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  • On oatmeal
  • What oatmeal choose?
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There is a category of women who are not struggling with the weight. Some of them eat and not get better, and some extra weight does not interfere with life. They do not even consider wrinkles and swelling superfluous. What more! A good man should be a lot. And this, of course, happy people, because any dissatisfaction own body deeply hurt women. They are trying to hide the tummy, when sit down, try not to look at myself in the mirror in the bathroom and starve themselves at the earliest opportunity.

Namely - the weekend (you can sit at home hungry slight dizziness), on holidays, in the summer (for fruits and vegetables). And it is also great. Because I try to be better than you are - this is the first sign of human growth. However, all you need to do it right. And to lose weight as well. After an unsuccessful diet can not only act, but also harm the health. Therefore, our advice to you if you have free time and you want to throw off the extra kilos, arrange a fasting day on porridge. Firstly, it is one of the most sparing diet (you practically will not feel hunger). Secondly, oatmeal - a very useful product that can not only adjust the weight, but also to improve health.

On oatmeal

By the way, about the benefits of oatmeal. Before starting unloading, is to find out what a rich usual oatmeal. No wonder it is already more than one century the British cook for breakfast. And they are absolutely right. Since, according to doctors, oatmeal perfectly restores the digestive tract. And all thanks to the starch, which envelops the intestinal wall. Further work accepted vegetable fibers, whose task is to excretion of toxins, toxins and metabolic products. Vitamins E, C and A saturate the body, and beta glucan provides a feeling of satiety (due to this substance you will not really feel a sense of hunger in fasting days). Convinced? Then let's move on to the selection of cereals for diet.

What oatmeal choose?

Before starting oat fasting day, you need to decide what kind of cereal to choose from. Modern industry offers a porridge fast food that you just pour boiling water. Of course, such a product - a great temptation for women. No need to cook, to wash. However, in the instant Hercules virtually no nutrients, so it would be better if the unloading of the day you choose whole grain oats, the least exposure to treatment. And on such a regular breakfast cereal is more useful than a bag of cereal with fruit pieces.

 fasting days on oatmeal

Discharge day for porridge: Options diets

It may seem that there is nothing complicated about oatmeal diet. Making yourself porridge, and eat all day. However, fasting day on oatmeal has a lot of options. About the most common of which we describe in more detail.

  • Porridge

This method of dealing with excess weight for those who are accustomed to the porridge in the morning. We need a cup of oatmeal and three cups of water. Fill rump, leave for half an hour to infuse. After this cook liquid oatmeal without addition of salt and sugar (in a ratio of 1: 3). Divide the entire volume of cereals into five pieces and eat during the day, drinking porridge tea, water or coffee. Naturally, no tea, no coffee can not sweeten. As well as you can not drink carbonated soft drinks during the day.

  • Broth

Have you ever eaten oatmeal soup? If you choose this option the diet, you can not just try a new dish, and eat it all day. Soup recipe is simple. It is necessary to boil 2, 5 cups of skim milk, add the 0, 5 cups of oatmeal and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Bring to a ready and have oatmeal soup throughout the day as of hunger. Drink in this case can be herbal teas or broth hips. In the rare case of - low-fat yogurt.

  • Muesli

To this day the discharge is necessary to prepare in advance. Take muesli long cooking. Sprinkle 2, 5 cups of cereal with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and warm in the microwave for 30 seconds. After that, pour a glass of yogurt or skim milk, leave overnight in the refrigerator. The next morning muesli divide into five parts. Eat during the day, drinking tea, yogurt or water without gas.

  • Biscuit

Yes, we were not mistaken. This cookie. Fasting days - it's not just salads, soups and porridge. In rare cases, the menu includes a cookie. Do not butter, store, and baked their own hands oatmeal. Cook it will be as follows:

2 \ 3 cups rolled oats grind in a coffee grinder, add a tablespoon of honey, half a chopped banana, 3 egg whites, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Dilute all the boiled water to the consistency of sour cream. Pour in the pan, the laid paper baking. Bake for 20 minutes until tender. The finished cookies divided into five portions, there is during the day with pleasure, drinking tea or low-fat yogurt.


