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Children and the faint of heart, please leave: there was something unimaginable! Absolutely trampled all laws of nutrition, medical nutrition consultants tearing his hair ... And all because a Polish nutritionist Jan Kwasniewski said that the best diet for losing weight - diet on fat! Yes, on a regular lard, as well as a variety of other fatty foods. But fruits, vegetables and cereals Pan Kwasniewski calls for almost no use, since it is they who, in his opinion, lead to weight gain. Just imagine: to lose weight, do not need to view the clock depressive chew cabbage with broccoli, eat enough fat, meat, and other animal fats!

Polish genius or just ignorant?

You can think of this article raffle or take a nutritionist for the Polish charlatan, but facts are facts: Jan Kwasniewski greasy diet every day is gaining popularity. Only in Poland, the famous nutritionist for more than two million followers. A lot of people from around the world write letters thanked the doctor, talking about how much they were able to lose kilos in a month. And if there are positive results, then why not assume that the system is rational?

The problem of healthy nutrition original Pole devoted more than 30 years. Ian Krasnovskii not only a nutritionist, and a practicing physician. He developed the system is called "optimal nutrition", it uses it successfully for the treatment of patients with diabetes, with cardiovascular, renal and other diseases. The doctor claims that his diet helps to lose weight and gain the necessary weight. And there are moments in his system that supports everything nutritionists the world: start food intake should be in a relaxed atmosphere, chew food thoroughly, do not be distracted while eating on the reading and TV, etc. That's only part of the diet is appalling not only nutritionists but ordinary mortals, who are used to lose weight with the help of carrots and oatmeal porridge.

What is the incredible diet?

Jan Kwasniewski assured that a person should eat food that is not only easy to digest, but also give the body the most energy. And this is just the food animal fats, tallow and meat. And all the food should not be just a fat and very fat! For example, if you want to drink milk - so add the cream (and it is better to replace the last), decided to fry the potatoes - it is only with bacon, all floating and hissed! And if the testicles are missing - the smaller 6-8 pieces a day to eat them is not necessary!

With regard to the use of fiber for the body, then Kwasniewski considers it a myth and a mistake nutritionists: bread, bran cereals, and absolutely do not feed the body, but only take up space in the stomach. Just as little respect has dietitian fruits and vegetables if they consist essentially of a liquid, it is not easier to drink on an empty stomach a glass of clean water? And if you choose to object to the Polish Pan and recall the beneficial vitamins, then immediately get the answer in the same fat and meat enough vitamins for normal human activity. Especially a lot of them, according to the Pan dietitian in offal, so we pay little attention to - heart, kidneys, lungs. Here it is desirable to eat more often and in large quantities, but do not waste your time and health for all sorts of useless vegetables and cereals.

Even a vegetable oil Jan Kwasniewski is without due respect, encouraging patients to fry food and refuel exclusively in animal fats. A potatoes and macaroni is possible, but not more than 300 grams per day. And contrary to the logic of this greasy diet works! Very many people losing weight helps the transition from raw carrot to a piece of delicious lard with garlic. Moreover, no "smooth transition" is not required to fat diet can begin at any time without any preparation. Here is a nice menu offers Kwasniewski for his followers:

  • Breakfast. To prepare scrambled eggs or omelets will require at least 3 eggs. Fried, of course, with bacon. Next - tea without sugar with a small piece of bread, generously greased or covered with a thick layer of butter.
  • Lunch. 150grammov bold carbonade (that together with the bacon and the meat was), dipped in batter of egg and breadcrumbs and fry in butter. Garnish - potatoes with a little fat left over from frying carbonade, small pickled cucumber.
  • Dinner. But it is not there! Food adopted for breakfast and lunch, just enough to saturate the body and does not want to eat until the next morning. However, if you really want it, bite it is still possible. Jan Kwasniewski permits to satisfy the hunger at any time - even at night! Is not this the dream of every man sitting on a diet?

 Diet and Fat

Forward march to the store for bacon? Or even think about?

