striped kefir diet

As aptly remarked Polish writer Hedwig Rutkowska: "Diet - a hunger strike during the preceding growth of weight." It is sad to admit, this has some truth. Do not have time, we rejoice that - oh, miracle! - Easily climbed into an old dress ... but do not have time to share a "magic" recipe with a friend - you go, I do not mind! ... A hateful kilos with enviable persistence are beginning to return to their "their homes" places. So is there a way to get out of this fight victorious? Of course have. The main thing - to understand what the problem is. What happens during a diet?

Devoid of the usual "fuel", miserable and hungry, our body craves to catch up. And as soon as the period ends rigid self-restraint, he immediately uses this chance. It was then that we will give ourselves! Often, we begin to have even more than usual. And, do it without any remorse - it is necessary to reward yourself for all your favorite meal and deprivation! Just think, one little cake of it ... What is? It weighs just a few grams ... It was at this point, and "stick to" all the weight, so painstakingly dropped ... and yes even "friends" with a lead. Therefore, most diets if they give the desired result, it is not a long time. Striped Kefir diet - a different approach.

Well, why yogurt - is understandable. Probably not a man who would not have heard of his favor. All this - the truth. Due to its beneficial properties, this product is part of a huge number of possible preventive and improving diets. It cleanses your body of toxins, sodium salts, toxins and excess fluid, normalizes metabolism and intestinal function, strengthens the immune system. And most importantly - the lactic acid bacteria, entering into its structure, inhibit the growth of pathogenic intestinal flora and prevents putrefaction. Therefore, some doctors seriously believe that this product has a rejuvenating effect and call it a cure for old age.

What is the "striped" diet?

Why is the name of the kefir diet - striped? Where does it come from? Everything is very simple. It is necessary to alternate handling - "kefir" - days with the usual food. One day - yogurt, the second - the usual diet. So it turns a kind of band. By the way, for any diet is recommended low-fat yogurt. Best of all - one percent. So, fasting days you can afford:

  • 1, 5-2 liters of yogurt;
  • green tea;
  • water without gas;
  • green apple.

Kefir is better to drink in 5-7 doses. Water - the more often and the more the better. If the water is fed up, you can make green tea. Of course, do not add sugar. Apple - a small indulgence. Eat it only if you feel that you really, really want. And better to do without him. It is in these days the old body burns fat stores.

On ordinary days, stick to your usual menu. Of course, if you want the effect of the diet, "manifested" faster, should not "lean" on cakes, biscuits, sweets and fried potatoes. Yes, and alcohol should be abandoned. Try to eat small portions and gradually. But there is no strict prohibitions - and if something really wanted, you can easily afford it, not tormented by remorse. After all, you do not break!

What striped diet is different from all others? The fact that it deceives the body and breaks the "vicious circle": a hard period of self-restraint - "detente." In one day, you will not have time yearned for a normal diet, which means that your body will not experience stress. Consequently, no disruption will occur. Of course, the weight will fall more slowly than on a rigid diet. But in this way, without the debilitating hunger strikes, you train your stomach to the moderation in eating. Therefore, the lost weight will not be coming back.

 striped kefir diet

"Advanced" striped diet

This option is much more rigid and involves significant limitations. You can try it out after you have completely mastered on a normal diet striped. "Sit" on a diet should be no more than two weeks. In "kefir" days menu is the same as in the preceding embodiment - yogurt and water without gas. But the other day - it's much worse. It is necessary to count calories and ensure that their number does not exceed 1,500 per day. And there can be few.

Sample menu:

  • For breakfast you can eat 200 grams of some cereal and 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese.
  • Lunch - One green apple and almond nuts 8-10. This will mute some hunger.
  • Dinner - a plate of chicken or vegetable soup. Just do not put it in pasta, and frying to do. A little bit of cooked meat. On a garnish - a vegetable salad or stewed.
  • For lunch - 100 grams of cheese and any fruit except bananas. You can pamper yourself with cocoa, add 1-2 teaspoons of fructose.
  • Dinner - 200 grams of any lean fish and vegetables that do not contain starch. These include lettuce, zucchini, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, green beans, and others.

