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Surely you have heard about the Kremlin diet - the one star lost weight on it, the other transformed beyond recognition. However, everyone knows what the Kremlin diet? Let's deal together. The name she bears, because this type of diet used prominent politicians - the inhabitants of the Kremlin. Very often you can find rave reviews from men of the Kremlin diet - meat eaters and lovers of alcoholic beverages.

So, did the Kremlin diet for weight loss allows unlimited consumption of meat and spirits? How can you lose weight, practically limiting itself in the diet? After all, the very fact that it is possible to eat tasty and lose weight, it seems to us a fairy tale. But the Kremlin diet dispels our most cherished notions about weight loss.

Indeed, all sorts of goodies and delicacies are part of the daily menu that nutritionists called the Kremlin diet. Recipes offered by the Kremlin power system include four basic postulates:

  • plenty of fluids
  • all kinds of meat and cheeses
  • lots of vegetables
  • the almost complete absence of carbohydrate-containing foods

You are willing to tolerate such restrictions? Then it's settled! It is for you - the notorious diet. Menu for the week you will make easily. Moreover, it will be quite varied, and most importantly - delicious menu. After all, you can eat everything meats. Poultry, pork, beef, lamb, fish, sausages and other deli meats - choose whatever your heart. Shrimp, mussels, oysters and other seafood delights, hard cheeses and cottage cheese, mayonnaise! And butter - on a diet of the Kremlin has not dreamed of just lazy!

But remember, moderation - if you have all of these products in large quantities, it is unlikely you will achieve the desired result. Recommended by dieticians portion should not exceed the size of a fist person. Of course, the first time you can experience the feeling of hunger - this is normal, because your stomach is stretched over the years because of the huge portions. Fortunately, the reverse process is not as time-consuming - the stomach will return to its normal levels within a few weeks. So, and hunger will disappear almost completely.

 Kremlin diet

Underwater rocks

But there are also "pitfalls". Typically, the most difficult thing for lovers of meat food - a rejection of bread and potatoes. And for the ladies - from sweet. Deciding to choose the Kremlin diet, remember that carbohydrates you have to give! After all, to achieve the desired effect, and lose weight, you can only strictly following this rule.

The meaning of the Kremlin diet is to force your body to draw energy from carbohydrate foods are not, but because of body fat. So now forget what bread, potatoes, cereals, sugar, all kinds of sweets and pastry. All this diet strictly forbids.

In addition, so many people barely given a prerequisite Kremlin diet - fluid intake. If you do not drink about two liters of water a day, the process of losing the extra kilos will be extremely slow. Please note that we are talking about clean drinking carbonated water - tea, coffee and other beverages at the expense of not going.

At first you will not be easy - often have to drink through force. By the way, many are advised to put in a glass of water, a slice of lemon - drink is so much easier. But after about two weeks, like drinking regime will have the habit and had no problems with the water you will experience.

This is a must - you must take into account the fact that during the observance of the Kremlin diet increases the load on the kidneys. Therefore, such an important role in this system, the liquid supply is given. It helps the kidneys to cope with their work. Drink as much as you want!

But not those containing sugar. Tea - black, green, herbal, coffee, sometimes you can afford, and Coca-Cola light, contains no sugar in its composition. And now the best of all men - alcohol can be, but within reasonable limits, and only strong drinks without sugar. Can vodka, whiskey and cognac. Permitted natural glass of dry wine.

But on beer and low-alcohol beverages with liquor - did not even think. The same applies to juices, lemonades and fruit compotes. All of this is strictly forbids Kremlin dieta.Kstati speaking, people suffering from hypertension or any problems with the urinary system before starting this diet be sure to talk with your doctor.

In addition, you will have to follow the schedule and the power supply - to eat when you have to, as before, you will not succeed. Power should be drobnym- small portions over a short period of time. A person must have at least five meals a day. And it does not excuse the fact that you're working - you can take a meal with him.

 all about the Kremlin diet

What vegetables are allowed?

Menu combined lack of cereals and other foods containing carbohydrates, you will be able to compensate for the consumption of vegetables. Especially that, according to the Kremlin diet, carbohydrates should be consumed in an amount of about 40 grams per day. Vegetables contain just a small amount of carbohydrates, but most importantly - they contain fiber, essential for the normal functioning of the intestines.

The most useful are the green vegetables: zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce and cabbage - your best friends. It is also recommended to eat radishes and radish. Incidentally, it is desirable that all the vegetables are grown in your area of ​​residence - they are much more useful than all imported from abroad. Vegetables are equally useful in cheese, and in the heat-treated form. Better yet, use those and others.

