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Every woman dreams of a caring husband, obedient children, red car and, of course, the ideal figure. And if three basic desires - it is more likely the case, the beautiful athletic body depends entirely on the person, but rather by its power. Adjust the figure probably due to changes in your daily diet. Recently, very popular becomes so-called milk diet for weight loss.

It fits virtually all system, but there are exceptions - intolerance to dairy products. If you like cheese, yogurt and whey, while a milk diet to lose weight for you. You can find a diet according to your taste, because the diets of dairy products a lot, especially because the result will not be long in coming, and soon you reach the desired shape. One has only to make a little effort and willpower. Before sitting down on one of the milk diet, it is advisable to consult with your doctor about whether your diet is suitable for dairy products. If doctors do not see fear, feel free to choose the one that you like.

Lovers of cheese

Milk and curd diet suited to fans of low-fat cottage cheese with fruits and vegetables. This system will not only help get rid of excess fat on the sides, but also enrich the calcium your body. This means that the bones, hair and nails will become stronger. By the way, the calcium contained in natural curd, is absorbed much better than that which is part of the pharmacy vitamins. So, to lose weight on milk cheese diet, you should observe the following diet.

  • Throughout the day you need to eat about a kilogram of fat-free yogurt. Ideally, you need to eat 5 times a day for 200 grams.
  • Monotonous food be sure to complement the fruit. It is better if it be apples or citrus fruits, but not more than 200 grams. But from grapes and bananas, it is desirable to give up, because they contain a lot of glucose, which does not contribute to a reduction in your weight.
  • It is also possible to vary the diet of a handful of nuts or dried fruit, but it is worth remembering that the basic in the diet is a cottage, not supplements.
  • Animal protein in the diet is not in principle. If so unbearable, it is better to eat a piece of red fish in the morning.

The recipe for a delicious breakfast:

50 grams of fat-free yogurt in a blender to whip a small cluster of fresh dill and a thin slice of red fish (trout or salmon). Put the resulting mass at a little slice of stale rye bread. Breakfast is ready!

The recipe for a busy afternoon:

200 grams of fat-free yogurt mixed with a handful of corn flakes, two or three berries prunes and two tablespoons of low-fat yogurt.

The recipe for a light dinner:

200 grams of fat-free yogurt mixed with half a grated apple, add to taste low-fat yogurt.

In order to quench the evening "animal" hunger, drink black or green tea with grated ginger and brush your teeth more often. It is worth noting that this milk diet did not observe more than a week and no more than 2-3 times a year.

 milk diet for weight loss

Lovers of dairy products

Another option for lovers of dairy products - sour-milk diet. Her diet is dominated by the following products: low-fat yogurt, yogurt, buttermilk and whey.

Unlike the previous, this milk diet for weight loss is designed for a long period: from 14 to 30 days. It is suitable for those who do not like tight breakfast, and this, as statistics show that the vast majority of women. So, if you decide to go on lactic acid diet, your diet should look something like this.


Morning must always begin with a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. The only thing you can please the stomach - a slice of cheese or two wafer cookies. And even a modest breakfast do not need to pass.


The lunch menu, you can alternate. Desirably, the meal each day was the same, it contributes to the normalization of metabolism in your body. So, sour-milk diet dinner must be one of these:

  • glass serum (cold drink much easier than room temperature) plus fruit: an apple or orange;
  • 200 grams of chicken with fresh cucumber;
  • a few slices of low-fat hard cheese for dessert - apple or orange;
  • 125 grams of low-fat and fat-free cottage cheese with better fruit.


"Supper give the enemy" - the motto of most diets, but not sour milk. At the diet to starve the evening you do not have. Choose one of the following options to your taste:

  • a handful of fat-free yogurt, hard-boiled egg, a couple of fresh cucumbers;
  • a handful of low-fat cottage cheese and a couple of glasses of low-fat milk;
  • salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet pepper and two boiled eggs;
  • a small bunch of radishes, one boiled egg, 100 grams of ham;
  • 100 grams of cheese and low-fat varieties of radish.

It should be noted that lactic acid diet is not intended to be limited in the use of water, it is only important that all drinks were without sugar and sweeteners. On the contrary, the more fluid you drink, the more your body is cleansed of toxins. This is facilitated by the bifidobacteria contained in yogurt, whey and curd: such products much more quickly digested. That's why this type of dairy diets rarely have contraindications, rather the contrary.

