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What should I do to lose weight - these questions are asked by millions of women. They are looking for recipes miracle diets, calorie count eaten and drunk, studying the beneficial properties of food consumed and the harm they cause to health, in short, try to do everything possible to find the lost lightness and grace.

Some dream to lose ten kilograms, and the other to be happy enough for two or three pounds lost. Unfortunately, the gain weight is much simpler and easier than reset. However, if you make the right diet to add to it at least one fasting day per week as well as to be aware of how to arrange fasting days, it is quite fast can lead figure in an acceptable condition, just two or three months you will see result.

By the way, the benefits of fasting days long been proved. But here we must remember one important thing: it is necessary and useful to systematically conducted fasting days. System and another system, as if to make unloading once or making it twice through the third, the count changes is not necessary.

Fasting days are divided into carbohydrate and protein. This allows, firstly, to select products and recipes that meet your taste preferences, and secondly, make it possible to vary the menu.

How to arrange a fasting day (meaning the diet), and how often to unload, everyone decides for himself. The only thing I would like to note that if you make that decision, you should understand that success is impossible without a systematic approach. This means that there must be selected a specific day of the week on which you assign a fasting day. It should not be changed. In addition, you must clearly understand what is a fasting day. And, of course, you have to adjust themselves psychologically - it is always a positive effect on the final result.

We offer you several options. What a fasting day is the best and most effective? Each of these days has its pros and cons. With the right approach, the use of fasting days is undeniable, and the special experience hunger pangs you will not. If hard-carry restrictions, start fasting days with those products that will give you a feeling of fullness. This cottage cheese, sour cream, fish or meat.

Discharge day for cucumbers

Very good effect gives fasting days on cucumbers, caloric content is close to zero. First, go the extra weight, and secondly, cucumber diet has a beneficial effect on reducing the volumes, including the waist. Belly and waist - this is the most problematic areas for most women - it is here that the fastest growing oil and from here it is with great reluctance to leave. So if you have a problem, you should start fasting days with cucumbers. The best time for this - the summer season, when our market in abundance high-quality vegetables, grown not in greenhouses and in open ground.

This fasting day welcomes the majority of those who resorted him, the lost kilograms numbers that are shown in thematic forums, dazzling. But we will not quote them, because we know that all this can not lead to a common denominator - the result depends on many factors.

One thing is clear: the fasting day on cucumber good for the body, with the help of these vegetables you get rid of the fluid accumulated in the tissues, improve health and reduce weight. How many? This will tell you your scales. And even if it's modest figures do not lose heart - all the big and important things start with the first small step. Taking this same step, you on the right track. Yes, you may have something to step over themselves, but some effort you will get real results.

Ration "cucumber" days

In the fasting day you can eat from a kilogram to two kilograms of cucumbers, divided into 5-6 receptions. Optimal use of these useful vegetables without salt and with the peel. Sports drinks free. During the day, you can drink green tea without sugar, herbal teas. The alternation of drinking frequent meals does not experience hunger, and therefore this fasting day is transferred easily, but caloric intake is practically zero.

However, if you feel that you will not last the whole fasting day on some cucumbers, diet can be supplemented with boiled meat. Of course, in this situation the use of fasting days is slightly reduced, but a small amount of dietary meat (it can be chicken, turkey, rabbit) fatal role will not play. Recipes such diets are plain: 150-200 grams of meat should be divided into several portions and consumed with cucumber during the day.

In one day, you can throw one to two kilograms, and if done unloading two days a week, for a short time is quite possible to achieve impressive results.

 fasting day

Fasting days on kefir or yogurt

Nutritionists believe that fasting days on dairy products are necessary for every woman. Calorie them low, and health benefits is not in doubt. Such a diet has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the intestines, eliminates the pathogens. Fasting day on kefir (yogurt) is moved fairly easily, while the body gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Which fermented milk product is the best? What to choose? Which products are most useful? Actually, any natural yogurt or kefir prepared with live cultures to be appropriate. With regard to the fat content, it is considered acceptable yogurt, containing from 1 to 2.5 percent milk fat. Recently, nutritionists are increasingly talking about the fact that the benefits of low-fat products is in serious doubt. Some expressed a more radical and openly say that low-fat foods are harmful.

Diet kefir days

In the fasting days, you can drink up to one and a half liters of buttermilk or drinking yoghurt, which should be divided into 5-6 receptions. If you prefer a thick natural yoghurt, then during the day you will need no more than five 150-gram cups. In the intervals between doses of dairy products can drink herbal teas, green tea, uzvar or stewed fruit (without sugar). All of them are useful for the body and do not provide calories.

