salt-free diet

Did somebody woman absolutely satisfied with your figure? As told Polish artist and journalist Yanina Ipohorskaya: "When you finally weigh as much as you would like to weigh in, - I want to place this weight differently." Perfection is unattainable ... you step up to meet him, and it is, disgusting giggling and showing tongue retreats two steps back. And the pursuit of this lasts forever. But, of course, is not a reason to give up - "the road by walking." One of the steps on the way to a dream - a diet. One can hardly find a woman who at least once in his life to try this delicious way to self-torture.

Oh, those diets! They are a huge number. And every time, "sitting down" on one of them, we strongly believe that this much once everything is exactly happens. Indeed, how to live without this belief? But, after all, before the rush "in the pool with his head," you must all be carefully weighed. After all, the mindless adherence to another newfangled diet can seriously damage health. As a result, instead of a beautiful and graceful figure, you get a "bouquet" of disease and depression in addition. And this is not what you wanted, right?

Therefore it is necessary to choose the least bad options. Here, for example, salt-free diet. How it works?

 sodium restricted diet

What is the "salt"?

"Welcomed with bread and salt ..." "This is the whole point," "Salt of the Earth" ... Previously, salt was worth its weight in gold. So whether or not to reject it, and that it can give? Common salt - a combination of two chemical elements - sodium and chloride. Remembered school chemistry? However, even if it is not - it's not so important. The main thing is that he and the other element is very needed. Without them, the body simply can not function normally.

However, all necessary measure. So here - these agents are useful only in certain numbers. For normal operation, the body needs very little salt. This amount and so it obtains from the various products - since salt is contained in bread and meat, and vegetables even. But too much is harmful. Why is that? The reason is simple - salt has the ability to retain water. Therefore, if it accumulates too much, then there are swelling. Excess water can lead to serious problems with the vessels, kidneys and heart. Initially, salt-free diet has been developed by doctors - it was administered to patients with severe cardiovascular disease.

She migrated to the world of "fighters against excess weight." What is the appeal of this diet? The answer is simple - as soon as you give up salt water starts to actively leave their body. And it weighs a lot. As a result, each "control stopped" is seen as a small victory over himself. The effect is almost instantaneous - kilograms simply "melt away" in their eyes. But this is what you wanted, right?

However, and here is complete without a large "fly in the ointment." Features of salt-free diet that is lost is not the hated fat, just water. And in order to get rid of the fat reserves will require the usual limitations - no cakes, bread, candy ... I think, "announce the entire list" does not make sense - everybody knows "harmful" products.

Moreover, salt-free diets are fairly strict measures to combat obesity. And they are not suitable for everyone. And use it in the hot period is not recommended to anyone - and so the body loses a lot of water, and with it the salt. Before "planned execution" is recommended to consult a doctor. Suddenly, for you, this method is not suitable and may even hurt? If the doctor "gave the nod" remains to choose what kind of diet you stick. There are at least two main types - the "classic" and "Japanese".

What else can I eat to lose weight?

"Classical" salt-free diet is designed for 15 days, which are divided into "blocks" of three days. During each three-day cycle, you can have any one product. All the rest - on the classics. Do 4-6 times a day, small portions. Drink plenty (not less than two liters per day) of water.

  1. The first three days - "chicken." And of course, it should be part of most dietary chicken - breast. No skin and fat. Boil 500 grams of chicken without salt. To make it not quite so fresh, you can use natural seasonings - garlic, pepper, turmeric and herbs.
  2. "Chicken days" experienced? Then we go to the "fish". The principle is the same - three days eat only fish. It must be boiled, lean. Naturally, without salt. Max - a pound. If you add lemon - is quite edible.
  3. The following three-day cycle - porridge. Cook can be on the water, and milk - as you wish. Daily rate - 250 grams of cereal.
  4. Then there are the vegetables. Where do without them? You can eat up to 2 kilograms per day any vegetables, except - guessed it? - Right potatoes.
  5. And, finally, the "finish line" - fruit. Three days to eat only them. Everything is as usual - do not bananas.

 especially salt-free diet

"Japanese" diet

No, Japanese cuisine, this salt-free diet has nothing to do. Just developed its Japanese doctors. If you want to get what you want - to "lose" 6-8 kg - can not afford to give concessions. There is another important point. Those nutritionists, who developed her claim that repeated the "experiment" can be no earlier than 2, 5-3 years. Otherwise, it can start a health problem. Calculated every 13 days. So, let's begin.

  • The first day

Incidentally, this same menu is exactly the same and the last - the thirteenth day of the diet. For breakfast you can drink a cup of black coffee - that's all. Boil cabbage for lunch, sprinkled with a little vegetable oil. Wash down this glass of fresh tomato juice. For dinner fit any boiled fish. Although, of course, better to choose low-fat varieties.

  • Second day

Menu coincides with the day of the twelfth. Breakfast is still the same black coffee, but it can add bran crackers. As the dinner - salad, and 300 grams of the very fish that stayed with you after yesterday's dinner. In the evening - a little (100 g), boiled beef and a glass of kefir.

  • The third day is the same as the eleventh

In the morning - coffee and toast. Happy fry zucchini in vegetable oil. At dinner - fresh cabbage with olive oil and two boiled eggs. On the eleventh day of relaxation is allowed - for dinner, you can eat an additional 200 grams of boiled beef.

