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From early childhood, we used to hear that the vegetables are essential for our health. Remember how Mom grated carrot, muttering: "Eat, eat, this is useful?" And, as in most cases, the mother, of course, was right. The vegetables contain a "bunch" of different minerals, vitamins, organic acids and dietary fibers, without which our bodies simply can not do.

Until recently, the only serious drawback of vegetables was considered low calorie. However, everything changes. And what used to be perceived as "negative", it turned into a fat "plus". According to the statistics - and it's hard to argue! - An increasing number of people in the world suffer from obesity and are concerned about losing weight.

That was then, and come to the aid of vegetables - or rather, vegetable diet. Compliance with such a diet gives a feeling of satiety and at the same time does not allow the body to get the excess calories. Moreover, some members of the "family" - for example, celery and cabbage - even have a negative calorie. What does it mean? Yes, that their digestion of your body expend more energy than it will receive as a result of their use.

Another quality of vegetables that make them so attractive for weight loss - it is high in fiber. The fact that this substance is not cleaved in the organism. But moving along the gastrointestinal tract, they absorb toxins, so perfectly clean our body. Moreover, the fiber partially binds fat and prevents it from fully assimilated. And this, no doubt, it makes it even more efficient vegetable diet. And one more unquestionable advantage - you do not have to stand for hours at the stove. All recipes are very simple and they handle even the novice cook.

Without a doubt, all of these useful properties of vegetables is widely exploited - in the best sense of the word - nutritionists. Vegetable diet - one of the most popular and "tasty" way to fight obesity. And its results are always pleasing to all who dared to take this step. Such diets there are so many - from the very short, simple and hard, to those that can be followed for a long time without any damage to health, while pampering yourself interesting new dishes, satisfying taste of the most demanding gourmets and aesthetes. Consider some of the recipes.

Tough diet

This vegetable diet is considered to be sufficiently rigid and is designed for only a week. With strict compliance menu slimming effect is significant enough - three to four kilograms. Diet for a week.

  1. At breakfast - black tea and dried apricots. Lunch - vegetable soup, boiled potatoes and vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil. Add the beets. All you can drink herbal tea. At mid-morning snack - a banana and green tea. Of course, without sugar. At dinner - again salad and mineral water.
  2. In the morning - black tea and an apple. It is desirable green. At lunch - meatless soup, boiled potatoes and a salad of cooked vegetables - salad. For dessert - fruit and herbal tea. In the afternoon tea - green tea and a banana. In the evening - again salad and juice. Preferably, cranberry or cranberries. However, you can replace it, and herbal tea of ​​cranberry leaf.
  3. In the morning - green tea. He is known to be very helpful for weight loss. "Sweeten Life" can be dried apricots or raisins. At lunch - and beetroot salad with fresh vegetables. To take the salad cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, and of course, lots of greenery. For dessert - figs and herbal tea. At lunch cook compote. To him - fresh fruit. In the evening you can eat salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil. Cabbage wash down with a compote, who stayed with afternoon tea.
  4. At breakfast - green tea and fresh fruit. At lunch - soup of vegetable soup, vegetable salad and mineral water. At lunch - again compote. Before going to bed - raw carrots and cranberry juice or cranberry.
  5. In the morning - green tea. At this time, without fruit. Happy - fresh vegetables, one orange and again tea. Lunch - half green apple compote. At dinner - salad of cabbage and sparkling mineral water.
  6. In the morning - all the same. Green tea and fruit. Lunch - a favorite dish of many - borscht. To him - vegetable salad. Wash down, of course, be mineral water. Afternoon snack - fruit compote. At dinner - vegetables again. Any but fresh - without heat treatment. Herbal tea.
  7. In the morning - tea of ​​your choice. Grassy, ​​green, black - what you want. To him - dried fruits. During the day - vegetable soup, salad, fruit and green tea. In the afternoon - a compote or any tea seasoned with dried fruit. In the evening - fresh vegetables, fruit compote and fruit - fresh or dried.

 Vegetable Diet

"Cabbages and Kings"

However, not so ... the Queen and cabbage! This vegetable diet also promises very good results - up to five kilograms per week. Constant component menu vegetable diet, in this embodiment, a cabbage soup. It must be there every day. As it turned out, the cabbage is very useful for weight loss - because it is negative calorie! Soup cooked very simple - you can add to the cabbage and other vegetables. Suit carrots, onions, tomatoes, peppers - yes anything, except potatoes. This is, perhaps, the only vegetable that is harmful to weight loss. So a rough menu for a week - except cabbage soup during the day, you can eat the following foods.

