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  • How diet can affect your health?
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Ideal figure - the dream of every woman. However, the happy owner of a slim figure, which so generously endowed nature, not so much. That is why different diets will never lose its relevance and widespread popularity. There are several dozen different types of diets, but with enviable regularity arise more and more.

At the moment the peak of their popularity is the so-called banana diet. It has quite a number of variations: the diet for three days and seven-day, when the day-to-day food consumed some bananas, and such a diet, when the day is added to the bananas and milk.

Every day, this diet is becoming more and more new fans. But before we find out in more detail the pros and cons, with which has this system, you need to read the general information about diets. After all, no matter whether you use diet on bananas or any other, ignorance of basic rules can cause irreparable damage to your health.

 banana diet for 3 days

How diet can affect your health?

Unfortunately, very often, in the pursuit of beauty and the pursuit of the ideal woman clutching at various diets, like a drowning man clutches at a straw, every day harass a restricted diet and not thinking about the possible negative consequences for their health. There is a certain group of people, which is strictly contraindicated what-or diet, including it can not respond to the call of "Lose Weight on bananas." There is also a group of people who can go on a diet only after consultation and agreement with the attending physician .

Whatever was not sparing banana slimming, reviews the medical people say a categorical "no" in the case of:

  • If you suffer from diabetes of any, even the most mild form

    Any diet can not only harm your health, but also endanger life itself. Do not risk the most precious gift given to man, for the sake of getting rid of a pair of triples extra kilos. And banana-milk diet - a sure step towards the development of severe complications. Because bananas contain too much sugar,

  • If you are expecting a baby or have the appearance of a newly-fledged mom, who had the good fortune to feed the crumbs breast milk, you should also defer diet to another, more appropriate time

    For pregnant women diet fraught with complications such as anemia and as a result, fetal hypoxia, birth of a baby with low birth weight. A nursing mother is sitting on a diet, especially if you choose the banana-milk diet, runs the risk of complications such as allergic reactions, dysbiosis or the baby. In addition, as there is a risk of anemia like you and your crumbs. Hardly a few kilograms of weight loss compared with healthy children.

  • Strongly contraindicated any diet for both children and adolescents

    And if few people would think to put on a diet the child (we are not talking about therapeutic diets prescribed by your doctor, pediatrician), the cases in which girls -podrostki for not one day starve themselves, are very common. But at this age, there is an active growth and puberty rebenka.I lack of essential nutrients can cause irreparable damage to the fragile adolescent organizmu.Imenno therefore important to follow the diet teenage daughter.

    You should not scold the child and forcibly make him eat - it can lead to a completely opposite effect. Try to convince the daughter of powerful arguments, in a relaxed and friendly conversation. If necessary, consult a child psychologist. If the teenager does not give any persuasion, should go to meet him and to choose the most sparing diet. Banana-milk diet - the safest option. Banana "Express" - a diet for three days will not harm the health of adolescents. But if this seems your girl is not enough, you will come to the rescue of a diet that for each day of a week using bananas. She has reviews as a fairly light diet.

  • People who have recently undergone surgery or severe illness should also not sit on a diet

    Their body needs nutrients and vitamins, which will focus on the speedy recovery of the body.

  • People who have a tendency to systematically developing depression

    As a rule, these people are best suited so-called "Express" - a diet that last part is one day to several. For this group of people is the best fit diet for 7 days. It does not cause painful feelings of hunger throughout the day, respectively, there is no risk of depression. Banana diet for seven days causes only positive reviews. People who tried it, noticed a significant weight loss in the absence of signs of hunger.

  • In that case, if a person suffers from diseases associated with the violation of the cardiovascular, digestive and urinary systems, the diet is only possible periods of exacerbation of the disease, and only after consulting your doctor

    It should be borne in mind that banana-milk diet are generally contraindicated for people with heart disease. This is due to the fact that bananas contain huge amounts of potassium. Despite the fact that potassium is useful for the heart muscle, its excess can be quite the opposite, negative effect.

