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  • "Drink water, eat water" ... you will not ever gain weight
  • Without dieting - anywhere
  • Losing weight with the help of SPA-procedures
  • Physical exercise

If you are thinking about how to lose weight quickly, you should know that you are not alone. And you can not imagine how many women in our country dream quickly lose weight. Some people need to become leaner and more attractive, and someone - for the sake of their own health and quality of life. There are so many ways to throw off excess weight quickly - it's hard dieting and strange pills and long-term fasting. Here it is, in most cases the results of these methods are fleeting - after some time once the weight comes back. But the worst thing, such experiments you can do serious harm to your body. If you belong to the category of women who care about their own health, try to listen to our advice on how to quickly lose weight without harm to health.

"Drink water, eat water" ... you will not ever gain weight

The first and most important piece of advice for those who want to lose weight quickly - drink plenty of water. Clean, non-carbonated water - is not just a source of health, not just a means of getting rid of toxins, but also an opportunity to take place in the stomach, not to eat a couple of extra portions of food. After all, if you drink a glass of water each time before you eat something delicious, and the food in you will get much less, and diminished appetite.

However, if you find it difficult to drink plain water in large quantities, and you decide to sweeten it or add a few berries of the jam, then such substitution will not bring much effect. Remember the golden rule of any weight loss: to reduce the amount of sugar to a minimum! Otherwise, you will instead throw a couple of extra kilos, considerably gained weight.

If the period of weight loss you replace your usual teas, coffees, juices ordinary drinking water, and it will not have time to notice how to reduce the number of calories consumed. Incidentally, the juice that you buy in boxes in supermarkets, too, should be excluded from the diet at the time of weight loss, because it contains a lot of sugar. Since you can not live a day without the drink, then drink only fresh juices - they contain natural sugar, which is much less dangerous for your figure. By increasing the amount of consumed drinking water, remember it is not necessary to replace the food itself, because you want to lose weight and stay alive and healthy, right?

 how quickly lose weight

Without dieting - anywhere

No matter how much water you drink any day, but without a proper diet to lose weight, but still fast, well, did not succeed. Therefore all lovers of cakes and donuts report: you'll have to part with their delicious, but such harmful flour products, and move on to fruits and vegetables. The fact that there is a norm of calories that should be consumed daily by man, and all that is in excess of this norm - leads to overweight.

If you do not know your own normal (for the average statistical girl is about fifteen hundred calories) or doubt it, discuss this issue with your doctor. Experts will tell you how much you need to eat based on your age, height and activity level. As soon as the question of the norm is defined, set the aim is not to derogate from the right numbers and count the calories of each food eaten. It would be great if you have forged a special notebook, where it will record all your meals with counting calories.

Knowing your dose of calories, you can start looking for the right diet. Of course, if we talk about a very rapid weight loss, the more likely you will approach monodiets. This diets such as within a certain time can have only a single product and drink with water. There is a mono-diet, buckwheat, rice, kefir, carrot and so on. However, the diversity of these diets balanced nutrition is anything but, and together with a slender figure and a narrow waist is quite possible to earn gastritis and a bunch of other diseases. Therefore, we offer you some effective, but more healthful diets:

Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet will help you to throw about five kilograms per week. During this time, you need to eat as much cabbage - it could be a regular vegetable soup or just cabbage fresh or stewed. In addition to vegetables, you can afford a bit of boiled beef and rice side dishes, as well as at least four glasses of pure water a day.

Due to the fact that in such a diet is almost no fat and very high in fiber, weight loss will happen very quickly. However, more than seven days to keep such a diet is not recommended, otherwise you will suffer from a lack of certain nutrients. Generally, in most diets (and in particular of cabbage) shows the use of multivitamins to maintain balance within the body.

Sodium restricted diet

As the name implies, is a diet advises against the use of salt. Absolutely. This means that you not only stop salting homemade food, but also refuses to buy many prepared foods containing sodium chloride (some of them about thirty percent of the daily requirement of salt person). Also, you have to forget about the campaigns in cafes and restaurants - where you are unlikely to provide a completely salt-free diet.

With salt-free diet are forbidden to eat the following foods:

  • Fatty, fried foods;
  • Acute, smoked foods;
  • Pickles and marinades;
  • Brees fish and meat;
  • Pork and lamb;
  • Confectionery.

And allowed the following products:

  • Vegetable soups;
  • Rye bread;
  • Boiled poultry, beef or fish;
  • Vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • Eggs (no more than one day);
  • Low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Milk.

