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Useful properties of rice have been known for a long time. No wonder the people, for which the food is basic - for example, Chinese or Japanese - are much less likely to suffer from diseases of the joints, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Of course, all of these amazing properties of rice could not remain without attention of modern nutritionists. Diets based on this product - a great many. Today we will talk about one of them. Rice diet 5 volumes - this is probably one of the most simple, effective and popular methods of losing weight.

In keeping with this diet, you will not only lose weight but also cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, toxins, cholesterol and fat. And it does not require any special effort, special procedures or medications. Just follow the established diet for 14 days.

During this time you will be able to clean up the intestines, get rid of the swelling and, consequently, from the extra kilos. Most importantly - you do not have to starve or experience some discomfort. Moreover, you'll be spared the tiresome and tedious counting calories. Also, no need for cooking for some "tricky" and complicated recipes. Simplicity, ease and efficiency - that still need to be happy? To begin?

Choose figure

Before you start a diet of rice necessary to choose this product. From this it depends very much - not any variety of rice will bring the desired effect and benefit. What figure should I buy? Unfortunately, the most common form of rice - white polished - absolutely not suitable for diets. The fact is that during the grinding is removed the bulk of mineral nutrients. So this option will have to give.

Another popular type of rice - steamed. It can be easily recognized by their characteristic amber hue. It fits so much more. Under special processing such rice only improves its characteristics while retaining virtually all of the vitamins and minerals. And, of course, the most useful of all kinds of rice - brown. By the way, in the eastern countries it is used to prepare food for children and the elderly. And this is understandable. After all, the greatest number of valuable substances contained in the shell of the grain. And brown rice is fully preserved. It is because of this he has such a color. Doctors, nutritionists strongly recommended that you use brown rice for a healthy diet, and for the various diets.

 Useful rice diet 5 volumes

Diet 5 volumes

Before you sit down on this diet will have to work a little - in a special way to prepare rice. However, more effort is not required. Almost everyone who first heard about this method of weight loss, there is one and the same question - what is behind the words "five volumes?" The answer is very simple. Five volumes - the five identical objects dishes, which you will cook rice. It can be almost anything - cups, jars, cups, bowls. It all depends on what you prefer to use.

So, pick a suitable dish. Let's say you chose the jars. In each jar put two large spoons of rice and rinse it thoroughly, and then fill with clean drinking water. The water should completely cover the grain. Leave the rice to soak for a day. The next day, repeat the whole procedure - first wash the rice, and then again fill with water. To conduct these manipulations should be within four days. During these days the water will put out all the rice starch and it will change its structure - will be porous, like a sponge. And just as it begins to absorb all the salt, toxins and harmful substances that have accumulated in your body. That's all. Rice is ready. You can start the diet itself.

The first thing you need to do the next day as soon as you wake up - this is to eat all the rice from the first jar. It seems superfluous to say that it should not add salt or add any spices, right? Moreover, it can not even drink water. However, this is understandable. After all, the whole idea is that the rice absorbed all the substances from your body, and not from the water. After this "breakfast" the next meal you can not afford not earlier than 2 hours.

And, of course, if you want to get a visible result, the "lean" on the fat and sweet it is not necessary. In addition, it is desirable to minimize the use of salt. It's because of her excess of our body accumulates excess moisture and swelling appear. Of course, the rice will help to cope with this problem, but there is no point in trying to bring the salt from the body, if you immediately make up for this loss, salt food. It is logical, right? Well, put the dishes in the released a new batch of washed rice. With the remaining jars acted like always - change the water. This scheme should be followed exactly two weeks. Even if you're completely used to this breakfast, happy with the results and ready to continue the course - do not be.

