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  • About how Russian secret produced kefir starter
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Did you know that a cup of yogurt a day - it is an invaluable aid for the health of your body? What are the benefits of drinking fermented milk product that is equivalent to the adoption of a very useful and valuable drugs, so necessary for your health? Here only remedy is, unlike medicines sold in the pharmacy, it is harmless, it has no side effects or severe contraindications.

Drinking a delicious, refreshing drink, improve their health, and to drop the extra weight at the same time - how can you refuse such a pleasure? Pleasant taste and amazing healing properties, yogurt has become a major component of many diets for weight loss. And there are many diets: someone chooses simple fasting days kefir, kefir someone mono-diet, but for someone the best option - it is a nine-kefir diet.

How can you lose weight with the help of yogurt? Very simple: special yeast fungi several times increase metabolism and burn calories lactobacilli just coming into our body through food. It is for these two reasons, we feel extraordinary lightness throughout the body after drinking yogurt.

But, despite all the nice features for most of us yogurt - it's just a low-cost dairy drink (by the way, is another plus in favor of kefir diet), sold in every grocery store. We used to regard it as a purely Russian product and have long ceased to treat it with some reverence. Although believe me, it was not always, and the title of "Russian" of the product, he received thanks to the incredible, almost a detective story.

About how Russian secret produced kefir starter

Homeland yogurt is considered to be North Ossetia. According to ancient legend, the first starter (grain kefir fungi) brought in his staves the prophet Mohammed. He gave the residents of the Caucasus source of health and longevity, prohibiting transfer "magic beans" outsiders, and especially - the Gentiles. I must say that this mandate was executed very kind owners secret leaven treasured kefir grains, not allowing them to spread more of their land.

You can arbitrarily smile, listening to this legend, but the fact remains that to this day the only way to get a real yogurt - those of grain, which had spread from the territory of Ossetia. Well, can not bring scientists kefir starter artificially: the output is whatever a fermented milk product, but not yogurt!

Ossetians also continued to keep a secret leaven, as the apple of an eye. No orders, no persuasion could force highlanders to violate the covenant of Mohammed and lose the guarantee of health and longevity of its people. And here is where the fun begins. All-Russian Society of doctors asking famous molokozavodchika Blandova Nikolai Ivanovich establish the manufacturing process of yogurt in our country. Blandov owner twelve dairies in the area of ​​Kislovodsk in the Caucasus sends his best expert - Irina Sakharova.

Arriving in the Caucasus, it is, without thinking twice, headed by Assistant Vasilyev visit to the largest supplier of dairy products in Russia - the prince Bekmurzov Baichorov. The prince and his son took the guests according to the laws of Caucasian hospitality, but a request to give them kefir grains rejected. But beauty Irina did not give up and went to the Assistant mountain auls in the hope to find out the secret of yogurt from local residents. It was there that her and stole heavily armed horsemen.

Frightened to death Vassiliev headlong rushes to Kislovodsk and announces the alarm, the gendarmes go in search of captives. Meanwhile, Irina finds that it is in the thrall of the son of the prince that did not give them grain kefir starter. It turns out that the young man was seriously in love with a beautiful Sakharov, what immediately confessed to her and offered to become his wife. But Irina did not share deep feelings and marriage refused to go, despite the mountain of flowers and gifts, she prepodnosimye.

Meanwhile, the gendarmes found the stolen Sakharov released her and brought to Kislovodsk. There, she immediately filed for Baichorov son to court. And the poor fellow would have to sit in jail, if not the Irene: "I agree to forgive and to dismiss the case if the prince will give me ten pounds of grain kefir starter." The next day, Sakharov received a huge basket of flowers and welcome kefir grains.

That's how it began production of yogurt in the territory of our country. What other product can boast of such a mysterious and romantic story? Is not this a reason to find the best diet to diet to look to it for this blessed drink?

 kefir 9 day diet

Principles nine-kefir diet

I knew beauty Sakharov, that because of its resourcefulness and tenacity thousands of women around the world will find not only good health, but also a slim figure! Indeed, today it is kefir diet is the most popular and most requested search engines in the Russian Internet. We will talk to you about the nine-kefir diet - an option for those who want a fairly short period of time to throw the maximum weight loss.

In fact, this diet is pretty tough, though, and very productive. It is necessary to have a considerable willpower to withstand all the time and do not eat to satiety on the third day of fasting. On average, it allows you to throw six to nine kilograms during the nine days. However, all strictly individually: some easily lose a kilogram a day, somebody weight stands still as enchanted. In any case, try to comply with the proposed diet - with proper nutrition, even the most "dead" weight with time running out.

