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It offers modern women given a great many both trendy and traditional diets proven experts and scientific areas, methods of weight loss. However, it now goes a unique way of dealing with the extra inches that does not work on the principle of limiting the consumption of food does not reduce everything to counting calories, which is a basic requirement in virtually every diet. This method - diet blood group 1 positive or negative, observing certain nuances depending on the type of blood. Recently, this method of dealing with excess weight trying to take off the label and the term "diet", as it is more like a streamlined, balanced way of eating. Stick to it will not be difficult, not only in the long term, but also throughout life.

But what caused the hype surrounding diet based on blood type? The concept of building diet has laid down a provision on the need to include those foods that were used by people at the time, when there was a particular group of blood in a historical context. Remarkably, this effective method of struggle for the ideal figure found a number of clinical and medical evidence, perhaps more than any other.

Diet for blood group 1 focused on increasing metabolism, resulting in weight loss process is done in a natural way, without abrupt hormonal failure. It is also clinically proven that this diet has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, promotes the development of natural microflora, and even strengthens the immune system and increases the body's defenses. In some cases there is the disappearance of allergic diseases and pathologies of the skin, there is a natural purification of the body, optimizing the operation of all organs and systems against a background of rapid weight loss without risk to health. After all, the diet can not be reduced to a minimum and is not limited to the use of any one type of product, observed a balance of nutrients and trace elements in the body.

Diet for blood group I and slimming

Giving preference to a particular type of diet, a woman necessarily expects to receive immediate and achieve the desired result - weight loss. As mentioned above, the method of dealing with the extra centimeters of blood group does not provide intense, herculean exercise, a lady who elect for himself such a diet will not feel discomfort provoked by hunger. The menu is so that the body itself, without too much effort will be to get rid of toxins.

Among nutritionists to classify the blood of the concept. If we talk about the first group, the experts call it the "hunter". Historically, this group is the most ancient diet of that time consisted of protein foods, especially meat. If you believe the research, people with this blood group has a strong digestive system and high metabolism. Therefore, there are all the makings to quickly and permanently lose the extra inches in the waist area.

The essence of the diet for blood group 1 is positive and negative in the long term - it's not a marathon week of intensive weight-loss, which is rapidly remind of itself, but a way of life. The menu should be respected more than one week, but then the body will go into preset mode, the operation of all organs optimized and do not have to radically reshape eating habits. People with first blood at all respond to the crisis a sharp change in products that can immediately put in gastritis and high acidity. Diet for blood group 1 negative or positive will take place with greater efficiency and noticeable help to lose weight if you follow some of the recommendations in the diet.

  • The high protein content in the diet. Diet for blood group 1 (positive and negative) simply must include a protein, a protein food. The ideal in this case are such foods: meat (nutritionists recommend to refrain from just pork fat), are also good seafood and any fish. To improve the metabolism of the liver is bound to have.
  • Particular attention should be paid during dieting for the first group of rhesus negative blood cereals. Paradoxically, but it is necessary to limit the use of oatmeal, wheat, wheat flour products. Acceptable use all kinds of beans and buckwheat. This rule applies to diet for the first group of rhesus positive blood.
  • Experts point out that the diet should be categorically excluded cabbage, broccoli and other than color, to abstain from corn and flour products from it, to avoid various kinds of preservatives, marinades and sauces.
  • People who follow the diet for blood group 1, it is necessary to use herbal drinks, such as soothing chamomile, Shalfeeva, extracts of valerian, or rose, green tea, lime drink, does not prohibit the use of red wines. You can not abuse the strong drink, such as coffee, because it is a stimulant, which can cause increased appetite.
  • For the diet for blood group 1 positive rhesus provides enrichment menu foods that contain large amounts of iodine, such as sea kale, for optimal performance of the endocrine system need to include iodized salt.
  • With regard to the specific vitamin supplements and minerals, it is best to focus on taking vitamins B, can also enrich the body with iodine and manganese, potassium and calcium.
  • Diet for blood group 1 negative suggests stimulation of thyroid hormones. This will ensure these types of products, such as radishes, turnips, radishes, daikon - they are rich in enzymes, increasing the amount of the hormone. For a more comfortable use to drink their juice with celery root and carrots.

