soup diet

The secret of our diet - a magic vegetable soup diet. In one of his serving contains only 200 calories and satiety is preserved almost the whole day. It turns out a miracle soup diet, which eat only once a day, but enough, all you like. Therefore boil a large pot, just 7 days. All the rest of the stove in the kitchen should remain cold - do not cook anything else.

However, in addition to soup, you can include in your diet cold snacks and sandwiches - a further 2 snack. After all, sometimes we do not feel hungry, but we just need something to chew on. Yet daily nutritional value of food should not exceed 800 calories. In this case, you will lose weight by 3 kg per week.

The success of a diet depends not only on personal motivation, but also on whether chosen time for its start. In no case do not sit on a diet, if you just had a cold or quit smoking if you're in trouble and you are under stress, as well as if soon to begin menstruating.

  Recipe for vegetable soup

In the vegetable soup for weight loss, you will need: 500g white cabbage, 2 sweet peppers, 250 g green celery, 3 onions, 250 g carrots, 1 cube of vegetable broth, soy sauce.

  1. Finely chop the vegetables and cook for about 45 minutes in the pan with the lid closed.
  2. Add a cube of vegetable broth and cook for another 10 minutes until tender.
  3. Season with soy sauce.
  4. Cool and store the resulting miracle slimming soup in the refrigerator.

Reheat the soup as much as you can eat at one time.

Of what constitutes a 800 kcal per day: breakfast - 250, cold appetizer - 350 vegetable soup diet - 200 kcal.


If you do not like a dish offered in the diet, replace it with any other, approximately equal to the caloric content.

Every morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar. It stimulates metabolism and digestion.

By following a diet, try to move as much as possible. The more you are occupied, the less will be thinking about food.

Drink 2 - 2, 5 liters of mineral water a day. Also useful herbal teas. The more you consume the liquid, the faster losing weight.

In the morning you are all annoying and nothing in my mouth will not go? Then you can, for example, for breakfast eat only apples, and later bite a sandwich with cheese.

Vegetable soup diet you can eat and at lunch and in the evening, as you prefer. If you work, you can pour the soup in a thermos and take it with you to work.

The slower you chew, the longer and then you do not feel hunger.

If you're really suffering without the sweet, grab a piece of stale black bread and chew it until it does not seem like a sweet.

 vegetable soup for weight loss

Menu for the week (snacks, in addition to the soup)

  1. First denZavtrak. Bun with cheese and kiwi. Cut in half a muffin with bran (45 g), spread one half of butter, put a slice of cheese (30 grams - use low-fat cheese with 20 to 30 percent) and sliced ​​kiwi fruit slices. Cover with the second half rolls.

    Cold snack - sandwich with salmon. 2 slices of black bread (45 g) Butter (10g), put 1 lettuce and 50 g of red fish (salmon, salmon). Together with a sandwich eat one apple.

  2. Second denZavtrak. Toast with jam. Toast in a toaster 2 slices of bread with butter a. On a toast Spread 1 teaspoon of jam and another eat 1 apple.

    Cold snack - sandwich with cheese and tomatoes. 2 slices of bread flour with bran Butter. On one slice, place a lettuce leaf, 2 chopped tomatoes (100 g) and a slice of cheese. The second slice of the top cover.

  3. Third denZavtrak. Bread with egg and cucumber 2 slices of bread with butter a. Boil hard boiled egg 1, cut into slices and cucumber with slices (250g) Spread on bread. 0, 5 sweet peppers cut into cubes. You can sprinkle with chopped green onion bread.

    Cold snack - toast with ham. Toast in a toaster 2 slices of bread from wheat flour with bran. On a toast Butter, put 2 slices lean ham (50g). Put sliced ​​cucumber (250 g) in the ham and cover with second toast.

  4. Fourth denZavtrak. Sandwich with vegetables 2 slices of bread with toast in a toaster. 75 g carrots, 50 g onion, 75 g of pepper, 50 g of cheese finely chop and mix with 1 teaspoon of yogurt. Put on a slice of bread and cover with another slice.

    Cold snack - sandwich with egg. 2 slices of bread from wheat flour with bran Butter. Top with 2 leaf lettuce. Hard-boiled egg cut into slices. Put all the bread, sprinkle with green onions on top. For snack you can add 1 small apple.

  5. Fifth denZavtrak. Bun with banana. 1 muffin with raisins cut in half. Spread one half with oil. 1 small banana (150 g), clean, cut into slices. Put on a roll and cover the other half.

    Cold snack - sandwich with red fish. 1 bran muffin cut in half and spread with oil. On one half put the 2 leaf lettuce, onions, cut into rings, finely chopped dill, salt salmon slice (50 g).

  6. Sixth denZavtrak. Bread with cheese and paprika 2 slices of bread from wheat flour with bran Butter. Top with a slice of cheese (30 g) g i75 pepper.

    Cold snack - toast with ham. Toast in a toaster 2 slices of bread from wheat flour with bran, smear them with oil. Cut into slices and 1 tomato slice with cooked ham put on toast. Top cover with a toast.

  7. Seventh denZavtrak. Snack with turkey 2 slices of bread Butter. On one slice, place 2 leaf lettuce and 70 g of smoked turkey breast. Cut 1 orange kiwi u1, spread on bread and cover with a second slice.

    Cold snack - cheese sandwich. Toast 2 slices of toast from wheat flour with bran Butter. A bunch of radishes and onions cut into slices. On a toast to put the 2 leaf lettuce, vegetables and a slice of cheese (50 g). Cover with another toast.

