Maggie egg diet


  • "Pros and cons"
  • The first two weeks
  • The third and fourth weeks

As one wise man: "Diet - a scientifically designed program to combat the brain to the stomach, obviously doomed to failure." Well, of course he can, and human rights ... Although diet are different. A woman so arranged that all the time are unhappy with your figure and try to use every opportunity to correct deficiencies. By this, apparently, in the near future diets will not disappear. The case for small - to choose one that will work as efficiently as possible and do not harm health.

It not so long ago appeared and immediately "captured the imagination" of all dieters, egg kind of diet - a diet Maggie. Whence this funny name - is not known. In one version of Maggi - a nickname of a girl who was among the first to test it on himself and struck "miraculous transformation", I decided to share with everyone this recipe. Maybe the way it really is. And maybe - no. However, it is not so important. Much more important is that this diet exists and has already helped many women get rid of the hated kilograms, and thus become a little happier.

Generally, eggs - a unique product. Despite the small caloric content, they have the ability to satisfy the hunger. Not long ago, US scientists have conducted an interesting experiment. They gathered a focus group of women are obese. They were asked, as breakfast, choose one of the products - egg or bagel - and use it for two months. It is important that the caloric and of both was the same. After eight weeks, it was made "control stopped". Those who prefer eggs during this time is much thinner. And lovers of bagels retained their kilograms.

So it is with diet Maggie. According to those who have experienced it for yourself, the results - simply stunning. During the four weeks of the course possible to "throw" from 10 to 25 kilograms. And that is important - this effect persists for a long time. Moreover, unlike most other diets, you will not have to chase debilitating hunger. Do all fit this "magic" means? I guess, yes. Provided that you love eggs, citrus fruits, and you do not have an allergic reaction to them. Also contraindicated diet Maggie those who suffer from chronic kidney disease, or hypotension. In any case, even if you feel perfectly healthy man before "sit" on a diet, you should consult a doctor. Suddenly, it is contraindicated for you. Why harm health?

"Pros and cons"

The obvious "plus" of this method is that you will be relieved of counting calories. Agree, this is a rather tedious task. There is no need to calculate anything - if you look closely the menu, you will notice that many foods can be eaten without restriction. By the way, this is why almost no one complains of hunger. Egg diet is based on a different principle - to the interaction of different foods in your body. The ingredients are selected so that by entering into a chemical reaction in the stomach, they activate lipolysis and facilitate removal of toxins.

Unfortunately, this big "plus" and implies a huge "minus". Maggie diet requires strict compliance compiled menu. Strictly forbidden to "pass" or reordered any products. Otherwise, no you will not get results. Moreover, if you happen to "come out of schedule" will have to start not from the place where you left off, and from the very first day. This is particularly inconvenient to those who are forced to go to work every day. Wearing a variety of jars, boxes and "tueski" you provided.

But cooking will not take you much time - they are all very simple. Yes, and run around looking for a product you do not have. No exotic - all can be purchased at the local supermarket. And that, no doubt - "plus". Cooking vegetables can be two ways - either steamed or boiled. Meat broths are excluded. The good news also is that it is not necessary to completely eliminate the salt and eat fresh, tasteless food. Also allowed almost any seasoning, garlic and onions.

Another very nice "plus sign" Maggie diet - is that black coffee and tea you can drink at any time and without restrictions. Also allowed to "sweeten your life" sugar substitutes. In general, you should try to drink fluids as much as possible - three liters a day, at least. In general, it turns out that the "pros" this diet is far more than "minus". Try?

 egg diet Maggi

The first two weeks

These fourteen days breakfast is always the same. You should eat two boiled eggs and - by choice - half a grapefruit or orange. Lunches and dinners will be otlichatsya.Rezhim power for days.

  1. At lunch, choose your favorite fruit - fit pears, apples, peaches, watermelons, etc. - And eat it as you wish. At dinner - fried or boiled meat. You can eat beef, pork or veal. From lamb should refrain. By the way, can be used instead of meat and low-fat ground beef.
  2. Lunch - chicken. You can boil or fry - whichever you prefer. Only the skin there is not necessary - it is oily. For dinner prepare vegetable salad - carrots, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. To fill it is not necessary. Salad dressing - two boiled eggs and a piece of fresh cake. For dessert - a grapefruit. However, if you do not like grapefruit, they can always be replaced with oranges. It is quite permissible.
  3. During the day you can eat a piece of toast or tortillas and plenty of cheese and tomatoes. However, the cheese should be low-fat. In the evening - meat and vegetable salad.
  4. Lunch - choose type of fruit. At dinner - again, the meat with salad.
  5. At lunch - two eggs and cooked vegetables. Suit zucchini with beans or carrots with green peas. In the evening - a fish. You can fry, you can boil - which is more like. To fish - fresh vegetable salad. Then - the grapefruit.
  6. During the day - fruit, in the evening - the meat. Salad today is canceled.
  7. Lunch - chicken. Naturally, without skin. To her tomatoes and boiled vegetables. Orange. By the way, prepare the vegetables more - they are you and dinner.
  8. Day - meat and salad. In the evening - boiled eggs and oranges.
  9. At lunch - boiled eggs, low-fat cheese and grapefruit. In the evening - again, two eggs. No wonder that this diet - egg.
  10. During the day - fish, in the evening - eggs.
  11. At lunch - fish, tomatoes and oranges. Evening - fruit salad of peaches, apples, melons, oranges and tangerines.
  12. Day and night the same thing - chicken, tomatoes, boiled vegetables and orange.

