wedding gift girlfriend


  • Choose the best gift
  • Arrange a bachelorette party
  • Practical gift
  • Memorable gift with their own hands
  • A pleasant surprise for two
  • Original gifts
  • And maybe, after all, money

Your best friend is getting married, and, of course, to invite you to my wedding? It's very joyful, pleasant, cheerful and at the same time quite a responsible action. And when it is almost ready for the upcoming celebration, left behind pre-wedding chores, guests are invited and costumes designed and purchased, there is only one most important question: what can we give the best friend in this important day for her?

After all, you have so much time together, trust each other all their secrets, so you'll probably want to gift an unforgettable and enjoyable for the bride. In this case, get rid of the standard tea service, iron, vase or coffee grinder you may not.

Choose the best gift

Wedding - a very responsible and important day in everyone's life, this festival is different from all the rest of his tenderness, solemnity, romance. Typically, as a gift for the wedding choose something practical: vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, kettles, bed linen, irons or envelopes with money.

But things like that give almost all the invited guests, and there are even some embarrassing situations when the same gift presented by different people, so it's best to come up with something more original. If your girlfriend during the pre-wedding shopping or evening gatherings she hinted that she would like to get from you, you have to work hard to organize a pleasant and decent surprise.

 girlfriend a gift to the wedding

Arrange a bachelorette party

The event should be organized only if the bride herself did not bother about it. Then the fun bachelorette party can be a wonderful gift for the wedding, but all the preparations will have to take (of course, not without the active help of other friends). By the way, in the old days at the bachelorette party was made to shed tears and sadness, because she always said goodbye to their freedom.

But times change, and today it is one of the best reasons to have fun from the heart. You can arrange gatherings in cafes, in nature or in a country house, but do not forget the last day to keep it a secret from her best friend.

This evening in any case should not be boring, if your imagination and financial opportunities allow, we can make a real show, come up with fun contests and entertainment. The main rule of this holiday - it is impossible to invite men (except for strippers). Let it be only the closest girl friends of the bride, who are genuinely happy upcoming wedding and wish her only the good and happiness.

Practical gift

If suddenly your girlfriend is a practical and restrained emotions girl, we will not rule out such a gift, the more that we are not talking about the same sets and teapots. Memorable, useful and practical gift for a wedding can be a gold watch, original jewelry, a jewelry certificate or any other shop. By the way, the last gift is especially in demand and popularity among today's youth: you pay a certain amount you can afford, and the choice of the goods or services are provided by his girlfriend.

Knowing the particular preferences of the bride, you can purchase a certificate to the store cosmetics, underwear, clothing, perfume, jewelry, furniture and so on. And if the financial opportunities allow, give the newlyweds both certificate for spa treatments or massages. By the way, you can also invite your friend with the fitting joint shopping and pay the most sexy and beautiful lingerie set for the wedding night, which is sure to impress and enjoy her fiance.

Memorable gift with their own hands

If you own any handmade talent, then, perhaps, you are able to come up with an original and memorable gift for a wedding, made by hand, which will be able to invest part of his soul and warmth of his heart. The only caveat: you must be sure that it will assess the relationship (if in doubt, play it safe).

For example, you can build ornate floral tree, perform embroidered panels with portraits of the bride and groom, or paint them on canvas and place in a beautiful gilded frame. Everything will depend on your skills, capabilities and imagination, but do not forget to like a friend, this gift must be made carefully, carefully, beautifully, and not hastily and carelessly.

 wedding gift best friend

A pleasant surprise for two

If you are going to a wedding to please not only his close friend, and both of the newlyweds, there may be several other versions of gifts. As mentioned above, it can be certified for two at the spa or in a store, but that's not all. Everyone knows that modern wedding - rather expensive celebration, but at the same time, the young want to afford that day as much as possible.

Help your friends save a little and realize a dream: it can offer to pay some part of the celebration, which the bride and bridegroom have decided not to spend money, for example, a luxury limousine, walking coach, live orchestra or a bright holiday fireworks. And if your financial capabilities allow you to choose a more expensive gift, entertain newlyweds honeymoon (you can team up with other friends).

