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Each of us dreams of a glittering and pleasing skin. During the year we smear on a huge number of creams and causes at least kilograms of various masks. But, unfortunately, the result is not always satisfactory: gray complexion, acne, wrinkles and many other shortcomings. This means that the mere dvuhsotdollarovyh funds for skin care is not enough - need more and well-composed diet for beautiful skin. What did she give you, and what products should it go - all of these questions, you will find the answer in our article.

Proper nutrition - the key to health and beauty

Why proper nutrition is so important for the health and beauty of your skin? The answer to this question will be known to many words: "I am what I eat." Food is the building material and the means to sustain life of the whole organism (including for the largest of its body - the skin), which is why the exterior is reflected on all the things that we eat.

Your appearance can also tell a lot about the state of the doctor of your internal organs, for example, on how the gut feeling. His violations especially brightly reflected in the quality of your skin. For example, a duodenal ulcer, colitis and dysbiosis can cause unhealthy complexion, various rashes, such as pimples or acne, itching and skin laxity.

The mechanism of their negative effect is that the intestines forms and contains some toxic products of metabolism. The intestine (along with the liver, kidneys and lungs, of course, the skin) is also involved in deriving them from the body. Normally, when the processes of neutralization of toxins balance the processes of their formation, the person feels healthy and looks beautiful. But when the intestines and other organs can not cope with the detoxification of harmful substances are accumulated in the body, poisoning it systematically, in particular, are thrown into the bloodstream, which is why attacking and negative changes in appearance. For example, activation of sweat and sebaceous glands, causing an unhealthy sheen, dirt and then, as a consequence, pimples and acne; inflamed skin quickly, but in such a case to close and infectious diseases.

In addition, the intestines must have the appropriate enzyme (or enzymes) to normalize the process of digestion. Their lack of effect on the status of all organ systems including the skin, slowing the recovery of cells and tissues. The state of the enzyme negatively affects poor environmental conditions, abuse of alcohol, tobacco, coffee and black tea. Heat treatment products also destroys enzymes, so that can be eaten raw, raw and eat.

Frightened? Indeed, it sounds scary, but in your power to avoid such a scenario. There are special programs for cleaning the body: you can wash your intestines with special solutions; but they have their limitations. In contrast, a proper diet has no contraindications - evidence alone (your intestines will be very grateful to you for it). What are the main points should include diet for beautiful skin?

  • Many vodyEto indisputable truth. As we have said, the intestine is responsible for the neutralization of toxic substances. One way - this leaching of pathogens from the body. In order to gut function properly, you need to drink plenty of fluids, and it is better that it was a non-carbonated water - it is really effective for these purposes.
  • Proteins, especially proteinyOni tone, thereby providing you with a clear oval face. Lack of protein can lead to the fact that the skin will start to crack and easily ranitsya, these cracks and sores will not heal for a long time. It is also very useful tissue - it is necessary for the intestines to function correctly.
  • Fatty kislotyVo First, they are necessary for the absorption of vitamin A, is responsible for skin regeneration. Secondly, their availability depends on the smoothness and color, no wrinkles, clear oval face - without fatty acids your skin fade, is covered with wrinkles and sagging - generally take quite unsightly.
  • Vitamins A and mineralyVitamin responsible for the renewal of the skin. B vitamins help the skin look healthy. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production - it delays the appearance of deep wrinkles and smoothes fine. Vitamin H helps your skin to prevent sagging and restores its healthy color. Apart from these, antioxidants are vitamins E and PP, they protect the skin from harmful radicals and aggressive environment, increases its resistance to UV light. Zinc and selenium also possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Iron tones the skin and is responsible for normal blood circulation.
  • The absence of harmful food ratsioneK there are semi-finished products with a long shelf life, canned food, all fried, spicy, salty or overly sweet. Anyone, even a very useful product in the conservation can be harmful and stealing youthful skin. Therefore, all the foods that you eat (or at least ninety-five percent of them) must be fresh and natural.

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Menu for beautiful skin

The main ideas on which to build the menu for beautiful skin, were announced above - it is fresh and of natural origin, a sufficient amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, a large amount of liquid. Sounds simple, does not it? However, to realize these recommendations is difficult, because this food requires time and attention. Sometimes you can be too lazy to go to the market for fresh meat, it is far easier and cheaper to buy a cake mix. But think about it, we are talking about the health of your skin (and not only)! So try to allocate time in your schedule for your food was high quality and correct.

