of non-carbonated mineral water.
        2. Ten pieces of boiled potatoes, three cups of yogurt, a liter of mineral water without gas.
        3. Ten apples, three cups of yogurt, a liter of non-carbonated mineral water.
        4. One kilogram of boiled chicken without skin, three cups of yogurt, a liter of mineral water without gas.
        5. One kilogram of cheese, three cups of yogurt, a liter of non-carbonated mineral water.
        6. A liter of sour cream, three cups of yogurt, a liter of non-carbonated mineral water.
        7. Three glasses of yogurt, a liter of mineral water without gas.
        8. Two liters of still mineral water.

        The easiest option is a diet "striped". The seven-day diet, with which you can throw those extra three to five kilograms, is quite simple: one day only drink kefir, one day of rest. Of course, in normal times should limit itself to the flour, spicy, fatty and sweet, as this will only consolidate the main result.

         kefir diet valley


        All versions of kefir diet Larisa Dolina has the following limitations:

        • Be sure to conduct daily cleansing enemas or taking laxatives.
        • Start each diet should be a fasting day.
        • Eat the best daily rate every two hours from eight o'clock in the morning to six o'clock in the evening a few times.
        • Before each reception food drink fifty grams of herbal infusions (chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort)

          Pros and cons of such option Supply

        The main advantages of this diet is that used products are available these days, so a serious blow to the wallet does not happen, it can not but rejoice. Through a six-diet food to digest properly, and hunger does not occur as quickly as in other cases. Also remember that herbal tea in this case is very useful: St. John's wort acts as an antidepressant, and chamomile and calendula have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

        Cons not so much. Chief among them - is itself yogurt. For those who do not like this drink, it is better to pass such a diet. Also, the power is limited in the products, so in advance should consult with a nutritionist.

        How to use diet option for you - decide for yourself. But remember the main thing - the health and beauty of a woman must be in proportion to the combined, so it is not necessary to sacrifice something for the sake of one another, may not be as important. After all, what goes for celebrity appearance, you should not each of us. Be as prudent and practical in making such an important decision.

         Kefir diet Larisa Dolina: Lose weight as the famous singer!

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