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Diet - is matched with a view to the diet food and diet. Diets can be therapeutic for weight loss. About therapeutic diets say it makes no sense, they are prescribed by the doctor in each case individually, and nothing to do with weight loss, they do not have.

But weight loss diet is now so widespread that there is hardly a person who does not know of any. Consider the main types of diets for weight loss, the effectiveness of these diets, advantages and disadvantages.

The following types of diets:

Low-calorie diet - probably, this group includes most of the basic diets. It is characterized by the use of low-calorie food.

Diets low-fat - the name. Diets that restrict the flow of oil in our body.

There are also malouglevodnye diet - they are harder to sustain than the low-fat. One of the most publicized malouglevodnyh diets, this diet The Kremlin.

Monodiets. Enough hard diet, based on the use of a single product. For example: apple diet, kefir, rice and so on.

Protein diet. It is very effective and at the same time strict diet.

Vegetarianism. Overall, not a bad diet, but it is not quite suitable for our climate and our people.

Recently, a number of trendy diets, however, are uniquely characterized by doctors. These include diet, based on separate nutrition, diet by blood group. It is not even a diet and certain nutritional guidelines, which observed a long period of time.

 Types of diets for weight loss

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 how quickly lose weight 10 kg


  • Activities to help lose weight
  • Diets for quick weight loss

Somehow, they all want to lose weight very quickly. Yes, and standards currently in this set: "I want to lose weight at 10 kg per week! ". Well, if you want - hudey. But the extra weight does not grow in a week or even a month. However, I want to get rid of them very quickly. And if you ask for, then reset these hateful kilos possible. Ideally, of course, lose weight gradually, but extreme measures can be taken, too. There are ways! And even tested in action.

But, first, we are all different, so we have different operating methods are tried losing weight. Second, lose ten kilos per week is easier for those who have a really great weight. A third, very quickly dumped kgs come back even faster than go, but still "prihvatyvayut" with the company a couple of kilos. And if these warnings have not stopped, and the slogan "I want to lose weight at 10 kg per week! "For you is still relevant, it can (and should!) Begin to act.

Try to start small. The first and most simple: to give up flour and sweet. For even more imminent effect on the potatoes and discard. Include in your diet of fish and meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and grains, do not eat fatty, salty and smoked. Remember that in any case can not eat after six o'clock in the evening. This method of weight loss is not very complicated.

Provided nemerenno consumption of sweets and biscuits smoked (to diet), but still sedentary lifestyle rejection of all harmful delicacies can produce miraculous effect. And if we start doing the exercises, then a week to ten kilograms as had happened (instead of 110 - 100 only). Yes, it's not a joke. Very quickly on such a diet takes the weight of only very, very magnificent ladies. Provided that your weight does not exceed eighty kilograms, you too can lose weight, but the process will run smoothly. And in this case we need more effective measures.

 I want to lose weight fast 10 kg

Activities to help lose weight

Disclaimer sweet, flour and fat plus exercise - also a very effective way. You can, for example, going to the pool or exercise at the fitness club. But if you do not have this capability, you can train at home. At one time well-known model Cindy Crawford has developed a set of exercises for weight loss. The complex is so good that no special training devices and simulators do not need. We need to be just dumbbells, which are sold in any sporting goods store, and ordinary chair.

One involves training exercises will involve all muscle groups, and it lasts for one hour. Training rather intense, but if you have some health problems, it is possible to carry out light option exercise. According to test a range of Cindy Crawford on the personal experience of one training session (with the load on all muscle groups, the duration of one hour), you can lose weight by 1 kg.

If you do not have time to exercise and constant control over their diet, then you will approach the short-term, but more restrictive - diet. There are plenty of them, but select from them the most effective.

Diets for quick weight loss

  • Dukan Diet

This fiber diet is considered to be most effective it is for quick weight loss. The main focus of this diet is fish, meat and eggs. You can eat these foods in unlimited quantities. Although proteins and do not contain a lot of calories, but they are perfectly satisfy hunger. And to digest proteins, your body will expend extra calories.

  • Sodium restricted diet

In second place on the effectiveness. Its essence lies in the fact that for the past ten days you can not eat salt. On the first day you can drink only water and green tea, the next three days you need to eat boiled rice, then three days - white chicken meat (the day you can eat no more than one breast). Then, two days later - fruits and vegetables green (cucumber, kiwi, apples), on the last day - boiled beets. All you need to cook without salt. For 10 days, compliance with all regulations is guaranteed loss of 10 kg.

  • Buckwheat diet

Also very effective diet for quick weight loss. The duration of this diet you can define yourself. The day allowed to drink or 1 liter of kefir (1% fat) or eat buckwheat, cooked without oil and salt (the amount you define yourself), and drink half a liter of yogurt. One day - loss of one kilogram. So, too, with this diet you can lose weight fast: ten days per 10 kg.

