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Dear women, our rhythm of life today is not much different from the image of a man's life. Constant stress, work, household chores. It is no time to give due attention to nutrition. This is not about high-calorie fast food snacking, which have an effect on our waist and hips. Now we are talking about a balanced, healthy diet.

Bailout in this case are the fruit .  They are rich in natural sucrose and fiber, easily digested and absorbed by our body .  And when you consider that many women are in the eternal search for quick weight loss, the diet of fruits - the best option for this purpose .  This low-calorie diet and not one of the so-called "liquid diet" because of you do not need to drink only juice for days .  Fruit diet menu is designed so that you do not exclude from the diet of solid foods, therefore, does not reduce the level of metabolism .  If you have plans easily and without risk to health goodbye to their extra inches at the waist, you will best fit fruit diet for quick weight loss .  A wide variety of menu due to dietary multivariance products, and at the first sensation of hunger you do not block the access to the fridge, it is also possible to choose the long-term course .  All this, ladies, no doubt is one of the advantages of this diet .  A melting in front of kilos - only addition to this delicious food .

Good fruit diet - a diet that does not threaten you decrease metabolism (metabolism) of the conservation of energy resources, as is the case in compliance with the diet low-calorie diets. Fruit diet for weight loss - a decrease in consumption of calories, combined with beneficial cleansing of all systems of the body of toxins, the combination effectively burns fat and heals. After completing the course of your main task will be a gradual entry into the usual menu giving up sweet, moderate consumption of food. Efficiency fruit diet proved example of many women, including Hollywood stars.

Fruit diet. Arguments and Facts

There are a variety of options and fruit diet menu. Some women preferred to select one fasting day a month and eat only fruit. Others use a fruit diet for a week while eating only one kind of fruit for a day, 7 days a week therefore implies acceptance of different 7 kinds of fruits. However, the most common today is the fruit a week for 3 days, in case people are deliberately discharged three days a week and eat only fruit. Many women prefer the combined version of a fruit diet, without excluding from the diet yogurt or adding fruit vegetables.

Each diet - it is a certain risk to your body .  Although subject to the rules of a fruit diet, he minimized, stands alone say a few words "for" and "against" this method to combat obesity .  First, the menu fruit diets is temporary .  It is forbidden to restrict your diet for a very long time or permanently, because fruits are unable, because of their chemical composition to ensure your body due microelements .  One of the biggest disadvantages of the diet of fruits is the lack of B vitamins B12, and a number of other essential trace elements .  Therefore, the diet with the time required to enter traditional foods .  We should eat a balanced menu, including fats, proteins and carbohydrates .  Attention! This does not mean that at the end of the course, and you are sure the first day back to the "racket", otherwise it could face a slowdown in the process of detoxification of your body .  And all the beneficial effect that was obtained from the fruit diet for quick weight loss, will be flattened to nothing, kilograms return .

In order to lose weight quickly, efficiently, but not at the expense of taste, fruit diet will provide the ideal choice, but to secure the effect need to revise its traditional menu, including sport in your everyday life, and we guarantee your irresistibility and charm!

Research shows that in order for the result affects not only you but also others, it is important not to just follow a fruit diet for weight loss and its menus, more important is the psychological factor, optimistic, setting the loss of kilograms. Only when a person makes a plant that will increase in the diet of one type of food - fruits in our case - the desired result is achieved. Scientists conducted the study, which were taken as a basis of fruit weight loss diet. Test was divided into two parts: the first group followed a diet of positive, which implies an increase in the consumption of fruit, and the members of the second group focused myself to eat as little as possible of harmful products. The results were striking: the people from the first group dropped 3 times more weight than those in the second group, who ate the same fruit, but not the system.

Dear women, we all want to eat tasty food, not limiting themselves in numbers, but it does not put on weight? So should submit this request and consume a lot of useful, tasty fruit, especially if scientific evidence that this will only increase the installation progress. Here is an example of how to include in your diet as many fruits to enhance the effect of such diets.

 fruit diet for weight loss

"Seven Commandments" good fruit diet

  1. In acute feelings of hunger, desire to consume something sweet and sverhkaloriynoe, pay immediate attention to their fruit desserts (they are safe and delicious and sweet)
  2. Throughout the day, the need to observe the snacking apple, any dried fruit (should avoid eating bananas and dates) to eliminate the upcoming hunger. It would be beneficial for the value portion, you will eat for lunch - snacks such significantly reduce it, and you get rid of the bad habit of overeating.
  3. If you close the evening or night hour you unbearably wanted ice cream, replace it to use frozen or chilled fruit juice. We assure you that this delicacy discourage you hunt for sweets.
  4. To acquire a greater number of healthy habits, eliminating the negative. If you during the day is irreplaceable nutritious snack sandwich, then take with grapefruit, try to eat it on his lunch break, and you will soon feel the saturation, and not having finished a piece of bread. In order to transition to good habits is smooth, take sandwiches to work, eventually you will feel that you no longer need them and be able to give to their colleagues, and then completely abandon the use of bread.
  5. Fruit diets and recipes for them Multivariate, so your power to treat yourself to some breakfast treats. Perhaps it will be low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit, dried fruit with oatmeal or a glass of any juice.
  6. If you without fail require baking - please! Let it be cottage cheese casserole with lots of fruit and sugar. Lose weight with style!
  7. Put in a large flat bowl of fruit. With a sharp sense of hunger you will be unconsciously attracted to him, and bite with only one use!

