Diet Dinner minus


  • The essence of the diet
  • Benefits of the American diet
  • Brief results

Diets today are a very popular way to power, allowing not only to maintain the figure in good condition, but also to maintain health at a high level. Diet has recently developed a lot, and each of them offers its own, a special diet. In the American and European space the most common by far is the so-called "diet of American presidents," or American diet «« Dinner Cancelling ». Translated, it sounds like "Dinner minus". In other words, the essence of the diet is the lack of dinner, which, as we know, "it is necessary to give to the enemy."

The essence of the diet

The American diet "Dinner minus" is not so easy to implement as it may seem at first glance. The basis of it are the three principles. The first is the choice of targeted products; second - in getting him to the body all necessary vitamins, amino acids, trace elements; the third - in early dinner. The liquid can be used in unlimited quantities. Moreover, the diet "Dinner minus" implies an intense drinking regime, based on the principle, the more - the better.

The American diet "Dinner minus" fairly liberal and does not put strict limitations: does not include counting calories and do not prohibit have flour and sweet food. Even alcohol in moderation is acceptable, a diet "Dinner minus". The only on what is done accent - is the need to limit your intake of fatty foods.

However, the authors of Diet "Dinner minus" and is trying to resolve the problem fairly gently. Realizing that the violations (to a greater or lesser extent) still can not be avoided, they advise, how to reduce the negative consequences to a minimum. Quite simply, if you feel that a little too far with fatty foods, eat a few slices of grapefruit or pineapple. These fruits have the ability to neutralize fats.

 Diet Dinner minus

Benefits of the American diet

The American diet "Dinner minus" is different from other diets in that breakfast it is quite ample, dinner is limited to light dishes, while dinner consists of yogurt, juice or tea. It is recommended also drink herbal teas, broth hips, mineral water without gas, melt water with honey. Thus facilitates removal of toxins, improves metabolism. Emphasis is placed on natural products that do not contain any preservatives or flavor enhancers, colorants and any other "chemistry." Salt and vinegar are used in minimal quantities.

People who experienced the American diet "Dinner minus", speak of it as a very effective way to get rid of the extra kilos. However, the effect of this approach to the organization of power, as a diet "Dinner minus" is much broader. It not only promotes weight loss, but also the well-being and even cure chronic diseases.

The effect, of course, does not occur immediately after several days of non-dinners, however, it often exceeds expectations. As a result, the American diet is converted into a certain way of life, accustomed to that, people can observe it for a long time. For some, such a power supply system becomes a way of life. And this is not surprising, because the range of dishes included in this diet is quite wide, so they can be changed by selecting what is more to their liking, and thereby diversifying the daily diet.

Are there any contraindications? Of course, they are concentrated in those with certain gastrointestinal disease. For example, people suffering from peptic ulcer, are contraindicated long intervals between meals. That is why such a diet for their most likely unacceptable.

However, in any case (even if you feel well) before you begin to diet, you should definitely consult with your doctor.

 Diet without dinner

Brief results

The American diet "Dinner minus" has several important aspects, which we would like to draw your attention.

  1. Diet versatile and suitable for almost anyone who wants to throw off excess weight and improve their health.
  2. She teaches healthy eating and forces to abandon the use of products, stuffed with chemical additives.
  3. Assumes correct drinking regime, through which we not only improves health, free from toxins, but also improve the appearance of our skin.
  4. The diet is well balanced, since it allows to use almost all of what the body needs.

Many people who are interested in this diet discourages that, after 16 hours, nothing can be eaten. This is not quite true. The principle is to allow our digestive system time to rest. According to nutritionists, a break between the last dinner and breakfast should be at least 14 hours. From this and the outcome. And if you are a "night owl" and then go and get up late, the dinner you will move too. In short, everything is simple, without tension, and the result will please you for sure.

 The American diet "Dinner minus"

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 apple diet


  • On what foundation is the effectiveness of apple diet
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Apple diet
  • How to keep the achieved results
  • Fasting days
  • Six-day apple diet
  • Kefir-apple diet
  • How to choose the apples and the form in which it is better to use

Army dieters constantly growing. For some, this desire turns into a maniacal idea, and they seek out more and more new diets. Meanwhile, there are a lot of old proven methods of weight loss. Apple diet of them. It gives excellent results, useful for the body, but it, of course, should not be abused.

