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Kefir - the only product in the composition of the diet can not only lose weight, but also helps improve health. It normalizes the digestive tract, circulatory and nervous system. Kefir diet returns healthy complexion, strengthens the immune system and removes toxins from the body. In a word - it is a real panacea for the modern woman. So if you accidentally typed a few extra kilos, do not rush for the pills to the pharmacy.

Use effective kefir diet, which for three days will return the lost harmony. Yes, you heard right. Designed kefir diet for 3 days and delivers as much - up to five kilograms of excess weight. You agree that this is quite a decent result, especially when you consider that it does not apply absolutely no harm to the body.

The benefits of yogurt

Kefir - a fermented beverage which is prepared from skim or whole cow's milk and fermented alcohol by fermentation using special kefir fungi. That fungus and determine the usefulness and saturation dairy products. Required kefir fermentation is achieved through a series of symbiotic microorganisms. In a word: yogurt drink, and you will be healthy. And as this become more harmonious and we'll teach you.

 kefir diet

Menu kefir diet

There are three ways to lose weight in three days with the help of yogurt. Each of them is designed for cleansing and healing the body, so practically no contraindications. Which method to use - it's up to you. We will do our best to accurately describe each of the methods.

  1. First kefir diet for 3 days fit most persistent losing weight, because there you do not have. At least during passage of the diet. During the day, allowed to drink half liter low-fat yogurt. To hunger is not felt so strongly, nutritionists advise to divide the milk product into several stages. The complexity of the diet is that three days do not eat or drink (including water) is nothing but yogurt. You are holding? The award will be minus five kilograms of excess weight.
  2. For those who have not decided to completely abandon the food. In this case, the day allowed to drink half a liter of standard low-fat yogurt and eat a kilogram of fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time from the high-calorie banana is best to abstain. Want to lose weight? Replace them with apples or watermelons. And remember: the less you eat, the more weight will throw off.
  3. This type of kefir diet for those who wish to avoid starvation or very lazy people who want to lose weight, but do not want to stop eating. I must admit that if you and will eat during this diet is not very varied. Breakfast is allowed to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt, seizing a piece of bread (or toast) with otrubyami.V lunch can afford a portion of vegetable salad dressed with olive oil. Plus a standard glass of yogurt (no wonder diet called kefir). Supper will have two apples and a small slice of cheese. Between meals you can drink low-fat yogurt. Water give best, because excess fluid in the body can lead to an increase in overall weight.

Benefits of kefir diet

  1. Short time. In just three days, you not only lose weight by several kilograms, but also restore the intestinal microflora. Save time in the era of the 21st century, when every minute counts, is very important.
  2. Cost. Kefir diet is suitable even for those who are on a tight budget, buy yogurt as much simpler than many drugs to lose weight, not to mention the payment of liposuction procedure.
  3. Versatility. Many women barely pick up a diet because of certain health problems. Someone is contraindicated buckwheat, someone does not eat oranges. The three-day kefir diet is suitable for almost everyone. Exceptions are people suffering from rheumatism, general congestion, rickets, gout, since these diseases doctors advise eating foods that cause excess acid.
  4. Efficiency. Nutritionists argue that the lost using kefir diet extra weight will not be returned.

Recent recommendations

Finally we give some recommendations. First, nutritionists do not recommend to prolong this diet. Lost weight with the help of yogurt? Go back to the previous system of power supply at least for a couple of days, and only then sit down again on kefir diet. Second, carefully choose yogurt. Best used for diet dairy drink with a minimum shelf life. It survived all the useful bifidobacteria necessary for healing the body. In short, the fresh yogurt you choose, the better.
Happy weight loss!

