they do not gain weight during the holidays

New Year's Day ... What damage they cause to our figure! And a few months worth dedication to count calories, torture yourself to exercise, then to dial weekly limit in one sitting at the banquet table? How not to gain weight during the holidays, when the tables groaning with food? Is not it better to rename these days of festivities in the drinking? Chew muesli, at a time when everyone else eat the third portion of lamb leg with garlic sauce? Maybe even invented holidays as a test of our willpower, and only their meaning - to show how many temptations before we will be able to stand? Calm down. No force will not make you better. We'll give you a few simple tips on how not to gain weight during the holiday season.

  1. December 31 do not break the habitual diet. Abandoning breakfast or lunch, you probably eat too much for the gala dinner. So stock up in advance calories during light and healthy breakfast and dinner, and never go to visit on an empty stomach. Pamper yourself to a delicious and healthy food for the last day of the year. Let your holiday will start in the morning! And before the feast, eat kiwi or apple. You can drink a glass of juice, milk or tea, green is better. This will save you from a night of gluttony.
  2. Be sure to wear a dress on a figure. Such clothing unconsciously disciplines. If you are not completely satisfied with its proportions - it's not a reason to put on a volume hoodie, hide your dignity. Any stylist will tell you that the most profitable silhouette for "mouth-watering" ladies - semilying when the outlines of the figures are guessed under the clothes, but at the same time are not clearly visible. This silhouette will not let others mind you add extra weight and you control the amount eaten.
  3. At the table at a family celebration or a party just try the special holiday meals and do not eat everyday. Chocolate or a handful of nuts can be eaten at any time. But aspic, goose with apples, or my mother's "signature" cake can be tasted only at the feast. And remember, the first piece of the most delicious. At fifth cookie taste is the same as the first. So better try and not to load.
  4. Why in the cold winter night, we deprive ourselves of the pleasure sweet sleep, but instead go somewhere on the road in the cold? To eat? No! For the sake of communicating with friends. Let us for the New Year table to talk more, brag about achievements and share plans for the future, generously handing out compliments to each other. And let no time for talk is not something that the plate in the second round to fill, and impaled on a fork piece into the mouth!
  5. Another important factor - alcohol. First, alcohol dehydrates, and secondly, it violates self-control, so "under a glass" is easily unnoticed overeat. Sometimes a beer or glass of wine is enough to get you turned astray. Third, a tremendous amount of calories alcohol. Limit your intake of alcohol, you are "saved" from hundreds of calories: in a glass of wine contains more than 100 calories in a glass of hot grog - almost 400, the same as in a piece of cake. If you do not want to give up alcohol, diluted with water or juice cocktails or alternate one alcoholic drink with two soft.
  6. When visiting, you suddenly notice that you eat too much, try to escape. Walk through the apartment, enjoy the holiday decorations, go to a friend who is not currently eat. And even better - to arrange entertainment. Dancing, walking in the fresh air, launching fireworks, playing snowballs - a very timely feint and a real escape from the gastronomic temptations.

Still plagued by the question of how not to gain weight during the holiday season? We hope you have realized that prevention is much more effective than fighting the effects of a celebratory feast. Happy New Year!

 How not to gain weight during the holiday season

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 fluid diet

The dream of many people suffering from excess weight - lose weight with minimal effort. This has produced a furor in his time in the US liquid diet, which is without prejudice to the health help say goodbye to excess weight. Once this diet was the domain expensive spa-salons, held in the strictest confidence, and was available only to the powers that be and the stars. Many years later, this diet has reached ordinary citizens, and thousands of women of all countries and continents covered "virus slimming", passed it and achieved stunning results.

Features and rules of diet

The diet of this diet includes only liquid food .  Stomach rests, will work exclusively kidneys and liver, esophagus, gradually narrowed, and it means that at the end of the diet stomach longer simply can not, and does not want to "eat" the myriad of food, which he had used to absorb .  Fed comes first, and the appetite nakonets then bounces back! So do not be afraid - the lost weight will not return .  And do not worry - all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients you get .  For example, in a glass compote calories as much as in 200g of mashed potatoes, a bowl of soup could replace glass of juice .  This means that the liquid food as ordinary food can be full .  You may ask - is not harmful if the diet? Remember, because at school we were that our body is 70% water, then our duty to give him the liquid .  During the diet you can lose six to fifteen kilograms of weight, and irrevocably and absolutely .  But do not bring to the fanaticism of their fad diets, because after a long decision only liquid food the stomach can "forget" how he was digesting ordinary food .