Diet for blood group I and the table for the optimal diet

 blood group diet 1

Nutritionists have developed a special classification of products, and also set their effectiveness in reducing the weight. For convenience, all this took shape in the table, so women who are going to resort to the method of correction of weight using this method, must necessarily find a list of these products. Diet for blood group 1 table is based on two main categories: products that are able to increase the weight, if necessary, while the second category includes a menu that will effectively lose the annoying extra centimeters in the waist area. Let's try to read out the menu, which may inadvertently contribute to the accelerated growth of weight.

Slow metabolism, reduce the effective action of insulin wheat and maize, and all their derivatives, such as flour products. Diet for the first group of blood positive Rh prohibits the consumption of lentils and cereals, they provoke depression hormone internal secretion of the thyroid gland, which in turn can lead to the development of diabetes, and so he immediately be apparent not only in the excess weight, but also to undermine health . Experts say that diet for the first negative blood group should also follow these rules.

If we take into consideration of dairy products in this category will not appear any kind of useful product for people with first blood. This is due to the fact that it is practically not absorbed, but only upset the established work of the body, zashlakovyvaya it. It is very harmful curds, practically all kinds of hard and soft cheeses, it should be said that some less harmful is the mozzarella, yogurt, and ice cream. Periodically allowed to include in the menu soft cheeses such as feta, cheese or butter.

Some vegetables included in the diet for blood group 1, the table is positioned as harmful: Avocado, a traditional potato, cabbage and olives. They are rich in carbohydrates and various fats, and a method of combating obesity by the first group of blood should be based on the protein and protein food. If you touch the plant oils, it adds weight to the number of rank oil pistachios, olives, as mentioned above, the peanut crop is allowed to consume moderate amounts of sunflower oil.

Diet for blood group 1 identifies a number of products that provide early weight gain from the category of fruit and juice made from them. These include, for example, citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines and grapefruit, eating melons can be pretty soon increase the weight, respectively, from the orange juice takes a similar effect. Cabbage juice should not be included in the diet. All this is due to the fact that they stimulate the stomach secrete juices food. A person with first blood group is clearly begins to feel hunger and strive to eat, and they slow down the metabolism, disrupt metabolism.

Products for weight loss and diet on blood group

However, diet by blood group 1 table includes a list of products that are a natural way, even if consumed in large quantities, eliminating excess weight, eliminate the toxins and increases the efficiency of all systems of the body. For example, an indispensable source of vitamins B is the liver, this group of vitamins beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It is also important to eat red meat diet for the first group of blood, especially rhesus negative is focused on a protein, so it is important to enter the menu and seafood as well as fish meat, preferably low-fat varieties.

If you are targeting the consumption of meat, then let it be lamb, beef, lamb or calf, avoid pork, bacon fat, as well as semi-finished products in the form of sausages. Marine same products that will bring a female figure to ideal parameters should include white fish: halibut, cod, sardines or tuna, and red represented salmon, pink salmon. As for squid and shrimp, the data types is included in the menu, only intermittently.

Vegetables and fruits that reduce centimeters in the diet for the first negative blood type must be present are: prunes, perfect fresh plums, various kinds of dried fruits in large quantities can be consumed broccoli, spinach, artichokes. They stimulate the stomach, which immediately improves metabolism and allows you to quickly lose weight.

Important to remember that the diet chosen based on blood group - it does not sprint, but a marathon kind of protracted, which turned into a way of life. This way of dealing with excess weight is very effective, but to treat it should consciously abide by all recommendations for a long time to form a habit, and then coveted extra weight will be reset, and the figure will acquire attraction lines.

 Diet for blood group 1. Lose weight effectively and easily

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