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Experts in the field of nutrition, more time is devoted to the study of such a popular method of correction of excess weight as a dietary menu, built with the blood group. This way of dealing with the extra centimeters actively began to study nutrition even in the XX century, but now considerably further advanced studies, and blood group diet has become a highly effective, comprehensive method to quickly and safely lose weight. Diet for blood group 4 positive and negative - a great alternative to all the newfangled ways to lose weight, because its effectiveness is confirmed by medical research and statistics, but in order to achieve truly long-term and stable reduction of weight, you need to diet menus become a habit and became a belief system on health and nutrition.

Experts in the field of nutrition claim that the loss of kilograms with the help of this method is carried out naturally, without violence to the body through a starvation diet for the fourth group of blood - a topic of discussion in this article, which is intended to inform about the features of the metabolic processes of people with this blood type. There is described a dietary ration that effectively adjust the weight and improve the body as a whole.

Experts in the field of dietary immediately make a reservation, that diet for the fourth blood group will be a success only if the patient is guided by long-term, that is actually the method of struggle for a beautiful figure should turn into a healthy lifestyle, regular habit of eating right. Through this body does not fall into stress, shock, such as a subject of extreme three-day diets that violate aggressive metabolic processes and the work of disintegrating.

The elements of the principle of the diet for the fourth blood group? This, of course, accelerate the flow of metabolic processes, cleansing the body by freeing it from toxins, optimization of enforcement, strengthening the resilience of the immune system. It is a complex effect on the body not only in the short term to get rid of annoying kilograms, but the main thing that a man who observes a diet diet, will not experience hunger and stress due to optimal balance of food. Due to all these factors, blood group diet 4 receives the most positive reviews.

Diet for the fourth group of blood - the basic principles of the diet

Meals composed by blood, was developed MD D'Amo, according to his theory, about 8% of the world population have a fourth type of blood, nutritionists informally classify it as a "mixed type". It is believed that this blood group resulted from the merger of blood groups A and B. The fourth group of blood is considered to be the youngest in the context of evolution, experts say that thanks to the merger of the two types of people with a group of 4 to combine the strengths and weaknesses. The body of such individuals have a good immune system, adaptation to changes in the diet that can provide effective weight loss, but at the same time sensitive digestive system and gastrointestinal tract, which must take into account the diet for a group of four negative blood. Menu must be built so as to avoid anemia, which also threatens people with this blood group.

Experts in the field of diet, based on research identified a list of products, the use of which leads to the involuntary, natural weight loss, they should be basic daily daily diet. And also compiled a list of the food, the use of which may lead to a decrease in metabolic rate, and all metabolic processes, therefore, entail obesity. Nutritionists recommend avoiding these food components in the preparation of the menu on the blood group. The following are recommendations that could help as soon as possible to adapt to the new human diet, as well as products needed for blood group diet 4 positive.

  • For people with a "mixed type" blood experts on nutrition selected diet based compound of blood groups A and B, but the difficulty is that, for example, meat consumption in such people is difficult because of the reduced acidity on the basis of groups A, but at the same time they can adapt to the type B, which is omnivorous, but the consumption of meat is accompanied by a small fat deposits.
  • For the diet for blood group 4 negative and positive orientation to a vegetable diet, and tofu as a substitute for animal protein.
  • People with "mixed 4 types" should be carefully administered to the menu such products: buckwheat, corn, and its flour and beans, although the cultures are an ideal food for the blood group A, but the genes in type respond to them decrease insulin that turn affects the flow rate of metabolic processes. On this basis, nutritionists recommend to avoid or limit the consumption of buckwheat, corn, beans, another important thing to remember about the dangers of wheat gluten although it is not as dangerous as blood type 0 and B, but in order to prevent obesity, it is important to eliminate it.
  • Moderate mixed diet should be based on such basic products: meat, particularly rabbit, turkey and dietary proteins lamb. Consumption of low-fat varieties of fish is allowed, but the seafood is better to exclude from the main menu. Sour milk products and cheeses perfectly assimilated by people with 4 blood group, saturating the body with essential amino acids, fatty. These products naturally increase the rate of flow of metabolism, as completely and quickly absorbed, without delay after the slag itself, by virtue of this diet have blood group 4 reviews and opinions are positive.
  • Moderate mixed blood group diet 4 negative should include mandatory fruits and vegetables, however, due to the delicate mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, they should not be overly acidic, so it is important to rule out tomatoes, hot peppers, corn, all kinds of citrus and and pineapples and their juices. To increase metabolic processes and, consequently, lose weight, you can use peanuts and walnuts, of course, eating them in moderation.

 blood group diet negative 4

Diet for the fourth group of blood - draw up menu

If the above are only the most general terms that are familiar with the peculiarities of blood and necessary for effective weight loss menu, it will continue to address the specific food options that can both speed up the process of losing weight, and slow it down. Therefore, experts have developed a weight-loss diet for blood group 4 table products. Let's start with the meat.

Harmful nutritionists recognize the pork, beef, veal, meat and offal of ducks and chicken. In general, nutritionists advise to limit the use of by-products and, as the liver or the heart, because the low level of acidity of the gastrointestinal tract does not give them rapidly and completely absorbed, contaminating organism slags.

Meat varieties such as the lamb and rabbit should be included in the daily diet, since scientific studies prove that they are easily absorbed by the body, as well as diet and the meat of turkey and lamb.

Experts in the field of weight loss claim that the blood group diet 4 should have a positive menu without a number of marine products.   For example, such as herring fresh and salt, anchovies, halibut and redfish, is excluded from the diet, and flounder, as well as crabs, shrimp and shellfish.

However, most types of seafood and fish is allowed in daily use, such as tuna, sturgeon species of salmon, helps speed up the metabolism of the cod and its liver, useful for the organism mackerel, as well as the usual pike, periodically may be included in the diet of carp fillets and mussels .

Dairy products - a category that for the most part allowed to eat, but should avoid butter, Parmesan cheese and hot Bree, who is able to irritate the delicate mucous membrane of the stomach. Unique blood group diet 4, a table of products designed specifically for her, only accentuates this.

Kefir, a variety of yogurts, cottage cheese, low-fat, low-fat sour cream, processed cheese - all dairy products rather quickly digested and are a good source of calcium and beneficial amino acids.

It is easy in the diet for blood group positive 4 menu enrich cereals, because it is important to exclude the use of a buckwheat and corn flakes, these crops may simply provoke hypoglycemia, arresting the production of insulin, and eventually lead to diabetes. But the other cereals, such as oatmeal, rice, millet, barley, soy flakes can be consumed daily.

As already mentioned above in passing, it is important to eliminate the vegetable crops such as tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, especially sharp, saturated fats avocado, corn, and to refrain from any kind of beans are also not recommended to use the olives.

But the eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers with beetroot - speed up metabolism, easily assimilated and lead to natural purification of the body and, therefore, effective weight loss.

It is worth noting that a diet built on the basis of blood groups is not strictly individual, this menu is made up of more general physiological parameters, in view of this rate of weight loss is best held under the supervision of a nutritionist. However, the correction weight using this method has proved to be highly effective statistically, so many experts on diet food often recommend it to their patients because it also heals the body, cleansing, enhancing the protective functions of the body, optimizing the operation of all organ systems and speeding up metabolism.

 Diet for blood group 4: select the right menu

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