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  • Strategy and Tactics
  • When there is only a week

Oh, this extra weight! Oh, these hateful kilos! How long and for a long time, we are with them unequal struggle ... The majority of us know the principles of a healthy diet and lifestyle. But, unfortunately, in practice, all of us still believe in miracles and hope for the existence of magic pills or quick miracle diets. That's only when we are looking for the fastest way to lose weight, we must not forget that in doing so he has to be more and more efficient. It is important not just to lose weight quickly, but also to achieve stability - kgs will not have to go back.

Unfortunately, the majority of mono-diets are ineffective. We have a few days or weeks to severely restrict your diet. But after the return to normal diet, come back and dropped weight, often resulting with them "prisoners." Hence, the victory in the war on obesity can be won only if we follow a clear strategy.

Strategy and Tactics

In fact, the strategy to combat obesity is no big deal. Here are its basic rules:

  • More healthy and proper food

    The basis of the diet should be fruits, vegetables and protein foods. When choosing meat or fish, you should prefer low-fat varieties. Dishes best steamed, stew or cooking. Do not get carried away with hot spices - they fuel the appetite. Refilling a ready-made meals can serve lemon juice, various spices, and natural yoghurt.

  • Limitation of harmful products

    Avoid sweets - biscuits, cakes, cookies, candy and other "buns" as well as soft drinks. Of course, completely get rid of cravings for sweets is not easy. But it is possible to resort to tricks and replace harmful products more forgiving - dried fruit, honey, bitter chocolate. Try to reduce salt intake. The fact that salt retains fluid. And this in turn leads to swelling. This salty food increases your appetite, so you'll have more than you need. Most nutritionists advise salt ready meals, thus you avoid excess salt.

  • Lower your usual portions

    Trick your eyes - replace the usual small plates more. Tips and another trick - have all the dishes a little spoon. So you can prevent overeating. A serving of meat, chicken or fish should be no more than a deck of cards. Ideally, the total amount of food per meal should not exceed 250 ml - it is the capacity of our stomach.

  • Fasting days - loyal aides

    It may be kefir, cottage cheese or apple days. In recent years it becomes very popular in the unloading of tea with milk. Just take a 1-1, 5 liters of skimmed milk, bring it to a boil and brew 2-3 tablespoons of natural green tea. This drink significantly reduces appetite, so hungry you'll feel almost. But the main thing - do not overdo it. It is not necessary to spend fasting days more than once a week, because after a few days 'deprivation' high probability of failure and overeating.

  • Around the water. Drink plenty of fluids

    Prefer a clean, non-carbonated mineral water and herbal teas. Forget sodas. Avoid alcohol. Apart from the fact that most alcohol calories, they also lead to uncontrolled increase of appetite and, as a consequence, to overeating.

  • The movement - not only life, but also a slim figure

    Visit the gym, aerobics or dancing. If this is not possible, then simply discard the elevators and escalators. Come walk the extra stop. Walk more, choose active recreational activities - cycling, swimming, skating or skiing.

  • During the 4 hours before bedtime mouth of the castle

    During sleep, rest, not only we, but our stomach. Therefore, food eaten before bed will not be assimilated by the body, and set fat. If you are very hard to go to bed on an empty stomach, then 2 hours before you go to bed, drink a glass of kefir or eat some fat-free yogurt.

  • Keep a diary

    Capture everything that you have eaten for the current day. Especially do not forget the snacks and drinks. Write down what time you ate and when thus woke up and went to bed. Also notes physical activity. What sports did you do and how much time is spent on. Once a week, mark your weight figures and volumes. This will help you to better control the process of struggle against excess weight.

  • Do not scold and encourage

    It is important not to blame yourself for the mistakes and analyze what situations lead to overeating. Try to avoid such situations. Reward yourself for dumped kgs, for example, the long-awaited purchase. Just let it be not a cake, but a new outfit or, for example, going to the theater.

  • Enlist the support of loved ones

    How to fight obesity will pass easier if you have any colleagues. Encourage your loved ones to their seriousness to get rid of extra kilos, then they will support you. But it is better not to inform colleagues of his intention to lose weight. It is not always a correct response, and many will try to convince you. By following these simple rules, you can easily win the hard fight against excess weight.

 the fastest way to lose weight without harm to health

  When there is only a week

However, there are situations in life when you need to lose weight really fast. For example, a significant event on the nose, and you want to be perfect. And maybe less pleasant occasion - you will be surgery, but doctors need to lose a few kilos. That in such situations, you can resort to radical methods of weight loss.

