Diet for Hair

All girls and women are no doubt want to be the happy owner of luxurious curly locks or chic long hair - in the old days do not say nothing about the beauty of the girl's braids. But given the current environment and the modern pace of life, this dream, unfortunately, is not marketed in each of us.

The causes of hair loss or weakening of the set: this may be due to various diseases, hormonal changes, bad heredity or a weakened immune system because of a lack of attention to itself. Moreover, such a problem frequently encountered and those girls and women who carefully monitor their appearance: go to the gym, visit the gyms and beauty salons.

And all because our struggle for harmony often accompanied by diet, sometimes very strict. Along with the intense physical training they can significantly weaken the body. As a result, need to diet to strengthen the hair - it will help compensate for the lack of vitamins in a healthy and figures.

Eliminating from your diet certain foods can cause serious damage to its lush curls, you must remember this. That is why we want to tell you about the consequences of one or another diet is that you can lose weight with the mind, without any risk to their own health and beauty.

  • By following a strict vegetarian diet, be prepared for a lack of iron and silicon, as well as all related issues. After all, if the body lacks iron, hair ends will always posechennymi. A drawback of silicon, mostly with digestible animal proteins leads to a thinning of the protective layer and, as a consequence, hair breakage.
  • When you exclude from the diet of seafood, eggs or nuts, the body begins to experience a shortage of copper. In this case, you need to have to worry about reducing diet for the beauty of hair, because there is a loss of elasticity, causing the locks are very naughty.
  • If your diet consists mainly of dairy foods, supplemented eggs, nuts, seafood (in small amounts), be prepared for a lack of zinc. Assimilation of this element is reduced by 2 times, and as a result hair grows half as fast.

A separate discussion deserve all kinds of "super-fast" diets: for skin and hair is a real punishment, because with serious limitations in food come stress and changes in the exchange and distribution of nutrients. If necessary minerals our body rapidly start to arrive in small quantities, the body spends to ensure their most important needs. Support for healthy hair growth does not belong to the main functions, which is why during the "voluntary fasting" state head of hair can significantly deteriorate.

By the force of the negative effects on the "super-fast" diet can be compared to a great loss of blood, intoxication, temperatures above 39 degrees. Think twice about whether to pace yourself, endanger their health by using such radical measures.
Of course, from the current situation there is a way - you need to pay attention to diet for skin and hair: it will have a reducing and firming effect. Remember, just eating right, you can take an important step to health and beauty.

Diet for hair loss: What should be our diet?

 Diet for Hair Growth

If you want to lose weight while maintaining their luxurious locks, you must pay attention to the following important points:

Protein should be consumed in sufficient quantities, because it gives the body the amino acids that build new cells. If the proteins will not come for a long time, you will see that the hair growth has slowed significantly, which began their loss. Therefore, when drawing up your own personal menu, you must not forget the lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, cereals - it is this protein foods should give your body at least 15% of calories.

Also, care must be taken on receipt of a sufficient number of useful carbohydrates, because they are a source of energy. It is because of the different tissues of the body carbohydrates are growing more active - they help to restore hair shedding. So you need to include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, be sure to supplementing it with brown rice, whole grain cereals and crops and potatoes, which is the most carbon-containing products. But on flour and refined sugar can be forgotten - they are not useful carbohydrates.

Any diet for beautiful hair can not do without fat - they are essential to the body. It must be remembered that the need to be actively involved both animal and vegetable sources, so it is important to balance the revenue fat.

Diet for Beauty Hair: some important tips

Those girls and women who look after themselves and strive to maintain a good shape and perfect health, are well aware that the amount of food consumed depends on many factors. In the formation of the diet is necessary to take into account the age, current condition of the body, physical fitness level, activity level.

Considering each of these factors when drawing up its menu, it is necessary to adopt a few simple secrets, and give the result - let's look at each of them:

  • Try to eat a variety of foods even contain an equal amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Then you can be sure that the body will be in full flow all the right ingredients: for example, if the fish do not have any amino acid, it will be contained in the bird.
  • In drawing up the diet menu for hair growth need to choose only natural or minimally processed foods. This is understandable, because you need to not only restore hair, but did not cause serious damage to health, protect the body from pesticides, herbicides and other chemical pollutants.
  • Also it is necessary to minimize the consumption of various semis: desired body proteins, fats and carbohydrates contained therein in the minimum amount. Do not forget that stores frozen patties and dumplings is hardly a good impact on your slim figure - with the power of lightness and elegance, you can not remember.

