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«An apple a day keeps the doctor away» («Who An apple a day to eat, have a doctor that does not happen") - it sounds so well-known English proverb, which many of us have been taught in school. Indeed, the use of apples to health a long time ago, no one doubt: they are not only rich in vitamins, but also help losing weight lose weight. No wonder there are so many diets that are based on these fruits. But what about the apple cider vinegar? So whether it is useful for the body, as they say, and whether you can use it to lose weight? Or the notorious acetic Diet - the enemy of health? Let's try to understand together.

L saw you on the night of vinegar, Cleopatra?

Until our times have come stories about that beautiful Cleopatra on any of the feasts I do not limit yourself to eating. What she loved to eat meat and fat, and sweet desserts, and it does not prevent her stay slim and sexy women. And the secret of her good figure is precisely the same in a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar, which is obedient servant brought her a tall glass at the end of every meal.

Truth or fiction - is not known, but the fact that a diet based on vinegar at the peak of popularity these days - an indisputable fact. They talk about her star, write about it in magazines and numerous websites on the Internet simply choke readers rave reviews about a new way of losing weight. And how: Eat all you like, drink all the "cup of Cleopatra" (apple cider vinegar, that is) and walk yourself slim and imperturbable forever. Really it happened ?! And the world has finally found a cure hundred percent weight loss ?!

No, not really. Probably each of us hindsight realize that overeating every day and not get better, even after a glass of water with vinegar, it is unrealistic. But believe it would be desirable! Too strong in each of us the spirit of Russian Emel, which all give a reason, "as if by magic." In the same way we want with impunity to overeat fatty and sweet at any time of the day, sitting from morning till night in the easy chair without moving and still does not get better. That's just everything in life is quite different: for the real weight loss is necessary to forget about eating and workout. You look, and acetic diet amiss ... as an aid!

 Acetic diet for weight loss

Tale of vinegar

Whatever it was, but the honor of acetic diet is haunted by the losing weight, one is not enough willpower to strict diets and too many reasons not to go to the fitness center. Impressive reviews the lucky, I lost weight for a tiny period for well sooo many kilograms pyshnotelye martyrs forced to flee to the kitchen, open the box of spices and carefully read the label on the bottle of vinegar.

So why was he, vinegar has become a formidable weapon in the fight against excess centimeters on the hips and waist? How can he help the body do away with excess calories, if it's just acid? After all, for most of us, the vinegar - it is an inexpensive product in the ordinary-looking bottles, which are added to the jar with cucumbers, so as not to sour, and from which it is often heartburn. Of course, lots of ways to use it, but because of this it does not cease to be an acid! What this vinegar is such an honor?

Generally, this sour product was invented somewhere in the five thousand years ago in ancient Babylon (at least the first information about it date from this time). After all, in fact, vinegar - is any alcoholic beverage, fermented only considerably. And alcohol humanity met in those ancient times, when any weight loss was heartbroken, but a couple of dozen extra kilos in a cold cave - simply happiness. Yes, it was a long time ago ....

Back in our time. Scientists have long been proven that vinegar is a very, very good for your health (in limited doses, of course). The fact is that if you take it inside without fanaticism, it is quite capable of regulating the acid-base balance in the body, improve gastric secretory function. Moreover, he is able to increase human performance and improve his mood. And how it (the mood) does not improve if using vinegar, you can easily throw four to five kilograms of excess weight? It is necessary to competently approach the remarkable acetic diet!

First of all, apple vinegar should be, because it is much more useful than others of its acidic "brothers." This is explained by the fact that among all the possible "edible" malic acids - the most constructive acid, which has been successfully connected to our body with the alkaline elements and minerals. About that, in any important biochemical reactions taking part this acid can write a medical treatise (it is possible that the aforesaid already exists).

So, do not forget: Vinegar strife! If you want to improve your health and lose weight dramatically thanks to this product, buy 5-6% is apple vinegar. And all other kinds of vinegar "with the scent of ripe apples" for this purpose, unfortunately, are not suitable. Especially, if you crave weight loss without any unpleasant consequences for the organism.

Drink and grow thin

So what is the very "essence" of the acetic diet? Special secret in the diet is not all that needs to be done - to drink apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water. That is, to be absolutely accurate - drinking water and vinegar to take only a one teaspoon. And go to far with the amount of acid is not suggested, watch out your digestive tract, it is you have one!

Apple cider vinegar really helps burn fat cells, as well as the normalization of metabolism - which is exactly what you need to lose weight. And in order to make the effect more effective, add a mixture of water and acetic good teaspoon of honey. This action will enhance the drink on the body, and taste good brew recall. So you can drink such a thing did not frown - indeed, with pleasure.

There are two variants of acetic weight loss diet. One of them is necessary to drink a mixture of acetic and on an empty stomach in the morning, and after the obligatory breakfast. If the passionate desire to lose weight you ignore meals after drinking vinegar drinks, the serious health problems will not keep you waiting long.

The second option involves the use of vinegar thrice after every meal. Doctors, nutritionists strongly recommend to stay in the first embodiment, since it is much more safe for the body. And they warn that drinking vinegar in the morning, overeating sweet cakes in the evening while waiting for the magic weight loss - is meaningless, because the vinegar only helps burn fat, not neutralize absolutely all the "incoming" calories.

 Acetic diet for weight loss

Terms of acetic diet

There is a category of people for whom diet completely contraindicated in the vinegar! This is especially true of people with various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and its subsidiary bodies. Unless you have gastritis, or, God forbid, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, then forget and think about this method of losing weight! Only absolutely healthy in the gastrointestinal tract and digestive organs a person can afford to lose weight by using vinegar.

Those who state of health allows you to take advantage of this diet, we give some useful tips:

  • Even if you have an urgent need to lose weight, in any case, do not even try to drink undiluted vinegar! Increased concentration of vinegar can not accelerate and strengthen the process of losing weight. All that you will achieve in this way - burn your mucous membranes and cause great harm to your health!
  • Buying vinegar, make sure that it is not the essence, and 5-6% solution.
  • Any vinegar harm tooth enamel. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, drink vinegar drink cocktail through a straw, and then thoroughly rinse your mouth.
  • If you experience heartburn during the diet - to immediately stop drinking vinegar and looking for other methods of weight loss.

And most importantly, try not to overeat, do some exercise instead. Want evening bun - hop, twisted hoop around the waist. We understand, it sounds like a fairy tale - but it is the best way to lose hateful kilos!

"Who is an apple a day to eat, have a doctor that does not happen" ... "" And who drinks a little vinegar, the excess fat is killing "- so you can paraphrase the saying memorized since childhood. And if this is still the vinegar and apple, but just a teaspoon in a glass of water and honey, then it will benefit not only the figure, but also throughout the body as a whole. The main thing - to observe all the rules and be attentive to their health.

 Diet acetic Drink and grow thin

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