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What could be better on a summer day than relaxing on nature? Good company, guitar, kebabs, fish soup, and the complete absence of stimuli in the form of a grumpy neighbor, eternally dissatisfied chief and loud speaker for the TV wall. Beauty! At such times, you start to appreciate life. What can I say! Even the food in the fresh air seems different tastes, and you do not notice how to eat one serving, second, third .... And then go home and face the harsh reality.

TV behind the wall burned down, the neighbor has managed to intercept you in the elevator and throw a bucket on her head tired of yard gossip, and now as luck would have a meeting on Monday. In general, a complete set. But that's only because you think! In fact, the bullet in a recent vacation deliver scales which indifferently informed that you score three kilos.

The first reaction to inflated readings of the weights is always distrust. Perhaps the scales are broken? The second - a surprise. And it's really surprising, since meat kebabs was just three kilograms, and the rest - two pairs. But in this case the entire female half could recover so? This mystic ... Then the emotions subside, and there is a fair question: how from them, extra kilos, get rid of? Especially if you only have a day? Will fasting day on apples.

Terms fasting day

Before you rush to the store for apples, carefully read all the rules you need to follow the next day. And to be reserved patience. It is useful to you.

  1. Apple fasting day, not only provides a certain diet, but also the reduction of physical activity. That is, if you perform daily jog, discard it. Even a nice shopping in every sense bring more fatigue than pleasure. And what you want on an empty stomach?
  2. It is not necessary to stretch the fasting day on apples for two days. We understand your desire to lose weight, but do not overdo it, or threaten to earn an upset stomach along with a guaranteed feeling of weakness for the rest of the week.
  3. The day before unloading strong need to drink a laxative to cleanse the bowel. After a day of apple - the infusion of gathering choleretic herbs (with a limited power there is stagnation of bile in the liver, and from the need to get rid of).
  4. Fasting day on apples will bring more effect if both starvation you go for a massage or sauna.
  5. If you can not boast of willpower, we recommend to discharge the afternoon in the truest sense of the word empty refrigerator. Down with all sorts of delicacies, which will prevent you to go hungry! Suppose that on the shelves are only apples and yogurt. Then you are guaranteed not to fall through at the sight of appetizing burgers.
  6. So, apple fasting day behind the balance again show the right number and you are going to celebrate, celebrate their triumph in the cafe or restaurant. Stop! It is not necessary to order everything you see on the menu. Resist the temptation you will mention of the consequences of this step. Plentiful food after a voluntary hunger strike leads to indigestion and diarrhea. You do not want to spend the entire evening in the ladies' room? No, no, do not stay at home. Go to the cafe, but do not forget that we should order a light meal in a small amount.

 apple fasting day

Apple fasting day menu, and instructions

So you've unloaded a refrigerator, bought apples and ready to give up to two or three extra pounds? Excellent! Now we'll teach you how to eat properly during the one-day apple diet.

You will need:

  • 1, 5 kg of apples;
  • 2 liters of mineral water.

And then it's simple. Divide the apples into 5-6 meals and wash down all this mineral water. You can bake apple slices, to add some fun to the diet, the way, baked apple contains pectin - a strong absorbent, exempting from the body, so they are much more useful than raw.

If you - a lover of tasty meal and just physically can not stand the fasting day on apples, add your diet cheese. To do this you will need:

  • 750 grams of apples;
  • 150 grams of low fat cottage cheese and sour cream without sugar;
  • 2 liters of mineral water.

Divide each of the products in the three meals. For breakfast, eat apples for lunch - cheese, and so on. You can increase the amount of mineral water drunk per day, but the number of cottage cheese and apples can not be changed.

If all of the above options you do not like, you can lose weight with the help of apple-kefir unloading days. This will require:

  • 1 kilo of apples;
  • 1 liter of yogurt (2, 5% fat).

How to use this list, I think, you guessed it. Stretch for a few meals. It can be in-between snacks to drink water.

 fasting day

Do all apples are the same?

