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  • Out of diet: Control yourself!

"Buckwheat - is not only a valuable dietary product, but minus five to six kilograms of excess weight" - so would sound known anshlagovskaya joke if comedians decided to tell you about this wonderful product as buckwheat. Familiar absolutely everyone, common buckwheat - a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins.

It has almost half of the periodic table: iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, boron, potassium, iodine - can continue for a long time. Buckwheat porridge, so loved by us since childhood, are especially recommended for those suffering from liver disease, hypertension and many other diseases.

But best of all - this delicious barley can be quickly and easily lose weight. Despite the fact that the product enough calories (assuming that one hundred grams of boiled buckwheat - trista thirty-pyat calories) diet of barley most effective. For example, buckwheat diet for 3 days will you get rid of 3-4 kg!

And this despite the fact that hunger with nutritious foods like buckwheat, you hardly feel it. Due to the high content of vegetable protein, this eliminates the need for cereal protein and fat components, which means that about meat and fish on these three days can be forgotten. It turns out that with buckwheat porridge, you can lose weight by leaps and bounds.

Incidentally, a side dish of buckwheat with the same success can be ordered as a factory canteen in cheap and expensive restaurant in the trendy - in both cases your order will be a sign of good taste. Just buckwheat in the country respect all - poor comrades from the periphery and wealthy gentlemen with Rublevki. Whence this national love for the product?

Love of buckwheat

And this love began since the days of Kievan Rus, when Greek merchants brought it to us on trial (in honor of the Greeks, "buckwheat" and named). Our ancestors liked the product so that it is still considered native Russian: it is prepared from it not only porridge and pancakes and pies and soups. At the time, not just loved buckwheat - people sincerely believed in the miraculous power of the "triangle of grain." Have survived a belief that before the most important events of his life in Russia was eating buckwheat, in order to become stronger physically and spiritually.

But in Europe, buckwheat not tasted so far, and it bred only for buckwheat honey. Although, they say, in some regions of Italy dried buckwheat nibble as we have seeds - but just do not care to our passion for this wonderful croup Europeans away. It is not surprising, because growing it is not easy - the culture is quite whimsical and difficult to grow. Yes, and the average yield is not particularly high - only four or five quintals per hectare (compared to wheat - fifty tons per hectare). Despite all these difficulties, it is crap in our country planted huge area.

In addition to us respect even buckwheat and Asians. In Japan, named in her honor, many localities and ponds, and even they did not eat as much as we - though not porridge and noodles from buckwheat flour. In Korea, rolls of buckwheat for any occasion - it's like that for us in the New Year Olivier - without them anywhere! But, perhaps, surpassed all the Chinese: they make buckwheat chocolate, jams and even liquors.

And how does not like buckwheat, because in addition to all the valuable properties of this cereal completely harmless! Weeds she is not afraid, and thus the chemicals it does not poison - is not a reason for confidence in its safety for health? Well, in addition, buckwheat has never been subjected to the process of genetic modification.

 buckwheat diet

The essence of the three-day buckwheat diet

In fact, varieties of buckwheat diet - weight, but it is a three-day considered optimal for the body. Such a diet will benefit not only your figure, but also the health of the whole, because of its action, it reminds the fasting days. And let's not forget that in buckwheat contains much-needed body vitamins - PP, group B and group R. In addition to general state of health, they can be used to improve the condition of hair, nails and skin, and magnesium helps fight depression. And what could be better for a woman than a product that helps to lose weight, improve health and lift the mood at the same time?

So what is this wonderful three-day diet, thanks to which you can throw more than three kilograms of excess weight? A diet is the most common - just three days you can not eat anything but boiled buckwheat. Moreover, salt, and sweeten the dealer does not have to, otherwise the desired effect, you simply can not reach. Also, cook buckwheat conventional manner as mush impossible: diets suitable for a completely different method of preparation. In the evening before going to bed pour one cup of buckwheat in two or two and a half cups of boiling water and wrap a thick cloth to the present. In the morning you will have the great crumbly mess (remember: without salt and sugar!)

In addition to cereal diets throughout the need to drink as much as possible - at least two to three liters of liquid per day. Of course, no sugary drinks is not allowed to drink only pure water. The only indulgence for those who can not imagine life without a cup of coffee or tea in the morning - a breakfast. In the morning, drink one cup of drink is not forbidden, by itself, without milk or sugar. And if you drink tea, choose a green.

Concessions for slimming

Despite the fact that the buckwheat - a rather high-calorie and nutritious food, not everyone can withstand such a diet for three days. If you can not tolerate a single product within three days, try to soften a little diet. Do not torture yourself and allow more low-calorie foods to diversify your diet.

  1. The most popular way to "dilute" the buckwheat diet - add to the menu of one liter of low-fat yogurt. Buy 1% kefir and drink it during the day, but remember: Fruit 1% kefir diets do not work for, buy usually without additives and sweeteners. Buttermilk and whey for the buckwheat diet is also not suitable.
  2. If you feel hungry, and looking for buckwheat forces gone, the addition to the provisions of the diet allow yourself to an apple or grapefruit a day. Apple choose green varieties make it savory.
  3. If you have a sweet tooth and sugar you life is not sweet, you can eat some dried fruit. Do not gorge on them to satiety: allowed no more than five pieces a day!
  4. If your lifestyle involves severe mental stress, the free glucose you will feel bad: in addition to scattering and general weakness may start to get a headache. In such cases, you can drink a glass of warm water to dilute a teaspoon of honey.

And do not forget indulgence - a deal exclusive, apply them "all at once" is not worth it. Still bear diet - hard work; Respect their efforts and portte result. Even with a diet, try dinner at least four hours before bedtime.

 diet for 3 days

Out of diet: Control yourself!

Leaving a three-day buckwheat diet, too, be careful. Believe me, it is no less important than hold out for three days on a buckwheat. After all, if you decide to lose weight (really decided instead to make a "new attempt"), then a diet is not enough. You will need all your willpower to train the body for nutrition and physical activity. Otherwise, unfortunately, no way. Lose weight once and for all three days - it's like that all my life, and sit back to sin, and for three days to repent and to get into heaven. So after a diet, try not to eat fatty and starchy foods, consume no more than 600Kkal day.

Out of the diet should be the same number of days as the diet itself lasted. We starve for three days - the same amount and stick to the diet shestisotkaloriynogo day. But after this time, try not to let "the winds", consume your daily calories (on average - 1500Kkal / day).

No matter how you love buckwheat, but have it three days in a row - no easy task. And despite a lot of valuable features and benefits for the body, buckwheat, or rather, on the buckwheat diet can cause health troubles. After all, many women have contraindications for such a diet or starvation in principle. If during the diet you started severe dizziness, weakness, abdominal pain - immediately stop the hunger and return to the usual diet for you. Sit on any diet, including buckwheat, only those who do not have a health problem. If you know that you have a serious disease, and shows you a special diet, then you go on a diet you can only with a doctor's permission.

 Buckwheat diet for 3 days: eat and grow thin!

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