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Today, probably, you can not find a girl who is completely satisfied with their appearance and shape. It is not surprising, because the covers of magazines and TV screens looking at us long-legged, slender and fit model. There inevitably will reflect that worth a little pumped up muscle and lose weight.

There are a variety of diets, food systems and trendy tools for weight loss, but today we talk about cheese fasting day, which every day becomes more and more popular way to get rid of the extra kilos and put himself in order before the holiday. Moreover, unloading useful also for general cleansing of the body, because it works around the clock and almost no rest. And fasting days allow our body to switch to the cleaning and disposal of garbage that has accumulated inside.

Pros fasting day on curd

Dietitians often recommend doing a couple of days a week when the diet includes only courses of the curd. And this is no accident. The fact that the curd discharge day at a number of advantages that make it more common and popular among women of all ages. The main thing is not to go too far and do not eat it all the time. So what are the pluses in curd unloading? And that's what:

  • Cottage cheese - a product not only rich in calcium, which is necessary for a beautiful and strong nails, shiny hair and a gorgeous smile. It also contains a sufficient amount of protein and fat, which is an important material for the skin and not only for it.
  • Curd discharge day is considered the most soft and gentle unloading of view, because during the day you can have a variety of dishes from cottage cheese, without suffering from hunger or drowning it with water or other liquid.
  • Cottage cheese products are allowed to eat absolutely all people regardless of age and health.
  • Cottage cheese is easy to digest and does not create an excessive load on the digestive organs, which means that your body can relax and take a break from the heavy food.
  • Curd unloading has several variations that allow you to choose a recipe that will suit you.

 curd discharge day

  Cons fasting day on curd

This is not all the advantages which have a fasting day for cottage cheese. The list can be listed indefinitely, but do not forget about the disadvantages that have any diet or slimming. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, so that the discharge day for cottage cheese has a number of shortcomings that need to know.

  • Discharge day not give great results, the maximum goes 1-1, 5 kg. If you want to get rid of a lot of extra kilos, you have to engage seriously in their diet. And fasting days used only as an auxiliary tool.
  • If you have lactose intolerance, the dairy products you are contraindicated, and this type of discharge is simply not right for you.
  • Cottage cheese - quite expensive product, so this fasting day can be costly.

How to spend curd discharge day

The result of the discharge of the day, first of all, depends on the correctness of his conduct. Therefore it is necessary to know some rules that will help to cope with this task without the hassle and hunger, as well as get a good effect even in just one day. So wait a run to the store, read the rules for unloading, they are not many.

  1. Before you arrange a fasting day, you need to prepare the body to reduce the usual level of calories. To do this the day before unloading try not to have the last time, give up fatty and sweet foods. For dinner, it is best to eat a light salad or other low-calorie food.
  2. In no case do not rush into extremes, and do not give up all dinner. It will be stressful for your body, and the whole fasting day will come to nothing.
  3. During the unloading of the day you need to drink plenty of fluids (water or unsweetened tea) that the body can bring products "cleaning".
  4. Eat in the fasting day is often necessary, but a little bit. On average, per day should get about 5-6 meals.
  5. Portions should be small, about 200-250 grams at once. This amount is enough to satisfy your hunger, but do not overeat.
  6. At the end of discharge is also to maintain moderation in diet and give up excessive use of high-calorie food. Sweet replace the dried fruit, cook in the oven or steamed.

 light cheese fasting day

  Recipes fasting day on curd

As mentioned above, there are several options for handling day to cottage cheese. Some are more forgiving, more strict. Each of you can choose exactly what her taste. So, here are some of the most famous recipes curd discharge day.

Classic fasting day on curd

This recipe is simple, the main thing to choose the curd without sweeteners and other impurities. On the day you need about 4-5 packs of 200g of cottage cheese and low-fat sour cream 80-100g. Cottage cheese is mixed with sour cream in the proportions of 10: 1. That is, you must add 200g of cottage cheese just 20g sour cream.

No other additives are not allowed, especially honey, sugar, jam and berries. From coffee on the day of discharge and should be abandoned. But the green tea and fruit you can eat in any amount (no sugar). Add sugar substitutes is not worth it, as they loaded the liver, which is already very busy.

Hard fasting day on curd

This option unloading stiffer and suitable only for people who have no stomach problems and good willpower. On the day need only 500g cottage cheese with fat content of up to 9%. Allowed to drink mineral water without gas with the addition of lemon juice and herbal teas without sugar.

Cottage cheese and berry fasting day

This option is suited to girls who can not live completely without sweet. During the day it is allowed to eat 600g of low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of any fruit. You can add them to the cottage cheese or eat separately, you choose. Drink only plain water without additives.

To unload cheese does not get tired, try to make the most varied menu. You can eat cheese in its purest form, making casseroles, pancakes without butter, etc. Recipes cheese dishes weight, as long as they meet the requirements of the handling of the day. And, of course, important is a positive attitude and belief in success!

