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Remember how we as a child forced to eat soups and vegetables are convinced that they are useful sweets and cakes? Since then, it took a long time and we finally realized that the parents were right: no good these sweets do not lead, and excess fat around the waist - proof. Well, to understand better late than never that good nutrition - a pledge not only health, but also a slim figure. So why not take the wise advice from my childhood and start to eat properly, and at the same time not to lose a couple of kilograms of excess weight? Moreover, there is a beautiful and totally harmless diet based vegetable soup.

Amazing diet for vegetable soup: Eat and grow thin

What is the value of a diet based on vegetable soup? Yes, that is the ideal solution for those who love to eat and delicious, and the extra weight to lose. One of the main advantages of this diet is that it does not limit the amount of food eaten: the more you eat, the faster losing weight. In general, a day is assumed to use no less than two and a half to three liters of soup, while in the case of hunger - even more. Agree that the prospect of a day of work with a spoon and lose weight at the same time - quite tempting?

Any girl, sitting on a diet with vegetable soup, say that to lose weight using this technique was very easy and pleasant. The fact that such a low-calorie food, while tasty and truly effective. It is no secret that the soups of vegetables have a stimulating effect on the body, normalize metabolism - these properties help to stay healthy and slim.

And then, let's not forget the undoubted benefits of vegetables to the human body: they are rich in vitamins, macro- and microelements, high carbohydrate and various acids. In addition, any vegetable - is primarily cellulose, cleansing our body. Eating just a few servings of vegetables a day, we not only improve health, but also "takes the place" in the stomach, without letting roam appetite.

 Diet vegetable soup

Menu diets vegetable soups

Prepare vegetable soup is very simple - use your favorite recipes soup, borscht and other similar dishes, but they do not cook meat broth and water. Boil the vegetables for more than ten minutes, you'll lose all the nutrients and vitamins. Also, it is not necessary to add to soups frying - the extra calories we do not need it. It is perfectly possible to cook a huge pot of soup and eat it all week, but it's better if you do it every day will eat fresh soup: it's tastier and healthier.

Of course, the most effective are soups entirely unflavored salt. If you do not stop the flavor of the dishes, then you will lose more weight than those foodies that can not live without a pinch of salt in a dish. However, if you belong to the latter category, do not despair: after all, food seasoning salt, you can stay on the diet for much longer time, and therefore - to lose more weight!

So our diet menu:

The first day: soup, vegetables and any fresh fruit (bananas is not recommended, as they are high in calories). Clean drinking water - about two liters, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar).

Second day: soup and vegetables all vegetables green. Corn and peas on that day are not recommended. At dinner - one baked potato with sunflower oil. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar).

The third day: soup, vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables, except bananas and potatoes. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar).

Fourth day: soup, vegetables, fresh fruits (including bananas!) And vegetables. Low-fat milk, cranberry juice, tea without sugar.

The fifth day: soup, vegetables, boiled beef - three hundred grams of fresh tomatoes. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar).

Sixth day: soup, vegetables, boiled beef - three hundred grams, any vegetables, salad leaves. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar).

Seventh day: soup, vegetables, boiled rice with vegetables, fruit juice, freshly squeezed. Clean drinking water, cranberry juice, any tea (without sugar).

Do you have the effects of diet on vegetable soups?

In keeping with this diet, you can throw in a week to eight kilograms of excess weight. Moreover, the diet for soups - a rare case where no doctor will tell you: enough! You can sit on it as much as you want - thanks to this diet you will not only lose weight, but also perfectly clean the body of toxins. And such a diet helps to restore the tissues and improves the digestive system.

Moreover, contraindications to this diet is practically no - you can not use just people with serious chronic illnesses. Even pregnant women and nursing mothers can afford such a diet. And obese patients before surgery on the heart urges doctors to lose weight in this way - in fact in the diet soups are not only safe but also very effective!

Of course, not everyone is such a diet is easy, because it is rather monotonous diet. Heavy, they tend to be the first two days - at that time the body is reconstructed and becomes accustomed to the new diet. However, these days are fairly easy, and the changes become visible in the figure (and this is probably the best motivation!)

Out of the diet should be cautious: Try to stick to a similar diet for a few more days, adding high-calorie foods slowly and in small quantities. In that case you permanently fix the result and will please yourself and others beautiful, slim figure.

 Diet vegetable soup: friendly and efficient!

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 vegetable salads for weight loss


  • We eat with the use of: components for salad
  • Salad "Spring"
  • Salad "Grace"
  • Salad "Exotic"
  • Salad "Cucumber"
  • Salad "Carrot"
  • Salad "Meat"

Beautiful figure - is not only a source of pride of every woman, but also the result of many years of work on yourself. Experience shows that there is everything, while remaining slim, not everyone can. Over the years, the metabolism is broken, and we have to make more effort to ensure that the arrow on the floor scales showed a familiar figure.

For some women, the situation is complicated by the inability to diet. Some people can not fast for health reasons, someone just does not want to stop eating, even for ideal weight. Save the beauty of these women help shape vegetable salads for weight loss. We have prepared the most effective and simple recipes for such dishes so that our readers were able to lose weight with pleasure. But first, let's see what kind of ingredients to help us lose weight?

