rice diet for 3 days

Have you ever thought about why rice diet is so popular? It is difficult to find at least one girl, watching their weight and never try to "lose weight on rice." There is a rice diet for 3 days diet "five volumes of" soft-week diet - and that's just the ones on hearing almost every one of us. And all the reviews about these diets are usually always the same: first we excitedly talk about the lost weight and then show podtyanuvshiesya sides, and finally boast trendy jeans in which to get into the diet was unreal. Common situation?

On the Internet so much advice for dieters that it is easy to get lost in them. Be that as it may, the rice diet is always the most popular among women of all ages and habitats. There is virtually no forum on women's portals, which would not discuss the following topic: rice - a wizard, which will help to lose weight and digestive organs in order lead. That's why more and more women around the world to solve their problems with the help of a rice diet. Is not it time and we know more about how to use this cereal to become more slim and healthy?

What is the secret of "Saracen wheat?"

So what's so magical in the rice diet that causes people to lose weight by leaps and bounds? Why rice cereal is considered the most valuable and useful to the human body? We have something you are used to treat this cereal is quite easy: think, rice! And for many other peoples of rice - it's almost a sacred cereal crops, which are used to treat respectfully.

So, we all know about rice? The fact that the Chinese love it that the children of a cook delicious milk porridge, and adults - a fragrant pilaf. The fact that it is low in calories and it is a part of many diets. All? Let's try to look at the product so familiar to us a little bit wider and understand why rice cherishes the entire eastern continent of our planet. Here are some interesting facts about rice that can "shed light" on the situation:

  • The first information on rice are very ancient period - about fifteen thousand years ago. Grow it learned there, where now is located in South Korea. In Russia, the figure appeared only when Peter the Great, the people nicknamed him "Saracen millet."
  • About five hundred million tons of rice is produced throughout the world each year. They grow and process it for about one billion people consume - three billion.
  • In order to grow just one kilo of rice requires about five thousand liters of water.
  • According to scientists, there are about seven thousand varieties of rice.
  • In Japanese, the word "rice" and "eat" mean the same thing, but in China there is a saying "break a cup of rice" - it means "losing their jobs."
  • Rice is very nutritious, it gives a person a lot of energy. At the same time it malokalorien contains no fat, sodium and cholesterol. In one cup of regular white rice contains only one hundred and sixty calories.

It turns out that the popularity of rice diet completely is not accidental, because the product consumes more than half of humanity on our planet. A rapid weight loss with such a diet is because the properties of this cereal allows to excrete toxins, salts and toxins, restore the normal functioning of the digestive system, speeds up metabolism. And besides, that figure is useful, he is just very tasty! So any diet for him and satisfying, and rewarding.

Many varieties of rice - choose on taste

Having decided to go on a rice diet, the first thing that has to do - buy himself Fig. And right in the store, standing in front of a shelf with all kinds of varieties of rice, the question arises: what, in fact, choose? Would it not be more slimming effect if, instead of the usual rice Krasnodar to select an exotic variety of red or brown? Indeed, any major supermarket shoppers can please a wide variety of rice - sometimes there are about a dozen varieties of completely unknown to us.

Of course, you can find time to meticulously study the characteristics of each variety of rice, but the idea is more suitable for connoisseurs of cuisine, and we have with you a completely different task. All we need to know - is there a special kind of rice, helping to lose weight more effectively. And doctors, nutritionists believe that there is. If you take the shelf brown brown rice - take it without hesitation. This is where the high content of different nutrients, its shell and the seed layer are rich in folic acid, fiber, B vitamins more in this rice quite a lot of useful minerals: copper, iodine, phosphorus and zinc.

But do not despair, if where you live, find brown rice does not work: an ordinary white variety will fit perfectly to the diet. Moreover, it is much less exotic counterpart, so you and lose weight, and save a little money. Also, do not forget the wisdom of our grandmothers: you need to be treated that grows on their land. It is possible that a diet of rice for this saying is also true.

