Fish Diet

Fish has always refers to a specific type of diet foods low in fat and calorie levels, but high in protein.

Talk about fish diet, which is becoming increasingly popular among the people who follow the postulate of "mens sana in corpore sano." The main ingredient on which to build a system of this diet diet is fish.

Fish - difficult fungible product which contains large amounts of fatty acids (omega-3), these in turn affect many body systems, have preventive effects on diseases of the heart or blood vessels. Substances that are included in the chemical composition of fish, namely calcium and phosphorus, can strengthen bone tissue, improve the condition of the teeth, are beneficial to the skin, but most importantly - promote weight loss. It is for these reasons that the fish diet gained today so popular.

There are plenty of variations of fish and vegetable way of losing weight, but the diet is considered the classic period of 7 - 10 days, fish diet for 3 days and the diet version, designed for 2 weeks .  By choosing this method of weight loss, you will be able to optimally short time to rid yourself of 3 to 5 kg of excess weight and give your silhouette grace .  If you choose the fish diet to lose weight, do not forget to expand the range of fish that will be consumed in the diet .  Give preference to fresh fish, as an option, using frozen, sometimes recommended to include in the menu canned fish .  In order to achieve a rapid effect, eat low-calorie diet varieties: tuna, cod (which is very useful), and walleye .  But salmon and trout should be avoided - fillet of fish rather fat, but if you cook it without oil, you can put in your menu .  It should be noted that canned and fried fish is much inferior to their beneficial properties to the one prepared on the grill or baked .  Below we give you the options of fish and vegetable diet, as well as making it easier for compliance with a menu designed for a shorter timeframe than 2 weeks .

Option fish diet for 3 days:

 Fish diet for weight loss

  • Breakfast. If you stick to this type of diet, you can eat one egg and low fat cottage cheese and 16% fat, consume yogurt without the inclusion of sugar. You must wash down with green tea. Nutritionists recommend taking pills of ascorbic acid after breakfast, if you set out very precisely follow the instructions of such a diet.
  • Lunch. If you have experienced a slight feeling of hunger and the need to snack, the fish diet for 3 days is allowed to do lunch. For such snack is recommended to use no more than 200 grams of fish and drink a glass of water. Not earlier than 15 minutes after lunch, you can have a snack fruit (preferably citrus).
  • Lunch. Before you take for lunch, nutritionists recommend drinking 2 cups of cold water, or to use green tea, then you need to eat 250 grams of boiled fish fillet can be replaced by any other seafood: shrimp, squid or mussels. If you have limited access to cooking (perhaps you are an office worker), in this case, the optimal use of all canned fish. It is recommended to add vegetables to the menu, which does not contain starch: beans (beans), cucumbers, peppers, all the usual cabbage. Allowed to make vegetable salad, season with his fat yogurt. After dinner, you can use a liquid not earlier than 2 hours.
  • Dinner. At about five o'clock in the evening to drink a glass of water, then at your disposal all kinds of products, which are described on the menu for dinner.

Fish diet and reviews about her often drawn up in an approving manner. Many stars have resorted to such methods of struggle against excess weight, they include Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria literally "made a name for himself," lose weight sitting on it. The popularity of this diet the "powers that be" is not only its effectiveness, but also in sufficient satiety diet: eating a menu for a long time you will not feel the need to eat, by the way, the fish - a great way to combat depression. Try to make a request: fish diet reviews, and you will see the effectiveness of this method of losing weight. Fish - a product that is getting us into the body is absorbed almost 100%. Why so many supporters who want to feel at the same time ease the stomach and a feeling of fullness, plus - everyone can choose for themselves the best option on the menu, and the duration of the diet.

Fish and vegetable diet to lose weight for 2 weeks:

 Fish diet reviews

    First week

Food is monotonous, the basis of it - the fish. The number of calories consumed should not exceed 1500 with the expectation for a day (this also applies to the second week). Strictly eat fish, in small portions, beginning and ending with the breakfast meal (about 4-5 servings a day). Fits any - frozen or fresh, river or sea, but it is desirable dietary varieties: carp, flounder, hake and pike (the content of calories in these varieties of fish not exceeding 90 per 100g). Preparation: bake in the oven, foil or boiled in water. And here is the fish fry gently, best grilled, without the use of fat oils. If you diet seemed unbearably monotonous, replace it partly on seafood.
Recommended drink: tea, preferably green varieties, herbal teas, beverages, dried fruit and coffee. It is unacceptable to use sugar, if desired, can take a sweetener.

