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Today, in the media, on the Internet you can find an unimaginable number of different tips, which, according to their authors, will help to lose weight quickly. Among them is the popular calorie counting, and separate meals, and, perhaps, the most common advice - do not eat after six o'clock.

The latter method is a lot of debate and discussion. Some say that, following this rule is really possible to lose weight quickly. Others argue that it is harmful to health. Let us try to understand all the intricacies of these and see what kind of method is really effective help to lose weight quickly.

The main principles of weight loss

The basic principle of weight loss is that the body gets from food less energy than needed to complete the work. It turns out that if during the day to eat everything in large quantities, and after six in the evening to completely abandon the food, the weight will still be added.

However, to lose weight quickly, even sharply restricting your diet, without increasing the level of physical activity, too, will fail. The organism in these actions will switch to power saving mode, and you will feel fatigue, weakness and lethargy. In the end, you can break away and gain more extra kilos.

Generally, the slogan "do not eat after six! "Is now used widely as the best way to lose weight. But here I would like to make a reservation, he certainly has the right to life. But rely only on this approach, especially if we want to lose weight quickly, is fundamentally wrong.

If you are on a gradual decrease in weight, an early dinner - six hours - as a component of the new way of life in which all aimed at achieving specific goals, has established itself as a very efficient method.

  What is rapid weight loss

Any competent dietician says that rapid weight loss is ineffective and, moreover, is fraught with problems. In particular, the most unpleasant consequences of rapid lose weight is no less prompt them to return after the experiment ended. But the saddest thing is that most often to former weight can be added a couple of new kilogrammchikov.

So, you say, do not lose weight? If by a certain date, to which there are only a week the other, it is imperative to lose two or three kilos, and even better five? How to be in this situation? Is there such a rapid method that will achieve success - to lose weight quickly?

There are, of course, and not one. And in order not to hurt yourself, you should remember the golden rule. Extra weight will appear in the event that after the rapid diet, you immediately begin to abuse sweets, fatty and high-calorie food. But armed with techniques aimed at long-term diet, you get a great result. You will be able to achieve the desired parameters and keep your weight in normal times. Just remember one simple thing: a diet is not a short-term attack on the extra weight and lifestyle. By the way, from the Greek word it is translated.

 how to lose weight quickly on a 5 kg

Lose weight quickly

So, our goal is to lose weight fast, you have to lose a few kilos in a week or two. One of the best methods that really work (subject to strict compliance with all conditions) - the magic soup.

It is extremely easy to make, is composed entirely of ingredients available, it can be eaten during the day as many times as you wish. Generally, the more the better. This means that the feeling of hunger, which is difficult to withstand many of the diet, you will not visit. Hungry - poured himself a plate of soup, and the life was adjusted!

Well, now, actually, about how to cook this soup.

Magical soup, burn fat


  • 400-500 grams of cabbage
  • 4-5 tomatoes
  • 2 onions
  • 3 green peppers
  • 100 grams of celery (stemmed, leafy, root)

Cooking method:

All vegetables are cleaned and cut. Fold in the pan and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes, reduce the heat.

Note. You may want to slightly prisolit soup, but it is better not to do it, and so it is edible by a large number of good vegetables.

Diet may last one or two weeks. The principle is this: the soup to eat every day several times. In addition, for each additional day is painted diet. Drink water, green tea, rose, coffee without sugar.

  1. Fruits (except bananas)
  2. Vegetables (except corn and beans). For dinner you can eat a baked potato with butter.
  3. Vegetables and fruits.
  4. Fruits, vegetables, bananas, low-fat milk.
  5. 300 grams of boiled beef + tomatoes.
  6. Beef, vegetables, leafy salads.
  7. Brown rice, vegetables, unsweetened juice.

If you plan a diet of soup for two weeks, everything is repeated in the same order. You can lose weight by 5 kilograms.

The soup has a strong diuretic effect.

 quickly lose weight by 5 kg

Meals after express - diet

Strict adherence to a diet with a magic soup, as already mentioned, will bring you the desired weight loss. How not to give a nasty kilos come back? To develop the right diet. This is the first. Sticking to a fractional power: there is often little. This is the second. Arrange weekly fasting days: kefir, cottage cheese, apple, etc. - This is the third. And the fourth - the mandatory exercise.

