diet on porridges

You want to throw a couple of typed "winter" kilograms not harm health? In anticipation of spring, we offer you clean the body, not starving. Diet cereals will help to lose weight quickly and easily.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Cereal products - our faithful helpers in the fight against excess weight. But, it seems, completely forgotten about that the drafters of popular diets that call us to abandon carbohydrate foods. And for good reason. After Carbohydrates strife. Of course, the "bad" carbohydrates, which are abundantly present in donuts and muffins, will bring to no good. But this is not a reason to abandon the "good" carbohydrates, which are the main sources of untreated grain.

Benefits of diet on porridges

Diets based porridges are considered the least harmful and the most beneficial. Want to lose weight? Then choose unrefined grains. Brown and wild rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, barley should form the basis of your diet. Their constituent vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer. And thanks to fiber content, they quickly saturate, thereby saving us from overeating, so not deposited on the hips and waist. Once in our body, grains work as brushes, stimulate the intestine, absorb toxins and wastes, and displays all harmful, including excess cholesterol. Superpoleznye cereals contain mostly complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested, so long energized. Losing the extra kilos is due to two main factors: the activation of digestion and low in fat.

Diet porridge, or as it is called nutritionists: Diet - Six cereals, suitable for everybody who wants to improve their health and to clean your body. Cereals stimulate rejuvenation process, so after a diet based on cereals is greatly improved condition of skin, hair and nails.

 Diet six cereals

Ten-day diet

Diet cereals designed for 10 days. At this time, from your diet will have to exclude meat, poultry, fish, seafood, potatoes, bread, pastries, milk and milk products, butter, sugar and chocolate. Base your diet menu - any cereal, except the manna. Porridge should be prepared on the water, without salt and oil. And in order to provide the body with all the necessary, add to your diet favorite fruit (except bananas and grapes), vegetables, herbs and mushrooms. Kashi need to be alternated as follows:

  • The first day - oatmeal
  • Second day - rice porridge
  • Third Day - buckwheat
  • The fourth day - millet porridge
  • Fifth day - barley porridge
  • Sixth day - barley porridge
  • Seventh day - millet porridge
  • Eighth day - oatmeal
  • The ninth day - rice porridge
  • Tenth day - buckwheat

If you like sweet in the morning, cook yourself a royal mess of rolled oats, dried apricots and fresh apples. You can add honey, vegetable oil and nuts (but only for those who want to get rid of toxins, but not to lose weight). If your goal - to lose weight, and from these goodies on the diet have to give! The number of meals is not limited. Pure water and tea drink may be in any quantity.

Diet cereals transferred easily. Strictly adhering to the diet, you get rid of 5-7 kg is not to the detriment of a beautiful skin and hair. And the abundance of fiber, lack of proteins and fats your body healthier.

 diets based on cereals

Weekly diet

Diet "six cereals" lasts exactly one week. Eat cereals have exclusively. It allowed the use of fresh fruits and vegetables, but in very small quantities. Do not forget to drink clean water - at least two liters, as well as green or herbal tea. Before the diet, it is desirable to clean the intestines (mild laxatives or enemas). Beauty requires sacrifice! Eat porridge should be in sequence, without changing seats, and otherwise change the essence of the diet.

  • The first day - wheat porridge
  • Second day - millet porridge
  • Third day - oatmeal
  • The fourth day - rice porridge
  • Fifth day - barley porridge
  • Sixth day - barley porridge
  • Seventh day - porridge made of a mixture of cereals

Prepare pudding in a special way. In the evening, a glass of pre-washed grits pour three cups of boiling water. Bring to a boil pudding and cook about 5 minutes more. Salt porridge and add in the oil can not be her, but in this case the diet will give the expected results. Porridge wrap in a towel. Your morning porridge is ready. On the last day, all types of cereals are mixed (2 tablespoons) and cook the same way. Quick-cooking cereals are not suitable for this diet. For half an hour before breakfast, do not forget to drink a glass of warm boiled water - and lakomtes to your health!