First of all, mention must be made about which foods are good for your skin. Vitamin A (retinol) is found in liver, margarine, eggs, oily fish, and pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene) - bright (red and orange) fruits and vegetables: carrots, apricots, pumpkin, spinach. B vitamins are found in animal products - meat, eggs, milk, cheese, fish - and plant foods: nuts, beans, mushrooms, rice, buckwheat, green vegetables, cabbage, spinach, strawberries and cherries. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, kiwi, berries (cranberries, black currants). The source of vitamin E are products containing vegetable fats: nuts, oil, seeds, pears and apples. Vitamin D is found in dairy and seafood.

Foods rich in zinc - a liver, sardines, oysters, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ. Selenium is found in oyster mushrooms, ceps pistachios, garlic and wheat. A lot of iron include red meat, poultry, fish, offal, buckwheat, bread, apples, pears, tomatoes, blueberries, apricots, sesame seeds. It is useful in your diet is sulfur - it is contained in garlic and onions, and makes the skin smooth.

In nature, there are all products of the magic that is required to include in your diet every woman dreams of a beautiful skin. It is in their regular and proper use and lies the secret of health and elegant appearance. For example, lemon: not only that it is a storehouse of vitamins, in addition, it makes the skin smooth, able to deliver it from darkening and pigmentation. A lot of words said about the benefits of apples: they have a lot of iron, they contain extractives that improve digestion. Regular consumption of carrot juice can give you a healthy and youthful appearance - the same applies to milk and milk products.

However, food for beautiful skin - it's not just individual products, is a system of power, which, in addition to the main strategic points must also include tactical, namely dining options for every day and some recipes. So, what should be the food for a week to improve the condition of the skin?

  • PonedelnikNa eat breakfast of muesli with honey and dried fruits. You can wash down their grape juice or fresh juice from oranges, apples or carrots. The lunch included vegetable soup with chicken broth with lots of onions and carrots and a slice of bread from wheat flour. On the second can eat 100 grams of fatty fish. The snack treat yourself to a fruit salad with yogurt dressing or lemon juice. But dinner should be light, such as vegetable stew with olive oil and a small piece of fish with brown rice.
  • VtornikMozhete pampered breakfast of omelette with ham, serving fresh berries and green tea. For lunch, eat a serving of beef stew with potatoes, carrot salad with lemon juice. Snack - a glass of freshly squeezed juice and a handful of dried fruit, and dinner - serving of wild rice with boiled chicken, a glass of tomato juice.
  • SredaOtlichnym breakfast is cottage cheese with apple and pear and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. For lunch, prepare vegetable soup with mushrooms and braised beef liver. As a snack, you can have a meal with cheese, ham and bread roll. For dinner, eat boiled veal with vegetables, some tangerines and drink a glass of tea Hibiscus.
  • ChetvergVash breakfast may consist of milk porridge, boiled pork sandwich and apple juice. For lunch, eat soup from a pumpkin and pork steak with a side dish of stewed vegetables. The snack intercept a portion of natural yogurt, a handful of nuts and dried fruit, a glass of pomegranate juice. Dine rice with seafood, vegetable salad and a glass of strawberry juice.
  • PyatnitsaZavtrak - scrambled eggs with tomatoes and herbs, banana, strawberry milkshake, green tea with lemon. For lunch, eat a plate of soup with low-fat sour cream, chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes and a glass of orange juice. Afternoon tea can be a Greek salad, turkey sandwich and a glass of apple-carrot juice. Dinner arrange light - vegetable stew and tea with mint.

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On Saturday and Sunday you can combine dishes from the previous days. Agree, it's hard to call it a diet food, because it limited to semi-finished products (you can even have chocolate in small portions, and drink no more than half a glass of dry wine a day).

If you're wondering what else you can pamper your skin, you can prepare a "cocktail of youth," Take a large cucumber and radish few fruits. Pass the radish through the juicer with the peeled cucumber. Add the lemon juice will get all this and decorate with greenery. This cocktail invigorate you and provide vitamins for the day, as well as displays toxins and impede the emergence of edema.

In order to achieve maximum results, do not forget, in addition to a healthy diet to exercise proper skin care, make cleansing and rejuvenating mask - both bought at the pharmacy, and home made from natural ingredients, ie, all the same products, which have been described above. But do not expect an instant improvement, after the regeneration cycle of the skin is about six weeks, so qualitative changes you will notice only after this time. The main thing - it is a healthy and regular nutrition, which should be your lifestyle. And then the skin will respond to you the beauty and radiance.

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