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  • What you should know those who want to lose weight quickly
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How to lose weight quickly and safely? The question of how to lose weight - a constant headache almost every woman. Rare-rare exception. Well, one wonders why one can without any restrictions to absorb unlimited quantities of cakes and pastries, and they could not care less, while others recover from even a leaf of lettuce? Why this injustice! It turns out the whole thing in your biotype. But first things first.

What you should know those who want to lose weight quickly

If to you for any reason, the question arose of how to lose weight fast for a week, before deciding how to do it, you have to understand what the results will give you those or other measures taken. So, let's begin. Let's start with the fact that the best way to lose weight - it's nothing to eat. Well, that is nothing! You can only drink only water. A simple, non-carbonated. Better yet mineral.

Then, with more or less success you will lose somewhere up to a kilogram a day. Especially in the early days. Because the body during starvation, experiencing stress load starts to work more intensively. And due to this, not only will burn the accumulated fats in the body, but also actively removes fluid from the cells. This notice anyone who has ever sat on a rigid diet.

The first three or four days the weight steadily declining per kilogram and a half. After this time, the scales becomes short. Or almost as short. Weight, of course, is reduced, but not as intense as the first. Now, when the body to install a new water balance, weight loss is already itself by burning fat, but this process is slow and long. Such as long as the process of accumulation. The laws of physics are respected everywhere: action equals reaction.

Do I have to starve to lose weight quickly

But not all of us can make yourself, your favorite, go hungry at least a week. Yes, and not all can. And I must admit, it is not necessary. Why is that? Because fasting is also necessary to correct. Improperly organized starvation can lead to tragic consequences - the emergence of diseases, metabolic disorders and so on. Having decided to starvation it is necessary to consult a doctor. This is the first.

And secondly, the radical weight loss through hunger often ends with another round of weight gain. And sometimes it becomes even greater than it was. Again, for different reasons.

The first is psychological. Hungry a week, it is necessary to adhere to the already achieved results and restrict your diet permanently. And this is not all turns out. Wondering how to lose weight quickly, many are ready to dare the deed and starve once a week. Hardly waiting for the end of this week, coming to the euphoria of progress, joyfully celebrated the end of the hunger strike.

Well, just think: one cake! So think. The fact that a stressful situation, the body of which was for the hunger strike, reconfigures it to actively replenish the lost reserves. And if you do not limit yourself to food, the weight will come back very quickly. And even in excess. And here it is - the second reason.

 how quickly lose weight 10 kg

  A few secrets of how to lose weight fast to ten kilograms

Therefore, if you are faced with the question of how fast to lose weight 10 kg, this should be done wisely. There are more sophisticated, but less violent ways of an emergency weight loss. As we have said, with the rapid weight loss through unsustainable. But what if a couple of weeks desperately need to be in shape. If, for example, a trip on the nose of the sea or a wedding, you do not have to choose.

And then, and more can be considered quite a good reason to use extra ways to lose weight. But just keep in mind that to use them constantly is not necessary. Lose one, try to keep yourself in shape constantly. After all, our body - not the accordion: stretch here and there without any consequences could not. The skin can not withstand such loads, losing elasticity, stretch marks appear on it - the next problem. Well, now list themselves how fast weight loss.