 A three-day rice diet

Pickles: three days you forget about me

Express diets have always been very popular. That's a three-day diet of rice treat those who are willing to short period of time to lose a couple of extra kilos. Reasons for such haste is enough: someone needed a few days to get into a new dress, and someone wants to hit a new acquaintance thin waist. Especially that such an inexpensive diet is also very convenient: a small amount of rice can always take to school or work, and diet will not be disturbed.

There are two most popular types of rice three-day diet. One of them is elementary - there can only rice, drinking water and green tea. The second - more gentle, includes a menu for all three days. How to choose - you decide, do not forget only the following: rice salt in any case impossible, and carbonated soft drinks - is also taboo. So do dety:

  1. The secret to a strict three-day diet of rice in the fractional power. You need to cook one cup of rice and eat it during the day only in small portions. Because the rice grains are very nutritious, and they will have you at certain intervals, hunger you will not. You can drink green tea without sugar and non-carbonated mineral vodu.Saditsya on such a diet may be no more than once a month to lose weight during this time can be three kilograms. However, if you need to lose a little more, you can extend the diet for up to seven days. Just do not forget to include in the diet for two or three hundred grams of stewed vegetables and fresh fruit every day, otherwise you will seriously harm your body. In general, it is necessary well very much like rice, to voluntarily extend the diet after three days.
  2. Next rice diet is also a three-day, but it is much softer than the previous version. With it, you can lose two - two and a half kilograms. Just as in the mono-diet, rice during cooking can not be salted. In general, it is best to cook for a couple - so it saved a lot more nutrients. So, the diet itself:
  • First day

Breakfast: one hundred grams of rice with the addition of lemon zest
Lunch: soup of fresh vegetables (open to all vegetables, except potatoes), vegetable salad - 150 grams of rice with fresh herbs, season with a teaspoon of olive oil - 100g
Dinner: soup with fresh vegetables, boiled rice with carrots, fill it with one teaspoon of sour cream - 100 gr

  • Second day

Breakfast: rice with fresh herbs, seasoned with a h. Spoon of sour cream - 100 grams, orange
Lunch: vegetable soup, a piece of boiled rice - 100g
Dinner: a portion of boiled rice - 100 grams of fresh vegetables, steamed

  • Third day

Breakfast: a portion of boiled rice, cinnamon, one grapefruit
Lunch: vegetable broth, salad cucumbers, dressed with a tsp. Olive oil - 100 g, a portion of boiled rice with stewed mushrooms 150g
Dinner: a portion of boiled rice - 100 g broccoli, steamed - 150g

Grasp the rice diet, do not get carried away too much: around the need to know the measure. What would be useful and nutritious diet was neither, but for most of us, any starvation - it is a lot of stress for the nervous system. Agree, it is very difficult to maintain good spirits during a regular diet - everything around annoying and unnerving. Therefore, in order not to jeopardize his mental state, and the whole body, do not be too hard on her figure and do not sit on a diet long position. After all, a woman is bound to be a beautiful, happy and loved - more than anyone and she did not have to.

 Rice diet for 3 days: Down with the extra weight!

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 green milk tea for weight loss


  • 3 basic ways to prepare molokochaya slimming
  • How useful diet for molokochae

If you score over the winter period a few extra kilos and want to get rid of them without too much trouble, to lose weight you perfectly podoydet.zelёny tea with milk. This drink tastes good, it can reduce appetite and satisfy hunger. With it, you can easily get rid of excess weight in a short time.

Green tea with milk - a healthy beverage, whose main components are tea and milk. Molokochay recommended to use for people with kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, as well as for weight loss. When used it can be a long time to maintain their normal weight. Milk, on the one hand, increases the useful properties of tea, and on the other - it reduces the negative impact. Tea, in turn, contributes to a better absorption of the milk. A diet molokochaem suitable for almost everyone - except for those people who suffer from food allergies to milk, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Created on diet molokochae I was in Russia, dancer Margarita Blinovskii that crossed the threshold of the 90th anniversary, while still slim, graceful and elegant. As she says, the former dancer look great all his life it helped molokochaya use to which it remains true to this day.