"Fly in the ointment"

Despite all the benefits of yogurt, such a diet - in any of its form - fit, unfortunately, not all. Slim figure - is, of course, the dream of almost every woman. But in the pursuit of it, the main thing - did not harm health. For example, such a diet is not suitable for people with high acidity or individual intolerance of the product. Actually, before you get on any diet, you should consult your doctor.

If a doctor is no objection, it is worth a try. Striped kefir diet is likely to have you on the soul. It is quite effective and easy to carry. And despite the fact that the kilos go a little slower than desired - they leave you forever. But this - the most important thing.

 Striped kefir diet - how to lose weight without starving?

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 how to get out of the diet

Soon the summer - time when the thick sweater will be removed to the far shelf and light tops and T-shirts will take their place in the wardrobe. Many will decide to go on a diet to get rid of the accumulated during the winter Zhirkov. But everyone knows how to get out of the diet, the weight is not returned? According to statistics, about 90% of people sitting on a diet and lose weight successfully, after 1-2 months of gaining it back. Try to understand how to use simple guidelines to maintain the result of a long time.

Why the weight back?

This question torments the majority of losing weight and lost weight. The fact that the body throughout diet operates in economy mode, that is, it reduces the maximum power consumption and reduces the level of basal metabolism. This can be seen from the deterioration, weakness and fatigue, which is often a loyal companion diet.

When the diet ends, the body for some time continue to save. And all the "extra" that you eat, it seems abundantly. Smart body begins to be reserved for a "rainy day" and puts all the excess fat. It turns out that the more often repeated diet and the longer it lasts, the more insistent the body makes stocks. And the question is how to go from strict diets becomes even more urgent.

 how to get out of the rigid diets

The first rule is: do not relax!

The last day of your diet and your favorite jeans easily fastened. From joy to fly and want to ... there. There is something that has been banned for all time to lose weight. And you think: otmuchalis here today, and tomorrow nalopayus to the full! Stop and discard those thoughts out of his sweet head. The fact that the diet is over, does not mean that you can eat whatever is in the refrigerator. Just a few days you'll have to limit yourself, unless of course you are going to save the result.

The second rule is: go out of the diet should be gradually

If the diet came to an end, the next few days should be gradually and smoothly increase the calorie and the amount of food eaten. This does not mean that it is necessary to increase the caloric content by chocolate and other forbidden foods! It is important to know how to ration out of the diet correctly.

It is best to leave the familiar foods that you consumed during the diet, increasing a number of them. If you were sitting on a mono-diet and already can not see any products that replace them with other, similar in properties and composition. But not all at once, but gradually. Introducing new types of products recommended for 1-2 day, but no more.

You should start with foods that are rich in vitamins and trace elements. This is mainly greens, a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, milk products with a low percentage of fat. But a variety of pasta, flour, smoked and sweet is best left for later. The duration of the output from the diet may range from 2 to 10 days. It depends on how hard was the diet.

The third rule: optimistic!

You have worked hard and achieved a result. You know you can go this way and complete the task. So is it worth to begin to doubt their abilities at the end of the diet? Definitely - no! You will succeed, and your lean body will stay with you for a long time. The main thing to remember that it is necessary to maintain the result with exercise and the right diet.

 with any diet out of the diet

The fourth rule: liquid

Your mates at the exit of the diet will become natural juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks and other liquids. Firstly, it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Secondly, juices fill the stomach, creating the effect of satiation. As is the case with ordinary water, which also must exit in diets. Also true friends should be low-fat soups and all kinds of soups.

The fifth rule: do not overeat

Listen to your body. Of course, I want to eat more, because you're so much time limit themselves. But keep in mind that during the diet stomach dropped and no longer able to accommodate a previous volumes of food. Overeating, you stretch out his back, leading to frequent hunger and, consequently, to weight gain. To listen to your body's signals, sit down at the table without a book, newspaper, without exciting the transmission on TV. Do not eat at the computer. All of this distracts you from the process of eating, and you may miss an important signal about saturation.

Here are five simple rules. And you now know how to get out of the diet. You agree to implement them is not difficult, and it's worth it. After you have passed a difficult way of diet and achieved excellent results, so why not spend another week to preserve the result of a lifetime? Good luck in the slender body!

 How to get out of the diet? Losing weight tips