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Everyone knows that any method enabling lose five to six kilograms in a very short period of time is harmful to health. And everyone knows that around full of girls ready to do anything to get rid of excess weight. Although there are situations in life when you can, eyes closed, to agree on a very strict diet, solve all problems. That's only necessary to choose a diet with the mind, or the joy of the lost weight you will not do.


The best way to lose weight is not only strong but also fast - go on a mono-diet. Its main charm is that in a relatively short period of mono-diet can help to throw several kilograms. For example, ten days of such a diet is quite possible to lose six to seven kilograms. I must say that the number of the outgoing weight depends on the characteristics of slimming: some easily lose eight to ten kilograms, but someone struggling to lose weight to four pounds. Such a diet is not easy to sustain, and for many it is absolutely contraindicated for health reasons. However, mono-diet remains the most popular way to lose weight for most women these days.

The essence of the diet is that for a certain time, there is one and the same product. This can be cottage cheese, buckwheat or rice porridge, fruit and even just water. If we talk about the ten-day mono-diet, the better dishes than porridge, just do not find. For cereal is not only nutritious and full of a variety of valuable minerals, but also very tasty.

There are girls who are so fond of certain cereals that spend ten days only favorite dish for them is not a test, and a real pleasure! Although we should not forget that in the preparation of cereals grains can not add salt, pepper and generally use any seasoning - agree that it is enough to fly in the ointment "a barrel of honey." Porridge should not get loose - it is suitable for mono-diet dry option. And of course, any additives in the form of butter or milk - is also banned.

Whatever it was, but the desire to lose weight "here and now" causes women to make sacrifices and to sit for long monodiets. Need a really strong willpower to withstand such a test: in the early days there is a feeling of fatigue, irritability, vertigo. But over time, these symptoms disappear, and further advancing the process of losing weight much easier. In addition to dropping excess weight such mono-diet will help cleanse the body, at its end you will feel light and healthy.

Preparing the body to monodiet

To mono-diet was easier to survive, it is to prepare for it in advance. And not only physically, but also mentally. First of all you have to really want to lose weight and be firmly believe that this time things will turn out. In order to maintain a positive mood throughout the diet, try to provide the calories not only inside but also outside. The best way to achieve this - physical training and sports massage, a visit to a bath or sauna.

Having defined the starting day of the diet, make sure you are perfectly healthy and your chronic disease, if any, are not in the acute phase. And if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, the hard mode monodiets you absolutely contraindicated. The same can be said about adolescents in puberty.

Try a few days before the planned date of the diet to reduce the amount of food consumed, and in any case not to overeat. No matter how great the temptation to eat to satiety on the eve of fasting ("naemsya here today, and tomorrow I'll start a new life"), to absorb large quantities of food is not recommended. Remember that the more smoothly you will "enter" into the diet, the easier it will be to hold all ten days, and then - to achieve the desired result.


Types ten-monodiets

  • Mono-diet on porridges

It is no secret that any diet based on cereals, not only helps to lose a few kilograms overweight, but also perfectly cleanses the body. Scientists have long shown that most of the diseases of internal organs is due to intoxication and "pollution" of the body. Porridge is perfectly helps to cope with these problems. The fact that the grains contained in this delicious dish, has an effect of the scraper, scraped from the walls of the esophagus toxins. No wonder all of us as a child said that oatmeal for breakfast - it is useful!

One of the most enjoyable moments of mono-diet on porridges is that you do not necessarily ten days to sit on the same product. It is perfectly possible to alternate buckwheat, rice and Pshenko in any convenient for you proportions. And there are these cereals can be as much as you want - restrictions on the daily volume is simply no! Another thing is that too much to eat such food without salt, sauces and spices are not particularly want to, so that, willy-nilly, and you will lose weight.