3 basic ways to prepare molokochaya slimming

  1. 1 liter of milk to warm, not boiling. Cover it 3-5 tablespoons green tea. Insist 20 minutes, then strain.
  2. 0, 5 liters of water to boil, add 4 teaspoons of tea. Let stand for 5 minutes, then add 0, 5 liters of milk.
  3. In a well-heated cup pour 1/3 milk and 2/3 strong tea solution (the method invented the British).

To prepare molokochaya for weight loss is best to use a green leaf tea, but also large-suit and black. Do not forget about the teas flavored with natural additives - they are also suitable for the preparation of molokochaya.

Green teas there are so many. You can purchase any on your taste. This green tea contains a lot of nutrients that have a positive effect on the body. After all, no wonder the Chinese and the Japanese, who are considered experts in the tea ceremony, give preference to green tea.

Milk in tea for weight loss is better to take skim or low-fat (1%). For a taste of the finished molokochay can add 2-3 teaspoons of honey. Keep molokochay best in the refrigerator, as it spoils quickly (especially in the warmer months). Diet for weight loss involves eating molokochaya in an amount not less than one and a half liters a day in the cold or hot.

Drink fasting days for weight loss molokochay at any time, but it is best to drink 1 glass every two hours. Since molokochay has strong diuretic effect, together with it is recommended to use an additional fluid such as plain or non-carbonated mineral water (2-3 liters per day).

With the help of this magic potion you can lose from 0 5 to 2 kg per day. Do not make fasting days on molokochae more often than 1 time per week. The greatest effect is achieved, as a rule, on the first day, and in the days that followed the body gets used to drink. In the fasting days on molokochae cleansing of the body is enhanced. On the eve of this day should not eat fatty foods in large quantities. It is better to have dinner with something light and low-calorie. Molokochay can be consumed throughout the day as the only "meal" and you can drink it only in the evening, replacing dinner. This will also contribute to weight loss of 2-3 kg per week.

There are a few rules to help achieve maximum results and weight loss does not harm their health by using molokochaya:

  1. Do not discharge more than 1 day per week.
  2. Diet is not in the fasting days should be special. It should abandon the use of fatty, starchy foods and try not to eat after 18.00 hours.
  3. Within a week use molokochay slimming as dinner.
  4. In the fasting day do not eat anything except water and molokochaya.
  5. For effective weight loss fasting day on molokochae should be combined with regular exercise (fitness, shaping, etc.).
  6. Diet molokochae preclude the use of excessively fatty and high-calorie foods and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol, if we drink green tea for weight loss, it is necessary to exclude or minimize, since it also contains a lot of calories.

 green tea with milk

  How useful diet for molokochae

  • Regular consumption molokochaya reduces the risk of cancer;
  • Molokochay strengthens the immune system and normalizes the body's metabolism;
  • Tea with milk - soothing agent, which means it can be drunk with stress and insomnia;
  • This diet is good for the skin, making it more healthy, soft and smooth;
  • Molokochay has a cleaning effect on many important body systems: circulatory, nervous, urogenital, as well as on the gallbladder and liver;
  • Milk, a part of this wonderful drink is a source of vitamins and minerals, tea and allows the best way to learn these elements;
  • Molokochay great for weight loss, as it significantly reduces the appetite and well satisfies hunger. Therefore, the diet with this useful drink is not painful, and will become a pleasant variety of diet;

However, abuse molokochaem for weight loss is not worth it: the frequent use of this drink may be the risk of kidney stones and disrupt the gastrointestinal tract. More molokochay lowers blood pressure. So if you suffer from low blood pressure, it is not desirable to use this drink. With frequent application molokochaya the body will be displayed too much fluid, threatening metabolic disorders. In addition, the fasting days for weight loss on molokochae can be carried out mainly at the weekend because he has a strong diuretic effect.

But if you do on fasting days molokochae not very often use this drink in reasonable quantities, we can not be afraid to harm their health and reduce weight without painful sensations of hunger.

 Green milk tea for weight loss

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