 5 volumes of rice diet for weight loss

Fly in the ointment

Despite all the benefits of rice to abuse this diet is not necessary. The problem is that together with the slag, harmful substances and excess salt, rice grains absorb almost all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs - for example, potassium, which is essential for the good of the heart. So long adherence to such a diet can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Even during the course of two weeks, doctors recommend taking extra vitamin and mineral complex, and potassium supplements. You should also include in your diet nuts, dried apricots, bananas and sunflower seeds. And, of course, before you go on a diet you need to be sure to consult with your doctor. In any diet - rice and not the exception! - Has its contraindications. Well, if the doctor allowed - you can safely begin to experiment. After 5 volumes of rice diet - it is an opportunity not fasting and not changing your lifestyle and diet to lose weight by 5-6 kg for two weeks. Agree, sounds tempting. Worth a try!

 Rice diet 5 volumes - so just to be slim

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 apple diet for 3 days

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Do you want to eat? Eat an apple. Do you want an apple? So you do not want to eat.

You've probably seen a similar joke in ribbons of social networks or ticker in the forum? And, by the way, in addition to share smiles this statement carries a healthy share of the truth. If listened to it all dieters, the problem of excess weight would have been irrelevant, but local textile mills would save rolls of fabric, releasing only the clothes in small sizes. You have already presented as trying on a new dress?

Then, in addition to new things suggested to visualize even a light dinner instead of the usual apple dish with grilled ribs. After all, in order to lose weight, one desire is not enough. We need a balanced apple diet for 3 days and unwavering willpower. And if with the ability to get things done, we can not help you, then we talk about effective method of weight control - completely. So prepare notebooks, organic apples from the garden and a great desire to lose weight. We leave to self-improvement.

Apple diet for 3 days: the secrets and subtleties

This weight loss method is suitable to all who need to lose a few kilograms overweight, but time to spare. Plus apple diet recommended for women who quit smoking and therefore are constantly hungry. As a rule, get rid of a bad habit bears to attract a host of other shortcomings. And excess weight - not only in the black list of ex-smokers. Add to this irritability, memory loss, and digestive disorders. Where did the last disadvantage? Yes, all of the same habits something to chew on instead of smoking favorite but forbidden cigarette. The body no longer cope with the enormous volume of food entering the digestion, the metabolism.

Ahead of the protests of those who have recently decided to quit, and does not bind a sharp weight gain with increased appetite - count everything that gets in your stomach for a day, and you will understand what is at stake. Remember the adage about how to cook?

  • Doctor, why I recover? Already on dinners refused. And from the dinner.
  • Did you try everything ready?
  • Yes of course. It's my job.
  • Make: try one teaspoon, the same second - in a bucket. At the end of the day see how much food will be typed in the bucket.

Needless to say, that one day the cook had to eat half a bucket of passing all kinds of food? Likewise, we - to put on weight due to the endless snacking. Incidentally, if women replace crackers and chips to apples, the excess weight would not be. But if the arrow on the scales has increased too, help to lose weight ... the same apple. And for some three days. So, write down menu.

 apple diet

Menu apple diet

  • The first day

The morning begins with a reassuring smile in the mirror, a piece of rye bread, a tablespoon of low-fat yogurt and three pieces of apple (where do without them in the apple diet). You can drink water, herbal teas or low-fat yogurt (this is if you are not satisfied, and your stomach begins to strike).

A couple of hours you can start to lunch. Although it is too grandiose name for an apple and a piece of rye bread. But if diluted meal artless smile, then it is likely that the stomach silently digest food offered. Do not ate? You can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or plain water.

For lunch, we have a feast - fish salad. To make it, you need 150 grams of any boiled fish, a bunch of celery, oranges and apples. All the chop. If you do not have time to eat a salad during cutting, you can fill 75 grams of low-fat yogurt and prisolit taste.

Snack at the girl, losing weight on apples consists of the aforementioned apple and 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese. Can you add to this a glass of herbal tea, or low-fat yogurt.

For dinner, we have sandwiches of rye bread. Put the sausage aside. The main ingredient will be apples and cucumbers. In one sandwich, place cucumber slices with cheese. On the second - the cheese and apples. Quite unusual dish, is not it? But do not eat for the sake of the promised weight loss.

  • Second day

In the morning, a discontented grumbling stomach prepare homemade granola. To do this, mix a tablespoon of raisins, grated apple, 30 grams of oatmeal and a glass of skim milk. We give real (can at this time to have a cup of tea or yogurt). We eat quickly and with pleasure.