 Kefir diet for 3 days: losing weight fast

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 rice diet to cleanse the body of salt


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"One who offers rice, offering life itself" - so said the great Buddha. Well, or at least the Buddhists really believe in what he was saying so. Perhaps that is why rice is the basis of the national cuisine of almost all Asian countries. And judging by the results, the Buddha was not far from the truth. Asians are much less likely than the rest of the nation, suffering from cardio-vascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and joints. And the "problem of the century" - obesity - bypasses the country side. Agree, is not so common to see thick Japanese or Chinese.

As it turns out, all of this - thanks to the national rice diet. Cleansing the body contributes to this particular product. What is the figure and what is its beneficial properties? Rice is one of the oldest crops. His "domestication" happened a long time ago. According to some sources, in Central Asia, rice is cultivated since II century BC. Even then, it was a staple food. Of course, Russia's figure appeared much later - around the XV century. Interesting fact - despite the fact that this culture was already known, the word "rice" appeared only in the XIX century. It came to us from England. Prior to that figure called "Saracen grain" or "Saracen wheat."

Types of rice

Today we know a lot of different kinds of rice. But even the same variety may have a different flavor, color and nutritional value. All depends on the processing method. Figure can be divided into three types: parboiled, white and brown. The most common - it is white rice. Its grains are all stages of polishing and as a result becomes smooth and snowy white. Unfortunately, along with the "skin" is removed and a portion of mineral substances for the organism. Therefore it loses steamed white rice and brown on indicators such as the content of vitamins and minerals.

Parboiled rice undergoes special treatment that improves its performance. First, it is soaked briefly in water, then treated with steam, which is fed under high pressure. After that, the grain is dried and sanded. As a result of this process, rice becomes translucent and becomes a beautiful amber color.

Probably the least common, but most useful for the organism kind of rice - is brown. By the way, in the Asian countries it is used in cooking for the elderly and children. This is no accident. After all, most of the nutrients contained in the shell is grains. And why brown rice has the color that the sheath is maintained during processing. It is this kind of rice doctors recommend the use of healthy food and a variety of diets.

However, its price is slightly higher than usual - polished. This is understood. After all, once you buy "two in one" - himself rice and rice bran, which, in fact, are a separate product. "Rind" brown rice contains folic acid, minerals, B vitamins and fiber. Through this shell, grains acquire a light nutty flavor. However, because it is the shelf life of brown rice is lower than that of the steamed or polished.

The benefits of this product for the human body can tell a very long time. The high content of lecithin helps to activate the brain activity, the B vitamins have a positive effect on the nervous system and is very useful for hair and nails. Figure lowers cholesterol and its regular consumption helps to normalize blood sugar. Moreover, the use of this cereal reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and even cancer. And, of course, absolutely indispensable figure for those who are struggling with being overweight or want to cleanse your body of toxins.

However, despite all the "miraculous" properties of this product, it must be said that the rice diet approach is not for everyone. Before you start experimenting, you should consult your doctor. Otherwise, instead of the expected benefits, you can seriously hurt yourself. After all, what good are these diets and why they actually work? Rice - a fine absorbent. He's like a sponge, absorbs toxins, salt and water from your body. Due to this, and is cleansed.

But along with harmful substances and it takes part of the useful - for example, potassium, necessary for the maintenance of normal heart activity. That is why the need to adhere strictly to the terms of the recommended diets. For example, a strict diet should not last more than three days. And with less severe but more prolonged advised to take special drugs. In general, if your goal - to rid the body of excess salts and toxins, not laid up with a heart attack, then everything should be approached intelligently guided by the principle of "do no harm".

 rice diet to cleanse

Rice Diet

In recent years, won immense popularity rice diet to cleanse the body. Strictly speaking, the diet - in the full sense of the word - to name the proposed method of purification is impossible. Rather, it is certain rules of supply. However, like any normal diet, she held the course. Purification process is designed for two weeks. Before the start of the course need a little preparation. Preliminary days "are not considered" - that is not included in the diet reserved for two weeks. You will need four glasses or glass jars, and, of course, rice. As they say, better to take the brown.