  1. Exclude zhirySpetsialisty nutritionists for quick weight loss is primarily recommended to limit the consumption of fats. Minimum, which can afford a day is 25 grams. In theory, this is too little, because the body to replenish vitamin D you need a certain amount of fat. Therefore, such a diet can not sit long. But as a temporary measure, you can use this technique. For two or three weeks, nothing terrible proizoydet.V this case you have to erase from your menu, meat dishes, especially fatty meats, sausages, margarine, animal and vegetable oil, egg yolks, pastries, muffins, in general, any sweets, nuts and other products where fat rolls. To compensate for the body's need for fat, buy cod liver oil, and take it.
  2. Exclude "harmful" product list includes products such as pasta, chips, Coca-Cola, and indeed all carbonated soft drinks, canned food, plant juices, canned fruit drinks. All these products are very harmful for the body and double contraindicated for those who want to lose weight. The fact that, for a long storage of these products is added to many preservatives, such as nitrate or glycerol. All you have to buy in a store - it is rice, oatmeal and beans.
  3. UglevodovPri losing weight reduces the amount should be significantly reduced daily rate of carbohydrate intake. This will result in the loss of body fluids, which significantly reduce the weight and volume. This shock therapy can be used only when in front of you a very acute problem as quickly pohudet.Postoyanno sit on a low-carb diet is impossible. You run the risk of greatly hurt yourself. Until the most severe consequences. Fatigue, drowsiness, depression - that's not the worst thing that awaits you. In the worst case, puzzled energy deficit the body, may fall into lethargy in order to save power. Therefore, at least some oatmeal and rice have a need.
  4. Grace and plastikaDlya precipitous weight loss diet alone is not enough. The need for daily fitness classes. The most effective way - a half-hour workout at the break: morning and evening. Training should be intensive, active tempe.Esli engaged twice a day does not work, then in the evening to arrange a jog or exercising in a gym. Here you can work out for twenty minutes on the treadmill, then twenty minutes on an elliptical trainer and another twenty minutes on the rowing.
  5. Proteins - the basis osnovBelki - the building blocks for muscle building. In order not to lose muscle mass, you need to increase your protein intake per day to one and a half grams per kilogram of your body weight. The problem is that most meat products contain a lot of fat, so they can be replaced by vegetable proteins or protein powder. Still, a couple of times a week should eat boiled or steamed lean fish.
  6. Without water - and not amplitude, and not syudyBolshoe water - is stressful for the body. Therefore, the more you drink, the more work your kidneys, and the more will develop adrenal hormones. Namely, these hormones stimulate the burning of fat in the body. So the fight against excess weight water - an indispensable komponent.No it's not just that. In the process of fat burning in the body produces toxins that you want to display. That water washes them. Therefore it is necessary to increase the daily rate of water consumption by at least 2, 5 liters. Please note, it should be a normal non-carbonated water, better mineral.
  7. Arithmetic in the fight against excess vesomSchitayte calorie diet. Of course, the need to spend time on the estimates. But it's worth it. Get a table of caloric content of products, and constantly consider the energy value of the diet. A good method for rapid weight loss with calorie calculation - zigzaga.Uchityvaya a way that the daily requirement of an average woman is 1800-1900 kcal, set yourself for example the regime. Three days of 1500 kcal, then lift one day daily caloric to 1900 Kcal, and then again three days of 1500 kcal. If Takai diet you feel fatigue and lethargy, reduce the number of hungry days from three to two.

Here are some tricks to help you lose weight quickly. But be aware that if you use these methods consistently, they can lead to the opposite result. The body, receive less calories, your metabolism will slow down, which will lead to a decrease in fat metabolism. And there's no training will not help. So grow thin with the mind!

 How to lose weight quickly?

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 Kim Protasov diet

You want to lose weight and get rid of unwanted kilograms? Do you want to wean your body of craving for fat and sweet and not causing harm to health? Then Kim Protasov diet is what you need!

For the first time this diet was published in 1999 in the publication "Russian Israelis." Article Title reads "Do not make a meal of the cult. A thin cow is not yet a gazelle ", which attracted quite a wide audience. Danae diet was developed by the Israeli dietitian Kim Protasov, in whose honor and was named.

During its existence, the diet Kim Protasov has established itself as a simple and yet friendly and highly effective way to get rid of the hated extra kilograms and gained many followers. Let's see what is the popularity and effectiveness of such a diet Kim Protasov.

Perhaps the most important thing in this diet is that it does not limit the amount of food consumed. And so there will not panic, that nothing could have. But on the diet is a diet that still has limitations. In this case, limiting the intake of carbohydrates with high glycemic index, that the body is only a positive factor, as normalizes the functioning of the pancreas and disappears sweet tooth.

Kim Protasov diet lasts for 5 weeks, the most important - it is the fourth and fifth weeks, they are responsible for the most intense shedding weight. Out of diet and lasts 5 weeks. So you need to practice patience and willpower. To make it easier to navigate, below we give a description of the diet Protasov.

Week One

In the first week of the diet are allowed to eat unlimited quantity of any raw vegetables, cheese 5% fat and yogurt. Not to be confused with the usual fat yogurts with additives here, we can also be attributed, and a fat yogurt, they just use is strictly prohibited! Under 5% fat cheeses are meant low-fat cottage cheese and cheese type cheese. Sweet snacks, even if the percentage of fat is equal to 5, we do not fit. In addition to the main products are one boiled egg a day, coffee and tea, but without sugar. Fruit can afford 2-3 apples.