In fact, the requirements are quite simple and are all losing weight. Try to choose sweet apples. Acidic fruits violate the gastrointestinal tract and cause appetite. That is, if you have an ulcer or gastritis, and you can not go hungry for several days (as required by the standard diet), you can spend an apple fasting day, but on the condition that will eat only sweet fruit. In addition, green apples more vitamin C than in the red, so choose exactly them.

Many people are hesitant to fasting days because of fear. Who is afraid of hunger. Some feared that the apple diet will not reduce weight. Do not be afraid. Sustain discharge day on apples is much easier than it seems at first glance. Oh, and as for the results, "a rolling stone gathers no moss." As long as you continue to eat a lot, your weight will remain the same. Do you want to change? Begin to change something in their lives. Let the first step to change is fasting day.

 Fasting day on apples: losing weight fast and delicious

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 Diet Victoria Beckham


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Diet Victoria Beckham - one of the most popular diets among girls who want to quickly lose a few extra kilos. Thousands of women from around the world study the daily way to lose weight using diet, proven a famous singer. Always slender, smart, impeccable Beckham is an example of the vast number of her admirers, as well as those women who always want to look "one hundred percent".

Hudey Like Beckham

Victoria Beckham - ex-soloist of the famous pop group «Spice Girls», managed not only to maintain but also to increase its popularity after the collapse of the musical project. Unlike many singers whose fame faded into oblivion in a couple of years after leaving the stage, Beckham name on everyone's lips. And its popularity is not in vain, because Victoria - a real "one-man band"! In addition to singing career, she is famous for its design talent, writing two best-selling books, participating in various TV shows, and, of course, the title "style icons"!

Who are the women who gave birth to four children, boasts a perfect, slim figure - a wasp waist and a flat stomach? And Beckham, produces its own line of clothes, can not imagine himself in any other forms, except for the model. "I have myself to wear the clothes that suggest people, and for that I must have a perfect body! "- Repeats Beckham journalists who are interested in the secret of her beauty and harmony.

The famous "spice" can not be taken by surprise, the network practically no pictures where it looks ridiculous or sloppy. Well, on the diet, on which sits the Victoria, go very real legend: This subtly thin star long ago nicknamed "Professor Emeritus in the diet." It would seem that there is in the light of the diet that are not tested on itself a star. And the result of its effort on the face: thin as twigs, she continues to delight their army of fans.

Indeed, the singer is scared to death to put on weight at least for a gram, it is simple with manic precision monitors the state of the figure, and day and night. As a result, Beckham has invented its own power system, which helps it to remain permanently in the right form, regardless of the circumstances. It is not surprising that diet Victoria Beckham is so popular among girls around the world - in fact before them a living example eternally slim and irresistible woman.

 Victoria Beckham diet

Diets by Victoria Beckham

So what is this wonderful diet Victoria Beckham, what diet adheres to the famous lady? There is no single answer does not exist, as Beckham continues to experiment with diets. The network now and then there are new diet Victoria Beckham, one other exotic. Unfortunately, not every one is suitable for our compatriots, because some strange foods, you can simply not be found on the shelves of our stores. However, the well-known three diets that Victoria considers to be ideal, resorting to them when necessary. It is about them, and we will tell you.

Diet first, "Sashimi and berries"

Even if you are a passionate admirer of the fish, and in this case, you should be very careful with this diet. The fact that Beckham uses slimming raw fish (sashimi), which is rich in vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and of fatty acids necessary for the body. Besides fish Victoria affords eat berries, and washes down all the richness of taste of still mineral water or green tea. And in the day it allowed only two meals, dinner from Star flatly refuses. The most that can afford to Victoria after six o'clock in the evening - a glass of dry wine to set the mood.

It is no secret that not every diet like our reader's taste. Although the real "sushi boom" in the country, eating raw fish is somehow not in the habit of our compatriots. And even if you are one of those most gourmets who is thrilled by sashimi and ready to eat such food around the clock, be careful: not every Japanese restaurant can provide a truly high-quality and safe product. And any stale fish (even very expensive) full of disease-causing bacteria and parasites.