Diet cereals will get rid of 3-6 kg per week. Repeat diet can be a month.

 For Mom ... Dad ... For diet on porridges

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 Chocolate Diet

For a piece of chocolate you are willing to sacrifice their lives, but are absolutely sure of it fat. Without an invigorating cup of coffee in the morning brain refuses to work, but then you know that coffee increases blood pressure and increases the load on the heart. You will be surprised, but to torture yourself by refusing bittersweet squares and soul warming drink, is no longer needed. Chocolate diet - this is the way for those who, even for a day does not want to deprive yourself of pleasure and at the same time wants to get rid of anguish from at least two or three extra kilos. You will not believe, but the chocolate diet - is not just a tasty title, it really is based on chocolate. Experts have long been put coffee beans and cocoa beans in the service of a slim figure. Ways to lose weight with them a lot - from the simplest to the most exotic.

Paradisaic delight

Contemporary American in anything does not deny, and eats in a year about 14 kg of chocolate, Swiss - about 12 kg, a resident of Albion -10 kg, German - almost 8 kg, slim Japanese woman - 3, 5 kg, the Russian woman loves chocolate, but it consumes just 2, 5 kg .  It is quite a bit - about 8 grams per day .  More we can not afford, because we are afraid to get better .  But chocolate - a storehouse of carbohydrates that promote the production of serotonin and glucose - the energy source .  Serotonin increases vitality, calms the appetite, relieves pain and helps sleep .  If not enough of the hormone - the mood is spoiled, and we instinctively pounces on sweet .  Serotonin levels vary depending on the health status and the time of year .  Its deficit - one of the reasons that in the afternoon, especially in the winter (and also women before menstruation) we are drawn to sweet .  It is known that even a small piece of dark chocolate contains as many flavonoids (which are responsible for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels), as contained in the five cups of tea, six apples, two glasses of red wine or a glass of white twenty-eight .

 chocolate coffee diet

Fragrant Energizer

Coffee drinkers the world, or rather, 2 billion people. It is drunk just black, with milk, cream, ice cream, adding a variety of spices: cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and even black pepper and salt. Coffee - the heart is not the enemy, of course, if you did not drink liter mugs. With moderate use of this divine drink even improves heart function and protects it from diseases. American scientists have shown that a heart-healthy dose - 3-4 cups a day. Drink of ground grains preferably soluble (instant coffee leads to fluid retention in the body, irritates the intestines, stimulates the development of cellulite). And it is better that it was not black, and milk, mitigating the effects of caffeine. Drink to your health!

Incidentally, only one coffee aroma can already lose! Fascinating smell drink impart essential oils. They banish sleep and fatigue, improve mood, and, moreover, exacerbate the reaction and increase the attention. The caffeine in coffee beans, relieves swelling, burns fat, and even fights "orange peel" skin. Coffee contains a range of macro- and microelements: manganese, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamins A, D, R. Due to the mild laxative and diuretic effect of coffee helps cleanse the body of toxins, providing a mild detox effect. There are beans and coffee oil, which improves skin condition. Not surprisingly, the coffee-based formulations are widely used in cosmetics to combat excess weight and cellulite. And Caffeine relieves pain, so pharmacists often include its composition of different analgesics.

Himself th and May tasty diet

Chocolate diet is delicious, but quite tough. It has a very low calorie - about 600 kcal per day, resulting in rapid weight loss. Diet Duration - 7 days. At the end of the week weight loss should be not less than 6-7 kg, and the first tangible results can be seen on the third day. The effect is achieved by eliminating salt and withdrawal of excess fluid, as much coffee dehydrates the body. Chocolate also maintains a full brain function, maintains blood glucose without giving you fall into hypoglycemic faint.

The secret diet - use only dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content. Connection of cocoa butter and sugar dramatically increase its calorie content, which is why the sweet chocolate recover, and the bitter lose weight. Milk, white, chocolate with nuts, dried fruit and filling - banned! Your efforts will be simply in vain.