Fruit diet for 3 days. Option №1

You want to improve the body, cleansed of harmful toxins and thus lose up to 3 kg? Fruit diet for 3 days there is nothing easier! The main rule - to use them as much as possible, in turn alternating fresh or fresh-frozen vegetables with dried fruits. Start each day with a glass of juice. Special instructions: consume at least 2 liters of water a day. If you choose this an easy, tasty, short-lived diet, you should completely eliminate fruit varieties such as bananas, figs or excessive calorie dates.

Fruit diet for 3 days. Option №2

  • The first day. For breakfast any fruit (exclude the banana), a glass of fresh juice. Fruit salad, you can skim yogurt or cottage cheese for lunch. All washed down with a glass of water. A glass of juice and fruit dessert in a salad for dinner.
  • Second day. Oatmeal with dried fruit, a glass of cold water. Salad vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil for lunch. All washed down with a glass of cold water. 2 fruit (preferably grapefruit) and boiled vegetables (but not beans).
  • Day Three. Average fruit plate (exclude the banana, figs and dates), a glass of freshly squeezed juice for breakfast. Lunch includes a salad (no potatoes) and a glass of cold water. Vegetable soup for dinner washed down with a glass of juice.

This three-day diet can not be used more than once a month. It perfectly cleanses the body, improves metabolism and vitaminiziruet it. Fruit - it is the main product, which is based on fruit diet, the recipe of which, however, excludes the use of the same bananas, figs, grapes and dates in all its variations.

Fruit diets are very diverse .  There is a fruit diet for 2 weeks, fruit diet for a week, and many others .  So what caused such a variety and such popularity of this method of struggle against excess weight? The fact that the fruit diet - it is recognized the most comfortable and tasty way to fight fat .  It is good that the body receives an abundance of cellulose (plant fiber), which is able to normalize the process of digestion, cleanses the body from all kinds of bacteria and even can help in the fight against dysbiosis .  Plant foods designed to cleanse the blood .  The duration of the diet, the more it is able to relieve the body .  In this case, the most effective are fruit diet for 2 weeks .  Reset 7 kg, making the silhouette more slender and sexy helps fruit diet for 7 days .  However, the duration control methods may provoke fat gastritis, due to the large amount of the chemical composition of the fruit acids .

 fruit diet for a week

Increases the effectiveness of diets of fruit!

Do not overeat, eat in moderation, even if you eat only fruits allowed

Drink plenty of water: fiber - is the main component of the fruit, and it requires an abundance of liquid. High purity organism can be achieved only when swollen by water in the body tissue is derived, wherein the slag seizing

Refrain from eating grapes - is a fruit that contains a lot of sugar. Fruit diet, a menu that develops nutritionists, though consists of all fruits, but they have some limitations. Bananas can be eaten no more than once a day, but advised not

Put emphasis on fresh fruits, canned forbidden to use, because of the large amounts of sugar, limit the use of stewed fruit. This is for several reasons: firstly, this extra calories, secondly, a small amount of vitamins and minerals

The diet allows fruit diet pear, citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, tangerine), peaches and apples. Obligatory fruit juices.

Fruit diet for 7 days

There are several variations of this diet, but we will consider options for a fruit diet for 7 days of this type:

  • Breakfast: 300 g strawberries, cherries / cherry without sugar, a tablespoon of sour cream. Toast with yogurt. A glass of juice or tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: Mix fruits and vegetables. Eat a small bowl of vegetable soup, mashed potatoes, 200 gr. lean meat diet varieties (rabbit, turkey, chicken) or fish, a plate of fruit salad of kiwi, pineapple. A glass of fruit juice
  • Lunch: Grated carrots with apples, season with 1 tsp sour cream
  • Dinner: Fruit salad (apple, pear), fill nonfat yogurt or kefir. Drink water or juice

Fruit diet for a week allows the alternation of fish meat, but do not increase the servings. Allowed to combine fruits and vegetables at lunch indulging vegetable salads or soups, puree diet.

Fruit diet for 10 days

Consider a fruit diet for 10 days, nutritionists allowed different menu options, but one of the most common is this:

  • Breakfast: salad of pears, peaches and apples. All dressed with lemon juice
  • Lunch: baked meat (no more than 200 gr.) With vegetables, dessert - fruit salad (all except bananas and grapes). Within 10 days of alternate meat and fish. Permission is granted to add vegetables
  • Dinner: fruit with low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese. You can make a fruit salad with yogurt and season.

Fruit diet for 10 days should be suspended in case you feel a sharp discomfort in the stomach, because the abundance of fruit can cause gastritis. On this diet you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight and make the body more sexy curves.

Fruit diet for weight loss in two weeks

Menu of this method to combat obesity is not much different from the previous recipes beauty. Firing more kilograms achieved to a greater extent by increasing the duration of the course.

Attention! Required 20-30 minutes before breakfast, drink a glass of cold water!

  • Breakfast should be hearty: oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts. A glass of fruit juice. 1 grapefruit
  • For lunch, we recommend 350 grams of steamed or boiled meat diet, low-fat varieties (rabbit, turkey, chicken - without the skin!). Fruit salad with low-fat yogurt. Tea without sugar
  • After 18.00 you need to drink plenty of water. The day is recommended to drink up to 2 liters.
  • Dinner includes only fruits (bananas, grapes, figs or dates are forbidden to eat).

Dear women, you now know that not everything is bad tasty. Lose weight and eat diverse, with advantage and with taste can be! If you wish to improve your health and get in shape, but not to the detriment of the diversity of the diet, the fruit diet - an option for you!

 Fruit diet for weight loss - grow thin with taste

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