All of these foods can be eaten in any combination and at any time.

Connect your imagination and you will be surprised how many meals you can get out of these products. It can be a variety of salads, soups and more. And most importantly, do not forget to drink 1, 5-2 liters of pure non-carbonated water per day.

Week Two

The second week includes a menu of the first week: raw vegetables, apples, eggs, dairy products 5% fat. But during the second week you will have a much easier - went first extra weight, you began to feel better. All this gives enthusiasm to continue in the same spirit.

Week Three

It already love vegetables and cheese add meat, fish: a portion of about 300 grams per day. Keep in mind that the meat must be lean and low-fat fish and steamed or boiled. During this period it is necessary to reduce the amount of dairy products consumed as necessary nutrients you are getting narrower and meat and fish. A raw vegetables, still, lakomtes in any amount.

Week of the fourth and fifth

Repeats the menu of the third week. Note that the total amount of fat consumed per day should not exceed 40 grams.

Let's summarize the first five weeks, and make a list of permitted products and those who absolutely do not should be in your diet.


  • 2 liters of clean water every day;
  • Raw vegetables;
  • Green apples;
  • Egg.


  • Dairy products with 5% fat (yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt without additives or preservatives);
  • The salt must necessarily be present as participates in water-salt exchange body. Its elimination is fraught with violations of the kidneys, heart and brain;
  • Sauerkraut, sour cucumbers and tomatoes;
  • Add different spices in the food, provided that they are natural;
  • Tea, preferably green as black dehydrates the body, coffee without milk and sugar, fresh juices;
  • On the third week of fish, meat, seafood, but stewed, boiled or fried without oil;
  • Canned fish and meat, provided that cooked in its own juice.

You can not:

  • Sugar and sugar substitutes;
  • Brees meat and vegetable, as well as cooked vegetables;
  • Sausages, crab sticks and their derivatives;
  • Soy products;
  • Yogurt with fruit additives;
  • Korean carrot salad and similar;
  • Purchased juice in packets.

 description of the diet Protasov

Well, that flew five weeks on the diet, and now in the mirror you look slim lady. Fortunately there is no limit, you flit as a feather, but stop! That's not all. Now you need to fix a stunning result. Therefore, we must deliberately and gradually withdraw from the diet, adhering to the basic rules.

If you do not want to re-dial hastily dumped kgs, after completion of the diet can not go for the food. Of course, this statement applies to any diet, and diet Kim Protasov was no exception. It is necessary to gradually move slowly to normal food. Start with the fact that the breakfast cook porridge, it can be buckwheat, millet or oatmeal. The portions should be small. Here you can add cheese and vegetable salad.

Approved during a diet green apples can be replaced with berries and fruits that do not contain a lot of starch. It can be cherries, pears, gooseberries, currants, and more. It should refrain from the use of banana, mango and dried fruits. During exit from the diet can afford a little vegetable oil, which are added to salads. Just for a change let yourself sometimes eat a few nuts, but do not overdo it, because nuts contain a fairly large amount of fat. And we remember that the daily rate shall not exceed 40 grams.

It is necessary to replace cheese and cottage cheese 5% fat, low fat dairy products with 1% fat. All of the changes should be introduced gradually.

Contraindications to the use of diet

There are several contraindications to the use of diet Protasov, who necessarily need to know. Indeed, instead of discarded kilograms can earn a worsening of chronic diseases. So, Kima Protasov's diet is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, gastrointestinal disease, allergic to dairy products, kidney disease. When in doubt, but really want to try this diet, then just check on this possibility with your doctor.

But at the same time Kima Protasov's diet has a number of advantages, it:

  1. There is no limit on the number of food intake, which has a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state. After all, such a diet is much easier to bear;
  2. This diet establishes the metabolism, which leads to an overall improvement in the functioning of the body;
  3. Thanks to the large amounts in the diet of dairy products, the body receives more protein, lactose, and calcium. If more protein in the body, then there is a loss of fat tissue and muscle building;
  4. Diet consumption provides a large amount of raw vegetables, which do not contain starch, which in turn improves the intestinal function. Plus, the body gets valuable minerals, vitamins, minerals and fiber;
  5. Limit the amount of fat consumed, but it is not excluded at all, that is also a positive thing.

Well, the last word is yours. But if you decide to try this method of losing weight, you will be satisfied with for a long time and slim. All in your hands!

 Kim Protasov diet - a quick way to lose weight

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