  • The days of the fourth and tenth

In the morning toast canceled! Only black coffee. As before, one cup. For lunch, boiled carrots with olive oil. If you can, you can eat three pieces! This - the raw egg and 15 grams of solid - natural unsalted! - Cheese. Supper - fruits. But grapes and bananas - banned.

  • Days of the fifth and the ninth

And now it has been canceled and coffee. At breakfast - raw carrots, sprinkle with lemon juice. You can rub on a grater, and you can just cut. At lunch - boiled fish and tomato juice. For dinner - the same fruit. You do not all eat yesterday?

  • Days of the sixth and eighth

Coffee rehabilitated! One cup. During the day - boiled chicken breast and salad. The choice - a cabbage or carrot. Before going to bed - 2 eggs and carrots with olive oil.

  • The seventh day

In the morning - green tea. At lunch - meat. Lean boiled beef - 200 grams. Evening - fruit.

If, after weighing everything carefully, you have come to the conclusion that salt-free diet is not for you - you should not reproach himself of cowardice. It is quite possible to do without such radical solutions. Just do not overdo it smoked, salty, sweet and fatty. Avoid using salt when cooking and add salt to the food quite a bit already on the plate. Use more spices. A weight ... Of course, it must be fought! But someone said, clearly versed in the Diet: "The best way to lose weight - eat as you want what you can not stand."

 Salt-free diet - a tough decision

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 delicious diet

Everyone knows that women like anyone else, are "hostages" of their taste buds. However, because of gastronomic delights and a rich culinary fattening their shape and lose the old form. However, to win the fight against excess weight and does not infringe upon their feelings while this gurmanki quite real. After all, it only needs a tasty diet and a desire to look attractive.

Choose for yourself the power is there is no difficulty. After a tasty diet options there are so many. And lean meats, vegetables, fruit, strict and sparing, short and long-term - in short, for every taste. Let us consider them, and let every woman will find that their only tasty and healthy diet that will forever forget about the hated fat folds.

Effective diet for a sweet tooth and fruit lovers

Every sweet tooth wants to lose weight by eating cakes, candies and cakes. However, they have to give up on. But the replacement of the favorite sweets in this delicious diet come extremely helpful and very sweet fruit:

  • Pineapples
  • oranges
  • apples
  • kiwi

Diet designed for three days, during which only the listed food consumed fruits. How to use them? It can be in the form of salad can be in-kind, the main thing - is not more than 200 g per meal. The number of meals to be equal to the knock 5-6. As for drinks, you can eat low-fat yogurt or unsweetened green tea.

I came up with this diet known television presenter Joan Lunden, whose seductive form maddening millions of men. However, not only it is possible to periodically for three days with this delicious diet fold up to 5 kg. Many women who test this diet, were satisfied.

 delicious and healthy diet

Diet for "Cougar"

Not all women can tolerate the diet of fruit and vegetable diet. After all, many of them are true "predators." For them, a day without meat or fish - a real torment. But do not worry, because the nutritionist was created delicious and healthy diet, which is replete with a variety of meat dishes. However, only every woman is free to decide which dish to cook for her to lose weight 6 kg per week.

Basic principles of meat diet:

  1. A daily intake of no more than 450 grams of protein foods: meat, fish and eggs.
  2. Each day to consume from 300 to 500 grams of vegetables than carrot and potato.
  3. Permitted drinks: coffee and tea without sugar, mineral water without gas.
  4. All other products are banned.
  5. All ration is divided into 5 equal meals.
  6. Last use of products for the 2, 5 hours before bedtime.

Calculated this tasty diet for a week. Thus, if desired, it can be extended even further for 3 days. It should also be noted that the food can be boiled, steamed and steamed. For maximum effect, better to abandon fats. For example, to fill salads with lemon juice instead of frying to cook in a double boiler or Aerogrill.

Vitamin spring diet

At the time of the spring vitamin deficiency is very important to the diet was not only effective but also the most useful. That is why many women choose tasty vitamin diet, which is based on a balanced diet. Her exemplary diet for the day is as follows:

  • Breakfast: a little cottage cheese (100-125 g), 1 the dried bread, green tea with honey
  • Lunch: 1 fruit, 1 fresh vegetable
  • Lunch: a small plate of vegetable soup, 100 grams of lean meat, 50 grams of green peas, 2 any fresh or steamed vegetables without butter.
  • Lunch: 100 grams of salad from fresh vegetables with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Dinner: 1 unsweetened fruit, 1 cup of yogurt or dietary unsweetened yogurt.

In addition to this diet, which can withstand as much as necessary, in the menu of this delicious diet must include plenty of fresh greens. She will give a spicy taste of the usual dishes and at the same time to make up for the lost winter reserves of vitamins and minerals. Also, basil, arugula and parsley (to choose only you!) Will help to speed up the metabolism, which in turn will accelerate the process of losing weight on a diet delicious.

 tasty diet for a week

General principles of delicious diet

Despite the fact that diets delicious diet different, there are inviolable rules that must be followed, regardless of the diet:

  • Eating should be strictly by the hour.
  • In no case do not drink water, food.
  • Consumed per day for at least two liters of liquid.
  • Supplementing the diet physical activity.

Only by adhering to these rules will be able to say goodbye to excess weight for good.

 Delicious diet - the key to a perfect figure!

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