First day:

  • raw or baked fruit;
  • yoghurt or skimmed milk;
  • unsweetened tea or coffee.

Second day:

  • any vegetables;
  • baked potatoes, low-calorie flavored sauce;
  • tea.

Third day:

  • fruit;
  • vegetables;
  • milk or yogurt;
  • tea or coffee without sugar.

Fourth day:

  • bananas - as you like;
  • yogurt or milk.

Day Five:

  • cooked chicken breasts and lean fish - without restriction;
  • sauce with a minimum of calories;
  • tomatoes;
  • yogurt;
  • coffee or tea.

Day Six:

  • chicken and fish with sauce, without restrictions;
  • fresh vegetables. Preference - tomatoes;
  • milk;
  • tea.

Day Seven:

  • any vegetables and fruits;
  • milk;
  • coffee.

Perhaps the most attractive in the vegetable diet is that the effect of weight loss is maintained for a long time. Well, of course, provided that you do not "gang up" immediately to the various "bun", cakes and fried potatoes.

 vegetable diet for weight loss

"Vegetables fruits"

The meaning of this vegetable diet is very simple - the day can eat about one and a half kilograms of vegetables. It is also permissible to eat dairy fat-free products. Energy value of all the products must not exceed 1200 calories a day. If you strictly follow the menu - and the recipes are simple enough - and stick to proper diet, the results will not keep you waiting. Eating recommended five to six times a day, small portions. Since this embodiment does not relate to stringent vegetable diet, it is considered that the "sit" on it can be more than one week. Allowable maximum term - one month.

  1. For breakfast, prepare a salad of apples and cabbage. To him - a compote of fresh berries. During the day - vegetable soup and green tea. The soup should of course be to boil the water, and not the meat broth. At lunch grate carrots and add a spoonful of olive oil. In the evening, you can indulge yourself - zafarshiruyte peppers tomatoes and eggplant and bake in the oven. All you can drink berry compote.
  2. In the morning - low-fat yogurt. Add to it, for a taste of fresh berries. At lunch - vegetable salad. Cut the bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Add cheese and olives. Slightly sbryznete all this oil. Drink fruit jelly is recommended. At noon, you can eat an apple baked with honey. At dinner - cabbage soup and tea. Better green.
  3. In the morning - a salad of greens and radishes. Green tea. At lunch - potato bake and eat it with the sauerkraut. Cabbage is very useful for weight loss, remember? Again, green tea. At mid-morning snack - baked turnip. In the evening - vegetable stew and stewed fruit. Day Four. At breakfast - cabbage soup and herbal tea. Lunch - vegetable soup. You can drink green tea. At lunch - boiled beet with prunes. Before going to bed - a salad of fresh vegetables. The ingredients can be chosen to your taste. A mug of buttermilk. Better - one percent. It is best for weight loss.
  4. On the morning of low-fat yogurt and a banana. During the day - vegetable stew and herb tea. A little later, you can eat one fresh apple. At dinner - vegetable broth. If you want to drink - you can cook stewed fruit. Do not add sugar.
  5. At breakfast - a cup of vegetable broth and a compote of fresh berries. Unsweetened. At lunch, prepare soup cabbage broth. You can drink green tea. At lunch - salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. In the evening - baked pumpkin and herbal tea.
  6. In the morning - fruit salad and tea. As usual, green. Day - pease pudding and again tea. At lunch - grated carrots with olive oil. At dinner - braised squash and zucchini. A glass of kefir. As you can see, this vegetable diet - one of the most enjoyable. Despite the fact that all of the recipes are easy to prepare, it turns out the menu is diverse enough food - tasty, low calorie and they practically guarantee you weight loss.

As you can see, vegetable diet - it's not scary. And in order to lose weight, it is not necessary constantly to experience obsessive hunger. A little imagination and desire, and you probably can come up with your personal recipes low-calorie and healthy vegetable dishes. This is what distinguishes the diet of any other vegetable. However, before embarking on this "journey", be sure to consult with your doctor. For any diet has its contraindications. And most importantly - it does not harm their health.

 Vegetable Diet - Lose Weight with taste

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