Original gifts

Not wanting to give the wedding banal and practical things, do not be afraid to improvise. Make a huge bouquet of seventy-seven white roses and pay shipping at a certain time to the table. Believe me, it will look very impressive, especially if you talk to the master of ceremonies in advance and ask them to beat your interesting surprise.

No less an original gift will be booked at a nearby hotel Bridal Suite for two with candles, balloons, champagne, rose petals and other romantic attributes. It will be good if you have them order a breakfast in the room with a card and sincere wishes to live together happily ever after.

Not bad will look as a gift and a great family photo album in the style of old books with thick pages, golden parchment paper, commemorative inscriptions, where the young will be able to keep a history of their family in their pictures. You can insert your own first photographs of the girlfriend and her future husband were still in the status of girls and boys.

And maybe, after all the money?

Often the most anticipated gift for the wedding is an envelope with the money, because the collected amount the couple will always be able to buy just what they need. But the lack of a present that he almost always looks the same type (except for the invested amount of notes). If you have firmly decided to give money to a friend, try to avoid platitudes.

You can do this in several ways: to overwhelm the guests themselves Suite number of zeros (effective only for well-endowed individuals) or connect imagination. The second option is more appropriate and will enable original, unusual and fun to teach even very substantial sum.

To do this, every bill to tie a bright ribbon and add a label "for dinner in the restaurant," "wife on coat", "husband for a beer", "just in case", and the like. And if after marrying young are planning to move into a new apartment or house, you can give them a wedding cute fluffy kitten and ribbon carefully attach the envelope with the money (provided that the couple love animals).

Generally good girlfriends know almost everything about each other, and you like no one else should be aware of the preferences, wishes and dreams of the future bride, so you will be much easier to please with Prezent the wedding than the guests, who have much less information.

Whatever you have presented to her friend in this important day for her, be sure to invest in a gift warm your soul and good attitude to it, and then the bride will certainly appreciate all your hard work, love and care! By the way, do not forget to buy a luxury bouquet of her favorite flowers and prepare a beautiful and sincere congratulatory speech (or toast) Honeymoon in prose or verse.

 Choosing a decent and nice wedding gift girlfriend

 how to throw a party at home


  • Party in pajamas or girls' gatherings
  • Noisy and crowded party
  • Entertainment at the fun house party
  • Important tips for home reception

When the phrase "home parties" before the mind's eye a picture immediately appears in the American style: the hero of the occasion included in a dark room in which suddenly flashes a bright light, and relatives and friends with shouts of "Surprise! "Receives flowers and congratulations go to sleep. Or another option: the girl-friends in pajamas sitting on the bed, sipping martinis, gossip and play the fool.

Of course, you can remember and a third, very common fragment of American films where tipsy youngsters dancing to thundering music, and then looking for vacant rooms for the purpose of privacy with a partner or partner for explicit entertainment. However, this option will not be considered, because the question of how to organize a party at home, I would like to respond to extraordinary and quite acceptable and understandable tips, which apply in practice not be difficult.

Merry Holidays necessarily only be carried out in a cafe, restaurant or country club. Since the mood of the company depends on how well you do the owners know how to entertain guests and invitees from the desire of a great time, the external attributes and location of the party - is secondary, although dump them off impossible. The undoubted "pluses" holiday home - is the ability to:

  • arrange everything according to a private tastes and preferences;
  • ensure the presence of only those people who are pleasant to you;
  • to come up with appropriate entertainment, when there will be bored individuals;
  • have no time reference and complete holiday when he wants.

But those of you who ponders the question of how to throw a party in your own home or apartment, be prepared for the inevitable and "minus". Among the most unpleasant moments of the festival should indicate the need to allocate space for a decent comfort invited people the trouble of preparing snacks and then sink the mountain of dirty dishes, the problems with the neighbors, if you are planning a cool party with loud music, and so on.