It is clear that we are all living people: we go to visit, meet with friends at a restaurant, visit relatives. The need to constantly restrain himself, not allowing even small weakness, severe poisoning life. Therefore, from time to time you can give yourself an indulgence. But if you have "sinned", exhausting goodies, arrange fasting day immediately after a hearty feast, and you will be happy.

Now the diet. What should be done first, since it is to minimize or completely eliminate all fried, fatty, smoked and spicy. With salt as necessary to be careful, because the excess salt delays liquid. And it's not just a plus on the scales, but the probability of occurrence of edema. The situation is similar with sweets like candy and ice cream. If you really want sweet, it is better to eat 1-2 slices of dark chocolate. It perfectly satisfies cravings for sweets and is useful for the body.

In your diet have to be a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is also useful to use a variety of cereals (oats, millet, buckwheat), dairy products such as cheese and milk - a natural source of calcium, which is closely associated with losing weight. We should not exclude from its supply flour, just replace the usual white bread in the loaf with bran. Eggs, lean meats and fish are simply required by the body as a complete source of protein.

With such a wide choice of simply no question how to lose weight without starving. Of the approved products can create a varied menu every day. And it will come out it's not so expensive, and may even be cheaper than the food, which you hold today.

Eat right - it will help you lose weight!

 How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg? Simple Secrets

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 by which products lose weight

"Why do you eat so much? Grow thin also! "Oh, it would be great to hear such words, to finish off another batch of meatballs with potatoes! Then I would not have had after a raid on the fridge dull look in the mirror at his blurred figure. That's just sad reality where fantasy - each a rich snack adds to the weight of a few hundred grams, and throw them for a day is not always possible. So what to do if the refrigerator attracts more than a gym? Go on a rigid diet? Or look for the answer, by which products lose weight?

In fact, as the song goes, "there is no secret here." Products saturating your body with nutrients and burn fat at the same time, there are! And they are found not in the minds of mad scientists, closed in their laboratories, and on the shelves of any self-respecting store. And if you breathe easier to quit than to overeat, then all that you need - is to enter into the diet, these miracle products!

About how grapefruit struggled with excess weight

In English the word "grapefruit" - means "fruit of the vine", although the name given to it was not because of the taste. Round orange fruit, so like oranges, grapes grow and help to lose weight everyone who likes to eat soft sweet bitterness of the fruit.

Scientists have long ago found that eating half a grapefruit at mealtime, you can not only gain weight, but also to throw a couple of extra kilos. In one of the clinics in San Diego conducted an experiment where patients suffering from obesity, have suggested grapefruit diet, and you can either eat the fruit itself, or drink the juice of this fruit.
The results were striking: after four months, these patients lost weight by 2, 5-4 kg! And this despite the fact that they led a normal life and do not limit yourself to eating. All changes in the diet is that they ate the day one grapefruit.

Moreover, this wonderful fruit wonderful effect on the body as a whole: it strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduces the possibility of diabetes. Therefore, if you do not suffer acidity of gastric juice, you are welcome to shop for fruits, especially grapefruit are not uncommon on the shelves of our country.

 by which products the easiest to lose weight

About how green tea metabolism urged

The fact that the green tea drink everything adherents of a healthy lifestyle, it is known to everyone. And they do it not because it is fashionable, but because of the vitamins, minerals and beneficial antioxidants that are in this tea. Only that's not all: green tea - a product that is able to significantly speed up the body's metabolism, and hence burn excess energy.

Almost every one of us has at least one friend who eats in a day five times more than ours, and at the same time proudly wears size 42. What is the cause of its eternal harmony? Only in that its metabolism, unlike your work very quickly. Before she could swallow the food, all the nutrients are converted into energy - while you are safely deposited in the form of fat on the sides and waist.