  • Cabbage monodiet

Once upon a time the cabbage was considered a real delicacy, it served as a delicacy most eminent patricians in ancient Rome. Now this vegetable is so widespread that few imagine a hearty lunch or dinner without this wonderful product. How useful cabbage? An abundance of vitamins, mineral trace elements and dietary fiber, so necessary for our body. It is also called the bowel orderly, thanks to the remarkable properties to suppress the development of putrefactive bacteria.

Having decided to go on a ten-cabbage diet primarily Decide exactly what sort of cabbage you'll have all these days. In our time, the stores can be found kohlrabi, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Preference is better to give our native cabbage: it is not only the low-calorie, but also the cheapest one.

In what form should eat cabbage in the diet? Of course, in the cheese. If you boil the leaves, you will lose most of the nutrients found in fruits. Cabbage Soup Diet is not easy to sustain, so the allowed time in three days to feast on sauerkraut. However, to introduce it in daily diet during monodiets should not: a large amount of salt put an end to all your works, and you do not lose weight.

Do not limit yourself to a liquid you can drink as much as you want. Of course, all sweet and fizzy drinks should be excluded from the menu, but water and green tea should be drunk obligatory. But if you do not think its the morning without a cup of coffee, do it yourself and drink the relief it in the morning.

Do not forget that the mono-diet cabbage - unbalanced, so the intake of vitamins during her mandatory.

  • Carrot monodiet

About what is useful and how much carrot in it useful trace elements, it is possible to write an entire novel. We all know that the root is extremely valuable to the health of people of any age. The most popular substance, which is part of the orange vegetables - beta-carotene, it is necessary for the prevention of early aging and strengthen immunity. And iodine and fiber to help all losing weight in an attempt to get rid of excess weight.

Menu carrot monodiets most simple - fresh carrot every day and in any quantity. Wash down may be the same green tea and water without gas, as in the previous diet. However, if you have weak gums, it is best to grate the carrots on a fine grater - so you do not damage them exactly. Since this diet is very hard, in the case of widespread famine are allowed to eat small portions of carrot salad (shredded carrots, seasoned with sour cream).

At carrot diet has many contraindications, among them - acute peptic ulcer, diabetes, inflammation of the small intestine, gastritis with high acidity. Before you sit down to this mono-diet, you should consult with your doctor.

 diet for 10 days

How to get out of a ten monodiets

It is no secret that ninety to ninety-five percent of women who have successfully completed a ten mono-diet and lose a few kilos, after some time, not only return their old weight, but also gain a few pounds. Why is this happening? The fact is that many of the girls did not know how to properly get out of the diet and pounce on the food, eating everything and in large quantities.

To understand why you need to limit yourself to food and following a diet, we give you some important facts about the features of the body during and after fasting. The fact is that during the diet the body works in economy mode: basal metabolic rate decreases. Did you know that if you accurately measure the temperature of the human body during a strict diet, it would be a few hundredths of a degree below normal? This occurs because the body "calls" the dieter to save their energy - hence the constant sleepiness and fatigue.

Now become very popular hypothesis is that the brain of a man sitting on a diet, "remembers" the hunger and the lack of essential trace elements to the body. Therefore, at the end of the diet, he gives the order to make the body reserves in case another hunger strike. And the more a man sits on a hard, exhausting diets, the more fat it accumulates body "in reserve".

So what to do for those who want to keep their diet results, which gave such a hard work? First, do not relax. I thought that all suffering behind and you can now load up the blade, will lead you to disastrous results. There is a golden rule: get out of the diet should be smooth and gradual.

Secondly, do not forget that limit yourself to food should be the same number of days as the diet itself lasted. Try to eat these days are low-calorie foods - fruits and vegetables. Those products that have been banned diet is introduced into the diet very carefully - on the third or fourth day, and in small quantities.

Third, remain optimistic and positive attitude. If you stand the strict ten-day mono-diet and get rid of a few extra kilos, then nothing can stop you to keep the achieved weight! The main thing - a good mood and confidence.

 Mono-diet for 10 days: losing weight fast

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