Terms liquid diet is very simple: replace the usual solid food broths, juices and broths. Follow these simple rules and you will not only get rid of the hated extra kilograms, but your body is cleansed of harmful toxins, and even rejuvenate. The more varied your diet is, the easier and more enjoyable, you will be transferred diet. And do not worry that after the milk will have to drink the juice, and after the juice - soup. Even if your gut, "capricious", this will only benefit and accelerate the process of losing weight.

Diet designed for two weeks (14 days), and then given three days for a gradual exit.


  • Yogurt (1 cup - 10 points)
  • The milk - fat content of not more than 2% (1 cup - 20 points)
  • Oatmeal broth: 0, 5 cups of oatmeal boiled in 1 liter of water and filter (1 cup - 5 points)
  • Vegetable broth without salt (1 cup - 5 points)
  • Vegetable juice, 1: 1 diluted with boiled water (1 cup - 10 points)
  • Fruit juice, 1: 3 diluted with boiled water (1 cup - 20 points)
  • Weak compote with no added sugar (1 cup - 5 points)
  • Of weak broth of lean meat or poultry, filtered and unsalted (1 cup - 20 points)

Start your day with oatmeal broth and yogurt before going to bed is ideal. During the day, it is desirable to drink "the whole list." The volume of liquid with pure water, coffee and tea without sugar - should not exceed 3 liters per day. The total amount of "drunk points" should be in the range 100-130. Eating should be every hour. And do not forget the water! Distribute your diet can be something like this:

  • 8.00 - oatmeal broth
  • 9.00 - vegetable broth
  • 10.00 - glass of pure boiled water
  • 11.00 - fruit juice
  • 12.00 - Milk
  • 13.00 - glass of water
  • 14.00 - compote
  • 15.00 - broth
  • 16.00 - glass of water
  • 17.00 - vegetable juice
  • 18.00 - Milk
  • 19.00 - vegetable broth
  • 20.00 - glass of water
  • 21.00 - yogurt

After the diet is very important to "come out" from it slowly and correctly. It is forbidden to use fatty foods. The use of salt and sugar is allowed only in moderation.

 liquid diet for weight loss

1st day

  • A glass of vegetable puree (carrots or cabbage or potatoes), low-fat yogurt to fill
  • Stewed tomatoes in a small amount, season kefir
  • A glass of boiled carrots, season with a little honey
  • Glass salad of boiled vegetables (beets, potatoes, carrots), season with yogurt
  • A glass of mashed boiled vegetables (squash or cauliflower), season with yogurt

2nd day

  • Glass salad (potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini) or stewed cabbage with carrots, season with yogurt.
  • A glass of semolina or rice porridge with milk or water.
  • A glass of vegetable salad (carrots, beets). Or puree (squash, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes). Season with yogurt. Slice of bread.
  • A glass of vegetable puree (pumpkin, potatoes), fill with milk. A glass of coffee or tea without sugar.
  • A glass of vegetable salad (raw carrots, cabbage), season with honey.

3rd day

  • A glass of buckwheat or semolina in milk. A glass of vegetable broth (cabbage, carrots).
  • Glass salad (potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini). A piece of dried bread.
  • A thick soup (potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, rice or barley, salt, spices to taste).
  • Pistou (color or white cabbage, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, apples, herbs, garlic, lemon peel).
  • A piece of dried bread spread with low-fat cottage cheese. Fresh vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage). A glass of coffee or tea without sugar.

 Rules liquid diet

Pros diet

  • Within 7 days the weight loss of up to 3 kg, which is significantly higher than in the normal diet with approximately the same caloric value.
  • No need to count calories.
  • It does not require material expenditures.
  • Diet is easy to use.
  • As this food is the best suited to enter into a lasting weight loss program.

Cons diet

  • Since diet has a strong diuretic effect, it is recommended to stick to it no more than two weeks.
  • Not recommended diet for people with kidney disease and suffering from gastritis.
  • Diet is forbidden to pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with diabetes.

If you really want to immediately say goodbye to excess weight, the liquid diet for weight loss may be extended, but not more than a month. In this case, the total amount of "points drunk" it is desirable to reduce to 80, and in the evening before you need to eat yogurt salad.

Salad recipe

  • Fresh cabbage chop
  • Carrot Grate
  • Apple slice
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Dried apricots
  • Boiled rice

All ingredients are taken in equal proportions.

1 times a week, eat one banana.

Do not rush, be careful coming out of the diet. Enter familiar foods slowly, eat small meals often, at least 5 times a day. Listen to your well-being.

Of course, extremely difficult to hold on for a whole month without flour, sweet and solenogo.No because the path to harmony is not so simple. The game is worth the candle - those who have tried to imagine the soft version of the liquid diet, lost weight 10-15 kg. And remember the cardinal rule - the desire for an ideal, you should receive only positive emotions. A liquid diet will help you with this. Good luck!

 A liquid diet. To drink or not to drink?

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