It turns out that fat in the diet works wonders, and finally found a panacea for all the problems associated with figure flaws? It is not that simple. Of course, the fat for our compatriots - is not just a useful product, but the real national idea, the hero of anecdotes and passion of millions. And stay Emel and gain the coveted figure without exhausting diets and terrible mood - a holy cause.

However, does not the fact that he sat down on a fat diet, you will be among the lucky ones, losing weight by leaps and bounds. For someone and health problems can occur. Animal fat - is cholesterol, and though it is proved that it is necessary for the health of the human body, but its excess - something rather unpleasant. Let's discuss the pros and cons of this unusual diet. Let's start with the good:

  • This diet really helps both lose and gain the necessary weight. This is proven by people who have successfully passed a two-month diet for fat (this term is quite enough).
  • The cells of the human brain by 60% consists of fat. Eating animal fat, rich in calories, people support it in good shape.
  • Sitting on such a diet is not only burdensome but even pleasant. If kefir or vegetable diet drives a person into a real depression, the abundance of meat and fat in the diet will never spoil the mood of a woman.
  • No need to cook separately for themselves and their households. After all, only the most strong-willed woman (or just super skilled kulinarka) are able to cook soup to her husband, never to taste it. And if it's even possible, then sit at the table and let the drool on the type of delicious food - a real torture! A greasy diet, you can not even report that losing weight.

But not everything is so smooth, there are a few cons, so think about it:

  • Dietetics is the science, there are more than a dozen years. And all this time, doctors and scientists are not sitting idly by: they were looking for, examined, tested capabilities of the human body. And those diets that they were developed, brought undoubted benefits to his followers. But the content of these diets was the opposite to what offers Jan Kwasniewski. So maybe it's too early to consider a greasy diet is 100% correct, rejecting all previous knowledge?
  • Sitting on a diet of Mr Kwasniewski, it is possible to earn gastritis, pancreatitis, and many other diseases. And what it says it dietitian? "Themselves to blame! There was nothing for life on oats and carrots sit! "
  • For many people who want to lose weight, the very idea of ​​fat or just fat in the mouth - disgusting. If you are not a gourmet and had a passion for everything bold, then it is better poosteregsya abrupt change of diet.
  • The fact that you can lose weight after eating bacon - a shocking thought for most people. Many of them are just afraid to sit on such a diet: a sudden will not help weight loss and instead typed a few extra kilos ?! Suddenly drive them then it will be just like oh no?

Well, times are changing. If a few years ago the combination of the words "diet and fat" would seem absurd, but now hundreds of people lose weight that way. And if such diets appear - then it's someone who needs it! Decide for yourself whether it is worth to try to fashion a diet fat, or better to continue to experiment with yogurt and vegetables. After all, someone pleasure to the process of overcoming the difficulties, the desire to be proud of the result obtained at great cost. And someone on the contrary, to think rationally, and looking for more easy ways to solve the problem. At least, someone's true the dream of satiety and calorie diet while losing weight. Pan Kwasniewski Say thank you for it!

 Fat Diet: Myth or Reality?

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 Water for weight loss

All of us long ago, at school, it is known that the human body is 80% water. And thanks to the maintenance of optimal water balance in the body, our skin remains fresh and toned, strengthened immune system, normal metabolism, regulates body temperature through sweating, "lubricated" the joints and more. Also worthy place taken water for weight loss, as a loyal aide to fight toxins.

Water and weight loss are closely linked. After all, with weight loss, whether diet or exercise in the first place "out" water. A lack of water in the body is fraught with complications with his health. For example, only 5% of body water loss can lead to increased body temperature and increased heart rate.

What is the water diet?

The basic principle of this diet is quite simple: we often confuse hunger with thirst. And instead to eat a sandwich or a candy bar, you need to drink a glass of water. That is why nutritionists recommend to always carry a bottle of water on the desktop, on the nightstand, purse and, of course, near the refrigerator. Quite often our desire to eat something easily neutralized by a glass of cool clean water. That's the whole secret. In order to lose weight just simply do not confuse thirst with hunger.