At this time, lunch will be a real disappointment for the starving body. Because of the food - an apple. You can also drink kefir. (I think it's time our diet called apple-kefir).

At lunch pancake fry themselves from one egg, 6 tablespoons of low-fat milk, 30 grams of wheat flour, cinnamon, salt and sugar substitute. As stuffing finely cut apple. If you have time to eat a pancake before sliced ​​stuffing can gnawing an apple for dessert. Look for a package of yogurt in the refrigerator? Can you pour yourself a cup. Although better manage water.

At lunch permitted to eat only half an apple (give the second part of the home, or do not notice how sgryzet residue) and 100 grams of low-fat yogurt. And do not frown. We promise you a truly royal dinner.

There he is. The long-awaited dinner. Boil 40 grams of itself round rice. Add the chopped half a banana and chopped apple. Delicious? You can drink all the herbal tea or yogurt.

  • Day Three

This is the most satisfying of the three-day apple diet. So you can reassure the continuous rumbling stomach. Starve him today almost do not have to. Why almost? Yes, because it's still a certain diet and dietary restrictions will be.

For breakfast we have an apple, 3 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese and a slice of rye. The right? Now you can pour yourself a cup of yogurt.

Lunch is quite unusual. Since there is nothing we will not have to. Only drink. For this purpose, we prepare a cocktail of 150 grams of low-fat yogurt, lemon juice, grated apple and cinnamon to taste.

For lunch, we have meat. 100 grams of lean beef or chicken, cooked a special recipe. It will be "meat under the covers." To do this, sliced ​​apples, bell peppers, add to a teaspoon of lemon juice, salt, 2 teaspoons of sugar, three tablespoons of water. The resulting mixture was steamed for 5-7 minutes, then wrapped it in our breast or beef and bring to readiness. Is not it delicious?

After such a hearty lunch, we need a small discharge. Therefore, in the afternoon you can eat only one apple. If the power running out, treat yourself to yogurt.

Supper will be vitamin salad. Grate two carrots and apples on a coarse grater, add a teaspoon of raisins, 60 grams of shredded cheese, 2 teaspoons of milk and low-fat cream as much. If the food seems bland, add a little sugar substitute there.

All Diet passed. What we congratulate you. By the way, it is possible to arrange such a discharge is not strictly on three consecutive days, and spend a day diet. Only in this case, you do not lose two kilograms of excess weight (as the standard method of weight loss), and a half, which is also good.

 Useful apple diet for 3 days

Apple-kefir three-day diet

And here is the promised apple-kefir diet. Pass it will be much harder than normal, apple. The fact that you can have only apples and drink ... well, yogurt. The calculation is quite simple: an apple falls to half a cup of low-fat yogurt. A similar meal you have to repeat 5-6 times a day. If you really want to drink, drink water. But it will be better if the starving cost of the liquid, which is in apples and yogurt. This will facilitate the withdrawal of the accumulated fluid in the body. And with it, and kilograms.

The three-day diet for apple juice

There is another option to lose weight with the help of apples. More precisely - the freshly squeezed apple juice. It lasts as much as the way to and past. Three days. But this can be reset with up to three kilograms. And all because there can not be anything. Absolutely. Just drink the juice. And then - strictly by the hour. The first glass you can drink at 8 am. Next - in two hours. And so on. In the end of the day you need to drink seven glasses of juice (last admission at 20.00). Before going to bed take a warm bath, but not at the same soap and shower gels.

Since this method of losing weight is quite complicated, pass it to the end, not everyone can. Plus, people suffering from bowel disease may start peaking. It is not necessary to endure the pain and hunger. Feeling bad? Drop your diet. Health is more expensive.

I would like to finish this article on an optimistic note. Namely - to wish all growing thin harmony in the soul. It absolutely does not matter how much you weigh at the same time. The main thing - how you feel. And if your personal life develops the envy of her friends, then maybe you should not lose weight?

 Apple diet for 3 days

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