Of course, the surest way to lose weight - limit yourself to food. There may come to the aid of a seven-day diet color. Remember this saying: "Every hunter wants to know where sits Pheasant"? With its help the children memorize the colors of the rainbow. It will help us to remember what foods should be consumed in the diet. In addition to these products, you need to drink a day up to two liters of pure non-carbonated water.

  • The first day - Red

    Thus, on the first day can only eat fruits and vegetables red. Enjoy a salad of ripe tomatoes and bell peppers. Crunching the filling red apples or treat yourself to a ripe strawberry. You can also eat salmon, steamed, without salt and spices.

  • The second day - Orange

    On this day, prefer carrots, pumpkin, orange peppers, oranges. In general, any product "solar" color. Vegetables can be eaten raw, boiled or steamed. For example, you can cook the pumpkin porridge or steam cook carrot muffins. About salt and spices have to forget.

  • Third Day - Yellow

    You can eat: yellow apples, yellow bell pepper, corn on, apricots, peaches, and even cheese! For example, bake peppers and corn with cheese. Or prepare a fruit salad and season it with a spoon of honey. Do not forget to drink enough water.

  • The fourth day - Green

    Eat plenty of green cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, different types of greens, green beans, kiwi and green apples. Vegetables and fruits have a green low calorie, so you do not over-eating face. So you can even spice up a salad with olive oil. And besides water drink green tea.

  • The fifth and sixth days - blue and blue

    This is the most difficult days. Since you can hardly find the products of these flowers have to spend two days only mineral water. It is important that the water without gas. The fact is that the carbonated water increases the acidity of the stomach and causing flatulence.

  • Seventh Day - Purple

    After heavy previous days can be arranged for a feast. Prepare salad of purple cabbage. You can cook for a couple of beets or put out the eggplant with basil. For dessert, eat black currants, blackberries, plums and grapes.

The authors assure that in seven days "rainbow" diet can get rid of the 5-7 extra kilos. However, before deciding on such measures need to be sure to consult with your doctor. In this diet, there are contraindications. And even if the doctor you have allowed this experiment, do not forget that the resort to a quick way to get rid of extra kilos too often not worth it. After all, strict diets slow the metabolism and not too beneficial to the body. So better try to constantly adhere to the rules of healthy eating constantly. Just make them the norm. Then you will certainly go out victorious from this protracted war, and he - weight - declare unconditional surrender! But he still have to do?

 The fastest way to lose weight - the rules to combat obesity

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 rice diet 9 days


  • Rice - based diet
  • Rice diet - what to choose
  • Gentle rice diet of nine days

In the medieval capital of Japan - Kyoto - on the hill is the sacred altar. Guard this place two stone fox. People come to the sacred stone to pray rice deity. Popular rumor says that if you pray according to the rules, the rice goddess perform fondest wish. And what a long cherished desire of most women? Of course, to lose weight. And then, just what we needed, we will help what protects an ancient Japanese god - the most ordinary rice! Or rather rice diet.

Many ancient peoples believed figure gift from the gods. Rice was a symbol of health, longevity and beauty. The ancients attributed magical properties of different rice - the ability to heal many diseases, charged with vital energy and protect from evil spirits. Ancestors were far from the truth, because rice - a real storehouse of valuable substances. The rice contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iodine. If you regularly a few days a week, include in your diet rice, it can boast not only smooth skin and healthy hair, but also to show off intelligence. After all of the rice includes the B vitamins that are beneficial to neurons - brain cells.

Therapeutic diet, which is prescribed for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, includes in its membership rice broths and soups. The fact that the starch part of the rice, protects the stomach from the harmful effects, enveloping mucosa. Also Fig recommend that people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Rice has another remarkable property. It absorbs and removes toxins, toxins and poisons. Therefore, doctors, nutritionists believe that the rice diet is well-suited for cleaning the body. It should be noted that the most useful is brown rice. He undergoes minimal processing. With this saved the outer shell of grain. Namely, it contains most of the vitamins and minerals.

Rice - based diet

You have already seen that the figure is a valuable source of essential trace elements, and it can and should include in your diet? Then we go further. What else can help a grain of rice? Oh, and most importantly - rice excellent tool in the fight with the hated kilograms. Let's see why the diet, the basis of which is rice, can be a real lifesaver in the fight against excess weight.

Figure consists of complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested, long saturate the body and provide it with energy. At first glance, rice cereal enough calories - 100 grams contains about 300 calories. But do not jump to conclusions. We are talking about dry cereals. During cooking rice swells and increases in volume. Of the 100 grams of dry rice obtained 300 grams of finished product. Energy value of the finished rice is about 140 calories per 100 grams. And this is, you see, quite a bit. The lowest calorie from brown rice. The same species and is considered to be the most useful.