Such overseas fruit like avocados - the only solution of the Kremlin diet of all vegetables. On the rest have yet to forget. Bananas, apples, grapes - all of them contain a large amount of carbohydrates that you are strictly prohibited. If we would be completely unbearable - Eat a small apple. But not more often than once every three days!

Drink plenty of fluids!

You have not decided whether you fit this diet? Reviews, read and heard you, make you think? Then we'll show you exactly who will benefit from the use of this power supply system. The first applicants - a meat-eaters. People who can not imagine their life without meat in the diet. The second contender - the athletes. A huge amount of protein in the diet contributes to the development and building muscle mass. Still others - people with a lot overweight.

If you - just a few extra pounds - most likely, this diet is not for you. It is designed for a very long time - it is unlikely you will agree to wait a few months? The fact that the Kremlin diet is very effective in the fight with dozens of kilograms. Strictly speaking, it is not even a diet, but a way of eating, which a person must adhere to until it reaches the desired weight. And then it would be nice to respect the basic principles of this power - at least for so hard dumped kgs not returned.

There is the "Kremlin hospital" and their contraindications. This diet is not suitable for people suffering from kidney disease and gastrointestinal tract, pregnant or lactating. Also, it will not sustain a sweet tooth, and those who will not be able to give up beer for any good - they just do not have enough willpower to try though, of course, possible. Everyone else - welcome to the Kremlin diet! Moreover, unlike other diets, "Kremlevka" permits and ostrenkoe and salty, fatty and smoked. Just do not forget about moderation. Lose weight on health, enjoying delicacies and other goodies!

 The Kremlin diet - a paradise for meat eaters!

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 French diet


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Diet food - this is a special method of treatment of many diseases. Given the health benefits of this method, it was used for the treatment of obesity - a major disease of mankind at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of this century. Without hesitation and not really understanding in nutrition, various Semi-Medical "experts" and the people are quite far from medicine began to invent all sorts of diets for weight loss, desperate to try their effect on myself and other sufferers recklessly advertising. However, a number of diets of dubious authorship, there are many diets on the professionals. For example, the French diet.

This diet or the French power system was developed by Madeleine gesture - a nutritionist, psychologist and psychotherapist. That is the diet of a professional, which is virtually harmless to health. Let's learn more about this miraculous power supply system, rehabilitation and weight loss, which has become popular due to a diet of "onion soup".

Madeleine gestures and its "French diet"

Madeleine gesture - well-known in France, a therapist, a psychologist and a nutritionist. Worldwide Madeleine Gesture is known primarily as the author of popular French diet, but in fact she is the author of not one, but several methods of weight loss. The principle of all its methods Madeleine Gesture considers not only the restriction in food, as the total exclusion from the menu of pure sugar and salt. Sgonki weight is due to the shortage of fats and sugars with a sufficient amount of trace elements and vitamins. Initially, the French diet has been designed specifically for the stars, wishing for a short period to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Among patients Madeleine Gesture Gerard Depardieu, known for its propensity to excess weight and immoderate gastronomic predilections. It is thanks to the French diet Depardieu had the opportunity in a short line to enter into a more or less decent form for participation in the filming. Other customers Madeleine gesture - is Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Adjani, Catherine Deneuve. By the way, Catherine Deneuve believes his flawless figure and stable weight she owes method Madeleine gesture. The French diet has helped this actress is not only a long time to keep fit, but also to give up smoking. But Isabelle Adjani, not only use the services of a nutritionist gesture, but also refers to the Madeleine as a professional psychologist.

Ten-day cleansing diet in French - is not the only invention of Madeleine gesture. She has, for example, there is the development of rapid diet, which lasts only two days. There is a two week course of weight loss, and there are weight loss program with the help of onion soup. The very French for many years adhere to its own power and technique in his seventy-plus years just looks delicious! However, we have the most popular is the French ten-day diet that allows you to quickly get rid of a few kilograms overweight.

 French diet

Terms of the French diet

Cake, cake, cake, white bread, salt and sugar - this is not a complete list of taboos that you have to take if you decide to choose this diet. Strict compliance with the requirements - another prerequisite. Pleased, of course, it may be the fact that the diet lasts only ten days and gives a great result for anyone who wants in the short term bring your body in shape. Thanks to the French diet you will be able to get rid of three to seven kilograms of excess weight. Moreover, the more you lose weight, the stronger and more efficient is the process of losing kilos.

