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Perhaps there is no such person who has not heard of a separate feed. But how many know exactly what is meant by this term? And a separate food diet menu suggests?

A couple of centuries ago, scientists began to pay attention to the fact that certain food combinations can cause heaviness in the stomach and drowsiness. The very same theory of a separate food was conclusively formed at the end of the last century, naturopath physician Herbert Shelton. In his theory Shelton repelled by the results of research the physiology of the digestive system of the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov. Proof of the effectiveness of this theory began to hundreds of thousands of people who had a lot of diseases. The result of the passage of the school separate food created Shelton, was a significant improvement in the health status of the participants.

What is the proper separation of power?

In fact, the very theory of a separate food is elementary: the ingestion of foods that are incompatible with each other, the process of digestion more difficult. As a consequence, fats and carbohydrates which are not oxidized, converted into a subcutaneous fat. To prevent this from happening, in the separate power supply is necessary to maintain a 2-hour interval between ingestion of incompatible products.

Learn about the compatibility of certain ingredients may be using a special table separate power supply, which gives the perfect combination of products, allowed and forbidden.

Herbert Shelton believes that the benefits of the food that is not absorbed by the body, no. This is just a waste of food resources. Lingering in the digestive system, the products begin to decay and form toxins that are extremely harmful to the body. To fight these toxic substances our body expends a lot of energy, which is designed for other purposes. That this effect can be achieved through a separate feed.

In the transition to such a power, many say that it becomes easy and there is a lot of energy. This is because that the body ceases to separate power supplies power to spend for processing and excretion of toxins that clutter the body by malnutrition. And all this free energy available to you.

The benefits of separate food:

  • Reduced intoxication;
  • Visibly improves health;
  • Disappears halitosis;
  • Cleared by the harmful "sludge" gut;
  • Disappear problems such as dysbiosis and constipation;
  • With separate power safely cured gastritis;
  • Gradually leaves overweight;
  • It allows you to maintain weight.

Disadvantages of a separate food:

  • A complex process of addiction;
  • The need to change the mode of a separate power supply;
  • The feeling of hunger for the first time;
  • The feeling of dissatisfaction from the unusual food;
  • Difficulties choice of dishes at the banquet table in the separate power;
  • Stomach problems when returning to their previous diet.

 separate power supply

Opinions on separate nutrition

Many doctors and nutritionists believe that a separate food is not good for the body. In their opinion, the very technique of separate food artificially alters the normal digestion, since the very beginning of its establishment as a separate species, the man ate a mixed diet, his digestive system is by nature set it to digest these foods. In the long adherence to the principle of a separate food, the digestive organs are simply "forgotten" how to deal with sandwiches, herring under a fur coat, or dumplings, which means that a supporter of such a "diet" condemns himself for life to give up the festive cakes and a variety of traditional dishes, which we so accustomed to since childhood. A separate power supply constraints may spoil the impression of a holiday.

Proponents of a separate food on the example proves that eating well is not only possible, but necessary. With only one without a separate power supply of medicines, many people healed gastritis, diathesis, goiter, kidney and liver. This healing effect occurs due to competent selection of products on the system of a separate food and better absorption.

The basic rules in a separate feed

Eat only when it is hungry. You must learn to distinguish hunger from a simple appetite. To check imagine that you chew a crust of bread or cabbage leaf. If you are nice and you eat it with pleasure - you are hungry. If you do not like cabbage, and you want it sweet candy - it's appetite. It is usually in a separate power switch allows for 2-3 meals a day and eliminate unnecessary snacking that disrupt the digestive system and lead to weight gain.

Time consumption of water. Under the program, a separate feed must be stopped to drink water 10 minutes before eating. After eating allowed to drink at least 30 minutes, if you eat fruit after 2 hours, if you eat starchy foods, and after 4 hours, if you used the protein products.

Chew food must be so long that it is well to moisten with saliva. This is an important rule in a separate feed and not only there.

Before and after the meal needs a little rest, to bring the body into a state of rest. Remember that stress a person is able to eat a lot more food, which is unacceptable at a separate feed.