We eat with the use of: components for salad

In the kitchen there is a great variety of salads for weight loss. In addition, many women are ready to change the recipes to create new dishes based on personal preference. We are sure that you will too often do so. And it is right. It is much better to adjust the recipes for personal taste than the taste of a finished dish. But if you want to lose weight, you need to change the salad ingredients with the utmost care. Because unsuccessful change from one component to another may lead to the opposite effect.

For example, everyone's favorite boiled potatoes for weight loss is contraindicated, since it has a high calorific value. The same features and beet quality, so it is usually not included in the dietary vegetable salads. As regards refueling, it is worth to give up the use of mayonnaise and sour cream. Also, do not put a lot of salad olives and nuts. These products have a high calorific value. In addition, they increase the appetite, that you will agree, a little inappropriate for weight loss.

Now let's talk about those products that are not only possible, but also need to eat during the fasting days. This lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, grated carrots, celery, onions, beans, peppers and herbs. Many people like to add in the diet cucumber salad. However, this has no practical vegetable nutrients and 98% water. Eat something you eat it, but 5 minutes later will come back hungry. Therefore, use cucumbers in salads sparingly.

It happens that a busy schedule does not leave forces for culinary creativity, and the woman you just want to quickly chop salad, dinner, and finally lay down to rest. Then ready-made recipes of dietary dishes are real lifesaver. And if you do not own a cookbook, which would be recorded the most successful dishes Arm pens, notepads and write.

Diet Vegetable salads

Every woman, no matter on a diet or not, useful recipes light salads for all occasions. We have chosen the simplest and most common of all.

Salad "Spring"


  • Cucumber - 1 piece;
  • Tomato - 2 pieces;
  • Sweet bell peppers - 2 pieces;
  • Greens - to taste;
  • Salt
  • Pepper,
  • Olive oil.

Preparation: all the vegetables cut into cubes, chop the greens. Season with salt and pepper, add the olive oil. Stir.

 vegetable salad slimming

Salad "Grace"


  • Celery - 2 pieces;
  • Green peppers - 2 pieces;
  • Red bell peppers - 2 pieces;
  • Large sweet-sour apples - 3 pieces;
  • Salt;
  • Pepper;
  • Vegetable oil.

How to prepare: celery and green peppers cut into strips. Apples - cubes. Red pepper - half rings. All components of the mix, salt, pepper, season with vegetable oil.

Salad "Exotic"

Admittedly, the recipes, which include exotic fruits, are not very popular. And it is not in the value of certain overseas delicacies. We just do not know how to choose foods that do not grow on the domestic beds. How to distinguish ripe avocados from the green? Or to determine the maturity of feijoa, if we pronounce the name of something hard? The only thing we have learned to understand, so it's bananas and pineapples. However, bananas are too high in calories to diet and pineapples are not all like.

That's the way it is. But we still advise you to pay your attention to the recipes with avocado. It is the fruit of many better helps to burn stored fats. And choose it, we'll teach you. Ripe avocados should be elastic and soft. If it is too hard, then not yet ripe. While the fruit is too soft will certainly be overripe. Now, remember the recipe with avocado, which can save you a harmony.


  • Green salad - 1 bunch;
  • Radish - 1 bunch;
  • Cucumber - 1 piece;
  • Tomato - 2 pieces;
  • Avocado - 1 piece;
  • Greens - to taste;
  • Salt pepper.

A method for preparing an unusually simple. All components are diced, solite, pepper and dressed with vegetable oil.

Salad "Cucumber"

Although we are told that it is not necessary to add the cucumbers in the vegetable salads for weight loss, but there are recipes that make delicious exception. Plus the salad will be just an indispensable dish for those who are serious to lose weight and maintain a half-starved life.


  • Cucumbers - 4 pieces;
  • Cilantro - to taste;
  • Parsley - to taste;
  • Salt pepper;
  • Vegetable oil for refilling.

Preparation: Wash cucumbers, cut into strips. Green chop. All the mix, salt and fill with oil. Let it brew.

 Diet vegetable salads

Salad "Carrot"

Another small exception to the rule. The fact that one of the components in this salad mayonnaise is. Now all slimming startled flinched. And for good reason. The author suggests using prescription diet (low fat) mayonnaise and argues that the salad is not inferior caloric dishes, seasoned with vegetable oil. Do you think it is worth trying?


  • Carrots - 2 pieces;
  • Sweet pepper - 2 pieces;
  • Apple - 1 piece;
  • Dill - to taste;
  • Mayonnaise lean - to taste (but do not overdo it).

Preparation: chop the greens. Carrots, peppers and apple grate. Mix all. Salted, add black pepper and mayonnaise.

Salad "Meat"

Our last recipe is for those who are simply watching their weight. In the fight against overweight this salad will be powerless.


  • Lean beef - 200 grams;
  • Boiled Beans - 50 grams;
  • Boiled Eggs - 2 pieces;
  • Mayonnaise - to taste.

Preparation: meat and eggs cut into thin strips, add the beans. Season with salt. Add black pepper to taste. Mayonnaise.

As you can see, even diet recipes are varied. So do not be afraid to watch their weight. Proper nutrition - it's not only the slender waist, but also good health. You want to be healthy? Then stop eating sweet and fatty foods. Instead of kilograms of chocolates better buy fruit. Instead of a soda bottle - yogurt, and yogurt. And your body will be an extraordinary lightness. Believe me, it's simple. And delicious.

 Vegetable salads for weight loss: losing weight and simply delicious

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