How to remove fat from the legs


  • What is adipose tissue?
  • Dietary
  • Massage
  • Exercises

The fact that the female legs with time (and often ahead of time) grows fat, not just blame an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Our very purpose - to bear and give birth to children - is the main cause of this unpleasant fact for us. Nature took care of that a human female, which unlike other mammals moved on two legs and has unprotected wool body can bear fruit without risk. That's why she defended her baby, inside the mother, the powerful body fat. And that is why most women, fat is stored in the abdomen and thighs.

However, this fact that drives the creative ecstasy of Rubens, we are not happy, but on the contrary, poisons our lives. A modern lifestyle with refined food, sedentary work (and leisure!) And more movement on wheels, not on foot, only adds to the natural reality. Arguing with the wise nature difficult and sometimes dangerous. But when a normal body fat on a woman's body begins to "go beyond", and on his feet there is obviously the excess fat and cellulite, and something else, you need to take action. But how to remove fat from your legs?

The answer to this burning question is simple: eat less and move more. And it would be nice and take special measures. For example, to choose an appropriate diet, to do special massage and perform effective exercises. Better yet, that such measures were taken in the complex. You satisfied with this answer? Then let's learn about these ways to combat fat on my feet more. And at the same time that the fat is in the body.

What is adipose tissue?

You know about the most insidious feature of fat cells? They do not disappear! They are only reduced in size! The man already is born with fat tissue in the body, even the most evil person, these cells are present in amounts of billions of dollars. Moreover, fat cells do not share, i.e. the number becomes larger.

When we recover, fat cells grow, and our volumes are increasing. But if the size of fat cells reaches a critical value, and become more than they can not, then begin to multiply so-called progenitor cells of adipose tissue. They turn into a full-fledged fat tissue, and becoming mature cells forever remain in our body. And then it comes to a painful condition called obesity. So the amount of adipose tissue in the human body can not fall off! But the increase - easily. But, fortunately, the adipose tissue is able to decrease the volume and transform.

But the fact that a person has two types of fat - white and brown. White fat accumulates nutrients and is involved in the energy, and brown fat "responsible" for heat production. We make it thick white fat. But he is able to transform into brown due to complex chemical reactions, "start-up" which are physical exercises. Now you understand the benefits charge or running in the morning?

As for diet, it causes the fat cells decrease in volume, which is why, following a diet, we lose weight. And the benefit of massage - the physical impact on adipose tissue, through which it also decreases, that is there is the so-called fat burning. And now about the practical side of these methods of struggle with fat legs.

 How to remove fat from the legs alone


Determined to get rid of fat on legs, it is first necessary to review the diet. You can certainly sit on any diet for weight loss, but it will only lose weight quickly and reduce the amount of any desired parts of the body, but, alas, not the legs. In these diets lose weight face, chest, hands, "shed" the stomach, but on his feet less fat gets, and if it is it is not very much.

To start losing weight legs, needed a long-term diet, as such, can only be a new diet without starving. This means that you must give up all bad (in terms of burning fat) foods.

All flour from refined white flour. Meal much harm to our harmony does not, in contrast to the buns, cakes and biscuits.
All sweetness except honey. However, the use of honey in unlimited quantities, too, do not you add harmony, but still it 'safer' sugar, candy and soda.
All fatty and fried. Helpful and low-hazard fat - cooking oil, but only natural "cold" form.
Alcohol (no comment).
Meals necessarily has to be balanced. That is, your diet should be present products comprising carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Carbohydrates - a fruit, bread (rye or wholemeal), cereals, legumes. Protein - a dairy products, fish and meat (not fat!). Fats found in almost all foods except fruit and vegetables.

A priority in his new diet give dairy products, vegetables, cereals and fish. For dessert you can afford fresh fruits, nuts and honey. And remember that to get rid of fat in the legs can help only a long-term balanced diet, split meals and not eating at night.


This is a very effective procedure. You can certainly start to go to a professional massage therapist, but foot massage is easy to do on their own. Particularly effective for burning fat on legs, vacuum cans, which helps get rid of cellulite. You can buy them in a regular pharmacy, and about how to use banks, described in detail in the instructions to them.

Self-massage for which you only need a special massage gel or cream and your own hands. Start stroking massage, warming tissue and preparing them for more aggressive action. Then go to rubbing, tapping and squeezing. Capturing tissue (not your skin!) Hand, makes heavy pressing and simultaneously compressing movement, moving his hands up on his feet. Finish with a soothing strokes.

Whirlpool, which you can do with the soul by directing a jet of water on their feet, and the bottom up. Incidentally, in the bathroom you can use a special massage brush or mitt, massaging lathered up. By the way, hydro (as well as any other massage) - a procedure not only useful, but also pleasant.