In fairness it should be noted that the discharge of kefir are not all easy to carry. What can you do if you feel uncomfortable? Nutritionists believe that it is quite possible during the day to eat a few spoonfuls of cereal, a handful of dried apricots, prunes or dried apples. The recipe is simple: for lunch, for example, you can eat granola with yogurt - very hearty and very helpful.

Fasting day on cabbage

Cabbage is a very useful vegetable crop, which helps cleanse the body, especially the intestines of deposits of metabolic products, which entails a reduction in weight and volume. Cabbage is low-calorie, so even in the fasting day you can eat quite a lot. Accordingly, it creates a feeling of fullness, so the cabbage fasting days transferred quite easily.

Another advantage is the variety of vegetable species, making fasting day is not so monotonous. You can, for example, for breakfast prepare a salad of cabbage, lunch soup of Brussels sprouts - in other words, that your imagination will tell you something and cook. Savoy cabbage, of red, Beijing - great choice.

All representatives of numerous cabbage family contain large amounts of fiber, which improves intestinal motility, as well as useful organic acids, vitamins, vital micro and macro. It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, has a slight diuretic effect, removing excess fluid from the body and helps get rid of body fat.

Recipes fasting days on cabbage

Nutritionists offer a variety of recipes for the discharge of the day, based on cabbage. The choice, as always, is yours.

  1. Discharge day cabbage appreciate everyone who loves this dish. When cooking you can use onions, carrots, greens, tomatoes and a small amount of vegetable oil. Tasty and quite satisfying. Divide the dish for 5-6 servings. In between meals during the day you can drink mineral water or melted, broth hips, herbal teas, green tea.
  2. Discharge day for fresh cabbage or cabbage. You can alternate - one meal to prepare a salad of cabbage with apple and green, the second salad "pekinki" with carrots and green onions, etc. Fill with fresh salad and lemon juice can be a small amount of vegetable oil. Those who wish to achieve quick results, you can do only with lemon juice. Be creative and invent their own recipes for salads, "cabbage" days.
  3. Alternatively, it offers a mix of cabbage salad with dietary varieties of meat or steamed fish. Tasty, hearty, but the results are not as impressive as the pure from the "cabbage" days.

 recipes for fasting days

And other fasting days ...

As mentioned above, fasting days may be carried on a variety of products. For example, very effective is fasting day on tomatoes or tomato juice. The fact that tomatoes contain a lot of nutrients - it's almost all groups of vitamins and minerals.

In recent years began to talk about such an important substance contained in tomatoes is lycopene. It is a powerful antioxidant that is, prevents aging, has the ability to break down fat and lose weight, improves the immune system and has anti-cancer properties. So fasting days on tomatoes or tomato juice useful from all points of view.

If you choose tomato juice, remember that it should not contain salt, so it is better not to experiment with ready-made juices, and drink only those who make themselves from fresh tomatoes.

Generally unloading on tomatoes not suitable for all. In order not to harm their health, consult a nutritionist.

A very popular fruit fasting days - apple, orange, grapefruit, etc. However, if you have some problems with the gastrointestinal tract, should consult a doctor, otherwise you can use instead bring serious damage to health.

Sweet tooth may be advisable to unload on ice cream. It is clear that this is not about fat Sundae or creme brulee, and the so-called sorbet, which are frozen fruit and berry juices. They are tasty, helpful and low-calorie. Furthermore, they easily make their own.

You can also prepare any fruit puree them through the blender, which then must be put in the freezer. Skeptics certainly say that it is easier to eat mashed potatoes and juice drink without freezing. But it is not so. There is one trick: eating throughout the day such food, we do not just eat non-nutritive products, but also hard waste of energy (in other words, their own calories) to their assimilation.

What you need to know in preparation for unloading days

Discharge is a good thing, but it is necessary to approach them wisely. It is very important not just for the day to arrange some jolt to the body. It is equally important to understand how to arrange fasting days, so as not to harm their health. After all, we do not just want to get rid of extra kilos, adjust the volume of the body, but also help the body to become stronger and more resistant to diseases.

  • So, the correct discharge day involves facilitating the diet, which is often based on a single product.
  • Total amount of food (usually its low calorie content) is divided into 5-6 receptions (possible).
  • At the core of any diet aimed at weight loss, it is split meals. In short, if we are talking about how to spend fasting days, it involves not only low in calories, but also small intervals between meals (eat often and in small portions). Such an organization of power always brings good results.
  • Before you begin to discharge days, it is necessary to visit a dietitian or your treating doctor. The specialist will provide the necessary guidance to help you to build up the diet fasting days.

Fasting days will help you not only to buy slim and fit figure, but also a positive impact on health.

Grow thin with the mind and be healthy!

 Fasting days - the way to a good figure

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