The preparatory process. Take two large spoons of rice and thoroughly - just water - wash it. Then pour the rice into a clean glass and fill it with drinking water. Take a marker and draw on the glass figure "1", so as not to confuse them. Cover with a lid and store in the refrigerator. The next day, remove the soaked rice, rinse and fill with fresh water. Take another glass, draw the number "2", and put a new batch of rice, repeat the procedure by analogy. On the third day you need to wash the rice had two glasses and pour in the third the next portion.

By the fourth day you will have the last empty glass. I guess what to do with it? That's right, all the same - nothing new. The main thing - do not confuse them. To do this, get the free space in the fridge and set the jars in a number of strictly observing the sequence. Yes, and his household is prevented. And then, taking something tasty, they can break your system. Well - training ended. It remains to wait for the next morning - the fifth - the day and you can begin to cleanse.

By the way, you know what you need so long to soak rice? Everything is very simple. During these four days of it disappears substances that form in the body of mucus. The grains of the void there - in them and will "settle" all the slag and salt. Thus, the preparation is completed. You can start. In the morning on an empty stomach, drink a cup of green tea or a glass of water. Take the figure of the first cup, rinse again and cook. However, you can not cook - just pour boiling water and leave for 10-15 minutes. It is enough to soften and so - because he "soak" for four days. All. Bon Appetit! It seems superfluous to say that the salt, sugar and butter to add is not necessary, right?

After breakfast, do not forget to fill up a new batch of rice in empty glass and place it at the very end of your "system." The most important thing - after this lunch do not eat or drink for four hours. Otherwise the rice will not withdraw salt from your body, and one of those foods that you eat. As you can imagine, this is no good. Four hours later for lunch. Strictly speaking, no other restrictions exist. Although, of course, try not to abuse the salty, spicy and sour. Well, alcohol is excluded.

If you do not want to bother with all these cups and jars, rice can be prepared in a simpler way. However, such training takes about a week. Open the bag of rice, place it in a saucepan and cover with water. Daily wash it for at least twenty minutes. After about seven days, you will notice that the water became totally transparent - so your rice is ready. Thoroughly dry it, put it in a paper bag and store in a cool dark place. Next - all under the same scheme. Take a small portion and cook without salt. If you can not buy brown rice, try to find at least rice bran. In one large spoonful of rice should take a little bran. Cook, stirring occasionally. If you do not want to cook - just pour boiling water for 15-20 minutes.

Other ways

There are other ways to cleanse the body by means of rice. For example, if you want to not only bring harmful substances, but also to lose weight, you can try this method. Getting up in the morning, take a few grains of rice and rinse thoroughly. Number risinok should match your age. Then, on an empty stomach, eat them raw. The most unpleasant that even water to wash down this "delicacy" is impossible. After this "meal" is also advised not to eat or drink for at least three hours. Then you can eat as usual, but before seven o'clock in the evening. However, for the best effect, it is better to eliminate starchy foods - such as pasta and potatoes - and animal fats. After seven - are allowed to eat vegetables and drink tea or weak coffee. Of course, without sugar. Raw rice perfectly cleanses the body of toxins.

Proponents of this diet claim that swallow the rice grains is very difficult only in the first two days. And then - as if by magic - rice will become sweet taste in the mouth, and, literally, he "slip" in the stomach. Sticking to this scheme is recommended no more than 10 days. It is believed that after this period will begin rice output is not extra salt and slag, and the most that neither is a useful and vital for the body elements. If desired, repeat the "therapy" can be at 1, 5-2 months.

As the Japanese say the wise: "Moonlight and cooked rice are always the way." Perhaps their words worth considering. Rice cleansing diet - of course, provided that you do not overdo it - will help bring the body in order to adjust work intestine and normalize metabolism. Carrying out such a course once a year, you are a long time to maintain health and good shape. What else is necessary for happiness?

 Rice diet to cleanse the body of salt - fast and easy

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