An extremely important feature of this diet is the breakfast, which is included in the mandatory serum. It is an ideal product for those who have long been struggling with excess weight; it low-fat, it contains many valuable protein and virtually no fat. Therefore, the serum helps to cope with fatty deposits better than other dairy products.

Another milk diet - a mono-diet. All you can eat and drink - low-fat yogurt and boiled buckwheat. The advantage of the system: These two products can be consumed in unlimited quantities, but as practice shows, more than two weeks at a mono-diet of women do not hold, although the discomfort does not feel as yogurt cleans the stomach, and buckwheat contains almost all necessary for the functioning of our body substance. A couple of weeks you can lose 2 to 7 kilograms. Another plus - there are following this diet would be desirable half. This is due to the fact that in two weeks you get used to a small amount of food (on the third day monotonous food boring, and there are necessary only because of hunger).

Fans of whole milk

Dairy diet against belly looks more like a fasting day once a week. However, some very strong spirit and will of the girls stand and more - from three to seven days. The most common dairy diet against stomach sit down before some event, when it is so important to get into the small evening dress. Invented diet French nutritionists, the system is still used to relieve swelling, but it can help the body out not only water but also fat.

The essence of the diet is very simple: one day you need to drink only one liter of milk, a fat content of not more than 2, 5%. It is best to drink it with small intervals of a few hours so that by six o'clock you have remained one glass - it will not break before going to bed and sleep tight. It should be noted that this diet from the category of hard, so do not just sit on it for a few days.

There is another option with milk - milk diet for five days. The ration system is designed for three to seven days.

  • In the morning you should drink a glass of non-carbonated mineral water, half a cup of low-fat yogurt, sour any fruit, tea (coffee) with honey.
  • By ten o'clock it is necessary to arrange a lunch of 100 grams of cereals (buckwheat, rice or oatmeal), a small amount of cheese and skimmed milk.
  • At lunch you can eat one boiled egg, cucumber, tomato (optional vegetables can fill with yogurt) of drink - a glass of sour milk.
  • At dinner - yogurt and sour fruit (apple, banana, a handful of raisins or prunes).

After a milk diet on the fifth day almost all women feel ease and comfort, because this power system rejuvenates the gastrointestinal tract. In this diet is almost no carbohydrates, for such a short time rejecting them does not negatively affect the operation of your body, because every day diet is a diet many of us bursting at the seams because of the carbohydrates.

 dairy diet for weight loss

Lacto-vegetarian diet

Such a milk diet is recommended for many diseases: liver, kidney, cholecystitis and so on. It is important in this diet is that there is the need to comply strictly painted diet - you can eat at a convenient time and in almost any number, but only those products that are allowed diet.

Prohibited products:

  • coffee, chocolate, cocoa;
  • mushrooms, mushroom soups and sauces;
  • canned fish and meat;
  • cooking fats and fatty meats and fish;
  • Any spicy foods and spices, including mustard and horseradish;
  • fried foods;
  • everything legumes;
  • onions and garlic, radish and radish, sorrel;
  • Green soup and hash;
  • muffins, donuts, candy and other confectionery products;
  • eggs in any form;
  • Alcohol is not allowed even in small amounts once a year.

Authorized products:

  • from beverages to prefer green or black tea with a rather weak milk;
  • Try to eat only the dried wheat bread;
  • dairy products can be almost everything: low-fat whole milk, cream and butter;
  • butter and sour cream (not more than 50 grams per day), cheese and yogurt;
  • of meat products safely choose fish, lean beef, you can also have salted herring;
  • first dishes should be prepared without passage vegetables - on the water;
  • choose from the side dishes of porridge and pasta;
  • Fruit should be an integral part of your diet should exclude black currants, cranberries and gooseberries.

It should be noted that the milk diet involves the use of large quantities of liquid, juices, liquors, compotes and teas, and at the same time limit the use of salt: not more than eight grams per day. What good this diet - with strict adherence to the diet the body does not need extra vitamins and minerals. That's such an interesting milk diet, the reviews of which give every reason to believe that success is inevitable.

If you have a good metabolism and you lose weight quickly, then to the diet should be mandatory to add exercise. You can not go to a gym, do not do aerobics and swimming. To keep in shape and prevent sagging skin enough 20 minutes of charging in the morning and evening. Adjust the intensity of the exercises themselves are not worth much overloaded, but a little tired after a workout you should feel. Do not forget about the beneficial properties of a contrast shower. Good luck!

 Milk diet for weight loss - the key to the ideal figure

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