How to lose weight after the holidays?

Doctors warn that diet after the holidays - the most dangerous. The fact is that during the cold season our body like never lacks nutrients and vitamins. That is why even a slight reduction in the daily diet may have a negative effect on your health.

From what is better to give, and what to lean after several days of gluttony?

Immediately after the holiday should go to the light, which does not contain fat foods: fruits, vegetables, cereal with skim milk. Drink plenty of mineral water without gas. It not only promotes digestion and metabolism, but also removes from the body toxins.

But salt intake should be limited as much as possible. After all, it is known to stimulate the appetite. Morning swelling, thirst and dry mouth suggests that before you abused "salty." In this case, you need to drink in the morning that a diuretic. It would be the best green or chamomile tea. True it is recommended to drink it in large quantities: at least 2-3 glasses.

You should also give up the fatty soup, sausages, all pickled and salted foods, fizzy drinks. There are better boiled or steamed foods, and grilled meat dishes about to be forgotten until the next holiday. Rounding out the list of "forbidden foods" mayonnaise and alcohol, which are loaded with excess calories the body. Moreover, alcoholic beverages dehydrating inhibit the central nervous system and delay metabolism.

So it's best to stick to light after the holidays protein diet that includes lean meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids: herbal tea, vegetable juice or mineral water. But coffee, fruit juices, carbonated drinks and black tea on the best time to give at all.

 How to lose weight after the holidays?

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 Getting rid of the extra kilos after the New Year: diets stars

With the onset of the holidays the question - "How to lose weight after the New Year? "It is relevant to many women, and celebrity - not the exception. Armed with the secrets of beauty stars of Russian show business, you can quickly get in shape after the Christmas feast, and fully prepared to start working weekdays.
So, we learn how to lose weight the star.

Anita Tsoi

Usually, after a hearty feast singer uses a rapid diet that helps her in a few days to bring yourself back to normal. During the day, she drinks 2 liters of green tea or water and eats 1-2 kilograms of fresh cucumbers at night drinks a glass of nonfat yogurt. Adhering to this diet, the next morning you will notice that the color of a person is much better, and the weight is reduced by at least 1-2 kilograms.

Anna Semenovich

Recovering after a hearty feast singer prefers warm areas. Usually at the beginning of January, she flies away for the whole month in Thailand. Relax in this corner of paradise, sea, beach and sun to charge it with energy for the whole year.

In its view, the Thai cuisine with its abundance of fruit and seafood specialties creates real miracles. After such a holiday, any woman will look simply irresistible. Anna loves shrimp and can eat their pounds, and it does not get better or per gram.

Nikolay Baskov

When the singer needs to quickly get in shape, he enjoys a remarkable nine-mono-diet, which, according to him, helps him to always look slim and fit. In the first three days he ate only boiled rice in the next three days - boiled chicken, then - fresh apples. In addition, each day drink at least two liters of water or unsweetened green tea with a small amount of honey. For nine days, he loses weight by 4 to 5 kilograms. Owing to this diet not only lose weight but also in volume. So after a few days it becomes evident that you lost.

To quickly get in shape after the holidays Nikolai sometimes arrange a fasting days.

Irina Toneva

The soloist of the group "Factory" advises not to overeat during the holidays. After a full stomach does not give you how to have fun in the New Year's Eve. Besides, to get in shape after the holiday feast, it is necessary to arrange a fasting days. This extra stress for our psyche.

Group "BandEros"

Natasha believes that sit on a diet right after the holidays is quite useless. It is best to move to vegetable salads and completely abandon the sweet, fatty and starchy foods, but in any case not starve and drink plenty of fluids.

According to Tatyana, after a New Year's Eve should be a good catch up on sleep, because good night's sleep like nothing better helps restore the body, especially if it is eroded by the change of daily routine and long libations.

Batista same opinion. He believes that after a busy New Year's Eve must first good night's sleep.

Garik solidarity with colleagues: be sure to get some sleep, and then actively evening. You can just walk in the fresh air, playing in the snow, skiing or go to the rink.

 Getting rid of the extra kilos after the New Year: diets stars

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 Let us figure before Christmas
   Lovely women, many of us have repeatedly faced the problem of preparing the ceremonial attire as he sagged a few months in the closet, did not want to converge on the treacherous couple of centimeters. A holiday always inexorably approaching. If you have in store a couple of weeks, or at least two days, then you have not lost everything. Fast diet will help to eliminate the barrier between you and your favorite dress. We've all heard about the dangers of diets and fast returning kilograms. But New Year's Eve is to look amazing! Therefore, we can afford to fast-track diet on the condition that his best will try to save the result for the next year! It remains the case for small - to calculate how many days we have left in stock.