    The second week

Gradually and in strict sequence diet change: add vegetables, then fruit, bread (preferably black), potatoes, sour-milk products, dietary meat. Begins to use fats: margarine, vegetable or olive oil, butter (not exceeding 30 grams of fat per day).

Fish and vegetable diet, the menu of the second week:

  1. day: vegetables + fish no more than 1,200 calories, eat fruits
  2. day: vegetables + fish consume no more than 1000 kcal + boiled potatoes, brown bread
  3. day: vegetables + fish, does not exceed 800 kcal + boiled potatoes, add the black bread + cereals, fruits
  4. day: vegetables + fish + 600 kcal boiled potatoes, cereal + milk, brown bread + low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, fruit
  5. day: vegetables + fish 400 calories, bread, boiled potatoes, whole grains, low-fat cheese + milk
  6. day: vegetables + fish per 200 kcal, potatoes, black bread, any cereal + chicken, fruit
  7. day: vegetables + fish per 100 kcal, boiled potatoes, brown bread, red meat + any cereal

At whatever version you have not stopped, fish diet for losing weight requires a clear agreement with the recommendations of nutritionists, without consulting a doctor or dietician to use a safe way to lose weight. The greatest damage to fish diet can cause kidney or liver disease, so if you suffer from chronic forms of destruction of these systems, then such a way to combat obesity is best not to "sit."

And now we can offer you another strictly regulated menu options fish and vegetable diet. Attention! It is unacceptable to exclude ingredients to replace them with others, you comfortable.

"Strict fish diet for 1 week"

 Fish diet for 3 days


  • Breakfast: pollack cooked in a double boiler (or boiled) - 150 grams of cabbage - 150 g Coffee or tea without sugar
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, and salmon - 150g, garnish - rice
  • Lunch: 150 g of fruit, with the exception - bananas and figs
  • Dinner: Korean carrots and 150 g cooked squid, a slice of black bread. Coffee or tea without sugar, a piece of chocolate
  • Tuesday:

  • Breakfast: fried flounder with fat-free margarine. With a drink (coffee / tea) 3 eat any dried fruit, other than a date
  • Lunch: 2 burgers from low-fat varieties of fish (tuna, for example), pickle - small plates, 2 slices of brown bread
  • Snack: any kind of fruit in the amount of 150 g, except for dates and bananas
  • Dinner: polbanochki canned fish, a slice of black bread, a few nuts (not peanuts), drinks without sugar
  • Wednesday:

  • Breakfast: black bread (2 slices) with dietary fish - 150 grams, with tea or coffee eat 4 walnuts
  • Lunch: vegetable soup (preferably green, with sorrel or nettle), an egg with a small amount of tuna
  • Lunch: 150 grams of fruits (all except bananas and figs)
  • Dinner: shrimp - 300 grams of coffee or tea without sugar, 1 teaspoon honey
  • Wednesday:

  • Breakfast: pollack cooked in a double boiler (or boiled) with radish. One slice of toast with coffee or tea
  • Lunch: soup of dietary varieties of fish, 100 grams of salted salmon (any) 2 medium baked potato
  • Afternoon snack: fruit - 150 grams
  • Dinner: Boiled squid with eggs and cucumbers - 200 g slice of black bread
  • Wednesday:

  • Breakfast cod (for a couple) and cabbage. Toast with a small amount of jam with coffee / tea
  • Lunch: vegetable soup with meatballs from minced fish, flounder - 100g, a side dish of rice
  • Afternoon snack: fruit - 150 grams (no bananas)
  • Dinner: 50 grams of carrots in Korean, 200 g cooked squid slice of black bread
  • Saturday:

  • Breakfast: rye bread - 2 pieces with red caviar, 1 tablespoon honey and tea
  • Lunch: lean ear and mackerel with a salad of seaweed
  • Dinner: fish cakes - 2 pieces, braised carrots and onions as a garnish, fruit sherbet (70 grams)
  • Sunday:

  • Breakfast: boiled catfish, no more than 150 grams. Tea or coffee without sugar with 4 dates
  • Lunch: soup of red fish tails, a slice of bread
  • Dinner: 300 g boiled shrimp, served with rice (150 g), tea / coffee without sugar

Ladies, if you want to quickly and without harm to health, with the greatest sense of satiety, but the ease to lose weight, the fish and vegetable diet will do the task at 100%. Follow the advice of nutritionists, and you are guaranteed to reduce its volume and 5 kg for 10 days. With this you not only inflict damage on your body, but feel the general improvement - to grow thin advantage.

 Fish diet for weight loss: fast, easy, efficient!

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