 Soup diet. Lose excess

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 how to gain weight girl

At the time, all around desperately trying to lose weight, to many girls there is a problem of insufficient weight. The question of how to gain weight girl, so many worries today. The lack of weight - it's bad, it affects almost all aspects of the life of a young person, makes her feel not like it. The most terrible consequences that can cause lack of weight is the loss of reproductive function in women, is for all the ladies key.

As soon as the girl underweight menstruation disappears, it must urgently be examined by doctors, start a fight with the problem, otherwise she runs the risk of simply remain fruitless. It is better not to wait for the occurrence of such acute situations and to solve the problem when it is in its infancy. It is necessary to monitor their weight regularly examined by specialists. Then the question of how to gain weight fast girl form figure is no longer as sharp for you.

You do not sit on a diet, exercise, plenty of rest and productive, and the weight continues to go?

Immediately contact a doctor! In your body there was a serious failure, cope with whom you will only be a specialist. No need to search for the cause of this condition, because you still can not define it. Weight loss can be caused by allergies as a normal and serious tumor diseases, disorders of the endocrine system of humans.

You - what you eat

Try a few days to write down everything that you eat and then, how much food you consume. Be sure to consider all meals, even the smallest bite. At the end of every day counts how many grams of food you eat during the day.

Note that for one meal you should consume at least 700 grams of food, and it is for the fluid: soups, teas, drinks.

Now you can make a conclusion that a cause of such rapid weight loss. If breakfast or lunch, for dinner, you eat at least 700 grams, it is likely that the main reason is the thinness of your usual malnutrition. If you eat more than 700 grams, with the help of a specialist, try to analyze the amount of protein in your daily diet as well as their quality.

Do you know why the little kids grow up so fast and well gain weight? Because the baby eats during the day is the amount of milk, which by weight is equal to 1/5 of its mass.

 how to gain weight fast girl form figure

  Eat right is very important

If you are concerned about the issue. how to gain weight in a week the girl, pay attention to what you eat, when. In order to quickly gain weight, try to eat more than three times a day. It is important not to consume food on the run, and sitting in a cozy room in a relaxed atmosphere. Very often, a state of nervous excitement provokes exhaustion, and poor digestion. So if every day you tense, full of constant worries and hassles, try to at least have dinner in a nice atmosphere.

First and foremost include in your daily diet of foods in which a lot of protein, do not overdo foods with high fat content. So if you eat only the fat, you will not only greatly undermine your health, but also seriously disrupt the digestive process in your body, greatly grow fat. You must not cause harm to your body, and just type the missing kilos.

Every day, try to eat:

  • Sour cream 25 percent fat. If you have an opportunity somewhere to buy a real sour cream made from natural cream, eat it. This cream is very easily absorbed by the body, it is not harmful to human health, but it saturates the proteins and fats that are useful for life;
  • Flour products - fried and baked. Eat the cakes and pastries, cakes, cookies. Do not forget the soft buns, croissants. From drinks to prefer tea and fruit compote, fruit drinks;
  • Fig. It is believed that the rice is contained in an increased amount of calories, especially if it is cooked meat broth or milk. Try to pamper yourself more often pilaf. This dish contains all the most necessary components to human health, contributing to a very rapid weight gain.
  • Butter, which is very well absorbed by the human body, contains in its composition a lot of nutrients and vitamin substances;
  • Milk. It is advisable to drink three glasses of milk a day. Thus you will saturate your body with calcium. Prefer not skim milk moloku.Zhirnoe very conducive to weight gain;
  • Kashi. All cereals, cooked in milk, is a real storehouse of nutrients and minerals. The fine meal, contribute to weight gain - milk porridge, seasoned with a piece of butter. Fortunately, today the stores represented a truly wide range of different cereals;
  • Fruit. Prefer only "severe" fruit. Try to eat as many melons and bananas, mangoes and apricots, persimmons. Contained in the composition of these fruits vitamins and minerals will promote good digestion, due to their high calorie content, you will gain weight;
  • Fruit juices with pulp. If you are at every meal food juice drink, you saturate your body with a significant amount of calories;
  • Meat. Make sure to have in your daily diet was beef, pork or lamb. Meat is an excellent source of protein, so necessary for you;
  • Sweets: candies and chocolate. Eat them with cocoa or tea, and then very soon you will finally notice the new centimeters in the waist;
  • Bread. Try now everything is the bread and let it be your rule;
  • Vegetables: potatoes, zucchini, beets, pumpkin, squash. Add them in every meal that you cook.

Try often to cook in the pot, then the food will not evaporate and is very well absorbed.

Another useful piece of advice:

Buy for infant formula and drink it throughout the day instead of milk. Products for children perfectly contribute to weight gain.

Choose the right diet

Of course, you can name a lot of foods that should be included in your daily diet if you want to dial ves.Zdes lists only the most basic products. Composing your diet every day, choose only those foods that you love. Let the food intake will be for you an enjoyable process!

If you eat a lot, but do not see any results, please refer to specialists. Perhaps they will be able to identify any latent disease that you are suffering. One such disease can be opistorhoz that burns inside human. With this disease must be fought, no high-calorie diet will not help you get rid of it.

Do not forget to play sports

Try to do the exercises that help to enhance muscle man. For the most part, these exercises should be designed to increase the muscles in her arms and thighs, legs, chest. If you wish, you can even use steroids. With their help you will be able to gain weight, while maintaining excellent physical shape.

If you have the opportunity to hire a professional coach. It will be for you an individual training program will ensure that you have completed all the exercises correctly.

 How to gain weight girl eating properly

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