So, taking advantage of Victoria Beckham diet, weight loss, instead you get some serious illness. Print the parasites from the body is not easy, the price paid for several centimeters around the waist can be exorbitant. In the end, raw fish - not the only way, "peppercorn" remain as slim. Moreover, the other two diets is much more pleasant and safe for health.

Diet II: Gentle

In this diet from Victoria Beckham has a clear advantage over the previous version of the tough: it is allowed to eat as many as four times a day! Moreover, it is well balanced and contains enough protein, vitamins, minerals, and fats required for the normal functioning of the body.

  • Breakfast: two fried toast, a cup of green tea;
  • Lunch: Fruit salad, consisting of any fruit except bananas and grapes (they contain too much sugar). Beckham advises to use as many citrus fruits because they are rich in vitamins and stifle hunger;
  • Dinner: Boiled chicken (breast) - two hundred grams, for garnish - a small portion of steamed vegetables without adding sauce;
  • Dinner: Steamed vegetables left over from lunch. Shrimp, slice of cheese and lettuce.

Despite the fact that it is quite satisfying and tasty diet, Victoria advises to stick to it for more than three days: after all, this is not a complete diet and weight loss diets. It is not necessary to subject the body long-term stress - to no good it will not. And on the fourth day after Beckham diet proposes to purgation: add freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, mineral water without gas, and drink twice during the day.

Diet Three: Food for a couple

Once a star was accused in promoting anorexia and malnutrition, pepper hurried to put the network on a new version of the diet Victoria Beckham. Compared with the previous two, it looks fantastic: it is possible almost all products, but only need to prepare them for a couple. And this has its rational: firstly, with this method of preparing the food oil is not added, and thus many calories are avoided. Secondly, the food for a couple - is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, which will certainly be lost during cooking or frying in the fire.

No wonder they say that the food is steamed, helps to prolong youth and beauty: a few days of eating such foods improves complexion, fatigue disappears, leaving kilograms. However, this diet has its limitations - it's sugar and meat. The greatest benefit for the health and for the figure, according to Beckham, bring fish and seafood, steamed.

In fact, this diet is not only effective but also very useful for the health. And best of all - food, steamed, incredibly tasty and juicy, because they retain their natural flavor. Yes, and prepare such dishes unlike the more easily not have to constantly be at the plate and the fear that everything will burn - food is prepared completely independently, without your participation.

 Diet Victoria Beckham

Beckham Tips: How to lose weight

Of course, Victoria Beckham sits on all sorts of diets, and the effect of some of them is staggering! However, no one diet would not give long-term effect if the singer does not follow a few golden rules that allow it to always look your best. We present our recommendations to Victoria gives all the females who are watching their weight:

  • Diet - is not the only way to preserve a slim figure. Every day counts the income and expenditure of calories - so you can control your weight and to know in advance about the need to diet or unloading days.
  • Be sure to exercise, because evil does not mean the body supple and taut. For example, Victoria does not own at least two hundred sit-ups a day, not counting the regular workouts at the gym with a personal trainer.
  • Be able to reasonably limit their diet after diet - do not lean on the harmful fast food and do not overeat. Diets will certainly help you lose weight, but to save the result you have to take care of proper nutrition at all times.

So, we introduced you to three diets, which she considers the most effective Beckham. Which option to choose - it's up to you, but sitting on a diet, do not overdo it. If you sincerely admire carved figure of the famous singer and want to at all costs to be like her, then you should know a secret: not every woman can achieve the same parameters as Beckham. And it's not in the tenacity and willpower that can hold such difficult diet.

Measure the volume of your wrist and estimate the angle between the lower ribs. If the first measurement more than thirteen centimeters, while the second - ninety degrees or more, your figure is simply not designed for the model parameters. In this case, it is not necessary to achieve size zero Beckham: all that you will achieve - serious problems with his health. It is better to be healthy, but few kilos heavier Victoria than the patient, but similar to the western diva. After Victoria herself tirelessly repeats his admirers, that the secret of slimness of her figure - permanent weight control and proper nutrition.

 Diet Victoria Beckham: 3 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

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