Kefir diet, which lasts nine days, did not call you do not eat anything, except yogurt. In the end, it's not mono-diet, which allowed a single product. For nine days and you need proteins and carbohydrates, and vitamins, so the diet is divided into three cycles - for three days. Of course, this completely balanced diet can not be called, but it allows you not to fast and to eat enough food. So, diet menu:

  • The first three days. Low-fat yogurt in any amount, one hundred grams of boiled rice. Figure slightly better Dowar, salt it is also impossible.
  • The second three days. Low-fat yogurt in any amount, one hundred grams of white meat boiled chicken (not salt).
  • The last three days. Low-fat yogurt, in any quantity, green apples in any quantity.

In addition to the diet of yogurt should drink at least two liters of water. This can be a simple non-carbonated water, green tea without sugar - your choice. No less important to choose a yogurt. There is no doubt that it brings enormous health benefits - and cleanses the intestine and the cardiovascular system strengthens and enriches the body with all sorts of vitamins. That's just all this work if your diet is well balanced and you do not sit on virtually alone yogurt nine consecutive days. Believe me, even the best and most useful product in the world will cause harm to the body, if its use does not know the measures.

To avoid any negative effects, learn to choose yogurt for diet. First of all, do not try to buy one that is released today (the day of purchase). The freshest yogurt in large quantities can lead to excessive gassing. Agree, not a pleasant prospect for the women leading an active lifestyle. No less dangerous yogurt, issued three or more days ago - it can cause constipation. It is best to choose the "yesterday" yogurt is the best option for long-term diet.

What you got on a diet does not mean that you need to dramatically change the diet. Drink kefir is customary in the time of your meal. I dined at eleven? And then usually a couple of times before dinner snack? Well, it is in these hours is to satisfy your hunger products authorized kefir diet. But if the breakfast was never your habit - something you should definitely make it! Scientists have long been proven that women who miss their breakfast, during the day eat a lot more food than those who eat in the morning.

If you suddenly broke down ...

Whatever it was, but nine days - the term is not small, and not all women are able to withstand the constraints of food for such a long time. It so happens that you suddenly broke down and ate dinner hefty piece of meat, and then washed down all of this, for example, red wine ... The first thought: "Diet has failed", and you gang up on high-calorie foods, torn apart by a hellish pangs of conscience. Common situation?

In fact, it happens quite often - women "stumble" and then give up, spit on his work (and diet - it is also labor and considerable). It is for those who are not the strongest in the world of willpower, we will tell you about the products that are acceptable to use during kefir diet. Of course, the efficiency of the entire nine-day diet this fall, but you do not throw slimming halfway and achieve certain results.

Do not forget that yogurt - it's still a fermented milk product, and it is not combined with all products. So, if the yearning and hunger do not allow you to live in peace, then with kefir diet you can consume the following products:

  • Muesli (you can fill in the same yogurt);
  • Any vegetables (try to eliminate potatoes - still there are a lot of calories, and cucumbers - in combination with yogurt, they have a laxative effect);
  • Seafood (fish, even the sea, not like yogurt, but shrimp, mussels, octopus and other - please, at your service);

By the way, you can quite normal bite okroshka on kefir. This is a completely balanced meal that will not harm your figure (only avoid outlandish recipes - such as "mushroom hash", etc.). But the fruit must be careful: yogurt does not like anything sweet. The exceptions are all the same green apples that are included in the nine-day diet menu.

In no case do not eat flour - especially cakes and cookies. The fact is that because of some of the properties of yogurt during ingestion of sweet baking begins the fermentation that would nullify all your efforts to lose weight a little bit. And please, do not abuse the "Parties" products, they can eat a couple of times to cheer yourself up, no more. Otherwise, the results of weight loss after nine days will leave much to be desired.

 nine-kefir diet

How to keep the results

So, here are nine days and ended kefir diet, and you will look back with pride myself in the mirror. Now you do not need to so strictly limit yourself to food, you can finally open the fridge and ... Stop! Think hard about whether you are ready to settle for a one-day outcome, or want to be a coherent long? If the second option suits you more, you should think ten times before to sweep the contents of the refrigerator cleaned.

Any nutritionist will tell you how it is important to get out of the diet - even more so, of the nine. Your stomach has become accustomed to the reduced portions, so it is not necessary to stretch it again: you're not the enemy itself! The desire to eat to satiety is not dictated by hunger, and various psychological factors affecting our subconscious. And if you lose weight for a specific purpose, it is necessary to overcome themselves and continue to eat properly.

There is a golden rule: how many days lasted diet, as much of it you need to go. This does not mean that the next nine days after the diet you will need to adhere to all of the same rations. Just do not lean on flour and fat, and in any case do not stop eating dairy products. That's the trick out of kefir diet: the body continues to receive beneficial bacteria fermented milk products that help digest food quickly. As a result, the extra weight will not appear on your body, and you will continue to feel the air and light.

 Kefir diet 9 days: feel the lightness of your body

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