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Lose excess weight in our time - a very topical issue, and everyone it touches, dreaming to lose weight quickly, permanently fixing the results. Weight loss diets today developed a great many, but none of them does not meet these two requirements at the same time and in full. In general, they can be divided into long and fast.

The latter include all mono-diet, because they allow you to lose a few kilograms of excess weight over a very short period of time. The very name of the principle of power suggests what its essence. The recipe is simple: for a feed diet can only some product one or more of its derivatives. Therefore, choosing its own version for weight loss, we must first define the purpose. Some people need to lose weight for a few years, and someone - only a few weeks to take part in any event or celebration.

Diets for weight loss, in which the weight of the leaves quickly adhere to long - only a few days. But that was the effect menus women to choose a weight loss recipe is subject to severe restrictions. But do not be mistaken about the seeming simplicity of the process. Not all of the fair sex can easily withstand such a test, because you need to give up almost all products, except for some one or two.

One embodiment of such a diet is that dinner drink a cup of yogurt, broth hips or some herb or berry drink without sugar. If hunger is stronger desire to lose weight, you can not eat anything flavored with unsalted vegetable salad with croutons diet. No fruit in the diet should not be present.

The efficiency of such a diet is derived from an organism that excess fluid is burned and little fat, which helps to reduce the volume of the waist two to three centimeters. It is not productive for more than five days, after which ceases to operate. You really lose per week up to five kilograms of weight, but if you later return to the previous menu, extra weight will again be your companions.

Another recipe for rapid weight loss - British diet is very popular for the past many years. This egg-honey diet, "Eggs and grapefruit", "Eggs and grapefruit with the addition of potatoes", "Vegetable Day", a vegetarian diet.

The disadvantage of all these principles of nutrition - the lack of skills of rational eating. The consequence of this is that at the end of a person's diet recovering again and sometimes gaining weight greater than the one that came before it. Therefore, the desire to go on a diet has to be deliberate. After consistently adhere to rigid diet is difficult, moreover, this may have negative changes in the activity of the organism. Therefore, before you sit down on one of the diets should consult a doctor, and, if it is not contraindicated, include the recipe chosen diet as much as possible of favorite products.

Dropped weight is very difficult to keep on the same level, so, after the diet, should be gradually included in the normal diet, gradually introducing into it all completely excluded during the diet products.

 Diet oat

The benefits of oatmeal diet

We all know from childhood that the most useful Breakfast - it is porridge. Not only oats, but also any other. After all, it contains a large amount of complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested by the body, which makes it possible to the dinner did not feel hunger. It was only accustomed to breakfast cereal, you can try out the recipe mono-diet based on oatmeal or other cereals.

Oatmeal diet has become popular in recent years, in addition to being one of the most effective options for weight loss, to the same even and extremely helpful. It clears the body of toxins, lowers cholesterol, improves skin condition. However, adherence to such a diet requires a lot of willpower, because it consists of only one product - oatmeal.

Such a diet - one of the great resources for relief of excess weight, and for the overall strengthening of the organism and increasing its tone. She - a good option for weight loss of those who, wishing to lose weight, have tried different diets, but the desired effect did not wait. Oatmeal diet ensures excellent results with relatively minor physical discomfort: oats has a rather large satiety, so this diet is to minimize hunger.

The composition of oatmeal practically no fat, but in large quantities contains vitamins B, E, and useful for the female body minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Oatmeal is really a boon for dieters, because it has a lot of fiber, which has beneficial effects on the digestive system and promotes the normalization of lipid metabolism. It also has the property of restoring intestinal microflora.

In addition, a woman who chooses the oatmeal diet can absolutely not afraid of the so-called "dietary depression." This is yet another useful feature of magic cereals: it is able to activate the brain activity while calming the nervous system and improves mood. That is why the oatmeal diet for weight loss is the most optimal, because, apart from its simplicity and accessibility, it is also useful.

How does it stand?

We remind you that we will focus on mono-diet. This, as you know, means that the menu is limited to just one product - oatmeal. Throughout this period are allowed only porridge and other dishes made from oats, such as muesli or cereal. It is from these products will consist all of your meals. It seems simple to you? Indeed, what a bland diet: oatmeal can be eaten with a good appetite, because it is tasty and healthy. But remember that this groats or flakes can not be replaced all sorts of dry breakfasts, because these products contain sugar and other additives is not too useful. Permission is granted only oatmeal and its derivatives, which are not so much.

To make the transition to the principle of supply less painful for you, nutritionists recommend to start gradually put in their usual diet products containing oatmeal or cereal. And it's really easy. So, make it a rule every morning for breakfast porridge. Cook grits or flakes on the water, but can and milk, preferably low-fat. At first, added to the porridge oil (butter, sunflower, olive), honey, any sweet fruits and berries. However, try to avoid salt and sugar, which excite the taste buds and stimulate the appetite, causing eat more food than is required by your body. This is not conducive to weight loss and gives a completely opposite results.

