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Eighth March - a beautiful day in every way. Firstly, it is to him we are in for a week closer to spring blossoms, and secondly, celebrate the feast in honor of myself - pretty girls and women. You can not shy can smile at passers-by on the street can be a little retreat from the usual dress code and even a little bit late ... In fact, in this day of the culprits of the holiday is allowed to be not only attentive wives, caring mothers and responsible office worker, but the beautiful woman slightly mysterious and a bit cranky.

Though March 8 is the man most concerned with the subject of flowers and gifts, but are themselves the fair sex also can not with a light heart and a calm heart addressed to them expect surprises and pleasant surprises. After all, we, the women and girls who want to congratulate spring close relatives and friends. And another reason for concern is the fact that we are working with female colleagues. And without congratulating the office simply can not do.

Therefore, an important task on the topic "What to give on March 8 colleagues? "We can not leave you, ladies, indifferent, it requires our direct involvement. After all, work is for most women, you might say, a second home. Often colleagues are close friends and take in our life important place along with family and friends. But even in those organizations where the relationship between the staff do not go beyond the scope of work, congratulations on International Women's Day is a good sign of attention.

 gifts to colleagues on March 8

Gifts general

Of course, very often in many companies there is a principle the same for all the gifts, especially on the eighth of March, and similar holidays. Usually it's just flowers and chocolates, sometimes envelopes with money from the leadership and the short working day. This approach is appropriate in the majors, where individual gifts are an impossible task because of the large number of employees. However, in our case, we are talking about a small group or part of a department where there is a microclimate with the existing traditions and rules. And here to address the issue with gifts on March 8 there is not one, but two ways. And each of them corresponds to the type of relationship that exists in a particular small women's team.

For example, if you communicate with your colleagues on a purely business topics, and all contacts are strictly limited official working framework, it makes sense to congratulate the women the same gifts. This, of course, the easiest and most successful way out. It is especially popular, as mentioned above, or in large companies where employees adhere strictly business relationship, and congratulations considered themselves simply de rigueur.

So, you can buy to colleagues "sweet" gifts in the form of chocolate sets. And if you want to show originality, in this, we can say, ordinary and simple greetings will be able to make a fresh note, if you order in the private confectionary sweets good level. Beautiful packaging provided that the name and surname of who designed the set, make your gift an exclusive and memorable. Of course, you can go for a more simple way, and to choose the usual box of chocolates. In any case, it would be nice colleagues.

You should not overlook the flowers, though, of course, bouquets, hand woman, may seem strange. But you can choose a small potted plants that will always be able to decorate the workplace every woman will be very helpful and 8 March. Or give female employees a small bouquet of candy, so connected and flowers, and sweets. It certainly creates a common office in a festive mood.

A good option congratulations on March 8 can be a qualitative and office accessories and stationery. You can buy sets of branded pens, diaries comfortable, practical organizers for documents, desktop business card holders, holders for the original clips and so on. Any store that sells products for office, will offer you the kind of unusual paperweights, elegant desk clock or object for relaxation.

If the work of colleagues connected with a computer, they will not give up a beautiful stick or a new optical mouse. Many women like small gifts, such as the original statues, symbolizing prosperity and good luck. Many of these products in any thematic shop. A good idea can become a desktop mobile phone holder. For a small token of attention can be attributed to cigarette lighters for smokers employees, and sets the original trinkets and packaging beautiful magnet holders. As the gifts are suitable as stylish photo frame unusual design, cork memo boards, desk calendars with beautiful landscapes, CDs with musical compositions to set the mood and relax.

All of the above items can be regarded as successful gifts to colleagues on March 8, if your goal is a normal sign of attention within the framework of strict observance of business etiquette. Indeed, any of these things can be called universal, so they perfectly cope with the role of the formal greetings of your employees.

 What to give on March 8 colleagues

Gifts with a friendly overtones

It was in a small group among colleagues often develop not only business but also friendly relations. In this case, the employee satisfied with joint dinners and gatherings in a cafe at the end of a busy day. In such collectives it made fun to celebrate birthdays and other holidays and even going for a cup of tea with a cake just like that, without any reason. And the gifts that are given to colleagues who are individual and often personal.

If you are lucky to work in such a friendly environment, the question of how to congratulate our colleagues on March 8, it becomes quite difficult, however, and it can respond to the most interesting and unusual way. For example, to organize, within the next holiday feast fun or interesting raffle giveaways, gifts. Questions for the quiz should be simple, with good humor and somehow relate to each of my colleagues.

