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  • What is a fasting day on rice?

How many of you, dear readers, do not dream about the perfect diet that will easily and naturally get rid of the extra kilos, cleanse the body and improve health? Perhaps such units. But we can not go on a diet just like that - you need to prepare for the upcoming changes in lifestyle. And ideal for this purpose will be fasting day on rice.

The benefits of fasting days

There are a variety of discharge for weight loss, but it is a rice fasting day is considered the best, because this cereal has a luxurious cleansing properties. Figure gentle on the body, it removes toxins, excess fluid, as well as qualitatively cleanses the intestines. Moreover, this figure includes the required amount of carbohydrates and proteins to burn fat. So fasting day on rice - is not only a way to cause the internal organs in order, but the method of achieving a slim waist!

Why rice fasting day more efficient and safer diets? Firstly, it is a real help in cleansing the body. After all, our body is open 24 hours a day without breaks and days off. Imagine how it is tired of endless dieting and starvation? Arranging fasting day on rice, you're giving your stomach a break and rest, because the figure is much more easily absorbed and digested than usual diverse food. With this food hiatus body can start the self-cleaning internal mechanism, in which it quickly brings the accumulated garbage. After all, on other days he is simply not enough this time and effort.

 rice fasting day

How to properly conduct discharge day on rice?

Optimally arrange discharge day on rice at least 1 time per week. The diet must be present with a low-calorie meals from the products of the same type. Do not be confused during unloading diet proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This will reduce the efficiency and worsen the outcome. Getting started on a diet for the handling of the day, it is important to remember a few simple rules.

  • Do not start fasting day on rice, if you feel unwell or weakness. It is better to postpone until recovery undertaking.
  • Do not make the fasting days, when you have a bad mood. Indeed, the main key to success - a positive attitude!
  • Choose to cleanse the body are days when you do not exercise and physical activity level is not too high. It is necessary that the body really rested.
  • Plan not only the menu but also the day in general. It is important that you were always busy with something, and time on the thought of food remained. Read a book, which has long been gathering dust on the shelf, look at the film, which has long wanted to chat with friends or just take a walk.
  • Eat in the days of discharge diet more water. It is advisable to snack drink about 2 liters.
  • Properly get out of the discharge. Do not lean on the sweet, fat, etc. Optimal use the next day vegetable salads, fruits and juices. Poultry meat, steamed, and low-fat dairy products will allow you to quickly enough.

Preparing for the discharge day on rice is also extremely important. Once you have selected a day to unload, prepare the rice. This is a very important point, because eating a boiled barley you will not get such a good result. Therefore, in advance for 4 days prior to the date set rice soaked in warm water every day and be sure to change the water.

The fact that in the process of soaking the grains of rice is formed on a component which is just absorbs harmful substances in themselves and brings them out of your body. Through this component improves metabolism, cleanses the liver and kidneys. But you can use boiled barley. It is best to use a brown rice diet, but if this is not possible, then fit and classic white.

Menu on the fasting day on rice

Soak in water for 3 days or boil 100g of rice. It is important to remember that no salt is used in general these days. The resulting volume is divided into three equal portions: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ready rice can be stored in the refrigerator and reheat before eating on a steam bath.

Can vary porridge vegetables or fruits, but no more than 100g per day. But the greens are not limited to, meaning you can easily add it to any meal. Drink the best herbal teas or green tea an hour after a meal or half an hour before meals.

 fasting days on rice

What is a fasting day on rice?

Of course, fasting days for weight loss - it is a good and affordable option. But not everyone can spend the whole day on one only rice without salt and water. Therefore, there were softer variation of fasting days, which involved 2-3 types of products. Here are a few examples of such discharges.

  • Apple-rice fasting day

In general, this recipe is different from the classical fasting day. The only deviation from the rules - instead of water, and tea you can drink only apple juice. But if hunger has become so intrusive that it no strength to endure, you can treat yourself to a pair of sweet-sour apple is medium sized.

  • Milk and rice fasting day

Another very popular option for weight loss fasting day. Figure boiled or soaked as in the classical version, but is not divisible by 3 and 5 parts. Each meal should drink 300ml low-fat milk. Milk helps to feel satiety faster.

  • Fitness fasting day on rice

This option is chosen for himself the people who try to stick around healthy lifestyle. On the day of boiled or soaked 1st Class rice without salt. The porridge is added 1st. l sesame seed and turmeric or curry seasoning. Drink at the bottom of this discharge is allowed green tea without sugar, and plain water.

As you can see, fasting days - this is a fairly simple procedure that can safely hold once a week. So you can help your body become healthier and the body slim and beautiful. But do not forget about physical activity, diet, and because no hunger strike will not give you toned silhouette without sports!

 Fasting day on rice - what is the secret?

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 fruit vegetable diet


  • Strict fruit and vegetable diet
  • Balanced fruit and vegetable diet
  • Fruit and vegetable diet of American actress Cilla Black

What is summer? It is the sun, the heat, the morning dew and birdsong. And yet - it is the berries, fruits and vegetables - fresh, just from the garden, bush or a branch. And there is no greater joy than to try first of this year's strawberry, just rip ripe cucumber. And it does not matter if you do not have your own garden and all the products you buy in the shops, because all summer fruits and vegetables like a sun-drenched. And to lose weight on this food all the pleasure: and tasty and useful and satisfying. Therefore, there is nothing better for losing weight in the summer than the fruit and vegetable diet.