Here's how this diet looks like in practice, developed on the advice of nutritionists

Morning, immediately after waking up, you must start with a glass of water, drinking on an empty stomach. He not only fill the stomach, but will start the whole body. Plus, it will eat less portion of the breakfast. It is also helpful to drink a glass of water before going to bed, allowing normal functioning kidneys during sleep. And during the working day, the urge to eat something harmful, just drink a glass of water, and if it was the thirst, the desire to snack disappears. But if after 30 minutes the feeling of hunger arises again, then there is need to submit to the body, and the urge to eat something.

Studies have confirmed that reducing water ingress into the organism results in an increase of body fat. If insufficient quantities of water in the kidneys begin to function poorly, and because the load with which they can not cope "take over" the other organs. In this case it is the liver. The main task of the liver to metabolise fats for energy, which is used by the body. But if the liver takes over some of the load of kidneys, accordingly can not cope with its original mission, and as a result fat is stored, and this leads to excess weight. So, if the body is constantly lacks water, it begins to "set aside" in reserve, holding the liquid in the cells, resulting in the legs, arms, face swollen. Water is indispensable for the maintenance of muscle tone that makes the muscles have the ability to contract, which prevents sagging skin while losing weight.

 Water and Weight Loss

Water with a diet should be:

  • cool or at room temperature;
  • not carbonated;
  • drinking, or else slabomineralizirovannoy;

Slabomineralizirovannaya water, perhaps to suit everyone. Calcium contained in this water is very good for bones and teeth, magnesium is necessary for normal blood circulation and the heart, and it helps to absorb calcium. Another useful element contained in the water are sulphates. They help in the digestion of proteins and vitamins, as well as a positive effect on the hormonal balance of the body. But too much sulfate can lead to formation of blood clots. What should be avoided in the diet, so it is an excess of sodium which retains water in the body, which does not contribute to weight loss. Sodium neutralizer is potassium, which is also involved in the water balance and prevent the pressure increase. Here is the mineral composition useful for the body of water.

But let's also look at other beverages are consumed often enough to quench your thirst. As would be sad and paradoxical as it may sound, juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit drinks, alcohol, on the contrary, lead to dehydration, mainly due to the fact that they have a diuretic effect.

Also, juices enough calories, such as a glass of orange juice contains 100 calories, which is comparable with the one eaten banana or egg. Carbonated drinks cause bloating and cellulite. But of course in everyday life is hard to give up all at once. How, for example, do without a cup of coffee in the morning or fresh juice, if it developed a habit of lifelong learning? In this case, nutritionists recommend juices diluted by half with plain water, and in the case of coffee, which causes dehydration, drink before or after half a glass of water. But if you do decide to lose weight, you have to give up on juices and useful vitamins to get their fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget that everything should be in moderation. This also applies to water. If you overdo it, the water is more likely to cause the opposite result than you expected. Firstly, an excessive consumption of water can cause swelling, i.e. the kidneys will not have time to recycle the water, it will accumulate and promote weight gain. Secondly, a large amount of water consumed can stretch the stomach wall and the larger the size of the stomach, the more need food for its "filling", which again leads to overweight. Third, in any case, can not drink ice water, it is on the contrary, slow down the metabolic processes in the body and their elimination, that just is not conducive to weight loss. Fourth, excessive consumption of water can lead to leaching of useful minerals from the body, which can lead to toxicosis and increase intracranial pressure.

How and how much to consume water to lose weight?

  • It should drink no more than 1, 5-2 liters of water a day, but if the present exercise, the amount of water should be increased;
  • Drink necessary small doses, not more than 250 ml per one time;
  • It is necessary to drink a glass of water immediately after waking up that helps cleanse the body;
  • Drinking a glass of water just before eating, it allows a fully digest solid food;
  • It is not necessary to drink during the meal, this leads to gas formation and increase in stomach;
  • After the meal, you can drink the water no earlier than an hour;
  • Drinking a glass of water before going to bed, you can substitute herbal tea;
  • If you are overweight, you need to increase your water intake: 1 glass for every 8 kg of excess weight.

Water for weight loss is very important, because if you open any diet, it is always fundamental in it will be sufficient fluid intake, namely clean water. So drink enough water, and the body will reward you with shiny hair, glowing skin and a fit body!

 How are water and weight loss?

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