Do you love oatmeal cookies? Well, instead of chocolate cake or just buy it for tea. Now on the shelves next to the bakery you can always see grain bread - crispy and palatable. Try them in your diet by changing the recipe of lunch sandwiches. Instead of the usual bread loaf use. Believe me, they are perfectly satisfy hunger, as are composed of cellulose.

So now, when you're used to eating breakfast cereal delicious and useful, learned to navigate the oatmeal in your loaf of white bread bins instead are increasingly grain bread and oatmeal cookies has become a fixture of the Tea Party, it was time to go to the most mono-diet. Now you're ready for it both morally, hope and physically.

 oatmeal diet for weight loss

What should I know?

Any diet is a kind of stress to the body. This applies particularly to the mono-diet. It is they who, in spite of the excellent results, are carried by women is very difficult. So before you choose a recipe of a principle of power, must first prepare for the female body. Do not neglect this step, because otherwise, instead of the expected slender forms can be obtained negative results, earning health problems. But your goal is just to update the body, to rid it of excess kilograms and stay young? So it makes sense to follow all the necessary rules of weight loss, which will increase the efficiency of the process and make it as gently as possible.

In general, the oat diet can lose three to five kilograms per week. In order to make it as productive as possible, before the diet should make a purification procedure. It lasts from seven to ten days, and its main component recipe is very simple. It consists in the following: for breakfast four tablespoons rice, soaked evening liter of cold water, boil on low heat until jelly state. Once the pudding will be drunk, for five hours, there is nothing to eat or drink. After this period, you can take any food, but it is desirable to limit the amount. For five hours before bedtime again do not eat or drink. In an extreme case, very thirsty, you can drink a cup of broth of rice.

During the remaining days of purification (including this one) should refrain from eating, and the last meal to make at least five or six hours before bedtime. The diet should consist of light low-fat dishes.

Menu for oatmeal diet

Observe oatmeal diet should be seven to ten days. This rule applies not only to this, but also to all the other mono-diet. As already mentioned, these principles are designed to supply a short period of time, it is in the first few days of the main weight loss occurs. Therefore, do not you like the results, at the end of ten days should keep in your diet most of the former (preferably mineral) products. However, take your time and refill the menu gradually, without undue haste. If you do not, then the body will slow metabolism, and kilograms, not only cease to leave, but can insidious way back, undoing the results.

Cooking is desirable on the water, and the recipe for your oatmeal should not contain salt, oil and sugar. Porridge can be cooked before eating or preparing in advance, pouring cereal with cold water for twelve hours before this technique. Most useful for the organism will be the second recipe of oatmeal. In this case, suitable as a chopped or whole cereals. Breakfast is a mess, which, as you remember, do not add salt or sweets, you can add some prunes or other low-calorie fruits. You can not eat bananas and grapes. But yogurt with low-fat sometimes it is allowed. Volume portions may be arbitrary, as oatmeal contributes reset weights in any case, even if the portions to be quite large.

Subject oatmeal diet you need to drink plenty of fluid, about 1, 5 liters per day. This can be tea, mineral water, which is used only in the intervals between meals. To wash down the food is strictly prohibited. Please note that dining in the oatmeal diet should be three hours prior to the estimated sleep.

 oatmeal diet for weight loss

General tips and tricks

Do not forget that to sustain a certain period of diet and get rid of a few kilograms - it is only half the battle. To save the results achieved as long as possible, it is necessary to further revise their preferences and eating habits. And best of all to make the principles of proper nutrition style of his life. However, first and foremost, in order to avoid a rapid return of the lost during the period oatmeal diet a few kilograms, is to deal with how all the same to the right out of it.

If you bravely endured ten days, it will have to wait at least another five. This must be done so as not to burden the body with plenty of different products dramatically and immediately. Otherwise, you will at least run the risk of indigestion. And the next morning weighing results have not exactly delight.

So strict oatmeal diet for weight loss finally completed. You have become slimmer and have a reason to be proud of themselves, but the idea that you can not immediately hide boring flakes away in the closet, the mood is clearly not improve? Do not worry, just add the first "off-diet" day to boring oatmeal your favorite fruit. The next time you treat yourself nuts, then enter the steamed vegetables. But meat dishes taste better after six days from the end of the diet. Take the time you've been waiting for is almost here. And do not forget that oatmeal - the perfect base for fasting days. If you want to freeze current weight, try a couple of days a week to eat one of the porridge. But no more, otherwise you can harm health, as food should be varied.

Do not forget that oatmeal mono-diet is not suitable to those people who prefer to proteins carbohydrates. Whether you are in this category, it is not difficult to check if the early stages of the diet you will pursue constant feeling of hunger, it is better not to torture yourself and choose any other option to lose weight. This is also true for women who are actively involved in sports, because they badly needed protein.

There are so many diets, and among them there is certainly one that is right for you if your goal is to get rid of superfluous kilograms. But do not go too far - best to tackle exciting challenges you competently and sensibly. This will be the first step that will surely bring the desired results. Good luck!

 Oatmeal diet for weight loss

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