Diet to strengthen hair: maximum efficiency

If a girl loses weight with the mind, she would not have to choose between perfect health, lush curls and seductive figure. The main thing to balance your diet, supplemented by a hair care program - it will not only help the girls losing weight, but also by the fair sex, who have problems with thinning hair, brittle, posechennyh tips and even baldness.

To do this, simply remove from your menu several important products, as well as to exclude those from whom more harm than good. To facilitate the selection, we present you with the easy and quite effective diet for hair loss. Following its provisions, and by consuming a minimum of food, but not much limiting themselves to food, you can keep a slim figure and provide the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals.

  • You must include in your diet a sufficient amount of seafood - it is possible to focus on fish and seaweed, because they contain a large amount of nutrients. For hair to be healthy, a weekly menu should be about 500-700 grams of seafood.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you can not limit yourself to the meat, on the contrary, we recommend it to eat. Just choose something easy, such as chicken and actively combine it with other products. To diet for skin and hair gave a result, it is possible to eat 500-1000 grams of meat per week.
  • Their diet is supplemented with beef liver and blood sausage - for good health need quite a bit of these products. Enough to eat their 50 grams a day - and over time you will see the beauty and power back hair.
  • Included in the menu meat and seafood, you must not forget about the green vegetables. Enrich your diet is pepper, lettuce, broccoli - they contain lots of vitamins the body needs, so use these products should be 100-200 grams per day.
  • In drawing up the diet for beautiful hair can not do without fresh and dried fruits. Here every girl opens a large enough space for choice: you can eat as is well known to all the bananas and oranges, and quite exotic mango and avocado. It is important to have different fruits: 100 fresh and dried to 20 g per day.
  • In any diet to strengthen hair pride of place given to porridges: we recommend eating wheat and oatmeal. To maintain healthy growth, strength and shine chic curls, we recommend that they have half a glass a day.
  • Very important cheese, because dairy products are rich in protein, essential for the body of any active and athletic girl. Therefore, it is necessary to eat a lot - 100 g per day.
  • Supplement your diet for many essential amino acids and minerals necessary to nuts. Peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews - can take any nuts, even cedar, it is important to eat them 1 tablespoon a day.
  • You should also not forget about olive and vegetable oil - to diet for hair and skin brought the desired results, they need to use 1 tablespoon per day.

We advise you to make your own menu of these products: as you can see, the food is varied and you will not have to limit myself seriously. This makes it easy to take care of their health and attractiveness, to maintain graceful figure and lush curls.

Diet for Beauty Hair: what is to refuse?

 Diet for beautiful hair

Naturally, one must not only enter into your diet useful products, but also to exclude from it unnecessary and even more junk food. It is necessary to forget the salty, spicy and fried foods, canned goods, and in general about all that hard to digest.

We should not forget about the dangers of hamburger chebureks, pies, hot dogs and other "masterpieces" of fast food - they only violates the metabolism, degrading the shape and hair. Eating in this way, you will soon find that your locks have lost their luster, their roots quickly become greasy.

In this case, you need to revise your menu and withdraw fatty foods from the diet, but we do not recommend it too sharply. Before you start a diet for beauty hair can be over a month to arrange a fasting day. Eat light foods just one day a week, and you will see the result.

Diet for beautiful hair: vitamin complexes and dietary supplements

Today, virtually impossible to recover gorgeous hair using only natural products. Even modern agriculture works that supplied food to markets with low content of minerals and vitamins. It makes its own adjustments and bad environment: our health is almost constantly under threat, which, of course, have a negative impact on the hair. And that while the busy pace of life with the constant stresses and pressures leaves its mark, causing the body to actively consume vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, any diet for hair loss is not without vitamin complexes and bioactive supplements: need to seek care with keratin, chitosan, cyclomethicone, dimethicone, silk proteins. You should also not forget about vegetable oils of coconut, peach, avocado, shea butter, jojoba oil, orchid, remember about ceramides and phospholipids using linolenic, linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids.

And thus we recommend not even recall universal membership - choose only those shampoos, conditioners and other care products that are designed to solve exactly your problem.
Submitted to the Board should use; they are simple and effective - take them into service, even a diet for hair growth gives the desired result.

 Diet for Hair Growth: Secrets sensitive care

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