Emergency version - one day

Spend unloading diet. To do this, let it brew for half an hour in a thermos 1 liter of hot boiled milk and 2 tablespoons CTC teas. The resulting infusion drink throughout the day. The result - a day "melt" 1-2 kg.

If you have left two days will help Handy diet

At bedtime drink a decoction of rhubarb or senna. Alternatively, you can take a laxative. The remaining two days we eat in one of the following ways:

  • Method №1: two days eat only cooked jacket potatoes without salt. You can crush the potatoes with vegetable oil.
  • Method №2: Two days in a row we eat 2-3 tomatoes and 250 grams of boiled rice without butter and salt.
  • Method №3: eat every day for 1, 5 kg of vegetables (steamed without oil or raw). Remember! Such a diet is contraindicated in diseases of the liver and kidney!
  • Method №4: only eat yogurt - drink 6-8 glasses a day.

As a result, we lose 1-2 kg.

With three days left, you can use the model diet

Every day, we eat a boiled egg for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea - 175 g fat-free cottage cheese and one glass of tea. Meals should be strictly calculated time - every 3 hours. Exclude from food sugar and salt. As a result of such a diet you will lose 3-5 kg.

"Golden mean" of hardness in this case will Kempner diet, designed for four days

Menu each day of the diet consists of rice and compote. Rice (50 grams beans) cooked in water without salt and sugar. Compote prepared at 1, 5 liters of water, 100 g sugar and 240 g of dried or 1, 5 kg of fresh fruit. Rice is eaten in two (morning and evening). Compote drink 1 glass of 6 times a day. Result diet - minus 2-3 kg.

In the remaining five days left, you can turn to the work of "fun" diet

Menu for each day will be the same:

  • 10:00 - drink coffee without sugar and eating processed cheese.
  • 12:00 - eat a boiled egg and a large tomato with herbs.
  • 14:00 - The Big Apple.
  • 16:00 - absorbing 200 grams of fat-free cottage cheese with fresh herbs, cucumber and sweet pepper.
  • 20:00 - to heighten the fun drink a glass of white wine quality.

The result should make you happy - Down 4-5 kg.

If the strategic reserves of your precious time is six days, you is fine semi-liquid diet

Every day we eat the same type of product, and drink warm boiled water.

  • Day 1 - 1, 5 liters of milk.
  • Day 2 - 1, 5 liters of yogurt.
  • Day 3 - 6 cooked hard-boiled eggs.
  • Day 4 - 400 g boiled beef.
  • Day 5th - 600 grams of vegetables.
  • Day 6 th - 1, 5 kg of fruit.

Such a diet is not difficult to endure, but it is difficult to keep the result - minus 3-6 kg.

Kefir diet for a week

A whole week left! Yes, it's almost an eternity! Reset the week a couple of kilograms - in the light! And to help in this one precious product- yogurt So start kefir diet.

  • Day 1 - 1, 5 liters of low-fat kefir and 5 boiled potatoes.
  • Day 2 - 1, 5 liters of yogurt and 100 grams of boiled chicken.
  • Day 3 - 1, 5 liters of yogurt and 100 grams of boiled beef.
  • Day 4 - 1, 5 liters of yogurt and 100 grams of cooked fish.
  • Day 5th - 1, 5 liters of yogurt with fruit and vegetables.
  • Day 6th - just yogurt.
  • Day 7th - only mineral water.

With your table should disappear sugar and salt. This is very useful for the gastrointestinal tract, and the result of kefir diet will not disappoint you - minus 5 kg. We recommend that you still do not expose your body to such stress, and throughout the year to maintain your weight using a conventional control a healthy diet. Especially, after the diet your body is waiting for the next shock - New Year's feast.

How to protect yourself during the holidays from the return of extra kilos?

There are some tricks! First is not hoard hunger before the meal and eat small meals throughout the day .  To reduce hunger and improve digestion helps you to 1 cup of water, drunk 10 minutes before the meal .  Similar assistance and a sprig of parsley will .  In the extreme case can be enjoyed enzyme preparation, for example, "Mezim" .  Give as long as possible to enjoy dishes - take a smaller portion and chew it longer .  You should not linger long at the table move, communicate, play, dance, have fun . It is necessary to complete the discharge holidays afternoon to freshen up .  Plant yourself healthy tradition of celebrating the New Year - heavy meat dishes put on the table for 4-5 hours before the fight chimes at midnight expose champagne, fruit and cake .  The food will have time to digest after your feasts .  Finally we wish you beautiful ladies, noting New Year holidays so there was then painfully ashamed of each tray, overflowing Kcal .  Do not forget the old, wise saying: "As the New Year meet - so it will be" ... We are confident that you have understood correctly .

 Let us figure before Christmas

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