Just think: it is not necessary to puzzle over diet, diet foods that are good not only for every taste, but also for every budget. And the value of fruit and vegetables for the body and say no, it is written a lot of thick clever books. Just remind you that the only source of the beta-carotene and vitamin C in the body - it is fruits and vegetables. Not only that fiber fills the stomach, giving a feeling of satiety, but also helps the digestive system.

So is it worth to think about what diet is best? It is better to try to sit for a few days in the fruit and vegetables, and you will realize that not only went kilograms, but fatigue and bad mood. A diet with fruit and vegetable diet - great variety, so choose any health and lose weight!

Strict fruit and vegetable diet

Adhere to this strict diet for more than seven days is not recommended, although it withstand not be easy. The fact that both may be useful to fruit and vegetables, but the body needs and other trace elements for normal operation. In order that the body no shortage of nutrients to be taken during the diet and vitamins. During the week of strict fruit and vegetable diet, you will be able to throw three or four kilograms of excess weight.

The essence of the diet in alternation berry, fruit and vegetable day within a week. The first two days - vegetables, hereinafter: berry, fruit, vegetable, berry and fruit per day. And during the day, you can eat up to one and a half kilograms of product. Although, not all fruits and vegetables are allowed in this diet. Under the ban peas, potatoes, carrots, banana, mango, kiwi and grapes.

Vegetables can be eaten raw, scalded with boiling water and or steamed without oil. If you want hot to then prepare your favorite steamed vegetables - so you save not only their taste, but also all the nutrients and vitamins contained in them.

 diet fruit vegetable

Balanced fruit and vegetable diet

  • The first day

Cabbage soup (prepared with water), fruit, a glass of skim milk (low-fat yogurt can be), tea or coffee. Sweet it is desirable not to use, but if you really want - can afford four or five stuff dried fruits - dried apricots or prunes.

  • Second day

Cabbage soup, one medium size potato, baked in the oven. Any vegetables fresh or stewed (oil in fire do not add). For the vegetables, you can add one teaspoon of low-fat sauce. Tea coffee.

  • Day Three

Cabbage soup, fruit and vegetables in any quantity, a glass of skim milk (low-fat yogurt can be), green tea.

  • Day Four

Cabbage soup, bananas (three to six pieces), eight glasses of skim milk (low-fat yogurt can be one and seven glasses of milk).

  • Day Five

Cabbage soup, tomatoes (no more than six pieces). Fish or chicken meat in any quantity (yes, you read that right - in any!). A glass of skim milk (low-fat yogurt can be), tea, coffee.

  • Day Six

It repeats the fifth menu item.

  • The seventh day

Cabbage soup, fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities, low-calorie sauce, two hundred grams of skim milk (yogurt), tea, coffee.

As you can see, this fruit and vegetable diet for weight loss is not only nourishing (and where else would you be allowed to have as many fish and meat for two days?), But it is balanced. The gist of it is not that you are starving, but the fact that you eat properly. In addition, there is not spelled out the exact amount of fruit, tea and meat Gram, because every body is different, someone needs a little more, someone - less. You will feel how much of certain ingredients you should eat every day on this diet.

 vegetable fruit diet

Fruit and vegetable diet of American actress Cilla Black

It's quite a popular fruit and vegetable diet, which is designed by the renowned American Cilla Black. In keeping with her for a month, you are guaranteed to throw five kilograms of excess weight. This diet is the same as the previous version, it is balanced and will not harm your health.

In this diet alternate "tough week" and "light a week." Of course, the main part of the diet - it's all kinds of fruits and vegetables, but meat and fish have offered very limited - no more than one hundred and fifty grams per day. Alcohol - absolutely banned, like all fat and flour products. So, the diet itself.


Every day breakfast consists of the same products. It is proposed to eat half a small melon, mango or grapefruit to choose from, as well as toast slices of bread with bran.


Choose one of the options proposed by the menu:

  • Cold meat (pork or beef) from which removed all the pieces of fat. Two or three tomatoes, salad of fresh green vegetables;
  • Fish, grilled vegetables, any green, a piece of black bread;
  • Salad of any fresh fruit, you can eat in unlimited quantities;
  • Easy meat broth, two eggs, cooked boiled or cooked in a bag. Two or three tomatoes, fresh vegetable salad, a slice of bread from durum wheat;
  • Cottage cheese - seventy-five grams, salad all fresh vegetables, fruit, bread.


It is also proposed to choose one of the options proposed by the menu:

  • Fish, grilled fruits, green vegetables, a piece of bread from durum wheat;
  • Steak (preference for lean meat) or steak (too greasy), a salad of green vegetables;
  • Meat casserole cooked lean meat of lamb or beef. Salad or green vegetables;
  • Turkey or chicken (without the skin only!), Grilled. Green vegetables, or a salad of them;
  • The liver, baked on a grill, green vegetables or salad of them steamed vegetables.

As mentioned above, in this diet alternating "hard" and "light" week. On the second and fourth week, you can make a slight relaxation, eating a little bit of sweet or starchy foods. However, do not overdo it and do not mess up the results of the diet as a whole. You can drink mineral water without gas in unlimited quantities.

So, eat delicious fruits and vegetables, lose extra weight, buy a good mood. When else but summer, sits on a light and at the same time delicious diet? And modern nutritionists suggest to exclude from the menu of exotic foods, eating only what grows in their native land. The fact that the use of local products for the human body genetically determined, our local sour apple will bring much more benefit rather than overseas feijoa. Adhering to this principle, and you will lose weight more efficiently and save money.

 Fruit and vegetable diet: delicious slimming

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