Chocolate should eat very little - only 90 grams (maximum 100 g). Divide the chocolate into 3 parts (30 g) and lakomtes them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, washed down with a cup of coffee with milk, but without sugar. Attention! Drink after a meal only 3 hours. It may be pure water, black or green tea, of course, no sugar.

  • Breakfast. Coffee with milk, 30 grams of chocolate
  • Lunch. Coffee with milk, 30 grams of chocolate
  • Dinner. Coffee with milk, 30 grams of chocolate

As with any diet, chocolate diet has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros diet:

  • 7 days weight loss is 7 kg
  • Chocolate diet delicious
  • No need to count calories
  • The coffee and chocolate contains many useful vitamins and minerals
  • Chocolate diet is easy to use
  • It is possible that at the end of the diet for a long time you will not be able to look at the chocolate
  • Chocolate diet does not require material expenditures

Cons diet:

  • Chocolate diet - a completely unbalanced diet, depriving the body of many essential nutrients
  • Chocolate diet is contraindicated for patients with diabetes, hypertension, allergies to chocolate, liver and pancreas, as well as pregnant and lactating women

 chocolate pasta diet

Chocolate fasting days

If chocolate coffee diet you may still seem too heavy and you risk not sit for a week for coffee and chocolate, the perfect option for you - chocolate fasting days. Eating should be exactly the same, but 1 or 2 times a week. Lose a discharge can be about 1 kg per day.

Another option delicious diet

For those who do not want to give up your favorite treats, and can not abide by a rigid diet, a real find - Italian chocolate-pasta diet. Pasta - a great source of carbohydrates, B vitamins and minerals. An indispensable condition - they must be only of durum wheat, the norm - just 100 grams per day. They need to be boiled to a state of al dente. It is impossible to combine pasta with protein - meat, fish, cheese and dairy products. All of these products are banned diet. It is necessary to abandon the salt and sugar. That's all limits!

But fruits and vegetables eat almost every day! Pay special attention to vitamin C, which is especially a lot of kiwi and citrus fruit (but no more than 200 grams per day). You can eat tomatoes in any form, 3-4 medium size pieces. Be sure to include in your diet fresh carrots. Every day eat at least two carrots, and another three Juice. Diversify the menu of boiled beets, lettuce and fresh herbs. You can pamper yourself with toasted wholemeal bread, walnuts (1 pc. Per day), cooked soft-boiled eggs (1 pc. Per day). Salad dressed with olive oil, you can add 1 hr. A spoonful of honey. And of course, the most important thing - chocolate, but only bitter, with no additives and fillings. Drink at least 1, 5 liters of pure water, and no more than two cups of black or green tea per day. But coffee banned!

Sample menu chocolate-pasta diet

  • Breakfast. Cup of tea, toast of wholemeal bread (50 g), 30 g of chocolate, 1 orange
  • Second breakfast. 1 carrot, 2 kiwis
  • Lunch. Pasta (100 g) with 2 tomato sauce, fresh vegetable salad, carrot juice, 30 grams of chocolate
  • Snack. Salad with vegetables and salad leaves, 1 orange and 30 g of chocolate
  • Dinner. Fresh vegetables and lettuce.

Choose what suits your taste - chocolate diet, fasting days on chocolate a few times a week or a chocolate-pasta diet. You delicious weight loss!

From our table - to your table

As we know, a strong half of humanity - the real sweet tooth. Indulge in your favorite coffee and chocolate dessert. The recipe is quite simple and will not take much of your time, but cheer up, supply of energy for the whole day and will bring a true delight your beloved.

  • Boil strong coffee, add a few pieces of chocolate, orange zest and a little cream liqueur (such as «Baileys»). Stir until completely dissolved all chocolate. Pour the drink in the beautiful cup, garnish with whipped cream on top and sprinkle with cinnamon.

PS If you like chocolate, be sure to eat a ma-and-Lenka piece, otherwise then do not notice how you can swallow the whole tile.

 Chocolate, chocolate, I will eat you! Chocolate Diet

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