Apple diet for weight loss is not less effective than any other mono-diet strict. Moreover, it does not require compliance with any clear rules, except one - eat only apples. As you know, apples contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins, as well as folic acid and pectin.

On what foundation is the effectiveness of apple diet

According to doctors, the effectiveness of all the apple diet (in fact, this species is quite a lot of food) just based on pectin. It reduces the caloric content of our food and the harmful effects of malnutrition. If you constantly eat apples (and this does not necessarily sit on the apple diet), the results will surprise you.

And it's again in pectin, which regulates bowel affects the intestinal flora. Moreover, studies have shown that pectin, removes toxins, fats, including fat deposits, accumulated over the years. This is the main secret of rapid weight loss using the apple diet.

Advantages and disadvantages of Apple diet

Each diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Apple diet is no exception. The undoubted pluses apple diet can be attributed as such quick results. For example, apple diet for a week allows you to lose up to 10 kilograms.

But do not rejoice in this circumstance too. Quick results, unfortunately, are quickly lost. In other words, quickly dumped kgs as quickly rush to go back to the habitat. This is the main drawback of apple diets.

Why is this happening and what to do? Sitting on the apple diet permanently? Of course, net.Tak diet, with all its advantages and useful qualities, is still quite poor, and for a long stay on this diet is not good for the body, which does not receive a lot of necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

 diet apple

How to keep the achieved results

A huge mistake made by those who are following a strict abstinence jumps on the forbidden sweets, pastries, overeat. The lost weight back immediately.

In order to keep the achieved result, you just have to change the lifestyle and eating habits as well. But this does not mean that this noble goal have to starve yourself. You just have to follow certain rules and they are simple, but very effective.

  • There is little but often.
  • From the menu, be sure to include fish, seafood, meat, preferably lean, best bird, rabbit.
  • Cooking vegetable salad and mayonnaise do not fill them, and a small amount of vegetable oil (preferably olive or flaxseed) and lemon juice.
  • Supper possible late.
  • Arrange fasting days (once a week is enough).
  • Every day, eat apples.
  • Be sure to be physical activity - jogging, walking, treadmill, fitness - what you prefer.

And now more about how to spend fasting days, and to organize a diet.

  Fasting days

"Unloading" option is recommended 1-2 times a week. The "apple" days you can have an unlimited number of apples as fresh, and baked, and drink plenty of liquids: green tea without sugar or water without gas. For the apple diet, you can use all sorts of apples.

For one or two days of unloading is possible to lose between 1 and 3 kilos. But do not get too carried away the apple diet, since it does not provides the body with a full set of essential elements, and therefore not very useful to the body.

Six-day apple diet

This diet is designed for particularly persistent, willing to quickly lose weight. During this diet every day should eat no more than 1-1, 5 kg of apples. Besides the day you can eat 3-5 slices of black bread, which can be replaced with croutons. Drink herbal infusions, green tea without sugar, low-fat yogurt.

If such strict requirements unacceptable to you, you can diversify your diet beets, carrots, which, incidentally, is also rich in pectin. From this combination of products the effects of apple diet will be even better.

Kefir-apple diet

It is designed for 9 days. Diet next.

  • The first 3 days: up to two liters of nonfat yogurt daily. Divide by 6 stages.
  • The next 3 days: up to two kilograms of apples a day. Divide by 6 stages.
  • The last 3 days: up to two liters of yogurt daily. Divide by 6 stages.

A diet strictly enough, you can only survive with a strong desire and hope of the result, and it is stunning.

Cons of this diet: fatigue, weakness, depression. When such symptoms may be include in the daily diet of fresh salad and quail eggs.

Nutritionists are not too approve of this method of weight loss is due to the fact that it could adversely affect the well-being, especially if a person has a chronic gastrointestinal disease. In this case, you should definitely consult a doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences.

How to choose the apples and the form in which it is better to use

The main criterion in choosing - the apples that you love. If you use apple diet for a few days and eat apples raw, do not eat too sour apples, especially if your diet includes also yogurt.

In order to diversify its menu during a diet or unloading days, you can eat baked apples. This is, firstly, very tasty, and secondly, quite nutritious.

Another option - grated apple. It can be mixed with grated carrots, sprinkle with lemon juice, and even add a little honey. We get a very tasty and healthy fruit and vegetable salad.

Very good salad is obtained from cabbage and apples. You can season with lemon juice, herbs.

Eat healthy and lose weight!

 Lose Weight Fast: apple diet

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