Discharge day oatmeal has virtually no contraindications. We can say that this is one of the healthiest diets. Even Hercules, a well-liked by dieticians, can hurt. Especially if you stretch the discharge for a few days. Victims can people suffering from constipation. Everyone else on the thin porridge is not only possible, but necessary. So throw away all the excess out of the fridge, buy cereal and prepare courageously stand the test of hunger.

 oat fasting day

Oat fasting day: Results

It is believed that one fasting day can lose weight by half a kilo. And it provided that you regularly eat oatmeal. You want to throw greater weight loss? Then drag the diet on the weekend or holidays. This step will help you not only to become slimmer, but also cause the digestive tract to normal. And do not say that your intestines are working like clockwork. According to doctors, only 15% of the world's population boasts a good digestion. Everyone else there is latent or manifest form of disruption of the digestive tract. Therefore, we recommend eating oatmeal for breakfast and after the diet.

Life after unloading: Recommendations

Many women after the effective discharge relax and start eating everything, explaining their behavior in that favorite pair of jeans already fastened at the waist, and the arrow on the scale is no longer shocking. Ladies, if you expose your stomach a sharp change of diet, then you will face not only the weight, but also a hospital bed with all the ensuing trouble in the form of long-term treatment and painful injections. You need it? I think not. Therefore, our advice to you: if on the eve of your stomach just took half a cup of porridge without salt and sugar, do not need to stuff the next day his bratwurst and fries. Continue zaparivat Hercules, and soon you will forget that this extra weight and how hard to fight with him.

It happens that the fasting day on oatmeal does not bring the promised results, and she remained with her weight. And it's not in oatmeal or a lack of willpower from losing weight. Sometimes the extra weight - a genetic predisposition of the body, and to deal with it is simply useless. Do not despair. Learn to love your body. Touted as a lack of dignity. Dress so that excess weight was hidden in the folds of clothing. After all, happiness is not synonymous with thinness. And if you become slimmer, it is possible that your life will not change anything (except the size of the clothes). So it is just the way you are. And eat oatmeal because of its gastronomic qualities, and not as part of a regular diet.

 Discharge day for porridge

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 how quickly lose weight in a week


  • Methods for rapid weight loss
  • Emptying starvation
  • Basic rules for dieters

Perhaps, in every woman's life can be so time - "on the nose" for a big event, and you suddenly with horror and despair discover that he could not get into your favorite outfit. What to do? Of course, the easiest and most pleasant option - just to go shopping and update your wardrobe. However, not all of it has to appeal the decision. Firstly, such a possibility can not be simply. And secondly, who is pleased to accept defeat? And after buying clothes on a size or two more than usual - it is, quite obviously, defeat ... That is where the question arises - how to quickly lose weight in a week? And is it possible? Let's deal together.

Of course, if you really, really need to lose weight in the seven days to 3 -7 kg is quite realistic. However, before you start spending it on themselves - very dangerous! - Experiment should think about it. So it is you want? The fact that such rapid weight loss - it's great stress to the body. And it is - the body - can you take revenge for that humiliation. You know the phrase "where the thin, there and tear"? Exactly. It is - just the same case. All the long-standing "sores" will begin to lift his head and can make itself felt at the most inopportune moment. Suffer from kidney, heart, joints, skin and hair become dry, and nails - brittle. And instead of the long-awaited celebrations - graduations, weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries - for which you are so eager to lose weight, you may well be in a hospital bed.

Moreover, dietitians argue that rapid weight loss can lead to emotional distress and depression. In general - a "bouquet" of any trouble. By the way, so lost kilos in 98 cases out of 100 come back very quickly, and even "friends" with a lead. So once again think carefully about whether you want to take that risk. And if you still decide to try to express yourself methods, be sure to consult with your doctor.

 fastest way to lose weight in a week

Methods for rapid weight loss

So, you set very strongly, and you want no matter what, get rid of the extra kilos as fast as possible. In fact, there are many ways to achieve the desired result. Of course, they all require hard limit in food. In addition, during this period you have to try to move as much as possible. A must is also the use of a large amount of still mineral water. With strict compliance submitted recipes you can get rid of 3-7 kg per week. Consider the most effective and popular methods.