 Curd discharge day - an easy step to the ideal figure

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 discharge day on buckwheat


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  • The secret fasting day on buckwheat
  • Nuances and variations buckwheat unloading

Why we women do everything at the last moment? We run out of the house in five minutes before the scheduled meeting, sandals pay for repairs in June (though heels flew a year ago). The same applies to our appearance. We most certainly want to be beautiful, but do not want to apply for that at least some effort.

The average woman it seems that once a piece of cake, which she ate while drinking tea, can not hurt her waist, and run in the mornings - is unaffordable waste of time and effort. Of course, if you sleep eight, then how to take an extra half hour for a run? And jogging for the outgoing shuttle during the week is out. We're talking about a full morning jog, followed by a douche and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

No, no, we're not going to read you the morality or cause to buy a juicer. Just wanted to advise a simple way to lose weight and not burdensome. To carry it out, you do not need to be written to the gym and drink overseas tablets. And the time will need nothing at all - 24 hours. We are talking about discharge day on buckwheat. The very mention of the rump suggests that you absolutely will not stay hungry. But be patient, of course, necessary. But the reward will be negative kilogram per day. Impressive? Then listen, remember, write and count the days until the desired weight loss.

The benefits of buckwheat

The fact that the buckwheat - a useful cereal (especially diet), they know everything. But exactly which substances are hidden in it - not everyone will respond. You should not run for dictionaries and encyclopedias. We will open up all the benefits of buckwheat and learn to appreciate it not only as one option a side dish, but also as a product for health maintenance.

So, buckwheat. It contains magnesium, copper, iodine, phosphorus, potassium and iron. In addition, cereals rich in vitamin P, PP, B1, B2, B6. But it is quite a traditional set, which boasts nearly every cereal. In buckwheat, among other things, there is a routine, which is famous for its science vitamin activity. And besides - lysine (an amino acid that is vital for calcium absorption). By the way, the human body can not produce lysine alone, so it is more likely to have buckwheat.

But that's not all. Buckwheat is rich in dietary fiber, which help cleanse the intestines, improve digestion and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It has a low glycemic index. That is not just cereal satisfies hunger, but also gives strength. That is why the discharge day on buckwheat so effective.

 fasting days in the buckwheat

Buckwheat discharge day

After we have seen the benefits of buckwheat, it's time to tell the story of buckwheat fasting day. Cook did not have to. Nibble raw rump - too. In the evening pour 250 grams of buckwheat in two cups of boiling water. Cover, Wrap in a blanket and leave until the morning zaparivatsya. Note: in the text no mention of salt, sugar and butter. They should be excluded from the diet. At least in those days, when you have a scheduled unloading buckwheat.

But very poor menu for weight loss can not be called as nutritionists advise buckwheat drink low-fat kefir. You want some water? Drink to your health! It is best to drink mineral water. Total can drink up to 2, 5 liters of mineral water per day, so the thirst torment you throughout the day just will not. Unlike hunger. On the other hand, the same people sit on one yogurt in the fasting days, and nothing!

But here you are waiting for two cups of steamed buckwheat and a great desire to lose weight. So share your meal simple enough for a few meals and customizable on a productive day. By the way, do not forget the yogurt. It you need about a liter. Just choose the low-fat all of which can be found in the store.

The secret fasting day on buckwheat

Many skeptics doubt the effectiveness of this method of losing weight. They believe that the diet on buckwheat and kefir leaves man fed, so about any weight loss (especially for one day), we are not talking. It's not that people are overly suspicious or do not believe in the magical properties of buckwheat. They just do not know the secret key, which is fraught with discharge day on buckwheat. Krupa, combined with yogurt provide a mild laxative effect, which leads to the purification of the body. And what do you need to lose weight?

By the way, this is the property may do a disservice to those who spend discharge day on buckwheat and kefir outside his apartment. So, before you achieve weight loss, pick up those days when you can stay at home in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.

 Buckwheat discharge day

Nuances and variations buckwheat unloading

Unloading buckwheat can be a day ordeal for those who do not eat food without salt. Because it will not taste good. And no weight loss do not need a fresh price. Do not worry. For people like you, we have come up with two ways to make a tastier diet. The first of them - is added to buckwheat of hardening when dry kelp.

The second - to fill porridge natural soy sauce to taste. Nutritionists are allowed to consume per day to four tablespoons of your favorite Japanese refueling. But here you have to choose: either to achieve weight loss in the days assigned to yogurt and buckwheat, or replace dairy drink soy sauce. The choice is yours. In any case, the results are expected to be the same discharge.

In addition, you can replace the mineral water to green tea with honey and lemon or chamomile broth. We prove that these drinks also help to achieve the removal of toxins from the body and (consequently) weight loss. Just do not sit on the fasting days a yogurt. Nutritionists believe this restriction undesirable. The body needs food more than just water. Or, as they say witty lovers diets, "yogurt soul can not be fooled."

Therefore, if you want to be slim and healthy, drink plenty of fluids and do not abuse unloading days. Lose weight on buckwheat (if it is not a balanced diet) only once a week. Fasting day drags on for two or three days? Wait weakening health and complete powerlessness. Remember: everything is good in moderation.

 The discharge day on buckwheat: grow thin tasty

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