Therefore, premeditated, and whether you are ready for all these inconveniences, and whether good organizational skills, because a holiday home requires incessant control by the hostess, otherwise it will simply turn into a competition over who will drink. If you ever suspect a hidden talent animator, you have nothing to fear. But to prepare in advance all the necessary. And first of all it concerns the size of the planned celebration.

Party in pajamas or girls' gatherings

The special atmosphere is always imbued with girlish cozy gatherings when some close friends gather at a home for the exchange of news and leisurely conversations about women's affairs. Such parties are called "pajama". Their spontaneity and charm in the absence of time-consuming training. After all, we, the girls need for a good mood? A little refreshing martini or margarita in the summer evening, a mug of hot mulled wine in the cold, sweets, fruit and food that no problem can be enjoyed at the restaurant with home delivery. That's all the basic components of "pajama" party. Yes, you can not do without good music and all your favorite romantic movie - it will help create a warm intimate background.

If you want in a casual style to organize theme parties, let it be, for example, an evening of memories of first love. All kinds of hearts, balloons, fresh flowers in vases and chilled champagne - these attributes are undoubtedly will set a romantic mood and give testimonies poignancy inherent weathered once the first feelings. And no matter what your girlfriend will tell - about the children's love for a classmate or a serious hobby in a more adult. What matters is that you and the guests were comfortable and wanted to talk about intimate.

This cute holiday captivating fanciful lack of toilets, because much more comfortable to sit on a bed in a nice cozy pajamas or glamorous dressing gown, dangling her bare feet and wiping away tears of laughter without fear of a nonexistent mascara smudge. For entertainment, you can organize a small home photo session, to make each other hairstyles ridiculous, hold a fashion show and so on. Good friends will always find something to talk about, something to mourn and laugh.

If you never ever hold such gatherings or to take part in them, setting off a similar tradition among your female friends. It will certainly want them to taste. And all girlish pranks provided "pajama" party, be sure to remove the video, to later laugh together over the appearance of each other. It is likely that your successful gatherings soon recur someone of her friends.

 how to throw a party at home

Noisy and crowded party

It is quite another matter if at home will arrange a holiday for a large company and raznosherstoy youth. There the hostess will require the entire arsenal of creativity, imagination and hospitality. Do not rush to wave his hands, imagining the need to cut Russian salad bowl. Fortunately, the American tradition of receiving guests well-adapted to the format of a noisy party at home. So instead of drawing up a multistory menu with snacks, hot and dessert, ask where you can get a very tasty pizza or fresh sushi, made a lot of variety of canapes and decorate a beautiful cheese plate and take care of a fresh fruit. All this splendor - a great opportunity to set the table and buffet lunch.

And even if you're happy to cook complicated dishes and love to surprise guests, do not be afraid to change the usual role and try to approach the issue of tableware easier. The mountains of unwashed dishes - this is not necessarily the costs, if you choose pretty disposable plates and napkins bright, because they can be simply thrown away after the holiday. Of course, the cheap white plastic is not the place to party, but the alternative of environmentally friendly cardboard design can be interesting to taste the guests.

By the way, fascinated simplification note: utensils for drinks you should not replace anything else, because the icy champagne much nicer to drink from glass misted glass, and cognac to savor from the cardboard cup in a decent society is not accepted. The same applies to cutlery, such as knives and forks. "Hunting" for ham in your own plate with a plastic "weapon" in their hands - not a pleasant sight. And thank you for that none of the guests would say.

An important element of any holiday, satisfied at home, - the right lighting. So if you are ready to receive us, which love to play poker or preference, it does not save on light bulbs. But the cool evening dance is impossible to imagine without a club atmosphere. In this case, limit your bra, bright light homemade lampshades can be muted shade. And best of all ask the senior representatives of your family, do not stray there somewhere in the attic once a popular fixture with rotating colored insert - when you turn it will cast a beautiful reflections on the walls, simulating the disco light.

 how to throw a party

Entertainment at the fun house party

In addition to the dances, the guests certainly expect from you and other entertainment. After the boredom - it is the main enemy, which will have to overcome to home party success. The easiest way to resolve this issue if puzzled conduct not just get-togethers with a banquet and organize a cool theme party. In this case the entertainment come to mind quickly, because there will be a specific "binding." Golf holiday huge selection keynote: masks, Halloween Quest, a cocktail on the beach and so on.

