Diet 3 negative blood group

Today, there are a great many methods for correction and control of overweight .  While experts can offer both innovative techniques, built on the latest scientific research, and the whole program for weight loss, time-tested, statistically confirming its effectiveness .  There is also a special category of new-fangled diets that promise rapid weight loss, but as a rule, these methods can carry some risk for the health of the body .  Nutritionists recently pay attention to women who want to reduce their volumes, on a diet of blood group .  They emphasize that the weight loss in this case is carried out in a natural way, without violence on the body .  Diet 3 negative blood group - the subject matter of this article, which is the fullest inform about the features of the metabolism of people with a third group of blood .  And talk about the correct diet and specific recommendations on drawing up the menu for the effective loss of excess weight .

First of all, it is important to note that this means for the correction of weight can be compared to a long-term marathon, this diet is not designed for short periods, for which the weight loss to happen, but the body would go into stress, shock. In contrast, a diet for the third group of blood - it's a lifestyle, habitual attitudes and beliefs that a person must be observed throughout life.

On what is the principle of weight loss with this method? First of all, it is the acceleration of metabolism, as well as optimization of all organ systems, removal of toxins and cleansing of the body, increase immunity and resistance. That is the way to reduce centimeters at the waist works comprehensively, without aggressive human exposure, therefore the body does not feel the state of shock, lack of necessary substances and trace elements, on the contrary, the diet is very varied and balanced, without the forced calorie counting and mono-menu.

Diet for a third group of blood - the general recommendations on the menu

Experts in the field of dietetics informal name given to people who have a third group of blood - the nomads, as this group was formed during the time of mass migration and displacement, now it's about 20% of the total population. Scientific evidence shows that this type of person has high flexibility, good adaptability and adaptability to a constantly changing environment, they are perfectly rearranged to a new diet and diet is usually effective and permanently shed excess weight. The strongest parties that have people with this blood type are high immunity and stability of the nervous system, but most often they are exposed to such a dangerous endocrine diseases such as diabetes.

Experts in medicine and nutrition, based on research compiled a list of foods that should be the foundation, the basis of the diet for the third group krovi.Takzhe neutral products have been identified, the use of which will not lead to risk and weight gain. Nutritionists have established those food components, which should be avoided in the preparation of their menu, because they are able to reduce the metabolism disorder and the systems of the most important organs. This in turn necessarily entails growth and weight gain, but when you consider that people with a third group of blood are subject to diabetes, it can be assumed that obesity is sure to provoke the appearance of the disease.

Consider the basic guidelines to help rather adapt to the new menu, as well as contribute to the speedy process of weight loss and overall improvement of the human body.

  • The diet is based on the combined power, what does that mean? First of all, the diet should be as balanced consisting of animal proteins and proteins and fats. Paradoxically, but it is necessary to exclude dietary chicken, turkey. The menu should abound in fruits and vegetables, dairy products, but eat food is moderately small portions intermittently for 3 hours.
  • Experts on the basis of recent studies have established a special category of foods, which not only allows you to not gain extra kilos, but even actively and effectively lose weight. If the daily menu includes eggs, liver, especially good beef, veal and green salads, as well as licorice root and soy - this will help speed up your metabolism and lose weight naturally.
  • The basis of the menu for the "nomads" have become the products of each group of diet if protein, meat diet, it is best suited veal, beef and rabbit meat diet. It is important to periodically include dairy products: cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt are allowed, for example, for people with first blood dairy prohibited. The body should receive and vegetable fats in the form of oils: olive, sunflower and flax oil. Pamper yourself cereals can be any other than buckwheat.
  • For a diet of 3 negative blood group it is recommended to completely abandon the use of maize as well as to avoid buckwheat, nuts, especially peanuts. These products, reduce the efficiency of metabolic processes of the body, and reduce production of insulin, in turn, entails hypoglycemia, swelling and water retention, weight gain. Reduce metabolism can and wheat, as well as bakery products out of it, because people with 3 blood group digested very long and hard, because of this happening slagging of the body and the deposition of fat in it, for a diet of 3 blood group negative, it is important to refrain from any seafood limit consumption of fish.

 diet for blood group 3

The diet of the third group of blood, say nutritionists

For people whose blood group was formed during numerous migrations, a great role in the process of weight loss plays a liquid, so nutritionists have identified those drinks that would normalize the metabolism and metabolic processes in the body, thus could help weight control. It is important to use green tea daily for its cleansing properties, as well as herbal teas and infusions, for example, licorice or ginseng, raspberry leaf, and sage. It enriches the body and accelerates the exchange process cranberry juice, cabbage pickle, combined with cucumber juice. But tomato drink, as are tomatoes, nutritionists do not recommend drinking. If a person is given the aim is not only to adjust the shape and lose weight, but also improve your health, it is important to develop the habit indulge in sodas.

Despite the high degree of a balanced diet, i.e. enrichment of the organism as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, diet involves some limitations in the menu in this connection, experts recommend to use complex supporting vitamins and minerals. For example, magnesium and magnesium-containing foods, such as legumes, dried fruits, filberts and walnuts indispensable on the table, according to nutritionists, is soy. Speed ​​up the metabolism and energy supply will be able to give cocoa.

Due to the high risk of multiple sclerosis people with a third group of blood must enrich your body lecithin actively eating egg yolk, it is important to pay special attention to soya lecithin. Specialists in nutrition have a special role in the soy diet "nomads", as it optimizes the operation of all organ systems, clearing them from slagging, thereby providing rapid weight loss, rich in lecithin, sunflower oil, you can pamper yourself occasionally seeds. Nutritionists recommend to enrich the diet of foods containing vitamins D and B.

And now try to classify foods according to their usefulness and effectiveness to accelerate weight loss.

  • The most useful food experts say losing weight beef, veal, lamb, as well as the liver. A frequent guest on the table "nomadic" should be low-fat varieties of fish, such as tuna, sardines, flounder, very good to eat from time to time with her cod liver. From dairy products it is permissible to use any, but preferably with a low-fat: cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and milk. Types of legumes, such as beans, peas, chickpeas, accelerate metabolism. Because fruits and vegetables can be everything except tomatoes, corn, and fatty olives, coconut with peanuts.
  • Prohibited products are considered fatty fish, such as herring, mackerel, and seafood, such as shrimp, squid and various shellfish. Nutritionists prohibit their menu include pork and chicken, as well as limit the amount of duck. From cereals are not recommended to eat buckwheat. Limit consumption of wheat and bakery products.

It is important to remember that the diet is based, taking into account the blood group does not imply identity of digestive features of a single person, so for the safety of its own body, and to achieve good results it is important to consult a dietitian. However, the method of correction of weight with this diet is one of the most gentle, focused not only on reducing the volume, but also on general health, metabolism acceleration, optimization of organ systems, purification and as a result, rejuvenation of the body. The main thing that a man took a habit to eat healthy and suitable for its physiological indicators food, then the body does not experience the shock and quickly lose weight naturally.

 Diet for blood group 3 - balanced diet for weight loss

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