  • All of the above also applies to people suffering from metabolic origin of any

    They are also necessary to consult a doctor or dietitian.

  • Women should remember that the days of the diet should not coincide with the days of menstruation.

 banana diet for weight loss

Varieties banana diet

Further, given the answers to the most common issues that cause diet with bananas: reviews of those who tried it on my own experience, analyze how it affects weight loss while on the human body, and how fast it gives visible results.

Increasingly, the Internet and print media meets the call to "grow thin on bananas." And more and more people have a desire to try and check for yourself how true this call and how really effective banana diet. According to those who have already tried such a diet, they noted a rapid and visible results. In addition, the system power supply does not cause painful hunger, so it can withstand even the most zealous fan of a meal.

Milky banana diet

It belongs to the category of "Express" -diet. This banana diet - it is nothing like a special diet for three days. On the first day you will need three liters of one percent milk and nine bananas. This amount of food must be divided in equal installments for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The second day will need six bananas and two liters of the same one percent milk. They should also be divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Finally, on the third day you would need only three banana and one percent of one liter of milk, which must also be divided into three meals. All three days, you can drink water and green tea without sugar and sweeteners in unlimited quantities. As you can see, this diet for three days is very simple. However, reviews of it leaves itself very positive. With this diet you can lose about three kilograms. If you want to achieve great results, then it is not what you need.

Banana diet for a week

It also has a wide popularity. This banana-milk diet involves drinking not only bananas and milk. The results of her ambiguous. Someone said about the loss of ten kilograms, someone is satisfied with only five. But in any case, the banana diet for weight loss gives good results. It is designed for seven days and involves the inclusion in the diet of additional products:

  • On the first day you will need three liters of one percent milk, five hundred grams of boiled fish and nine bananas. Divide the amount of products at three meals.
  • Second day: three liters of one percent milk, three hundred grams of boiled fish and nine bananas are also divided into three parts.
  • For the third day prepare two liters of one percent milk, two hundred grams of cooked lean meat, and six bananas, as in previous days, divide the food for the reception for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Fourth day: two liters of milk fat content of one percent, one hundred grams of meat and six bananas.
  • By the fifth day you should be prepared two liters of one percent milk and nine bananas - all divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • During the sixth day you need to consume two liters of milk of the same fat content and six bananas; all you will need to eat three meals.
  • In the last, the seventh day of the diet you need one liter of milk fat content of one percent and six bananas.

Also, every day you can drink water and tea in any amount.

Banana diet for 7 days also has a slightly different variety. This option includes your diet apples. And do not forget that every day on a diet, you can drink water and green tea in unlimited quantities. This will greatly help you lose weight!

  • The first day Prepare nine bananas, six apples and two liters of milk (in this diet is also used a one percent milk fat). Divide food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • On the second day you will have to be divided into three meals, two liters of milk, nine bananas and three apples.
  • The next two days, the third and fourth, you will eat the following scheme (a set of products listed on the same day): two liters of milk, an apple and a banana split in nine equal parts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The fifth and sixth day, two liters of milk, six bananas divide into two meals.
  • The seventh day, the final diet, one liter of milk and a banana split three for breakfast and dinner.

Comments about this diet is also very positive. When choosing the optimal variant, we advise you to rely on their taste preferences. Pay attention to the fact that the milk may be replaced by any other low-fat dairy products. This is especially true for those people whose body does not tolerate it milk.

Despite the fact that the diet is quite gentle, do not forget that this is still a diet. And so the power supply system for seven days requires careful exit. Do not immediately, on the eighth day, tight gorge. The daily amount of food should recover gradually, otherwise there may be complications of the gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the fact that the results of such a system of weight loss can be obtained very tangible, it is not necessary to abuse more than once in three months. Well, if you suddenly happen that you particularly do not lose weight, do not worry. After all, you still have checked how much is right for you this popular system. Perhaps it is you need a different diet. Or maybe you do not need to lose weight?

 Reveals the secret, which will be effective from the banana diet

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