  1. "Hard"

    Menu remains unchanged throughout the week. At breakfast - one hard-boiled egg and a cup of tea without sugar. If desired, the tea can be replaced by cocoa or coffee. Lunch - salad with fresh vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice. Salad can be replaced by a small piece of cooked lean beef or lean fish. Instead of dinner - green or herbal tea. Of course, also without sugar.

  2. "Kefir"

    During the first three days, you should drink 1, 5 liters of nonfat yogurt and eat 2-3 tablespoons of cooked rice. In the next three days instead of rice should be eaten boiled chicken breast. Last day - the same yogurt, but with green apples.

  3. "Czech"

    This option is perhaps the most gentle. Products you can choose for yourself - but with some reservations. Naturally, the use of carbohydrates - starch, flour, sugar - must be minimized. Try to eat foods rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients. And you can get it all from vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and low-fat dairy products. The main drawback of this method - you'll have to carefully calculate the "eaten" calories. And there should be no more than 1,300 per day. All the daily ration must be distributed on six receptions.

  4. "Mixed"

    The method is very simple - each of the seven days, you will "dedicate" to a single product. There can not be anything else. However, in the "fish", "meat", "cabbage" and "potato" days you can even treat yourself to a fresh vegetable salad dressed with olive oil. So. Day One - one kilo of boiled potatoes with herbs. Day Two - one or two kilos of stewed or boiled cabbage. Suitable Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage. Day Three - any fruit in any quantity. Day Four - lean braised or boiled beef. Day Five - boiled sea fish. The sixth day - one liter of nonfat yogurt, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese. Day Seven - 200-300 grams of rice, oatmeal or buckwheat.

  5. "Cast"

    As the name implies, this diet has shared one of the most popular actresses. However, what exactly - no one remembers. Menu is designed only for four days. The main feature of this method is that you do not need - in fact, it is forbidden! - Suffer hunger. These foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities. Day One - unsalted tomato juice and boiled rice. Second Day - cottage cheese and yogurt. Day Three - cooked turkey or chicken and tea. The fourth day - throughout the day to drink a bottle of dry red wine. A snack - cheese.

  6. "Pineapple"

    The method is designed for five days. In no case do not use it if you have any stomach problems! Of the products you will need fresh lemons and pineapples - a lot. Note that the canned pineapple for this method are not suitable. In the morning, you need to prepare the lemon juice and drink it diluted with mineral water. For lunch and dinner - fresh pineapple. Lemon juice "tames" the feeling of hunger, and the "magic" substance bromelain, which in large quantities found in pineapples, well breaks down fats.

  7. "Kefir +"

    Menu calculated for seven days. Daily diet can be distributed at their discretion. Day One - five small boiled potatoes, cooked without salt and half a liter of "live" yogurt. Day Two - 100 grams of boiled chicken breast, yogurt. Day Three - 100 grams of beef, yogurt. Day Four - 100 grams of boiled sea fish, yogurt. Day Five - raw vegetables and fruits, yogurt. Day Six - only kefir. Day Seven - only non-carbonated mineral water. How many want.

  8. "Soup"

    This method of losing weight is perfect in autumn - when a lot of different vegetables. However, in the spring it is also very good - among other things, help to defeat traditional in this period beriberi. The recipe is very simple. Within seven days to eat only vegetable soup, boiled water. Recipes can be varied - which is only able to find or invent. The main thing is not to use the broth and soup without bread.

  9. "Model"

    They say that this is get rid of the extra kilos, "Queen of the podium." Duration of the diet - for four days. During this time, the menu remains intact. At breakfast - boiled egg and a cup of tea. Salted egg should not be. For lunch and dinner - 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese and tea. Dinner should be no later than six o'clock in the evening.