Very interesting, you can beat a party in retro style. Take a basis for the culture of the sixties, eighties or nineties minded. What then was fashionable clothes? What are the hairstyles worn? What kind of music was played in discos? And what was the main "highlight" of the table? Declare guests that essential dress code are popular once emerald and crimson tights for women and jeans for men Varenkov (or something else according to the selected period).

Do not forget about the hair bouffant and plastic rings in my ears. Suppose we have a threshold guests to immerse themselves in the right atmosphere under the influence of recognizable melodies. For entertainment, you can offer to play "Monopoly", incendiary dance lambada, a competition of jokes, remember and sing along retro hits and so on.

An excellent choice - a party in the Japanese style. Dress code - kimono and appropriate hairstyles. Do not forget that there are guests should be at the lower tables, as a snack - unchanged sushi and rolls, rice vodka, if desired, should be replaced with something more familiar, but the plum wine for women is necessary. Entertain guests can use the dance competition to be the best geisha competition "Whose beautiful roll? "Competition for the creation of origami, and so on. Let your guests try yourself in composing Japanese poetry, try to pick up a ready-made foreign proverbs you folk wisdom of national folklore play in the selection of Russian-Japanese word pairs (a warrior - samurai bouquet - Ikebana, horseradish - wasabi, and so on).

If you believe that your friends will accept the idea with enthusiasm, try to throw a party with the theme of the beauty contest, where participants will be women and men - judges. Try to stick to the usual program, do not miss the catwalk in glamorous toilets, output stage in bathing suits and tricky questions. But also diversify improvised show ridiculous numbers. After all, your guests should be fun and exciting, while the holiday will be able to one hundred percent, and memories of him will be an inspiration to others wishing to organize a similar theme party.

Important tips for home reception

Certainly, it is better to stay in a private house party in a beautiful place, because there you can make a real feast with barbecue and barbecue. And loud music does not hurt quite a remote neighborhood. No less winning and will rent a spacious penthouse, which accommodate all the numerous friends. But do not worry, if for some reason you can not afford such a luxury. As mentioned above, the entourage is secondary, but the hospitality - it's really important.

Therefore, if the approach to the organization of a holiday home with the mind, the usual "kopeck piece" is quite capable for one night to become a great place for a fun-filled communion friends, dedicated to any holiday. Studio apartment - it's not the best place for a large number of guests, because the tightness of the table - it's nothing compared to how people will feel afterwards. Therefore To compare the size of rooms and number of guests.

Be sure to free up space on unnecessary things. If on a hanger in the hallway during the warmer months piled winter, spring and autumn clothing, then remove it in the closet, because guests need somewhere to hang coats, jackets and windbreakers. The bathroom should be based on a new piece of soap or bottle of liquid stand means and hang some clean towels and put on the balcony a couple of ashtrays. Do not miss out of the spotlight and an additional roll of toilet paper. Question slippers solve difficult, because if a lot of guests, they are not enough for all. In summer, you can remove the existing carpet and allow guests to stay in street shoes, after wiping it on a wet rag, but the winter will have to walk barefoot.

Because parties necessarily anyone anything and shed, consider the presence of damp paper towels and sponges. If one of the guests still have to spend the night, it is better to identify him or her to bed and prepare a set of bed linen. The house has pets? It is better to isolate the time to have cats or dogs did not have indigestion from the generosity of the guests, and the excessive and uncontrollable desire to caress cuddle "Fuzzy" did not cause the latter stress.

In spite of the above warnings and useful tips, provide everything will fail. So be prepared for possible "losses" in the form of broken statues, broken chair or a toilet tank flowing. Perhaps one of the invited overestimated their strength and involuntarily be among your guests until the morning, and the neighbors would knock on the battery due to too loud music. But whatever it was, try to enjoy the feast and bright "spark."

 How to have a party at home: tips for organizing theme parties

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