 How to remove fat from the legs correctly


Try to forget about the elevator, you walk a little more, visit the swimming pool. If health permits and time, start jogging in the morning (or evening) - it will definitely help to remove fat from the legs. But for effect perform special exercises. Just keep in mind that most exercise trains the muscles and improves the stretch. But there is among them and targeted exercises to help get rid of fat on legs.

  • Squats

    Squat, trying not to tear off heels from the floor. Squats make shallow and indistinct. Squat until you feel very tired.

  • Jump rope

    But the main condition of the exercise - landing a full stop. Oh, and do not forget to wear a bra, well supported breasts.

  • Goose-step

    Deep squatting down, walk the room - it looks funny, but it works effectively.

  • Steps to the pope

    Another very strange exercise to good effect. Sit on the floor, stretch your legs and hips start to do reciprocating motion, forcing myself to move forward.

  • Mahi feet

    Standing upright, rest his hand on the wall. Make the first few strides straightened foot forward slightly to the side, a few back. Change the pace.

  • Lunges

    Stand up straight, bringing feet together. Make one foot wide step forward, bending it at the knee and shifting weight on the leg exposed. Return to starting position. Make at least ten lunges for each leg.

For quick results acquire special leggings for employment with the effect of a sauna, or simply wrap the foot tightly with cling film. In general, try to move as much as possible. Any dynamic load, and even elementary morning exercises will help you get rid of fat on legs. Well, if you are a supporter of radical measures, refer to the beauty clinic, where the surgeon removes fat plastic using liposuction. But think very carefully before you dare to take this step! And do not forget that any interference in the body does not go unnoticed. Eventually, the fat on their feet - this is a problem in the greater degree of aesthetic. Just do not be lazy, just do not eat anything extra, just be active, just be patient, persistent and do not expect instant results. And all you get!

 How to remove fat from the legs, or Impossible

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 how many calories a person needs in a day


  • What is a calorie?
  • Simple calculations
  • Do not harm your body

Virtually all know the word "kilocalorie." The vast majority of people watching their weight know that in order to keep themselves "in the form of" the need to calculate the most kilocalories. Moreover, many - some more, some less successfully - even doing it count. However, very often, in spite of the "scientific" approach to the problem, a welcome effect - usually it comes to weight loss - never comes. What's the secret? And how much does a person need most of these calories a day, to have a beautiful and slim figure? Let's deal.

First we need to find out what lies behind these words - "calorie." Perhaps the most "feminine" determination gave the German designer Elena Henemann "Kalorii ... these are small dirty dog, who come at night ... and sutured your clothes." It is difficult to argue ... and, though - dirty dog! Well, after all, seriously?

Ironically, the term "calorie" is inextricably linked with water. However, nothing surprising. The water in many physical processes serves as a "baseline" determinant. Take, for example, temperature. Because we all know that the freezing point of water is taken as 0 degrees and the boiling point - 100. That's how we used to determine the temperature - focusing on water. The same with calories.

What is a calorie?

Imagine that you have put on two burners working in the same mode, with different pans of water. Which one will boil faster? That's right - one in which less water. But if the power of one of the burners increased, the situation will change. And pans in which more water can boil first. Here is when we come to the concept of "calorie." Calorie - is the amount of heat required to heat one gram of water by one degree Celsius. A kilocalorie is easy to guess - a thousand calories. Thus it turns out that the calories - this is not a vitamin, no fat, no protein, and, in general, does not matter, as many believe. This is - just a unit of energy.

So where is there to fight against obesity? Is it possible to lose weight or grow stout from the unit? Of course not. But the link is still there. For what is the heat? It is the energy that is released during combustion. A "fuel" for the human body is food. They "burned" in the process of digestion and provide us with the necessary energy. Uttering the phrase "a person needs a certain number of calories per day" implies that in order to maintain all the processes, the body must get a certain amount of energy.

Now let us remember the basics of physics - or rather, the law of conservation. According to him, the energy can not arise "out of nothing" and disappear "to nowhere." Therefore, if a person does not use that has already received in his body, then - rest assured! - All postponed as "reserves for the future." That is, that the hated fat with which the majority is trying to fight. That's life - the laws of nature can not argue.

It follows a very simple conclusion: to your weight remained unchanged, you should spend as much calories as received. Well, if the goal - to lose weight, the amount of "wasted" must exceed the number of "Received". Then the body will have no choice, how to take inventory, pending a "rainy day", and the fat will inevitably begin to "melt." That is why people who are watching their weight, pay attention to the energy value - "calorie" - products.

 kilocalories per day

Simple calculations

It would seem that everything is very simple. However, there is one problem - the people are very different from each other. Everyone has different height, age, body weight. Moreover, all lead different lifestyles. Someone moves a lot and playing sports. For others - the most extreme "journey" - from office chair to soft home sofa. Therefore, the number of calories you need all different. How to calculate how many calories you need to "eat" a specific person for a day?