  10. "On bread and water"

    However, on the bread we are not talking ... The idea is very simple - the main diet of the week should be rather weak green tea without sugar and mineral water. Moreover, if the drinking water may be unlimited, the tea - not more than 1, 5 liters per day. In addition, you can afford 1-2 crackers a day and a bit of green salad (without condiments, dressings and salts). Once every two days - vegetable broth. That broth - no pasta, potatoes or cereals. Calcd is seven days.

  11. "Chicken"

    This method is designed for three days. But survive they will not be easy. You'll need a chicken. Preferably, skinless chicken breasts. Daily diet - 600 grams. Boil the chicken and divide it into three equal portions - it's breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most worryingly, it should have no salt. All other products for the period to be excluded from the menu. You can drink only mineral water.

  12. "Cabbage +"

    Menu is designed for four days. In the morning, prepare yourself "energy drink". To do this, pour into a glass of mineral water without gas, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and add a big spoon of honey. All of this mix thoroughly and immediately drink. After 15 minutes to afford a single cup of tea without sugar. For lunch - boiled lean meat and boiled vegetables. The total weight of food must not be greater than 500 grams. At dinner - a special cabbage broth. Take the cabbage and pour her a glass of water. The water should cover the little leaves. Put on fire and cook until cabbage is tender. Drain and drink the resulting broth. Cabbage should not be there. An hour before bedtime can drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.

 how to quickly lose weight in a week

  Emptying starvation

In principle, it is - the thirteenth way to quickly get rid of unnecessary kilograms. However, this is not even a diet, but a real starvation. And it must be carried out only under medical supervision. Otherwise, the health consequences can be very sad. Menu for the holidays:

  1. Buy a bottle of mineral water of 1, 5 liters and drink it throughout the day at six "approaches".
  2. During the day should drink 800 ml of skim milk. At nine o'clock in the evening to eat one green apple.
  3. Again, only mineral water. One bottle in six receptions.
  4. Vegetable salad of cabbage, carrots and greens, seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil. The amount of daily servings - one liter. Eat it should be in three stages. The day should drink two glasses of mineral water or green tea without sugar.
  5. Milk. In the evening - a green apple.
  6. In the morning - boiled egg and half a glass of tea without sugar. After two hours, then you can drink a glass of vegetable broth. At lunch - 100 grams of cooked lean beef and 100 grams of canned green peas. Three subsequent meals - one green apple.
  7. 100 grams of fat-free yogurt, a bottle of yogurt, or two glasses of milk. - All in divided doses. Before going to bed - a cup of green tea without sugar.

  Basic rules for dieters

Well, you have not changed your mind? As you can see, all of these methods are quite strict, absolutely not useful and even dangerous. Is it worth such a risk? After all, there is a very easy way to lose weight and, most importantly, will never gain weight. Maybe, of course, it takes a little more than seven days ... But the result - guaranteed. You just need to constantly follow the simple rules - to make their way of life.

  • Eliminate or at least drastically limit consumption of fatty foods. Vegetables, meat and fish should be boiled or steamed and not fried. Forget mayonnaise. Instead, it is possible to use low-fat sour cream.
  • Potatoes, cereals and flour products are only allowed in the first half of the day. Make it a rule to eat low-fat dairy dinner or seafood.
  • Eat meat with vegetables as a garnish - so it is faster and better absorbed.
  • Replace "sweet" fruit or berries.
  • If you want to pamper yourself - quite acceptable from time to time to eat a slice of chocolate or drink a glass of dry red wine.
  • Try to drink plenty of mineral water - it speeds up the metabolism.
  • Do not eat before going to bed.
  • Try to move as much as possible. Forget the elevator and escalator. Try to walk more.

If all of these - quite simple! - Regulations, extra weight very quickly abandon you and will not go back. And you'll never have to torture your body in different risky experiment in the hope to lose this week all that accumulated for many months. You will not only slim but also healthy. Believe me, these small limitations are worth it! You will succeed. Always. You'll see.

 How fast to lose weight in a week?

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