Lottery also be carried out not entirely conventional manner, and transform it, for example, tea-surprise. To do this, do not be lazy and bake on the eve of a special holiday cookies, hidden inside each piece of paper with the name of a gift, you can no specifics, but as a puzzle. So an original way you do not just congratulated his colleagues on March 8, and show your creativity and resourcefulness. And what, in this case have to be yourself gifts, does not really matter. Small enough diverse gifts. The main thing is that the employee will have fun, and you give them and yourself a real treat.

If you want to go the traditional route and congratulate every employee their personal good gift, you should consider several important points. Firstly, handing you all on the occasion of the items must be in the same price range, or else run the risk of spoiling relations with those of women who give something cheaper than the rest. Who else but you are able to understand the subtle nature of the beautiful ladies, and, therefore, required to avoid annoying errors, especially 8 March.

Secondly, individual greetings will help you only if you are knowledgeable about the tastes and interests of all their colleagues. It is often what pleases one may not suit others. For example, one of the employees interested in reading, but it does not mean that the rest of the women rejoice the new fantastic, love or detective stories, even if it is fashionable bestsellers. But the book - is in any case a gift worthy. Just do not pay attention only to the fiction. "Aphorisms great women", "1000 recipes for the holiday table," "Mysteries and secrets of Louis XIV», and many other books of cognitive nature will be an excellent gift for the 8 March.

If your team consists of mature women and the elderly, we can teach them a unique kit for tea. To do this, select each lady pretty tea cup and saucer and spoon, add them to the package of tea and a good range of delicious chocolates. For those who prefer coffee, should pick the appropriate kit.

Women and girls who are fond of embroidery or beading can give gift baskets, including required to create original paintings or articles of materials. Those who enthusiastically engaged in cooking and often indulges colleagues delicious pastries, presented the original forms for cakes or cookies. And if you find a very beautiful set with all kinds of confectionery decorations, then donate them, adding to the book design of cakes. Now on sale there are a lot of high-quality ceramic containers for salt, pepper, sauces with Stands for napkins. Sets of kitchen accessories, chosen with taste, as you can give as a gift for the eighth of March.

Perhaps one of your female colleagues particularly interested in popular today Japanese and Italian cuisine. In this case, look at the sushi set and objects in the Japanese style dishes, as well as forms for baking pizza, special knives to cut it, and the board, which in Italy is usually served the national dish. You can also donate and sets a variety of traditional spices, after making them a festive package. The book, a notebook in which you can collect the recipes will also be not excessive for any young mistress.

Women who have cars, 8 March should give some accessory in the car, for example, a set of branded headrest covers, a beautiful small pillow or a set of sun blinds on suckers for transparent glass. You can choose unusual holder for a mobile phone, a portable air purifier with ionizer, elegant cup holder heated or disc. But remember that the gift must be a female character, so the key sets or kits protivotumanok better not to buy.

Surely you do not just have the most to receive on March 8 soft toys. This is a gift for women with children overtones. Of course, the hare or the fluffy bear is unlikely to be appropriate to present to colleagues. However, if you buy, for example, copyrights, textile dolls, designed for interior decoration, a greeting would be acceptable and is not devoid of originality. You can give practical and teddies function warmer.

By the way, it is now fashionable to decorate the sofas and bed pillows in the form of copyright cats. Perhaps such a soft toy like a creative and imaginative natures your team. And you love dolls? If so, choosing a gift is sure to be a very exciting and enjoyable for you. Look to elegant porcelain ladies, who can become a worthy decoration of the interior person, not devoid of romanticism.

You should not overlook the sets of scented candles, which can be supplemented by beautiful candlesticks or a special lamp, towels in the form of confectionery, elegant hangers and boxes for jewelry, small stylish vase. And any other things and items that can decorate or be useful in everyday life. As for the personal care products and perfumes, it is better not to risk it and restrict handmade soap with unobtrusive scent or quality hand cream.

But any gift, both individual and general measures should primarily be a reflection of your good relations with colleagues. After all, the microclimate of the collective - it is a very important aspect for the successful work of each member, especially when it comes to women. So to the question on the subject of what to give to colleagues on March 8, did not catch you by surprise and you're not making mistakes, bought a faceless and often completely useless things, it is better not to postpone the selection of the last day. Come to this issue thoughtfully and without undue haste, especially if you need someone to congratulate individually.

But do not worry if you have not enough money to make gifts to colleagues facing, because the price does not always speak about the sincere friendly feelings. Remember that even a box of delicious chocolates, complete with an original postcard with warm wishes of love and happiness, could be a great sign of respect for all female colleagues.

 Gifts on March 8 colleagues, general and individual approach

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