The rate of human metabolism is determined at birth, and if you were not that lucky one that can eat a cake before going to bed and did not gain weight - do not despair, just drink green tea! After all, in addition to improving the metabolism slows down the absorption of fat, he lowers the appetite and general well operates on the entire body! Even if you're not on a diet, the regular use of this drink can burn for 80kkal a day, and it is about 4 kg per year. Agree, not bad for those who do not want to change the way of life!

About how spicy food a thousand calories burned

How spicy foods can help lose weight? The whole secret is that in any of Tabasco contains a remarkable substance - capsaicin. It was he who helps lovers dishes "hotter" to raise the internal temperature of the body during a meal, and hence burn fat. You must have noticed that in those countries where there is a "fire-breathing" food - the norm, the problem of obesity is simply not worth it. Take a look news reports from the streets of China, India, Thailand: how many fat people there you notice? That's right! And one of the reasons for this state of affairs - spicy food.

Did you know that in Japan was conducted an interesting study: during the month a group of people for breakfast were given to eat spicy dish. Upon expiry found that calories have increased by 23%! And those who were given daily tomato juice, seasoned with pepper, the same rate increased by 10%. Therefore, if you are a fan of spicy food, you do not have to limit yourself to it an amount of capsaicin magic will quickly burn calories scored.

The only bad news - the food should not be too fat. Believe me, no matter how many chips or bacon with pepper you may eat, you become leaner unlikely. If realized, by which products lose weight, you will not resist and arch their pounds of fat, you will not step nearer to the desired goal. So - you know the measure of the health and lose weight!

 by which products grow thin

About the fact that cinnamon - "burn" fat mistress

Cinnamon, though not sharp, but also very tasty seasoning. Lowering blood sugar, it prevents the deposition of new fats and accelerates the process of burning old. In addition, a list of useful substances to the body, contained in cinnamon, can be listed for a long time! As a natural antiseptic, sweetish spice, this is good for the heart and stomach, and therefore it is possible to lose weight and improve my health at the same time. No wonder cinnamon included in most diets for weight loss.

Someone adds cinnamon in yogurt, other - just eat a pinch a day. In any case, the benefits to the body is beyond doubt, and weight loss occurs, though slowly, but surely. After all, in addition to all the positive effects that gives the spice, it is simply delicious! It is enough to suck cinnamon stick during an attack of hunger, as you rashochetsya "eat an elephant". And instead of regular overeating at night, you can be proud of their willpower, and gradually reduce weight.

About how water is not given too much to eat

And from what products the easiest to lose weight to those who are indifferent to the overseas fruit, not like seasonings and just can not stand green tea? Well, for such fastidious can offer what is next on a daily basis, regardless of taste preferences and habits. It…. water. Yes, most ordinary water (of course, it is desirable to clean, free of impurities and chlorine). Talk about how much water is beneficial for the body, one probably should not - though hardly anyone is willing to doubt. But to lose weight, fully replacing the usual food with water, do not recommend - Well you have decided to lose weight and not go to the light! And the way in which water helps to lose weight, devoted entire treatises.

One use of water for weight loss - drink in small sips a couple of glasses before eating. Guess what happens? That's right, after drinking in you will get much less food, and a feeling of fullness soon come. The same will happen if you combine the use of water with fiber - especially with vegetables. So you will fill the stomach, get a feeling of fullness, while receiving a minimum of calories.

Some may ask, why do I drink more water, if the figure and so "oplyvshaya"? Indeed, many women suffer from the fact that the body accumulates a lot of water, and the figure in this case looks plump. But it usually happens because the body accumulates water "in reserve", feeling the lack of it. If you increase the amount of fluid intake, the body "calm down" and will understand that the need for stockpiles anymore. Hence the conclusion: the less you drink, the greater the "sag", and vice versa. It means only that, drinking plenty of fluids, you look much slimmer and more attractive.

As you can imagine, "- we are what we eat." And it is from food depends largely on the state of our health and body weight. Knowing some of the products you grow thin, and from any gain weight, it is not difficult to adjust your diet so as to throw the hated kilograms. And most importantly, do it without the moral and physical torment of starvation. Is not that the dream of each and every one of us - there for your pleasure, to lose weight and enjoy life at the same time?

 Five answers to the question of what products the easiest to lose weight

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