 Useful rice diet 9 days

Rice diet - what to choose

Diet based on rice, there are vast. So which one to choose? How many days should last rice diet? And how many times a day should eat rice? The question remains too much - let's try to understand. The first thing you need to remember - any diet, even the most gentle, is a strong stress for the body. So before you decide to take this step, be sure to consult with your doctor. Only a specialist can properly assess your condition and give necessary recommendations. If the doctor finds contraindications, the rice diet can be a great tool in the fight against excess weight.

If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, then you will approach the rice mono-diet. It is very hard - throughout the day there is only boiled unsalted rice. It is necessary to drink mineral water and green tea. Such a diet should last no more than three days. This rapid method is suitable if you need to urgently bring the figure in order - for example, to any holiday. But be careful - it is not necessary to resort to such radical way too often. This can lead to serious health problems.

Of course, there are other diets which include the Fig. For example, the diet of nine days, which is credited with authorship of the famous in our country dietician Margaret Queen. However, in this case the figure should be used, only the first three days. The next three days to eat chicken. The last three days - vegetables. And all this without salt. If strict compliance with this menu, the assurances of Queen Marguerite, you can lose weight 5-7 kg.

 delicious rice diet 9 days

Gentle rice diet of nine days

Monodiets bring quick results - it's a fact. However, to hold even a few days on a diet is not easy. And the result is often retained for long. Therefore it is necessary to consider other options. For example, look for a more balanced diet, which lasts for nine days. The daily diet should be about 500 grams of boiled rice. Combine rice can be non-starchy vegetables and fruits. It should reduce the consumption of salt. Best of salt ready meals - so you avoid peresalivaniya food. During the day you should drink up to two liters of non-carbonated mineral water. You can also drink tea without sugar. Better - green.

Below is a menu rice diet for 9 days.

The first day:

  • Breakfast. Rice porridge, boiled in water without butter. You can add apple slices.
  • Lunch. Rice soup with mushrooms, salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers.
  • Dinner. Risotto with corn and green beans.

Second day:

  • Breakfast. fruit salad
  • Lunch. Vegetable soup, salad vegetables, 200 grams of boiled rice.
  • Dinner. Rice, steamed, with zucchini, onions and peppers.

Day Three:

  • Breakfast. Rice casserole with prunes.
  • Lunch. Rice soup with tomatoes.
  • Dinner. Vegetable stew with rice.

Day Four:

  • Breakfast. Rice porridge on the water, one pear.
  • Lunch. Vegetable soup, rice, stewed with mushrooms and onions.
  • Dinner. Vegetable salad of cucumbers, green leaf lettuce and tomato, 200 gr. boiled rice.

Day Five:

  • Breakfast. Apples stuffed with rice and nuts.
  • Lunch. Rice soup with Brussels sprouts.
  • Dinner. Indian rice salad with apple and pepper flavored fat-free yogurt and curry.

Day Six:

  • Breakfast. Rice porridge with raisins in the water.
  • Lunch. Bell peppers stuffed with rice and mushrooms, steamed.
  • Dinner. Vegetable soup, green leaf lettuce with olive oil.

Day Seven:

  • Breakfast. Fruit salad.
  • Lunch. Stuffed with rice and mushrooms, flavored nonfat yogurt.
  • Dinner. Risotto with tomatoes.

Day Eight:

  • Breakfast. Rice, steamed, with dried fruit.
  • Lunch. Rice soup with spinach, cucumber salad and sweet pepper, seasoned with a little olive oil.
  • Dinner. Rolls with cucumber and avocado.

Day Nine:

  • Breakfast. Rice porridge, cooked on skim milk. You can add a spoonful of honey melenko.
  • Lunch. Rice soup with onions, salad of green vegetables
  • Dinner. Vegetable risotto.

Thanks to a delicious and varied menu to stay on this diet for nine days is a snap. It's not so long! But, after these nine days, you can with justifiable pride and without fear stand on scales - from 3 to 5 kilograms of excess weight you have got rid of exactly! But in order to achieve the result is preserved for a long time, you should know that the rice diet requires the correct output.

Over the next few days there should be small portions, while adhering to the principles of a separate food. Try to avoid too much high-calorie foods, reduce the consumption of meat and confectionery. If you did everything correctly, the rice goddess and fulfill your heart's desire - dumped kgs will never come back. What we are worse than the Japanese?

 Rice diet - 9 days to perfection

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