Little secrets of quick weight loss are also available. There are two products that burn fat: pineapple (fresh!) And lemon. If at night to eat a lemon, in the morning you will weigh one kilogram less. But in fact, even at full starvation a man loses just one kilogram a day. So decide for yourself how really to lose 10 kg per week. Maybe you should not wear your body, bringing yourself to faint and dizzy? Maybe it's better not to lose weight quickly, and slowly but surely? Maybe a week would be sufficient and 7 kg of weight loss? Lose weight on health, but, please, without fanaticism. Good luck to you!

 How to quickly lose weight by 10 kg? There is an exit!

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 how quickly lose weight by 10 kg per week


  • General principles of rapid weight loss
  • Diets for quick weight loss

It's no secret that you need to lose weight slowly and without harm to health. But in life there are cases when the person in front just no choice: either you quickly grow thin, or cashing in serious trouble. Yes, I believe that the dream of fast weight loss is not only lazy, who do not wish to work on her figure and health, but also quite serious people, for which the responsibility - not an empty phrase. And then these people start to look for a way to quickly lose weight by 10 kg without serious damage to his body.

As for the reasons, you may ask, can motivate a person to such a rash act, how to lose weight in a week for ten kilograms? This is what is stressful for the body! In fact, these reasons can be many. Imagine that you are an actress and you were offered the role, but the heroine of a slimmer you ten kilograms. Or are you about to shine Managing a sports club, but your weight is surprising on the faces of the future subordinates. What now, work to lose?

And sometimes very simple: just a week reunion, and there will be he - the man who ruined your whole life, having gone from you to the best friend (melodramatic, but not so rare these days). Do not you want to appear before him in all its glory - confident Amazon, the type of which the men and folded stacks on the sidelines? Surely it is worth it, and so quickly lose ten kilos in a week it is possible, the main thing - to know how. And just about these methods instantaneous transformation we will now and tell.

 how quickly lose weight in a week to 10 kg

General principles of rapid weight loss

Before the secrets of instant weight loss, talk about the principles to be followed by every girl that wants to be slim in record time. So:

If you really want, you can lose much

The first and very important principle of weight loss - it is your positive motivation. Surely, some friends and acquaintances have already started to whisper to you, that all your efforts are useless and lose weight in a week is simply unrealistic. You may have been the most negative experience of losing weight in the past - when you do not have enough willpower to sustain a diet or you broke down after it ended, he began to eat everything. No need to remember the failures, you need to set a goal and go ahead!

It is advisable that before you were a living example - a man who was able to throw a few kilograms (though not for a week, and a month - whether the result would have been). If your surroundings are no such people, ask for help to the stories of famous people, was full of success stories. Get at least a well-known American actress Misha Barton, who lost weight by as much as thirty kilos in just three months! Or our domestic singer Natasha Queen skinuvshuyu five kilos in ten days. Let their schedule is different from yours, but the main thing is different: they, too, set a goal to lose weight quickly, and succeeded!

Observing the day mode, run away from calories

"The early bird catches the worm feeds" - heard the old adage? So, this is not the fiction of those who feel like sleeping, and the truth! A man wakes up with a morning dawn, capable of doing a lot more things than he who sleeps till noon. And even if you're a night owl wholly accustomed to sleep after midnight and wake up until eleven days, then you should reconsider your daily routine (at least for a period of weight loss).

Few people know that the hormones responsible for the activation of metabolic processes in the body, as well as for the correct operation of the digestive system, "working" at full strength just in the period from midnight to three o'clock in the morning. But many of you at this time was still awake, justifying their behavior bohemian lifestyle and high night for work. So do not deprive your body to cope with the possibility of extra calories on their own, without any damage to health.

Breakfast eat yourself, and give the enemy stew

No matter what state you either woke up in the morning - never hear, never miss the breakfast !!! And do not tell everyone about what you feel sick in the morning to eat that piece in the throat does not climb, and so on. If all that happens, it is only your fault and your bad habit.

It is well known that food eaten at breakfast, much more likely to have time to digest during the day, without delay in the form of fat on your waist. The fact that the activation of the body's metabolism does not begin at the moment of awakening, as you might think, and at the beginning of the work of digestion. Swallow a piece - launched a motor that burns calories.

Scientists have proved that women who miss their breakfast, during the day eat a lot more food than those who eat in the morning. Moreover, you just need to eat breakfast to health: in the morning in our blood sugar level is minimal, and our body, the poor thing, terribly want to eat. So why make him starve? By the way, do not eat after six - a good excuse to teach your body to breakfast: fourteen hours without food will make anyone hungry! And here, by the way, and the following principle:

Do you want to lose weight - mind you, there can not be after six!

The fact that losing weight is not all supposed to eat after six o'clock in the evening - has long been the subject of jokes.

  • She: I do not eat after six ...
  • He: After six servings, do you mean?