Adhering to a salt-free diet for two weeks, you can throw eight to ten kilograms of excess weight.

 lose weight fast

Losing weight with the help of SPA-procedures

Another way to quickly and easily get rid of a few extra kilos - a SPA-procedures, which can hold both the salon and at home (for example, a trip to the sauna or steam bath). Using this service, you can visually reduce the fat pad on the tummy, tighten the skin and withdraw excess fluid from the body. Of course, all of these impressive results will be borne exclusively temporary nature, if in addition to these procedures, you do not go to a proper, balanced diet. However, to get a tightened figure without complicated diets and exercise in the SPA-salon is quite possible.

Body wraps for weight loss

In fact, the types of body wraps for weight loss are many: it is algae, and honey, and chocolate and clay body wraps. Scrolling can be a very long time. Of course, much nicer to make all of these procedures in the SPA-saloon, where an experienced specialist will help you not only lose weight but also get great pleasure from the process. However, for many women the luxury of visiting these salons is not yet available, and they prefer to wrap yourself at home.

Seaweed Wrap

The best part in seaweed wraps - is that after the first procedure takes about half to two centimeters from your waistline. It is enough to buy a couple of bags of kelp (seaweed, this is actively sold in pharmacies) and is quite simple to learn to do their own wrapping.
Thus, one hundred grams of kelp pour a liter of water at room temperature (eighteen to twenty degrees Celsius) and leave about half an hour. Then apply the mixture on the problem areas and wrap with cling film itself as closely as possible. All of the procedure - which is fifty to sixty minutes - you can lie under a warm blanket, and you can, if desired, to go to a warm bath. In the latter case, the effect is much stronger.

Fruit Wrap

In addition to weight loss, this type of wrap has anti-stress effect on the entire body, as well as moisturizes and nourishes the skin. For this procedure you need any fruit and berries, but if you want them, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, fragrant spices, cream and so on. Of course, strictly followed so that no one of the ingredients you have not had allergies.

So, clean the skin, apply on her fruit and berry mixture, wrap with cling film and remain in this position for thirty to forty minutes. Your body temperature rises to about thirty-eight degrees Celsius, it will help expand the blood vessels, enhance blood circulation and accelerate the regeneration of skin cells. After the procedure, wash the fruit mixture in the shower, if necessary, put on your skin moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream.

Chocolate wrap

From the title alone of this type of wrapping lifted the mood, and the procedure is perfectly relaxes and gives a lot of pleasure. Start with the fact that the main ingredient - chocolate (cocoa and possible), acting on the outside, not the inside, perfectly affects the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. A thermal effect from the process wraps will help you become slimmer and younger.

To create a mix for a chocolate wrap, melt the chocolate bar of the good (or cook very thick drink made from cocoa powder), add a pinch of ginger and let the mixture cool down to thirty-eight degrees. Put the chocolate cocktail at the trouble spots, turn around and enjoy the food wrap procedure for thirty or forty minutes. Then rinse with a mixture of warm water and apply to the skin soothing aloe or lavender oil.

Losing weight with the help of saunas

No less popular and effective method of weight loss is a regular sauna or a bath. For a quarter of an hour spent in the steam room, you can lose up to half a liter of liquid coming in the form of sweat. However, if you think that the longer you will stay in a hot sauna, the more will grow thin, you are dangerously misguided. Once the skin reaches forty-one degrees Celsius, sweating stops, there is overheating, and possibly loss of consciousness.

Be careful with the desire to throw off the weight in the sauna, because such a procedure can not be the main for weight loss, but only accompanies it. In any case, after going to the bath or sauna is necessary to drink plenty of drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Physical exercise

Lose weight can be different: someone before reduces the maximum number of calories consumed and regularly falls in lean fainting, and someone feeds efficiently and burns excess energy to exercise. It is clear that for a quick and safe weight loss the second option is much preferred. All girls and women who are familiar with the sport first-hand, is much less of a problem with being overweight, and their skin is much more supple and taut.

If you are too lazy to go to the gym, then you may well exercise at home - it will not cost you any money, and benefit to the organism will bring considerable. Elementary daily morning exercises will help you to throw two or three kilos a week, and we know from childhood hoop and rope can create miracles with our hips and waist.

Invent more cases are active and do not sit on the ground. The more you miss, the more likely the boredom "seize" harmful snacks from the refrigerator. Find a deal to their liking: Loans gardening, car wash, tidy apartment. The main thing - it does not sit on the couch and wait for the kilos go away by themselves. Once you decide to be active, then applying some of our tips for quick weight loss, you finally figure will find their dream. And, most importantly, do it with absolutely no damage to your health!

 How to lose weight quickly, without causing harm to health

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