The daily rate can be determined in several ways. Perhaps one of the most popular today is the muffin-Dzheora method, which was developed in 1990. This formula is considered the most accurate. In order to better understand the needs a bit of theoretical knowledge. The basic concept of the formula is the "main exchange". What is it?

Almost everyone knows that the human body all the time - even when we sleep - there are certain processes and chemical reactions that support livelihoods. Due to their working heart, lungs, blood circulates grow hair and nails, etc. And all this requires energy. But how much it needs to be?

The more active life we ​​are, the more "fuel" the body needs. Least of all the energy consumed in the rest - during sleep. That's what the minimum number and was the "starting point." That it is called basic metabolism. This figure depends on several factors - gender, age, height and physical activity. This is understandable - energy costs, and hence the daily norm of calories, the young "inflated" the men engaged in physical work is much more than the young girl the subtle conducting for days at a computer.

So. In order to use the formula muffin-Dzheora and count the "female" basal metabolic rate (PA) must be:

  1. Multiply your weight (in kilograms) by a factor of 9, 99.
  2. Multiply its height (in centimeters) by a factor of 6, 25.
  3. Fold the resulting values.
  4. Multiply your age by a factor of 4, 92 and subtract that number from the amount received earlier.
  5. Subtract the result from the number "161".

All. Basal metabolism is determined. The resulting number - a daily rate
calories that your body needs to function properly. And it provided that you will be 24 hours to lie in bed and dozing. In mathematical terms, this formula is as follows:

  • GS = 9, 99 x weight + 6, 25 x height - 4 x 92 -161 years.

Next - the next step. Unfortunately - however, probably still, fortunately! - "Lazy" day and night for several weeks or months, it will not turn. Therefore, the "real" daily rate will be different from the number previously obtained. There is a big role playing the extent of your physical activity. So:

  • if you are driving "sedentary" lifestyle, then multiply the resulting value GS 1, 2;
  • if you occasionally - once or twice a week - exercise, then multiply the GS-1, 375;
  • If classes more regularly - three to five times - the coefficient is 1, 55;
  • You can not live a day without exercise? Multiplied by 1, 725;
  • Well, with intense strength training, held twice a day - morning and evening - the coefficient is 1, 9.

Counted? Good. The resulting number - your individual daily rate of calories. That's how much you need to "eat" every day to maintain that weight, that you "wear with pride" at the moment. Well, if you want to lose weight? As the rate of change then? It is believed that in a healthy calorie can be reduced by 20%, compared with the usual diet for you. In order to find out how many calories you can cut your diet, simply multiply the previous result to 0 8. It should be borne in mind that a sharp decline is dangerous. This can lead to the fact that the body's metabolism slows down, and instead of the desired result, you get a lot of health problems.

Another way to determine how many calories you need to "eat" a day, probably will please those for whom complex mathematical calculations depressing or boring. It is very simple. The daily rate is calculated using a mathematical operation. Just multiply your weight by 28. This number will allow you to keep what is "already have." If you need to lose weight, then proceed by analogy. Multiply is not real and desired weight. Despite the fact that this formula is simple and takes no account of your age or lifestyle, it is recommended by many fitness trainers.

 the rate of kilocalories per day

Do not harm your body

Like, everything is very simple and easy. But doing all of these calculations, we must remember that we should not abuse the low-calorie diet. Their long-term compliance may lead to the fact that the body begins to use internal resources. Moreover, "" pump "energy it will not be from fat, as everyone would like, but from the muscles. And this, as you know, is not useful. Nutritionists believe that calorie daily diet should be at least 1200-1500 kcal. And if you decide to "sit" for a "hard" diet, it can be done only with the approval of - and under the supervision! - Doctor.

There is another point. Our body is designed very "smart." If you are not provided with necessary amount of calories he "decides" that "fell on hard times" and "save mode." As a result, your metabolism slows down and fats will be burned even worse than usual. By the way, that's why quite often during the diet comes the so-called "plateau" - the period when the weight ceases to decrease, no matter how much you tried.

And what could be worse than to limit myself in all and, thus, does not see any effect? And if you add to this the all the "charms" slow metabolism - headaches, depression, fatigue and a constant feeling of cold - it becomes clear that such experiments with self-beloved simply unacceptable. It is better to go to all reasonable and deliberately. Do not be lazy - choose from existing or compose their own right for you a balanced diet. Be sure to consult with your doctor. And only then begin to follow it. You all must succeed! You'll see.

 How many calories a person needs in a day - the "exact calculation"

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