In fact, the practice has long been shown that women who do not take food after eighteen hours, lose weight very active. That's how the human body is that at night the metabolism slows down, and the food, adopted just before sleep, just do not have time to be digested and transformed into energy. That is why all dietitians recommend dinner at least four hours before bedtime. Believe me, get used to it is not so difficult. It has been observed that it is sufficient to lay hold of the power chart for three days, as the body will not get used to eat late in the evening.

Of course, it also happens that a woman is physically unable to six in the evening for dinner: someone comes late from work, someone was busy with important things in this part of the day. This does not mean that they should all go to bed hungry - dinner is quite permissible, only he should be quite easy. Nothing sweet and fat during late dinner has not allowed settle for vegetables and dairy products.

A diet without sport - that no cream cake

"Movement - that's life" - so said the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, then repeat the same doctors and nutritionists around the world. Wanting to lose weight in a week, do not be content with mere diet - exercise is needed for your body. And deep knowledge that can throw off the weight without sport, based on just one nutrition - are wrong.

Of course, if your goal - a half to two kilograms, then a diet is sufficient to achieve the result. If you want to throw ten kilograms, and even for a week, that without exercise you can not do A to sport does not become a torment, try to observe the following guidelines:

  • Online you can find many tips for those who want to lose weight through sport: some advise cycling, others - swimming, and others - simple aerobics or walking. It is time to get lost, right? In fact, they are absolutely right: all these sports will help you burn extra calories, put in order to strengthen the muscles and metabolic processes in the body. The first tip - choose exactly the kind of exercise that gives you the easiest and which delivers maximum pleasure. This is the surest way not to spit a couple of days all these stresses and not stop playing sports in general.
  • Do not torture yourself hours of training, or wrap kilometers around the stadium three times a day. Before that you are not especially friendly terms with sports, the power load you absolutely nowhere. Try to start your training with light exercise, gradually increasing the load. So you not only avoid injury, but did not change your mind and do sports after a couple of grueling training.
  • If you are obese, you will certainly consult with your doctor before you start to physical stress. The fact that such a diagnosis is set contraindications. Of course, this does not mean that sport is closed for you - on the contrary, can and must move. But some kinds of exercise can cause you complications, so it is best to clarify the details of the attending physician.

 how to lose weight fast at 10 kg

  Diets for quick weight loss

Lose weight fast as much as 10 kg - it's not a joke. The best friend of all ekstremalok wanting to lose weight in a short time - it is mono-diet. Its essence lies in the fact that during the entire period of diet can have a single product plus liquid as carbonated water or green tea in a quantity of two liters. Types monodiets quite varied, so you may well choose for themselves that variant, which has a whole week you will be the easiest.

Mono-diet on buckwheat

The whole secret is to cook crumbly, tasty buckwheat porridge right. Forget about cooking in boiling water, everything is much simpler: the washed barley fill with boiling water, wrapped the pot with a thick cloth and leave overnight. Add salt, pepper, add any spices prohibited, otherwise the whole effect of the diet is reduced to zero. To eat this mess need four times a day, evenly distributing portions. If you suddenly feel an irresistible hunger, allowed to drink kefir one percent, but not more than one liter per day.

Monodiet on rice

Figure valuable because it displays the body of salt slags and other harmful substances. For monodiets best brown rice, cook it without salt and spices, lightly bringing to readiness. In this mono-diet can drink apple juice (preferably freshly squeezed), and with a strong hunger allowed to eat a couple of green apples.

Kefir monodiet

If you are going to stick kefir diet for a week, it is best to add to the diet of a few vegetables and fruits. The exception is potatoes, bananas and grapes - these foods contain too many calories. As for the yogurt, then the diet is suitable for one percent, half to two liters a day. Of course, no sugar, and the more starchy foods - or fermenting in the stomach starts. Drinking plain water is possible and necessary, but the coffee and black tea is better to abstain.

But mono-diet is not the only way to lose weight in a week to ten kilograms. Finally, we offer you a very hearty and tasty diet based on vegetable soups.

Vegetable soup diet

Boil the vegetable soup for a diet is a snap: just take the same vegetables that you put in the soup or soup, but they do not cook meat broth, and plain water. Boil vegetables should be no more than ten minutes, you'll lose all the benefits of the products. The less you put salt in this soup, the faster it will melt hated kilograms (ideally soup is best not to add salt at all). The main charm of this diet is that you can not restrict your diet and eat as much soup as fit (with an eye on a rule not to eat after six, of course).

If at the end of the week you get up on the scales and measurements minus ten kilograms - congratulations, your idea is good! I do not believe it, but now begins the most difficult: to keep the weight and prevent ill-wisher viciously giggle, looking at your growing body. Of course, you want to come back to the death of a beloved dumplings and meatballs, but look in the mirror at her slender figure and think: maybe it's worth a little more patience for the sake of the harmony, which you have worked so hard?

 How to quickly lose weight by 10 kg per week

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