The basis of this method of weight loss is severe restriction of consumption of salt and carbohydrate (sugars), which contributes to the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body and, as a result - we are rapidly getting rid of unwanted kilograms. The diet Madeleine Gesture can be divided into two parts - two days unloading and eight days with an average daily diet of 1200 kcal calories.

The main products in the diet recommends eating Madeleine Gesture:

  • low-fat milk and milk products (milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese);
  • Diet varieties of fish and meat;
  • herbs and vegetables (leeks, tomatoes, carrots);
  • fruits (citrus fruits);
  • honey, cocoa, dried fruits;
  • mineral water without gas (and forget about packaged juices!;
  • olive oil, mustard, spices (and no salt!).

It's nice that the author of this method of weight loss is not a supporter of the hungry fainting and loyal to the inclusion in the diet of dried fruits, nuts, honey, chocolate. Not forbidden to use these goodies in the "homeopathic" doses gradually. If you want a dark chocolate, not more than twenty grams (one-fifth of chocolate bars) per day, prunes, dried apricots and raisins - metry of five tricks. They will help to cope with the usual punishment of all diets - not passing hunger. During these ten days is better to refuse to perform strenuous exercise. Welcomed diving (within reason, of course) - it will help speed up the metabolism of the body due to the greater oxygenation and improving blood circulation.

It is best to start a French diet plan for the weekend. Remember that it is necessary to include in the diet gradually and go slowly to reduce the risk of adverse effects to your health!

 French diet 14 days

French diet diet

So, on Saturday morning, drink a cup of cocoa with one teaspoon of honey. Lunch - Meat or poultry with boiled vegetables. Snack - grapefruit or orange. In the 18-00 cook fresh lemon juice with honey. After half an hour drinking vegetable soup without salt, for dinner - vegetables cooked in the broth. For vegetables you can add olive oil, spices, sprinkle with lemon juice. Before going to bed it is allowed to eat unsweetened yogurt. All meals should be eaten without salt and sugar! On Sunday, products are allowed to vary in order of their reception, but overall diet repeats previous day.

In the remaining eight days Madeleine Gesture recommends that adhere to the following scheme: for breakfast - citrus and cocoa, for lunch - fruit and cheese, snack - some dried fruit, and in the evening you can eat a piece of lean meat or fish with boiled vegetables. Before bedtime cup of yogurt. It should be noted that experience shows that no risk to the effectiveness of the French diet yogurt can be replaced with low-fat yogurt. Cooked vegetables can be completely arbitrary, but it is better to choose among them non-starchy and savory. Cauliflower and broccoli, green beans - the best and the most delicious version of boiled vegetables. And here is the recipe for the broth cleaning procedure Madeleine gesture.

Another option menu for one day of the French diet:

  • Breakfast - a cup of cocoa (a glass of milk, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and a teaspoon of honey). In addition to cocoa for breakfast, you can eat an orange or grapefruit. But only fifteen minutes before the beverage or fifteen minutes thereafter.
  • After breakfast until noon and you must drink four glasses of non-carbonated mineral water.
  • Lunch (12 hours) - 200 grams of chicken or lean fish (boiled, steam cooked in a microwave oven) with a side dish of boiled or fresh vegetables.
  • After two hours in the afternoon) 14 hours) - a cup of yogurt with a teaspoon of honey;
  • Tea time (16 hours) - a glass of water mixed with the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Dinner - boil vegetables with cumin for twenty minutes, strain the broth and drink three cups of broth with a ten-minute interval. Then you can eat vegetables from the broth, seasoned with olive oil and mustard. Ingredients for the soup: half a kilo of carrots; kg of leeks; a pound of tomatoes; one and a half liters of water; cumin.
  • Late dinner - a cup of yogurt or yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

In fact, to observe this diet is very easy. Your diet will attend hearty meat or fish, chocolate in the form of cocoa, a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. Hunger should not occur unless you yourself will not be persuaded that insanely hungry or want bread (cake, muffins, sausages, dumplings). The French diet of Madeleine Gesture really effective and tested for capricious and star guests. However, we are far removed from the world of cinema and show business, this diet will help as much as celebrities. In the fight against overweight all equal, regardless of the degree of popularity, social position and size of the purse. The main thing - the desire, and effective technique. The technique you have - it's up to desire. Stay beautiful and always in spite of everything!

 The French diet of Madeleine gesture - the star weight loss methods

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