Tune in to a positive. Do not think for a table on the problems or unpleasant situations. Let thoughts will light, it is important to separate nutrition.

Do not overeat. In a normal diet moderate your stomach filled only 2/3 of the total volume. Approximately the food fits in with folded hands. On a separate feed, you are unlikely to be able to eat more.

Do not mix too many kinds of foods in one meal. Of course, you need to eat different foods, so the body does not suffer from a lack of necessary materials. But all at once to mix them in a separate feed is not recommended. From choose local products, not imported as they are adapted to your body biologically better.

The temperature of the food in a separate feed. Cold dishes should not be below room temperature at the time of use. A hot dishes do not have to burn the lips and tongue, there should be no need to cool and blow on food. Important in separate nutrition - comfort.

50% of the daily diet should consist of raw plant foods. All kinds of vegetables, fruits, herbs in a separate power supply will become your faithful friends and helpers.

Berries and fruit. About them should be discussed separately. Basically, it is an ideal food for your body, but to use any berries or fruit is as a separate meal, such as a snack, which is admissible at a separate feed. Or you can eat some berries for half an hour before a meal, so they had time to leave the stomach, but never eat fruit and berries after a meal, as so many Russians. Cantaloupe and blueberries is only permitted as a separate meal for separate power supply system

Limit or completely excluded from the diet:

  • Sugar and all that it contains;
  • Smoked sausages, pickles, etc .;
  • Refined oil, mayonnaise, margarine;
  • Cocoa, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks like Cola;
  • Ruffled, limp vegetables or fruit;
  • Powdered milk, condensed milk and canned goods.

 separate meals for weight loss

Types of separate power supply

There are several different kinds of separate food which are generally one idea Sheldon, but offer an exception to the diet of different groups of products.

Separate meals Semenova includes a huge number of various recipes, but eliminates the separate power supply from the diet all dairy products, fish, meat soups and various soups. Nadezhda Semenova in the program advises completely switch to vegetarianism.

Separate food Montignac implies a reusable food limited "bad" carbohydrates. In addition to the table of compatibility of products should take into account their glycemic index. Perhaps only in this system of separate food alcohol is permitted. Michel Montignac recommends daily use half glasses of red wine.

Separate food for blood group, perhaps the most popular method today of a separate food. It implies a certain set of products for a particular blood group. The rest of the principles are the classics.

In a separate feed for Malakhov all the forces are aimed initially for the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases. The menu of separate food in large quantities present infusions and decoctions of herbs, vegetables and fruit juices.

Despite the fact that separate meals for weight loss is not intended as a nice bonus kilograms leaving you still "faces." Although we can not say that the weight will go away quickly. Most weight loss in the separate power supply is by cleansing the body of various toxins, poisons and water, which is the last delay. And do not forget about the fact that a separate feed you eat at a time, a smaller amount of food, and the stomach decreases over time to its normal size, which means that you eat less and still not gain weight. So to lose weight like a separate food is the best option that will lose weight and do not hurt yourself. But it's worth noting that the wait for the results quickly on the classic separate power supply is not necessary. As a rule, lose weight begins only after 1-2 months of regular separate food

There is also a strict food diet, the menu is limited to a specific set of products and volume. This ensures getting rid of extra kilograms, but not everyone is capable of withstanding such harsh regime of separate power supply.

No matter what purpose you decide to apply to the separate power supply, be sure to visit your doctor or therapist may you have a disease in which a separate food diet is correct. As such contraindications to separate food is not. But control of a doctor or a dietitian will ensure that you do not hurt yourself fad separate power supply.

Well, of course, regardless of whether you have chosen a slimming diet or "lit up" a separate power supply, remember that exercise has not been canceled yet. Walking or elementary 15-minute exercises in the morning perfectly complement the system of separate food and help you strengthen your muscles and make the body more flexible. It is convenient to combine with the regime of separate supply water aerobics or swimming lessons are simple, because after a workout more often hungry and refueled before class vegetables, you can safely snack at the end.

 Separate food for weight loss

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