The third and fourth weeks

The third week is different from previous ones in that diversity does not. Every day stands out several foods that can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities. Nevertheless, it is recommended, as before, eating three times a day.

  1. Fruit. Under the ban - figs, mangoes, bananas, grapes and figs. All the rest - it is possible.
  2. Vegetables. Any except potatoes. It can be cooked can be fresh.
  3. Allowed and vegetables, and fruits.
  4. Fish, cooked vegetables, cabbage and lettuce.
  5. The choice - meat or chicken. Boiled vegetables.
  6. Days of the sixth and seventh - one type of fruit.

The fourth week. "Outstanding" list of foods that can be eaten throughout the day.

The first day:

  • meat or chicken, no more than 200 g
  • 3 tomatoes
  • tuna in its own juice
  • 4 cucumber
  • piece of cake
  • grapefruit

Second day:

  • 200 grams of meat
  • 3 tomato
  • 4 cucumber
  • toast
  • pear or apple

Day Three:

  • low-fat cheese or a spoonful of cottage cheese
  • boiled vegetables
  • two tomatoes and cucumbers
  • piece of cake
  • orange

Day Four:

  • half chicken
  • cucumber
  • 3 tomato
  • grapefruit
  • pear or apple

Day Five:

  • 2 eggs
  • 3 tomato
  • lettuce
  • orange

Day Six:

  • chicken breast - 2 pieces
  • cheese or cottage cheese - 125 gr
  • toast
  • 2 cucumber and tomato
  • glass of yogurt
  • grapefruit

Well, egg diet and Maggi completed. Ate you do it right and never "turn from the path", then most likely, four weeks already be able to easily get into the old jeans, in which a long time ago, "put an end". And the famous aphorism that "girlish figure easier to store in memory" - is not about you.

 Maggi Egg Diet - easy solutions

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 Chinese diet


  • Diet "60-90 days"
  • Diet "14 days"
  • Afterword

Unbelievable but true - obesity, have already recognized a "disease of civilization", for some reason, almost shy away from Asia. Agree, the Chinese are overweight - the picture is rather rare. Of course, we are very different - and appearance, and climate, and philosophy - all different. But perhaps the main difference - a national cuisine and attitude towards food. Remember the old Russian proverb: "The cabbage soup yes porridge - our food?" Exactly.

Asians as staple food is rice, fresh vegetables and seafood. In addition, they are trained from childhood to the moderation in food - well, it is not accepted there is "from the belly." Maybe this is the secret? Try to understand. And help us in the Chinese diet. She has several varieties. Consider the two most popular.

  Diet "60 - 90 days»

Option one diet - the most pleasant and enjoyable. However, there is at this diet and one huge drawback - it was "long-playing". That is designed for two or three months. Diet is very well balanced and easy to carry - so do not have to starve. Menu painted by one week.

Then everything is repeated in a circle. The basis of the diet are mainly products of plant origin and saltwater fish. Surprisingly, unlike most other Chinese diet permits the use of potatoes. It is alleged that during this combination of products, it is "for the good."

Particular attention is Asian dietitians give mineral water. It is believed that it helps cleanse the intestines, as well as providing recreation and even a rejuvenating effect. In addition to the amount of fluid which is indicated in the diet, be sure to three times a week, drink two glasses of chilled water immediately after waking, on an empty stomach. To avoid confusion, it is recommended for this procedure take certain days of the week. For example, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In general, throughout the diet should drink mineral water as much as possible and more often.

  • The first day

In the morning, invited to eat about 150 grams of ordinary white cabbage and drink her glass of mineral water. During the day you can afford four large spoons of cooked rice. Incidentally, such a diet for weight loss involves the use of red rice, but if he could not buy, then fit and normal. For rice - 150 grams of carrot salad. Preparing it is very simple - chop carrots and season it with olive oil. Drink all possible mineral water.

  • Second day

At breakfast - carrots with olive oil (150 grams) and one piece of toast. Again mineral water. At lunch - 200 grams of salad from fresh vegetables. For him, it is recommended to use celery, cabbage, carrots and lettuce. You can also eat a toast or a small piece of bread. Instead of water - apple juice. Dinner will consist of 100 grams of rice, four leaves of green salad and a glass of "mineral water".

  • Day Three

In the morning, prepare a fruit salad. To do this, you need the pears, bananas, apples and oranges. The weight of the finished dish should not exceed 200 grams. You can drink orange juice. Day - 250 grams of boiled asparagus, toast and cabbage salad, seasoned with lemon juice. Again mineral water. For dinner, fry the mushrooms themselves - 250 grams - and eat them with boiled potatoes. Only tuber should not be too large. Drink it should be "mineral water".

  • Day Four

At breakfast - one apple, one orange, toast and apple juice. One glass. For lunch again boil the asparagus and eat it with boiled rice and basil leaves. The total weight of food - no more than 300 grams. A piece of bread or toast. For dessert - big apple, and as usual, mineral water. For dinner should boil 200 grams of marine fish. To her - two small boiled potatoes and toast.

  • Day Five

In the morning - 200 grams of cooked rice and mineral water. Day - cabbage salad. Mix 100 grams of sea and cabbage and eat a slice of bread. However, instead of bread, rice cakes can be taken. And, of course, again mineral water. For dinner, cook 200 grams of vegetable salad. To do this, the cabbage, carrots and lettuce season with olive oil. For the salad - rice cakes and mineral water.

  • Day Six

At breakfast - rice pudding and apple juice. At lunch - 200 grams of marine fish. Of course, boiled. For dessert - fruit salad. At this time of apples, kiwis and oranges. You can drink mango juice or less exotic orange. No more than one glass. For dinner fry a small piece of beef or veal. Naturally, it is necessary to choose lean meat. Served cut into four-leaf lettuce and season with lemon juice. Eat an orange.

  • The seventh day

In the morning - fruit salad and a glass of "mineral water". For the salad, take prunes, apricots and apples - not more than 250 grams. Day - 150 grams of rice. Add to it a piece of fruit and a big spoon of honey. Wash down with mineral water. In the evening - 150 grams of marine fish, 200 grams of cabbage, rice cakes and mineral water. After the seventh day of the diet "turns to the second round."

 Diet Chinese

  Diet "14 days"

Chinese diet for 14 days transferred to hard enough. Primarily due to the fact that it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of salt and sugar. And, of course, under strict prohibition are flour, fat and alcohol. Menu first and second weeks are the same.

  • The first day

In the morning - only a cup of black coffee. At lunch cook hard-boiled two eggs and make a salad of cabbage, fill it with oil. Drink it all can be a glass of tomato juice. If the juice does not want to - just eat fresh tomato.

  • Second day

At breakfast - the same coffee, however, have a toast. Day - cabbage salad and sea fish. The fish can be boiled, but you can fry - whichever you prefer. In the evening - 200 grams of cooked lean beef and a glass of kefir.

  • Day Three

Morning again begins with a cup of black coffee. At this time without toast. Day should eat one raw egg - only first make sure that it is fresh. To him - Boil three large carrots and season them with oil. Best olive. At dinner - green apples.

  • Day Four

Morning coffee again - is nothing new. But in order to prepare a meal, you will need a large parsnip or parsley root. It is recommended to fry it in vegetable oil. However, if you do not want to fry, then there is another option. Boil it and then grind using a blender. Will soup. For dessert - green apples. In the evening - 200 grams of boiled beef. On a garnish - two hard-boiled eggs and salad of cabbage. Cabbage need to fill with vegetable oil.

  • Day Five

In the morning - a surprise. No coffee. Instead of the usual drink is necessary to rub raw carrots and season it with lemon juice. At lunch - boiled or fried fish without garnish. But you can eat 500 grams. To fish - tomato juice. For dinner - the same fish, only this time with coleslaw.

  • Day Six

At breakfast - coffee. Day - 500 grams of boiled chicken breast and coleslaw. Tired of cabbage? It is quite possible to replace it with fresh carrots. However, carrots with vegetable oil is provided in the evening menu. Together with two eggs, hard boiled.

  • The seventh day

In the morning - green tea. Apparently, for a change. Lunch - 200 grams of cooked meat and any fruit. For dinner - the freedom to choose. You can take any of the options of the previous days. Well, almost anyone. The one that was offered on the third day - will not do. This Chinese diet promises that in the allotted two weeks, you will lose weight by 5-10 kg.

 Chinese diet for 13 days


Which of the two diets - a quick or long - choose to decide, of course, you. But as you know, the slower you lose weight, the less likely that the extra weight back into place. In the process of long-term diet - and the Chinese diet for weight loss is balanced properly and is not accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger - you just accustom your stomach for moderation in diet. After graduation, you will be much easier to adhere to certain restrictions.

And another important point. Almost all diets have contraindications. And the Chinese diet for weight loss is no exception. Therefore, before "sit down" to any of them need to consult a doctor. You want to not only slim but healthy, right?

 Chinese diet - old recipes Asia

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